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    Young Master Chen Ke has returned back home after studying at the Academy Of Cla.s.sic Learning for 3 years &h.e.l.lip;
    During these years, the 2nd Young Lady Chen Bao’er’s slave girl Tao’er has grown out to become a outstanding beauty whose appearance could suck out a man’s soul&h.e.l.lip;
    Chen Ke decides to go on the offensive towards her but it still doesn’t produce any results&h.e.l.lip;
    Unable to endure himself, he forces himself on Tao’er one fortnight..
    Follow Tao’er’s journey as she is played by this man, and more, before finally finding the person she loves and gets together with him!
    Note: Author will write about the relationships of several couples in this novel, mostly focusing on Tao’er’s journey to finding her man. However, she’ll suffer a lot before that.

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    Amorous Slave Girl Chap 10

    Amorous Slave Girl Chap 11


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