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    Tang Jingzhi, a clerk at a p.a.w.nshop, became known as “Golden Eyes” for his skills in judging jade. With his family knowledge and his ability in repairing antiques into new luxury items, he had a good life, with a house and a car, and a girlfriend he was ready to marry. But people suspected him of using Taoist magic and seeing inside stones, and they wanted his skills to make money. Then, one night before Valentine’s Day, he was kidnapped, tortured, and killed. After being reborn, he returned to his old auction site, just in time to bid on a set of teacups from the era of Emperor Qianlong, and it was fortunate that he was reborn as the rich playboy Tang Jing.

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    Lend Me Your Eyes Chap 1

    Lend Me Your Eyes Chap 2



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