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    My name is Minamori Shunta. My body was small, I was not good at exercising, and I was able to study just a little while I was able to study for a while. The other party is Akane Toe. Black hair like long silk thread, dignified looks like dolls, Fully slender high stature, plump fruit full of fruit that can be seen even on uniform uniform of fabric, Waist narrowed in upper body tightened, thigh with clench, supple and long legs. Approximately perfect proportions, appearance is meant to refer to her. It is not only appearance that such Mr. Akane is perfect. In the mock exam, the first place in the country is commonplace, in the land section the national tournament first place. Parents are one of j.a.pan’s leading businessmen, local educators with schools, a millionaire with many real estate. Personality is not separated from anyone, it is a good interview. Completeness means exactly that of her. Somehow, I confessed to her that she fell in love at first sight, I decided to start dating with her. Now living together with her parents in the property of her parents, I am studying from domestic affairs, even my s.e.xual life. But I had s.e.xual preferences that I could not tell her. NTR likes taste. “I will satisfy the shunta’s being s.n.a.t.c.hed” The day she liked NTR like me like that to Mr. Akane, she told me so. Seven days after that, I got her a piece of video data. ※ There is only an erotic scene, it will be a work like a scene collection rather than a novel.

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    Perfect & Virtuous Girlfriend's NTR Production Chap 1

    Perfect & Virtuous Girlfriend's NTR Production Chap 2



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