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    Dong Jin’s She Zheng w.a.n.g had icy, jade-like beauty and peer less talent. It’s said his admirers were enough to fill 3 entire cities! Dong Jin’s She Zheng w.a.n.g was only second to the Emperor and temperamental, but rumors are that a young fox entered his bathroom, yet actually didn’t die. Dong Jin’s She Zheng w.a.n.g known for being mysophobic, never touching any females, but he only loved the fox. He even held the fox as he slept! You fake G.o.d! I’m a human, ah! Turning me into a fox and transmigrating only to let some guy take liberties with me every day? Fine! Since its like that, I’ll eat from you, drink from you, use what’s yours, play you, and bed you…..

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    Raising a Fox into a Consort Chap 8

    Raising a Fox into a Consort Chap 9


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