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    • Genre(s): Romance
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    The story is about the warlord’s Republic of China. The predators in the north, the Yi Family are seemingly calm. The father is kind and the sons are filial. Further inland, it is actually full of lumps of rage. The third son, Yi Lian Kai (Elvis Han Dong Jun) is extremely ambitious, even keeping a low profile, the second son, Yi Lian Shen takes decisive steps as he a.s.sesses the complete situation.
    The third son of the Yi Family, Yi Lian Kai has feelings for the newest student, Qin Sang. To marry Qin Sang, Yi Lian Kai goes through painstaking efforts, and in the end, Qin Sang is forced to marry into the Yi Family. After the marriage, the third son of the Yi Family doesn’t change his playboy style. He is arrogant and despotic. When a superior is killed, this triggers their pains and sorrows.The couple are courteous to each other, and Yi Lian Kai seems like he is cold and unfeeling to Qin Sang. In reality, this all has a reason behind it. Seeing the Yi Family that appears calm on the outside, but is actually full of conflict in the inside, as the three brothers fight a battle to win the most of the inheritance and property. Endlesssly.
    The secret ident.i.ty of the j.a.panese officer, Pan Jian Chi, accidentally becomes Yi Lian Kai’s lieutanent. But in Qin Sang’s memories, Pan Jian Chi is an honest, advanced fighter for the revolution. The meeting of the enemies, great changes in ident.i.ty, a new love, old friends, a country’s grief. This is the siege of fog.

    Maybe coming in

    Siege in Fog Chap 34

    Siege in Fog Chap 35


    Chapter 14 Part3 5 Views

    Chapter 14.1 3 Views

    Chapter 13 Part3 6 Views

    Chapter 13.2 6 Views

    Chapter 13.1 4 Views

    Chapter 12.1 1 Views

    Chapter 11 Part2 3 Views

    Chapter 11 Part1 3 Views

    Chapter 10 Part2 3 Views

    Chapter 10 Part1 2 Views

    Chapter 9.1 2 Views

    Chapter 9 Part1 6 Views

    Chapter 8.2 3 Views

    Chapter 7 2 Views

    Chapter 7.3 5 Views

    Chapter 7.2 3 Views

    Chapter 7.1 5 Views

    Chapter 6.4 4 Views

    Chapter 6.3 4 Views

    Chapter 6.2 5 Views

    Chapter 6.1 5 Views

    Chapter 5.3 4 Views

    Chapter 5.2 4 Views

    Chapter 5.1 4 Views

    Chapter 4.2 1 Views

    Chapter 4.1 3 Views

    Chapter 3.2 6 Views

    Chapter 3.1 4 Views

    Chapter 2.4 6 Views

    Chapter 2.3 3 Views

    Chapter 2.2 3 Views

    Chapter 2.1 4 Views

    c1 4 Views


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