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    She was an unprecedented a.s.sa.s.sin, a trump card deadly agent, but transcarnated through into Ye City’s number one prodigious good-for-nothing young miss. I am an ugly woman? I will break out from my coc.o.o.n into a gorgeous b.u.t.terfly that will blind your t.i.tanium, sn.o.bbish eyes! I am useless piece of heap? Lightning in my hands, I will smite you to a well-cooked crisp! Her greed and l.u.s.t for money had no end. She is lewd to the core with no bottom in sight, sworn to have love fortunes blossom all around her. However, a certain someone holding a blade in the left hand and a sword in the right hand began cutting those love fortunes one by one! The person smiled with perked brows, “Little Ninth, it looks like I have to let you become occupied!” And so, a certain girl becomes kabedonned, mondonned, sokodonned, and donned in all kinds of ways….

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    Unbelievable Ninth Young Miss: Emperor, Don't Run Away! Chap 1

    Unbelievable Ninth Young Miss: Emperor, Don't Run Away! Chap 2



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