Chapter 51

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Chapter 52 : Hangover

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"Uh… O-Ouch..!"

When I was awake, I tried to get up but suddenly a sharp pain came from my head.

My head throbbed, it hurt so much. Maybe this was what Sun Wukong felt like when the priest punished him.

Ah.. I had a hangover huh..

"Hm? I'm in my bed..? But yesterday.."

Umm.. When did I get on my bed?

If I was not wrong, yesterday… I accidentally drank Malik-san's sake…

And then… Um.. What happened next? I couldn't remember..

"Hmm.. I can't remember.. O-ouch.. My head… I wonder will 'Heal' works on hangover? Only one way to find out! [Heal]!"

I couldn't remember anything beyond drinking Malik-san's sake and my head hurt so bad so I decided to use 'heal' on myself.

"Oh. It works. Ah, what a relief~"

Thankfully, 'heal' also worked on hangover.

The throbbing pain that I felt before completely disappeared.

Ah.. If heal hadn't worked, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.. The pain I had was truly unbearable..

I glanced at the clock, it was 08:00 am.

Since my headache was gone, I was finally able to get out of the bed with ease.

I pulled the curtains and I could see the sun was s.h.i. ning brightly.

The sunrays felt warm on my skin, the blue sky also gave me a relaxing feeling.

Today's weather was really nice indeed.

Yesterday, we had started drinking around 02:00 pm… Just how long had I been sleeping..?

"First thing first, I need to take a bath since I didn't take one yesterday."

Walking toward the closet, I retrieved a white short-sleeved hoodie and ¾ sky blue pants.

Since I already had a plan to go out with everyone today, I decided to wear something light and easy to move with.

I would wear a sandal when I went out later but for now, I was wearing house slipper while I was still in the house.

I put the clothes inside my magic bag so I could wear it after I had taken a bath later and walked toward the door.

"Hmm.. Is Malik-san still in his room? Better check on him first.." I muttered to myself as I continued to walk toward Malik-san's room.

I knocked on the door lightly and called,"Malik-san, are you there?"

"Yeah. Wait a moment, Ren."

Oh, Malik-san hadn't gone out to the guild yet.

For now, since I was feeling a little parched, I decided to go to the kitchen to get a drink.

I put my magic bag on top of the dining table and grabbed myself a gla.s.s of water.

"Ah, good morning Ren. Ho-am.." Malik-san yawned as he greeted me, his bed hair was sticking all over the place.

"Good morning, Malik-san. Umm.. Do you what I did yesterday? I didn't remember anything after I accidentally drank Malik-san's sake by mistake."

I was worried whether I had said anything weird while I was drunk..

"Ah…Ren from now on, I forbid you from drinking any sake. That's the only thing I will say."

"Eh?! Why? Uuh.. What did I do yesterday…"

What had I done yesterday ??

I tried to plead Malik-san to tell me but he firmly shook his head and stayed silent about it.

Ah.. I will never drink any alcohol anymore…

"Oh yeah, where's Chris-san and the others?"

"Ah those guys.. Since I don't have enough room for them, they decided to rent a room in the guild and stay there for the time being. Oh and they also told me that you can come and get them whenever you're ready. You already have a plan with them today, right?"

Ah! Right!

I needed to go to the jewelry store to get engagement ear cuff with them.

Ah, somehow.. The feeling of getting engaged to someone finally sunk in at a time like these.

"Then I will go to the guild later. I want to take a bath first before we have breakfast though, will that be alright?"

"Yeah, that sounds great."

"Okay, then I will go in first."

I grabbed my bag from the table and walked toward the bathroom.

I turned the k.n.o.b to let the tub filled with water while I took my clothes off.

The water filled the tub in no time so I threw magic stone into it to keep the water hot.

With one hand, I checked the water temperature.

"Yup, the temperature is perfect."

No matter how many times I used it, I still couldn't get over the fact how convenient the magic stone was.

Magic was really amazing huh.

I washed my body and hair clean before soaking myself into the tub.

"Huah…. So good.. Using 'clean' is very convenient but as expected, nothing beats the sensation of a warm bath for me."

I didn't take much time in the tub because I didn't want to make Malik-san wait for too long.

When I felt like I've replenished my energy enough, I got out the tub and wiped myself dry with the towel in the was.h.i. ng room.

I put on the clothes I had picked out before and returned to the living room to meet with Malik-san.

"I've finished my bath. I will start prepping for breakfast now, okay?"

"Okay. Oh and I will be staying in my office during lunch time so I can't eat with you."

"I see.. Then, do you want me to prepare a lunch box for you?"

Most guild staff had irregular lifestyle because they didn't have fixed working hours.

Sometimes they could return during the day, sometimes they had to stay until dead at night.

Some part time worker in the guild had a fixed schedule but for the permanent employee, their working hours was pretty much a mess.

Malik-san also had irregular working schedule but he often came back in the night instead because he said he was bad at waking up in the morning.

I always prepared a lunch box for Malik-san whenever he had to stay late at night in the guild since we couldn't eat dinner together.

"Ah, Ren's homemade lunch box.. I miss it so much."

"Fufu~ I will do my best to make a delicious one for you!~"

Should I make something easy like galette?

I put my ap.r.o.n on and started to boil and asparagus. I added a dash of salt to improve the flavors of the vegetables.

When the vegetables was soft enough, I drained the water and cut the vegetables in small pieces.

Then, I took out what I thought as the equivalent of buckwheat flour in Alsar and mixed it with wheat flour, milk and salt to create the dough.

I heated two frying pan at the same time, coated the surface with a little bit of oil so the dough wouldn't get stuck on the pan.

When the pan was hot enough, I poured a little bit of the dough, rotated the pan to spread the dough into thin circular shape and let the dough cook for 1-2 minutes.

When the color of the dough turned into nice golden brown color, I flipped the dough and put the boiled vegetables pieces, cheese, ham and one whole egg right in the middle.

I put the frying pan lid on, lowered the fire so the dough wouldn't get burnt and let the topping to cook.

"We definitely need more veggies.."

While waiting for the galatte, I cut lettuce, cuc.u.mber and tomatoes in easy to eat pieces then I put them in a bowl as the salad.

Simple Tomato Cuc.u.mber Salad

I've decided to add sweet potatoes stick for the boxed lunch. I cut the sweet potatoes into stick shape while still leaving the skin on and leave it to soak in a bowl of water.

After finis.h.i. ng preparing the vegetables, I checked the galette.

The topping seemed to have properly cooked, I added a pinch of salt and pepper to enhance the flavor and I folded the sides to cover the topping, creating a square shape.


As for soup.. I didn't have time to make a new one so I would use my Calhea trip leftover one.

I took the western styled vegetable soup from my magic bag, heated it for a little and poured it into a bowl.

Western Style Soup

I put the galette along with the soup and vegetables on a tray and brought it to the dining table.

"Thank you for waiting. Today's breakfast is galette."

"Oh, sounds delicious. Itadakimasu."

I took across Malik-san and the two of us started to eat.

"Ah, as always Ren's cooking is super delicious. By the way, I need you to come by the guild after you finished with your business. I'm sure I will receive a call from the headquarter regarding your promotion."

"Thank you for the compliment. Umm.. Are you sure the headquarter will call? I don't want to get my hopes up.."

Looking at how sincere Malik-san praised me and how vigorous he ate, I could clearly see that Malik-san really enjoyed my cooking. That made me happy~

"Ren, do you not believe in me?"

"No, no that's not the case. I believe in Malik-san. If Malik-san truly believes that the headquarter will call then I will drop by the guild later."

Malik-san seemed really confident the headquarter would call.

Was this another one of his infamously accurate intuition?

"Uwah… That was good.. Thank you for the food!"

"I'm glad you liked it. Well, I'm going to start preparing the lunch box now."

I brought the used plates to the kitchen and placed it in the sink.

Now then, the first dish I needed to make for lunch box was rolled eggs for sure.

Cracking a few of eggs, I mixed the egg with green onion to add flavour to the rolled eggs and poured a little bit of the mixture on the pan.

When the first layer started to cook, I added another mixture of the egg until I used up all of the mixture and had a good layers of rolled egg.

I took out the karaage from magic bag, I could use it as it was since the karaage was still warm.

Draining the sweet potatoes that I had soaked before, I coated the sweet potatoes with a mixture of lemon juice and b.u.t.ter.

I fried the sweet potatoes in the oven and sprinkled the finished potatoes with soy sauce and salt.

Lastly, I cut the apples in 8 equal pieces and cut it into cute rabbit shape. I coated the apple with a little bit of salt water so the apple didn't turn brown from oxidation.

When all the side dishes had been completed, I started to fill half of the lunch box with white rice.

Then I placed the side dishes in sequence starting from tamagoyaki, fried sweet potatoes, karaage and the rabbit apple.

Hm.. I decided we needed more greens so I took out boiled spinach from the refrigerator to add into the lunch box.

Ohitas.h.i. / Boiled Spinach with Soy Sauce


If I closed the lid while the food was still hot, the food might turned mushy from condensation so I casted a cooling magic before I packed the lunch box.

I placed the finished lunch box on top of the table then proceeded with cleaning the used cookware using [Clean].

When the kitchen was spotless clean, I finally put the ap.r.o.n on the chair and called out to Malik-san who was relaxing on the sofa, "Malik-san, I'm putting the lunch box on top of the table. Please don't forget to bring it with you later, okay?"

"Okay, thank you Ren."

I slung my magic bag, put on my sandal and said again,"I'm going to meet up with the others, see you later, Malik-san."

"Yeah. Be careful on your way out, Ren!"

"Yes, bye Malik-san!"

When I was hurrying toward the guild, I remembered that I needed to return the magic bag to Malik-san since I had borrowed it for my quest to Calhea.

Ah well, I would get to it later.


Chapter 53 (not yet)

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