As An Otaku Me Met A Yandere Her

Chapter 3

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第三章 chapter 3

After knocking out Hua Luoyu, she began quietly observed this unconscious person.

Hua Luoyu's cheeks were flushed and her breath uneven, due to the howling and wailing she done earlier, making her seem like a cute little thing that was waiting for her treat. (You're a thing!)

Leaning over to untie the restraints on Hua Luoyu's arms and legs, it revealed red marks on her wrists and ankles, made due to her struggling. Murong Xin was unable to control herself, and planted kisses on top of these four marks.

“I only need to make you fall in love with me, and then I'll  be able to have my way with you.” In a tone that made it hard to tell whether if she was speaking to herself, or someone else.

Murong Xin, while having no trouble putting on the hand cuffs and leg cuffs on Hua Luoyu, used it to replace the rope before beginning to untie it. Before she did this she placed the blindfold and the small ball on the bedside cabinet. And after finishing, placed a blanket on top of the unconscious Hua Luoyu, to yet again  head out the room, to do who knows what.

That's right, Murong Xin really did fall in love with Hua Luoyu at first sight. She wasn't one that care about genders, only about one’s feelings. And from the moment Hua Luoyu got knocked out, she already belonged to her.

Regardless of who they are, no one can s.n.a.t.c.h her away. She'll belong only to me.

As Murong Xin had this thought within herself, unconsciously she start emitting out an immense sinister aura from her body, making the already small living room to feel more constraining.

With no way of knowing what she had planned, Murong Xin after getting out of the room, picked up her pace.


Due to having being knocked unconscious for 3 times already today, Hua Luoyu woke up feeling like her mind wasn't really her own. 【Queen Lolita :”Well, After what had happened, it's not just yours”】 When she noticed that the rope binding her hands and feet was replaced by hand cuffs and leg cuffs, the first though to come cross Hua Luoyu’s head was "How did she get a hold of something like this? Surely, these must of been expensive.” 【Queen Lolita: “You're not a official couple yet, and your starting to worried about how much money she has?” 】

Hua Luoyu having struggled for a long time, finally managed to get herself to fall off of the bed. Regarding “survival” 【are you joking right now?】you don't have the luxury to care about your self-image. As she move onward, bending and arching her back to craw along 【just like a caterpillar】, due to Hua Luoyu’s great unwavering spirit and with much effort, she finally got to the living room and crawled up to the door that would lead to her freedom!

At that very moment, the door opened.

In front of Hua Luoyu’s eyes where a pair of black canvas shoes, looking up she could see a pair of slender hands holding a variety of bags, some reaching all the way up to her neck, which seemed to contain be food. Even further up there was the icy cold expression of Murong as emitting a faint baleful atmosphere.

"Why is it that you want to leave?"

"I want to return home!"

"Why do you want to leave?"

"I already said it was all joke. Stop take it seriously!"

As Murong Xin heard this line, her fists clenched up.  In one smooth movement, Murong Xin had thrown the bags of food out through the front door behind her, as she,  with strained expression grabbed and carried Hua Luoyu back towards the bedroom.

While heading to the bedroom, Queen Lolita gave Hua Luoyu her sympathies, as she prepared to get some sleep after such a day.

(Hua Luoyu: "I hate you.")

【Queen Lolita: "Hate signals the beginnings of love. However Humans such as you and beings like I are not destined to be together, so you best forget about this thought,” 】

(Hua Luoyu : “….”)

When being thrown on the bed, her back felt sore from the impact. Even if she did land on a soft mattress, it still hurt due to the way it was done.

Suddenly she felt the weight of someone else, pressing down on her. Hua Luoyu reacted to this, by beginning to swerve right and left, struggling to try and stand up. All the while clamouring on about wanting to going home and others similar lines.

Feeling annoyed and her patience wearing thin, Murong Xin reaching out and grabbed the small ball thing on top of the bedside cabinet, and directly stuffed it in the pouting Hua Luoyu’s mouth. After it was put on, everything became quiet once more.

After piling some pillows together, Murong Xin got off the bed so she could move Hua Luoyu, and lean her against the pillows. Before sitting herself at the end of the bed. Giving an indignant glare to Hua Luoyu.

“Why did you say you love me?  While also saying you want to get away from me?”

(I only said do you want to date, and furthermore it was Queen Lolita who had done it, not me!)

"I fell in love, the moment I saw you."

"How about you don't leave me?"

"Not speaking means you agree"

(……How am I supposed to speak?)

"You must be hungry. Its already 6 pm, I'll go make something for you to eat."

"Just sit still and don’t move, okay? Otherwise, there's no tell what I might do.”

(*sob sob*…… Someone please help me.)

Looking at the person's face begin to soften (I’m too tired to be continue it) Murong Xin contently went off to the kitchen in order cook something.

[Murong Xin: "If you meet someone you like, you'll need to put in a bit of extra effort for them"]

【Queen Lolita: "The update speed for this novel might be a bit slow, after all the author doesn't have a plot outlined, only simple ideas" 】

Hua Luoyu: "No problem, as long as she doesn't write me to be completely miserable. I want to go home."

〖Murong Xin: "What are you saying upstairs?" 〗

(Hua Luoyu: "I love baths, it helps lift your spirits")

〖Murong Xin: "Oh, Then tomorrow I'll bathe you."〗

(Hua Luoyu: "Not that!")