Dungeon Maker

Chapter 52

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Edited By: Sebas Tian

"For master and the House of Mammon!"



The spirits' dormitory.

Since all the spirits in the House of Mammon gathered, the large dormitory seemed small.

The spirits either had beer or a cup of alcohol that was available in the dungeon world. Since the salamander didn't have hands, a bowl filled with beer was placed next to their head and the Treant poured the beer on the roots using their vine.

Eligor brought out a large amount of goods.

There was so much that if the good that Yong-Ho ordered didn't arrive tomorrow, then they would have to starve for the next couple of days.

There were meat that they obtained from the hunt and pancake was made with the milk, egg and flour that was purchased from the dungeon shop and a variety of vegetable stir fry.

The dishes weren't that amazing, but there was a large amount.

The only downside was that compared to the food, there wasn't enough beer. It's because there wasn't a reason to drink it. But Eligor did purchase a case of it for Yong-Ho just in case and if wasn't for that, everyone would be drinking water.

The Orcs were a more exciting race than Yong-Ho had originally thought.

No, there might a difference in thought, but the Orcs who were new to the House of Mammon clearly displayed their likes and dislikes.

Foras was the one that attacked the House of Mammon first.

And Foras and his spirits were trying to kill Yong-Ho and his spirits.

Rik.u.m and the other Orcs put their lives on the line to kill their opponent and that thought didn't change.

Dungeon fight – For owners that only had one dungeon, they had no choice but to be aggressive about it.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that they were putting everything on the line.

In that fight, Foras lost and Yong-Ho won.

That was enough. There wasn't a need to add the words revenge or grudge to a fight that was already over.

Even though he only drank one cup, the alcohol helped create the atmosphere.

The Orcs were able to realize that they survived.

The Goblins were dancing amongst themselves and Kobold was barking while wagging their tail.

The Princess Ant just sat there and watched everyone. He wasn't sure if it was because the food was good or because she enjoyed the atmosphere, but a small smile appeared on her face.

At any rate, out of the spirits in the House of Mammon, the ones that "died" were the egoless Clay Golem and Rock Golem.

If there was a different spirit that died, then it would've been difficult for him to accept the Orcs so easily.

Yong-Ho happily drank the beer. It's a given that he's never tried beer in the demon world, but he never tried foreign beers either. To him, alcohol was alcohol. The beer in the demon world must've been stronger because he could feel himself getting a bit tipsy.

"That's surprising."


When Yong-Ho spoke, Catalina, who was sitting next to him and eating a piece of meat, tilted her head. Instead of answering her, he thought about it in his head.

'I thought she wouldn't be able to drink, but she can hold her alcohol.'

Even though she drank a large cup, she was fine. He thought she would show her clumsy side again because of the alcohol.

Yong-Ho felt a bit disappointed and covered his face by raising his gla.s.s. Catalina tilted her head several of times, but gave up and went back to eating her food.

And another person was close to Yong-Ho.


Since they were a skeleton, they couldn't drink the beer. Instead of rolling on the ground, they poured the beer on Treant's root. They must've drank twice as much as others because they moved their body happily.

Two hours later.

When the party was over, Yong-Ho let the Goblin Rangers and the Orcs clean up and dragged the key figures of the dungeon to the throne room.

Eligor, the butler.

Catalina, the guard.

Skull, House of Mammon's ace.

Rik.u.m, the leader of the Orcs that recently joined.

Even though he didn't drink a lot, he really enjoyed atmosphere that his body felt relaxed.

But before the day ended, there were topics he had to discuss.

Even though he took care of many things throughout the day, there were still many things that he had to take care of as soon as possible.

"A delivery man from the dungeon shop will come by tomorrow morning. That's why I would like to talk about the dungeon's rearrangement before they come."

Catalina heard the explanation with Yong-Ho and even though they asked Skull to come, they wouldn't be able to express their thoughts.

Since Eligor and Rik.u.m were key figures within the dungeon, they already knew what the rearrangement was.

Through the recent dungeon defense, Yong-Ho realized just how important the layout of the dungeon when it came to defending.

The dungeon itself was the stage for the dungeon combat.

The one defending the dungeon had to create a "battlefield" that was beneficial to them.

The layout of the land played a big role during combat and since he could rearrange it however he wanted, he couldn't express just how important it was.

If he didn't think about the s.p.a.ce and just placed one room after another, they could use Wall Break.

But if they created a straight pathway, it would weaken the dungeon's defense.

And if he focused just on the rooms and rearranged it that way, then it would be uncomfortable for everyone to live in.

Yong-Ho created a large window of light. After excluding the entrance room, he created a dungeon map that had nothing in it.

Yong-Ho and the spirits agreed that the throne room and the Heart of the Dungeon needed to be located more towards the back.

The distance of the armory and the gold mine was greater than the distance between the throne room and the entrance room. By controlling the distance alone, it can increase the defense a lot.

He decided to fill in most of it with the inactivated rooms that's been checked. It was nice to be able to use the empty s.p.a.ces when needed, but there was a high chance that the enemy may use Wall Break on walls of the empty s.p.a.ce.

"Out of the inactivated rooms that's within my control that I've 'checked,' there aren't any rooms that contains the inheritance of the previous owners."

The House of Mammon still had a lot of secrets.

The area that was under the Spirit of Dungeon's control was maybe 20% to 30% of the entire first floor.

For the rooms that were outside of that area, it was impossible for them detect whether it was an inactive room, a dead end or a room that contained the previous owners' inheritance.

During the rearrangement, the gold mine became the reference point because it couldn't be moved.

Yong-Ho moved the throne room and the Heart of the Dungeon to the innermost part, which was close to the gold mine.

The pa.s.sageway from the throne room to the entrance room was somewhat windy. After obtaining the s.p.a.ce to place the dormitory, the warehouse and other facilities road around the throne became pretty simple.

"This should cover the basics…Are the new dungeon facilities next?"

Below are the list of facilities that's currently in the dungeon.

Gold mine, armory, dormitory, warehouse, prison and torture chamber.

By waving his finger, he listed the facilities that he could add more of on the window of light.

A source of water supply and a waterway, dungeon prison, dungeon spirit dormitory, basic dungeon training ground and basic dungeon workshop.

He really wanted to add all of them at once, but he was limited on mana and material, so he had to choose.

The facility that the spirits voted on, well, other than Skull since they only said their name, was the water supply and the waterway.

The waterway was connected to the dungeon layout, so installing the waterway before the other facilities was the right thing to do.

"There's a limit to where the water supply can be placed."

"It can become the center of the dungeon life, so I recommend it placing it in the inner part of the dungeon."

There were only three areas within their control where they could place the water source. Yong-Ho picked the area that was closest to the throne room.

After marking the water source on the dungeon map and connecting a waterway, an image of water flowing was added.

Even though it wasn't actually installed and he was just seeing on the map, it made him feel proud for some reason.

Yong-Ho slightly glanced over at Eligor. It's because Eligor had to go outside of the dungeon to get the water, so Yong-Ho was sure that with this installation, he would feel very pleased.

But it was different from what he expected.

Eligor couldn't stay still as he looked at the map. It seemed like he was internally conflicted.

"The pr-prison…but the waterway…"

He was mumbling to himself, but since everyone was quiet, he heard him loud and clear.

Yong-Ho chuckled and placed the next facility that the spirits recommended.

Dungeon spirit dormitory.

The number of spirits were increasing and in order to develop the dungeon, he was going to need a lot more spirits.

Since he had to provide a separate living s.p.a.ce based on their role and race, there wasn't enough s.p.a.ce in the current dormitory.

After adding the waterway and the dormitory, he barely had any mana and material left.

Eligor started calculating to see if they could install a prison and Catalina and Rik.u.m recommended on saving it. And like always, Skull excitedly said their name.

But Yong-Ho didn't follow their suggestions. There was something he already had in mind.

"Basic…dungeon workshop?"

Catalina blinked after seeing a new facility being installed. Eligor and Rik.u.m also had a surprised expression.

Yong-Ho enjoyed their expression and spoke.

"I purchased a spirit that had the ability to create things. They might not be able to create something amazing, but they'll be able to make items that we need in our daily lives."

Catalina's mouth opened when Yong-Ho spoke and Rik.u.m quietly nodded his head because Foras's dungeon already had those types of spirits.

And like always, Eligor had tears in his eyes.

"Oh…a waterway, a workshop and a master craftsman…it seems like the groundwork for the House of Mammon's dungeon is nearly complete."

Catalina must've felt the same way as Eligor because she looked like she was touched. Rik.u.m asked Yong-Ho.

"What kind of spirit did you purchase? The price of a master craftsman varies depending on their skill…I heard that there are instances where free spirits ask for a lot more than what they deserve."

"Among the Rank Three spirits, I chose the Dwarf. Like I mentioned before, we can't expect something great, but I'm sure they can make items we can use daily."

And Yong-Ho had the Power of Evolution. The skill of a master craftsman didn't have any relation to physical development, but if he focused on their talent and attribute stats, he was sure there would be results.

"In Foras's dungeon, there is one Dwarf craftsman. Even though they were crude, they were talented. There is a bit of a difference between the Dwarves, but I think you made a great choice."

After adding in the dungeon workshop, the dungeon map looked a lot better.

'I'm pretty proud of it.'

When he first came, the only facility the dungeon had was the throne room, making it a very bleak dungeon.

Eligor managed to return to his normal self and asked Yong-Ho as he turned around.

"A ma.s.sive amount of mana and time is required when rearranging the dungeon. After the dungeon shop's delivery man arrives tomorrow, I'll make sure to make preparations for the rearrangement."

It was a task to completely change the dungeon and even though it was a small housekeeping task, there was a need to do it.

But Yong-Ho shook his head.

"No, there's something else that needs to be done before that."

Before rearranging the dungeon.

Before the pa.s.sageway that Yong-Ho saw changes.

Catalina and Eligor both looked at Yong-Ho with a confused expression. Rik.u.m wondered if it was regarding the pub that he mentioned before. Skull was rolling on the ground as always and was saying their name. It was more fitting because their body was now made out of stone.

Yong-Ho looked at the silver ring that was on his left hand.

A wolf that was swallowing a moon.

A woman with silver hair saying that they'll rise up again no matter what.

"The owner from three generations ago. We'll find Kaiwan's office."

Kaiwan's journal might be there.

Her records.

Yong-Ho closed his eyes. He recalled Kaiwan's face.