Divine Brilliance

Chapter 166

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Published at 7th of July 2019 06:50:07 AM Chapter 167: 167

Although Xuan Mountain City was called a Mountain City, it was actually built on flat land . It was next to a big river on the left and huge mountains on the right . Nearby was tens of thousands of square miles of fertile land; it was in a great geographical position .

Outside of the fifty-square-mile city were four-hundred-foot high walls three hundred and twenty feet thick . Four carriages could travel along it . It was stacked using stone and rock, supported by some spiritual formations . Every few miles, one could feel a strong aura on their faces which felt really firm .

Xuanyuan Yiren was standing on top of a nine-story building, looking in the direction of the city walls .

However, her eyes weren't looking at the high walls, but even further southeast . She hated the walls for being too high and blocking her view so that she couldn't see further .

“Already three months have pa.s.sed, are you still unwilling to change your mind?”

Forty feet from that wooden fence stood a fortysome-year-old woman with ten maids following her . On her imposing face was total rage . “You should be clear what kind of person that Zong Shou is! A trash with dual meridians that can't cultivate . Is he worth it? Yiren, you are going to ruin your life!”

Xuanyuan Yiren didn't reply, the corner of her lips rising slightly . She was naturally really clear about what kind of person Zong Shou was .

If she hadn't rushed to Cloud Saint City a few months ago, she would really think he couldn't cultivate and he would have hid everything from her .

In the past, every time he heard her Mother said these words her heart would debate with her mind . Only after thinking about what Hu Qianqiu said did she calm herself down . Recently, she was too lazy to even have such thoughts .

She roughly understood Zong Shou's current mentality . A person like him naturally had the pride of an expert, too lazy to argue and too lazy to prove himself . He did what he wished, so why would he care about the thoughts of others?

In that month of time that person mostly saw her as a joke .

However, during that eastern trip, what made her happy wasn't because she knew he was strong in the sword or because of his Out of Body Realm Spirit Cultivation . It was because his personality was really great…

“…it's all your father's fault, teaching you badly, always talking about what righteousness and kindness and setting that marriage! What dogs.h.i.t kindness and righteousness, could that be eaten as food?!”

The middle-aged woman's look was elegant, but cold and solemn . The words she spoke were really vulgar, and it seemed like she had really high standards .

However when she saw that Xuanyuan Yiren didn't care at all, just gazing off into the distance, she suddenly felt really guilty . Was she really insisting on her morals and ideals?

No matter how she looked at it, she was like a girl thinking of a guy!

Her eyes rolled, her tone changing once more, “In the past didn't you say you would like to marry a hero? That Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect Han Nishui is such a hero . Marrying him would form such a perfect pair . What's good about that Zong Shou that he is worth you doing this? One is in the heavens one is on the ground . One is an eye catching white jade, the other is dirt that people step on . Yiren would you rather get dragged into the mud by him then get carried up into the sky? When did I Li Sina have such a dumb Daughter?”

Xuanyuan Yiren smiled but she didn't rely . If one talked about a hero, maybe he wasn't it .

But in terms of sword art, how many people of his generation can stand up to him and be his opponent .

She couldn't help but think back to three months ago, that absolute sword glow, that sword that even Hu Qianqiu didn't dare to take easily . Her heart started to move and her heartbeat increased .

She couldn't help but feel ashamed, in this world which girl wouldn't have a guy she like? There was nothing wrong with her thinking about him…

That middle aged woman was slightly astonished, she was frantic and furious,

stomping her leg, “My Yiren, even if you don't think about yourself you should think about your Family . That whirlpool of Gantian Mountain once we get wrapped into it, even your father would be torn up . Do you know this if you marry Han Nishui, with the support of Pill Fountain Sect and Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect your Father might be able to even take down Gantian Mountain? This is also because of your life . Your Senior Brother mentioned something about how there's a really high chance of dying halfway because of that Mysterious Moon Wood Brilliance Method and you need the help of their pill . If something happens to you, what will happen to Mother? Daughter, you always talk about kindness and righteousness, what about filial piety?”

Xuanyuan Yiren's expression changed slightly as she turned around, “Mother! If dad heard what you said, he would definitely be unhappy . With his personality he definitely wouldn't rely on his daughter to form a legacy . You don't have to worry about my cultivation, I naturally have my own way to solve it and I recently have had some ideas . In terms of filial piety, in my eyes not letting my parents walk further on the wrong path is being filial . As for Mother, there is nothing wrong with your body, but you acted like you were sick to trick me into coming back . Is there a point? Also, that Gantian Mountain will definitely belong to Zong Shou . Without father's help, he also disdains any help . My fiance isn't someone who can be stepped into the dirt by others . Mother, I am unhappy when you say that about him!”

“I want to say that! He's dirt! Trash! Sc.u.m! A fool that is about to die! You stupid brat, are you really rebelling…”

The middle-aged woman suddenly scolded out, viciously venting her frustration, only to see that although Xuanyuan Yiren was frowning, she looked into the distance without a bother . Her mother felt really depressed, like when someone threw a heavy punch into nothing, leaving her with a lot of pent-up frustration .

She took in a deep breath, barely calming down her emotions . She laughed coldly, “That Gantian City will definitely belong to Zong Shou? In my eyes, you are obsessed! What ability does that Gantian Mountain Prince have? Losing that Monster King Prince position he is nothing; if he is not dirt, then what is he?”

Xuanyuan Yiren shook her head, too lazy to say anymore . When they set up the five month agreement that Zong Shou would personally come to Xuan Mountain City to meet her father, there was not much time left .

Her mother had no control about her marriage, neither did her Senior Brother . Only her father could make the decision .

The middle-aged woman couldn't help but feel helpless, heavily scoffing, “I am too lazy to convince you! Your marriage with that Zong Shou, even if your father nods his head, I won't agree . You are going to stay here during these next few months unless you make up your mind, you aren't allowed to go out!”

After she finished, she furiously flung her sleeves and left . The maids behind her eagerly caught up .

In a blink of an eye there were only two people left on the ninth story of the building .

Xuanyuan Yiren sighed, a look of helplessness flashing in her eyes . She turned her head, her expression ice cold . Without any emotions, she looked towards Li Yunniang who was standing behind her .

“What are you still doing here, aren't you going to follow my mother?”

Li Yunniang's body shuddered, two lines of tears dripping down her face, “Little Miss, why not listen to your mother? Although that Zong Shou has great talent, that Han Nishui might not be weaker than him with the Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect to rely on . Your cultivation method problems also need that Ancient Mystery Chill Pill…”

Xuanyuan Yiren couldn't help but burst out laughing, “Didn't I say in the past that even if I died, I wouldn't go against my heart? More so now! Okay, don't call me Little Miss, there is no relationship between the two of us . ”

Li Yunniang stopped breathing, her expression tragic and bitter . She heard Xuanyuan Yiren look away, “I am curious; why aren't you willing to tell anyone about him killing Li Yaling and defeating Hu Qianqiu? I am not willing to do so because I know he has some worries, but what about you?”

“It is not that I am not willing…” Li Yunniang raised her head, subconsciously biting her lips, “I don't dare to!”

“Don't dare to?” Xuanyuan Yiren was startled, then a light bulb lit up in her head, “You don't want my father to find out when he comes out of seclusion and changes his mind, right? Understood!”

Li Yunniang's face was ashen white, not agreeing and not denying .

How was it as simple as what Little Miss said . There was another reason why she didn't dare to speak . .

Even she wasn't sure about what happened beside her .

Who was that person who could threaten her life and make her keep quiet and not speak…

Roughly two thousand miles north of the Water Fairy Lake, within an unknown valley, two people were sitting on a mountain spine that stretched a hundred miles, both of them in a difficult situation .

Yan Fan's shoulder was dyed red, while Xuanyuan Yiren's body had also suffered a few light sword injuries .

Below this place, that hundred square mile canyon was corrupted to a large extent . Numerous sword marks and holes were arranged all around . The intense energy had killed all the spirits here .

Yan Fan took a look at his wound, casually moving his hand and a thread of sword energy dissipated . His muscles shuddered and the wound automatically healed .

“Water Fairy's sword is getting better as time goes on, getting more and more vicious!”

Slightly praising, Yan Fan's face showed some regret, “I feel regretful these few days! Restricting ninety percent of my true qi and not using the Pinnacle Mountain Sword, there were many times that I nearly lose to Fairy…”

That Shui Lingbo's eyebrows raised, her cold disdain easily expressed, “Didn't I also have to restrict eighty-five percent of my energy? I also didn't use my Lightning Technique . Although you have developed sword techniques and spiritual techniques for hundreds of years, are you not humiliating a junior and saying all this; do you have no shame? If you aren't willing, we can both go all out . Restricting our powers and fighting is so pointless and not fun at all!”

Yan Fan laughed and didn't dare to rebut her, only revealing a solemn expression, “Speaking of which, three months have pa.s.sed . That Zong Shou should be close to Xiantian . Who knows what kind of situation he is in? Has he touched the Barriers from Heaven? They aren't easy to cross…”