Feng Mang

Chapter 46

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Me Jlei2000

Han Dong returned home, the first thing he did was to look for his phone.

He narcissistically thought that after he turned it on he would receive overwhelming missed calls, turns out that after more than ten days there were only three strange numbers that contacted him, moreover it only rang for one second then stopped. Even though he knows that it might've been a scam call or wrong number, Han Dong still tried to return the call again and again, until the fees were inexplicably deducted and were out of credit.

All day long, Han Dong had used all kind of ways to contact Ye Chenglin.

He left a message online but haven't received a reply, the last time Ye Chenglin logged on was the night before he left Beijing after that, there wasn't any more movement. Han Dong went to Ye Chenglin's other brothers to inquire, as a result they all expressed that they don't have Ye Chenglin's new number. There were some people that spoke on the phone with Ye Chenglin on the day he got married, then after that they couldn't get in contact with him anymore.

There was a split second that Han Dong had thought of going to Gui Zhong to look for Ye Chenglin, but after that he then gave up on that thought.

A person might have tens of millions kinds of reasons to contact you, but there was only one reason for him not to contact you——he doesn't want to contact.

At night, Han Dong suffered from insomnia.

In his hand he was playing with the rope Ye Chenglin left behind, rubbing it in a circle, then rubbing it in reverse circle, rubbing and rubbing it causing the middle of the rope loosen. A small piece of paper that couldn't clearly be seen then fell down gently.

Han Dong was gazing elsewhere, his heart suddenly feels like it was being bound by something.

His eyes turned to the rope but didn't find anything strange.

The next morning, Han Dong dressed up like a dog-like model, carried a folding stool to the street. When he saw an acquaintance, he would say a few joking words, when he saw a beautiful woman he would blow a whistle, walking toward the entrance of Northern Film Studio, he customarily stopped for a bit then continue to proceed……

(T/N: 人模狗樣 (dog-like model) = pretending to be what one is not, have on an image that is not like someone who is serious, behavior and image doesn't match, look like human but more like a dog = look ridiculed)

(T/N:  馬紮 (Maza/folding stool) =  A traditional Chinese, small, collapsible wooden chair with front and rear legs crosses, and have stretched canvas or hemp rope, string, etc.)

(T/N: 臭貧 = smelly/stinky = joking, say something with a joke.)

At this place, there was a blind man who also told fortune all year round. Because of competing with the person of the same profession, he and Han Dong the two people up until now hadn't deal with each other. But today, yet Han Dong for the first time ran to the other person's territory to seek "advice".

"You are this imperial capital's number one immortal yet you still need me to calculate (your fortune)?" The blind man deliberately displayed an overwhelmed by a favour from superior att.i.tude.

(T/N: The imperial capital = Beijing, capital of China)

(T/N: 受寵若驚 (overwhelmed by a favour from superior) – feeling startled/uneasy/shock/surprised when someone or superior suddenly favoring or flattering you)

Han Dong's face was dejected, "I'm really out of options, I can't keep suppressing it down again like this, my inside is already stench. In any case you're a blind man, you also don't know what my appearance looks like, If I lose face you also won't be able to see."

Blind man, "……"

After that, Han Dong must endure the humiliation in his heart, and tells the blind man about the marriage disaster that he has calculated. Also presenting various of encounters as well as lumping together the process of resisting the unyielding and unforgiving fate in the past few days, he narrated in a tearful voice, it was very moving and tragic.

After the blind man finish listened to it, he only puzzled about one thing, "How do you know he likes you?"

"This is obvious!" Han Dong though the blind man's question was simply ridiculous, "because it's impossible for me to like him ah! If he doesn't like me, how can the two of us be together?"

(T/N: HD think that since he won't fall in love with WZD, the only way predestined marriage could happen is WZD have fallen in love with him)

The blind man asked again, "why is it impossible for you to like him?"

Han Dong sneered coldly then grimly smiled added with a disdain as beneath contempt laugh.

"I told you, the question that you asked is a kind of insult to me! You might not know my other name——the capital number one man of steel! Normally, I simply feel disdain to repeat something over and over, but because you're a blind man, unable to see my muscular body, I only then have no choice but to tell you this thing."

"They said you stop going on the platform." The blind man suddenly mentioned.

(T/N: 台 (platform) = surface above ground level that people stand on, but could also refer to opportunity or stage (to perform). The blind man is saying that people said that Han Dong has stopped going on stage, aka acting)

Han Dong's face was distorted three hundred sixty degrees, the corner of his mouth has drawn out in a good length for a very long time, "You……who did you listened to?"

"I calculated it."

Han Dong's rabbit tail that was a little creased and crumpled immediately stood up, he shamelessly speaks up as he criticizing the other person, "no wonder you're blind, that's because you calculate nonsense for people all day long."

(T/N: Previously he did state that he wants to quit acting after he found out that he is fated to be with WZD, so when the blind man said he calculated HD want to quit, he shamelessly criticized the man for calculating nonsense because he doesn't want to admit that he did want to quit)

"I was born blind, just like you were born with six fingers."

"All right all right, don't say these useless things, I'm still waiting for you to show me how to get to the right path!"

The blind man said: "This thing what is there to need advice for? Since you don't like him, isn't it the end of this matter?"  

"The……the end?" Han Dong didn't understand.

The blind man at once showed a despised expression, "then this brain of your, follow you blindly all days long to live in vain?"

Han Dong wasn't in a good mood, "you don't know that those involved in the matter are easily blinded to the truth? Come come come, say it again clearly."

"Let's me ask you, are you one hundred percent certain that you will not like him?" The blind man asked.

Han Dong with an arrogant tone of voice of a hero showing disdain, "absolutely certain!"

"Since you firmly believe that you will not like him, then the marriage predestined by fate of the two of you will unable to succeed! If you think about it, how can a one-sided love be called a marriage predestined by fate? This needs two people to love each other!"

Han Dong blinked and blinked, there seems to be a little truth in that.

"You care whether the other person like you or not for what? Just care about yourself. The red thread needs two people to hold it for them to be pulled together, if you don't stretch out your hand it will be alright!"

(T/N: The red thread of Yue Lao that tied lover together)

Han Dong suddenly realized, "Right ah, I'm certain that I will not like him, it's also impossible for me to agree to be together with him, then why do I still abuse my mind for?"

"I have never seen you to be this stupid, it obviously could be two happy events happened simultaneously, but you insisted on making both sides suffer."

Han Dong once again doesn't understand, "what is called two happy events happened simultaneously?"

"Let's me ask you, to you, is career or love more important?"

Han Dong thought for a moment, and said: "This depends on the person, if your love is Fan Bingbing, then love is important. If it's sister Feng, then the career is important."

(T/N: 鳳姐 (Sister Feng) = Her real name is Luo Yufeng, she is one of the popular internet figure/most-hated reality star in China with over 1 mil followers on Weibo. She becomes famous because of pa.s.sing flyer on the street looking for a boyfriend for marriage with high demands. People had to make memes of her, her look was average but she got plastic surgery later on. She also named the ugliest women in China)

The blind man, "……"

"Why are you asking me this?" Han Dong still hasn't understood the blind man's intention.

The blind man said: "Let's us set up your life together as an arithmetic problem, currently there are two known conditions: one is that you and he are well-matched for marriage predestined by fate, the other one is that you have an opportunity to become a star. There are four kinds of possible outcomes: The first kind is you become a star, and not be together with him. The second kind is you not become a star, and not be together with him. The third kind is you become a star, but also be together with him. The four kind is you not become a star, but be together with him……"

"In this case may I ask: In these four kinds of possibilities, what is the most ideal outcome?"

Han Dong thought for a long time before he opens his mouth: "Can you said it again one more time."

After the blind man repeated, Han Dong decided to choose the first kind, "of course I will become a star, and not be together with him!"

"Since you know that this is the best one, then why in reality you actually choose the second kind?"

Han Dong made the blind man circled in confusion, right ah, why did I want to choose the second kind?

"Then lets me ask you again, what is the worst kind of outcome?"

"The fourth kind, he and I together, I still haven't become a star."

"Right ah, you think about it, if you grasp the opportunity in your hand, achieving the dream of becoming a star, then you might be able to obtain the first kind of outcome, if you can't obtain it, then the worst outcome is the third kind. However, if you don’t treasure this opportunity, the best outcome is only the second kind, the worst outcome is the fourth kind."

Han Dong finally understood.

"You mean……I need to at the very least grasp on these two kinds equally, right?"

The blind man nodded: "Right ah! Why would you give up a career that you are confident in success because of a marriage predestined by fate that isn't certain? You can't just get rid of your own two legs for the sake of not going to the battlefield.

After Han Dong stays silent for full five minutes, he holds the blind man's hand and resolutely expressed his grat.i.tude.

"Big brother, your speech really woke up a person from a dream ah!"

The blind man sneered, "feeling content inside your heart?"

"Content, all have been think through." Han Dong said.

The blind man suddenly sighed, "there is this matter that I have also suppressed inside my heart for many years, I also want to let it out to feel content."

"Big brother, you shouldn't hesitate to open your mouth, no matter how embarra.s.sing it's this little brother will not laugh at you."

The blind man paused a moment, said: "The truth is, I'm not blind."

Han Dong, "……"

"I can see what you look like, also remembered what you look like. When you become a star, I will point out to other people, who is the man that was taken fancy by a gay guy? It's him."

Han Dong, "……"

A few seconds later, the blind man burst into laughter, "ha ha ha ha……joking with you."

Han Dong laughed as he cursed: "d.a.m.n you old man, die you blind man!"

"Die you six fingers!"

After making a fuss, Han Dong's mood was much more happy, when returned he began planning a grand international superstar blueprint.

While giving it some thoughts, all kinds of worries came back again.

First was the "three-days agreement" with Feng Jun, although Feng Jun gave Han Dong freedom, if he wants to return he can return. However, when he thought of Feng Jun will certainly have an egotistical att.i.tude when he compromised, Han Dong felt humiliated.

Besides he had spoken very decisive, if he protrudes his face and came back again, it will seem like he has done it deliberately before, as if he deliberately pretends to be n.o.ble and virtuous.  

How can I go back and not appear like I'm trying to instigate something?

Han Dong was worried, at night he would sleepwalk.

The deep affection on the "five sisters" are as changeable as clouds and rain, "their management is very strict, I don't know if I can take you guys back. To tell the truth, you guys also is the important reason that tied me down ah!"

(T/N: 翻雲覆雨 (as changeable as clouds and rain/produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another) = fickle, change constantly)

The next morning, Han Dong got up and collapsed.

His "five sisters", all exploded overnight!