Flower Demon’s Inn

Chapter 10

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Chapter 9.1

Shao Zi prepared the Tian room for the Dragon G.o.d and Little White Snake. After finished spreading the blanket and bringing it out, she thought expert has already left. Who would have thought that he was still standing at the door. Leaning against the banister, he looked at her while smiling. Shao Zi tilted head, covered her nose, and after a while she would turned around.

Scholar gazed at her. Does not know whether it’s almost time for peonies to bloom, as her appearance became even more beautiful. A bit of gorgeousness that regular people would not realize. Suddenly tilting head, he covered his nose. Right when he turned around, saw Shao Zi, who was like a soft flower, coming close with bright, beautiful eyes to look at him, “Expert, thank you several times for helping out.”

Oh no, cannot completely restrain ah… Scholar t.i.tled head and avoided her. Eyes were gentle, “No need to thank, I am only pa.s.sing by.”

Shao Zi was a bit closer, “Expert, are you not feeling well?”

Scholar retreated to the back and leaned back against the banister. The fragrance of flower lightly flew inside the nose and the mind that was peaceful then became provoked by the smell of peony. This caused the mind to become chaotic. He was calm, collected, and a famous person from the Heavenly realm. Scholar does not completely understand what is happening, “I have matters…need to leave. When idle will stop by.”

“Wait up”, Shao Zi pulled his sleeve, “Expert, what is your family name. Live where and is there anyone at the house?”

“Family name is expert, all four corners of the world are home. Also, miss go draw this on the roof and no one will find the location.”

“…”Lies, it’s obviously trickery. Shao Zi’s face darken and saw him jumped up to the banister and disappeared like cool breeze and bright moon of the night. She opened the paper inside hand and saw the large, rugged spell inside. Pain was felt; expert, why can’t you help me finish drawing and then leave?

Shao Zi stopped for a bit and then turned around to look at a room. She quietly crept closer and knocked on the door, “Innkeeper.”

Did not see any movement.

She continued to knock . At this time Scholar then opened the door. He only wore the inner clothing and on hand held a book, “Miss Shao Zi, what’s the matter?”

“The Tian room has a new guest.” Shao Zi shifted eyes and smiled like a fresh flower, “Tomorrow will cook super tonic soup for you.”


Seeing his face darken, Shao Zi happily returned to the yard. Expert said when idle will come by to meet her! Plead to the sky for him to pa.s.s by~

Entering the backyard, she already saw Rhododendron squatting into a circle on the ground while secretly talking. Shao Zi pushed through and heard for a bit to understand that they were discussing the matter of Dragon G.o.d and Little White Snake. The thing was that after she paced back and forth, already heard seven to eight different versions. First heard that it was a tragic love story that pulls on the heartstrings of others, then would be a world-shaking story. Next would hear about following from the sky to every corner. There was also the tale of loving each other, hating one another, wanting to live, and even wanting to die.

Everyone contributed his or her opinion as if directly witnessing the other two’s story. Shao Zi was puzzled at how much confidence they had to this extent.

Everyone discussed and rambled on for a while. Then a person surprisingly shouted, “Boss, when did you get here?”

Seeing them becoming surprised and then profusely stood up, Shao Zi was almost about to lift the leg out in orde

r to kick them flying. Was there really no feeling that she was present? The Plump Gourd was really noisy and asked, “Boss, will such creatures that oppose the heaven like this and are staying at our inn won’t create trouble?”

Xin niang was extremely worried, “This is the Dragon G.o.d. A Dragon G.o.d that can be tattered like this. Thus, the chasing opponent must be extraordinary. Could be that escaping with Little White Snake that can cause the entire dragon clan to be exterminated. If chased to here, perhaps we will end up as sacrifices.”

Pa Pa raised hand and said loudly, “Sacrifices can defend against the dragon clan.”

Everyone side-eyed him and profoundly said, “Pa Pa, better hug well your milk bottle.”

“…” shame on you aggregator sites. d.a.m.n you all.

Chrysanthemum asked, “Before did you not follow them to make an inquiry?”

Shao Zi shook her head, “Owner does not ask the guests where they are from and also does not ask the guests where will they go. This is the inn’s rule.”

Chrysanthemum pouted, “Miss has no eyes.”

Shao Zi does not want to argue with her despite it being an good idea. How come Dragon G.o.d is with Snake Demon? Furthermore, is there something murky? After thinking about emotional situation inside this matter, the heart felt a bit moved.

In the middle of the night, Shao Zi muddle-headedly slept and suddenly heard the sounds of what seemed to be mice running chaotically in the kitchen, t.i.ttering and tottering. With spirit trembling in excitement, she grabbed the shovel and jumped inside. Immediately after entering, she already saw a white figure searching about. Shao Zi scolded loudly, “You are Little White Snake or a small white mouse?”

Little White Snake became aware and turned around. She saw her and charged into the chest with tears-filled eyes, “Jiejie (sis), is hungry. Was not able to eat anything. Hungry to the point of eyes standing upward on the face. Feet and hands are shaking and does not have any strength.”

“…If truly has no bit of strength…” Shao Zi angrily pointed at the cloth that was tore by her, “You then explain how this was done?”

Little White Snake was embarra.s.sed and smile to flatter. Despite doing so, it was not able to fix the troublemaking action, “Jiejie, we are guests and should have food to eat right?”

Shao Zi let go, “The cost for the room does not need to account, but the cost for drink and food must be paid.”

Translations belonging to Chocolate Cosmos.

It’s the inn’s stuff that she cannot transform and cannot steal vegetables that other people have planted. Spending was all in silver. Yun Chang on usual days would only need three incense sticks, but snakes like to eat good food. Seeing that Shao Zi is not agreeing, the little miss continued to flatter her, “Jiejie, cook a bit of good food for us please!”

Shao Zi cannot stand it and spoke, “Truly, I’m afraid for letting you guys stay here. Because the other who beat up Dragon G.o.d like this must be unordinary. If [ that person] really took action against this inn, everything I want to protect will be gone. If it is not related to you two, then the chaser will probably not be angry toward the inn. Thus, you guys can stay, and if want to eat then go make it yourself.”

Finished speaking, Shao Zi quickly left. It’s not that she doesn’t want to help, but does not dare help. The Dragon G.o.d along with the one who injured him, she cannot attack them back. Despite being lucky with having Expert appeared at the right time, but neither is a relative or a friend. She cannot hoped much on him. The best thing is to not become involved. She has to be a heartless Shao Zi.

Not yet two steps of walking, she already saw her shadow inked into the ground. How can there be light? She turned around and the firelight filled the area from the kitchen while smoke whirled darkly…Cannot help bursting with rage—you arrogant idler Little White Snake, you are blowing fire to make food or burning the kitchen ah?!

After half a hour, Shao Zi used all her abilities and already finished making a meal. Dragon G.o.d’s face was still pale like before as the injuries are quite serious. Shao Zi was surprised. Was this really the Dragon G.o.d from before that was about to peel [with a knife] her?

After finished eating, Dragon G.o.d’s face was a bit better despite still being an awful, deathly pale. He slightly nodded with Shao Zi, “Many thanks.”

Shao Zi with a serious face said, “Thanks, remember to pay me twenty copper coins.”