Flower Demon’s Inn

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Appearing as a mysterious handsome man that overturns the sky

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Shao Zi did not eat Scholar clean, and Scholar did not eat her. A lot of guests came in the morning, and Shao Zi was so busy to the point of no rest. Scholar collects the money, counts on the abacus, and would sometime glance at the woman dressed in white who was smiling happily. Touching his nose, en, nothing happened. Seeing that it’s noon, he called her over and poured her a cup of tea.

Shao Zi swallows—this was the same as watering her at noon. She said, “I am not thirsty.”

Scholar looked at her lips, indeed very red, pure and tender like petals, he covered his nose, and pushes the cup out, “Drink.”

She angrily drank, drinking it as if it was wine, her stomach burns, and her face immediately turned red. Burned to death burned to death! Suddenly thought of something she spoke, “When it’s lunch, innkeeper, I will give the super nourishment soup to you.”

Scholar’s face whitened, “Shao… Zi…”

When she came into the kitchen, Rhododendron pounced forward, in a matter of life and death she did not let go, “Shao Zi, that Scholar is not simple! Do not beat him up or anything, if not you shall be blown to the sky and meet Xian Jun*! *heaven G.o.d

“I know he’s not simple, but I’m not weak to the point of being knock out by one punch of his,” said Shao Zi as the corners of her mouth lifted. Rhododendron dryly laughs, “Did you know this morning the wild boar demon came? It wanted to attack you from the back, and the results were that we saw Scholar use only one finger to blow it away, and expended little effort to do so.” The wild boar demon Shao Zi has seen before. His power and skills are not that much different from hers, but with just one finger Scholar flung it away. Shao Zi sadly touched her stomach, it’s still very hot, and with this sign it meant in the future it will continue to burn. Closing (the inn) in the evening, Shao Zi went back to the flowerbed, was getting ready to sleep, but just remembered she has a showdown with Scholar. Even if he is not an expert, at least she ought to know what his purpose is so, with such high power who would actually bother coming to this inn. Thinking through, Shao Zi went on foot (trembling), and charged through Scholar’s room by climbing in from the window .

Fog clouds surrounded the room, mystical like heavenly scenery, transpiration of air appears. Shao Zi’s eyes glowed, this Scholar is really not simple, he must be an immortal practicing in the moral world. Bursting sounds of water travel to her ear, her head hurts, something seems wrong. Seeing the fog condenses behind the back of the screen, she immediately jumped in lest he escaped!

But the results were that what she saw caused her to almost fall down. What is this so-called heavenly scenery, it’s merely Scholar taking a bath in his room!

Scholar soaked his body in the tub, his neck turns upward, and his face is covered with a steaming cloth. Shao Zi went around the tub two rounds, could not help but poke her finger on his exposed arm, really is a white and tender scholar ah, such pure yang energy that even she could not help but want to swallow.

“Hey Scholar you can see me right? I poke you like this, can you feel it?” Seeing that he did not answer, Shao Zi straightened up and put her hands on her hips, ” Rhododendron said they saw you in person shoot the boar demon away, quickly answer, why did you come to this inn?”

Scholar appears to not have heard, Shao Zi wanted to scratch her heart and lungs out, almost rushed to pull him out from the water and beat him three hundred rounds, “You will not say then I will not leave!

Silent for a while, Shao Zi’s nose moves, shifted her head outside to sniff, and quickly got up to open the door to leave.

© translations belonging to , 2016. If you read this somewhere else instead of then the translations has been posted WITHOUT permission of translator.

Scholar softly sighs, took the cloth off his face, and mutters, “Perhaps flower demon does not understand concept of men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things[1]…”

With Shao Zi out of the door, and sure enough saw Black and White Impermanence [2]drifting outside the inn. The two ghosts met her, and snapped, “Little demon, immediately withdraw your inescapable net!”

Yun Chang quickly opened her room door, rushed to Shao Zi’s side, and urgently said, “They want to take me for reincarnation, I cannot go right now, I want to retrieve the Daoist priest’s soul.

“Wait a minute.” Shao Zi pulled her, “If you missed the reincarnation cycle you won’t have another chance, also if you had defeated the boar demon you would have been long gone, why drag it longer/hesitate, do you want to die?

Yun Chang’s beautiful eyes shed tears, “If I go, no one will contain the priest’s soul, the boar demon is fast and will take advantage of him when he’s not prepared and take the last part of his soul. I cannot go, I want to help Daoist priest find his way back.”

Shao Zi hesitated a moment, Black and White Impermanence continue to destroy (attempt to) the formation, and on the second floor of Jin Xiu inn across [from here], Daoist figure looms, in his hands is a peach wooden sword, it seems that if the ghost does not obediently reincarnate, he will force her soul to be capture alive. She [Shao Zi] shouted, “Pa Pa, help me set up an array formation spell”, and within a moment ivy vines from all four direction surround and roll toward, hanging from the roof to bluestone in front of the inn, wrapping [all] tightly. At the corridor where Shao Zi stands, everything is green.

Yun Chang has flown outside with Shao Zi behind. Black and White Impermanence try to catch up, but the ivy vines block the path. As Daoist priest chants incarnations, he saw wrapped around his feet are flower sprigs. Xin niang laughs charmingly, “You obediently stay here, do not block our boss who is working.”

With the addition of Yun Chang, Shao Zi is sure they will win against the boar demon. But deeper into the mountains yao [sinister] energy is very strong. Yun Chang almost breach inside and cannot be stopped in time.

Shao Zi does not understand, fundamentally have never talk with before, let alone are friends nor acquaintances, and yet what reason is Yun Chang doing this for. She had thought about this many times, but simply cannot figure it out.

Late at night there is no sound, dormant with insects chiming in and the occasional mammals’ low growl. Although Shao Zi is a demon, but is not like the beast demons. They are flowers and trees that always face the sun, not like the beast demons that always like to move in the middle of the night, yin [negative] energy is very heavy. But walking for a long time, her body feels cold, but in her stomach it felt like a burning fire, like bathing in the afternoon sunlight. With no time to think about it, she felt yin energy aggregate ahead, and she speedily grabbed Yun Chang, “Boar demon is inside the cave.”

Yun Chang heard the words spoken, her palms froze, spreading the cold energy, and freezing the insides of the boar’s howl/cave. A moment saw the wild boar rushed out, wearing a brown armor, baring his sharp fangs, holding a wolf ivory club and sneering, “I do not look for you guys, yet you guys have come to find me.

Shao Zi slightly cover the front of Yun Chang, and coldly said, “You took a human soul, your hands are stained with blood, do you still want to be an immortal?”

Boar demon sneers, “I do not believe that the heavenly immortals of the heavenly realm are clean and have not kill man, nor have taken actions like those of demons. The strong reign the world, while the weak becomes a stepping-stone. That Daoist priest’s yang energy is pure, I have spent so much effort to steal half of his soul. If it were not because of this spirit/ghost interfering, I would have already succeeded. Now this is just great, I just need to kill the both of you, and I will be able to easily kill the priest.”

Finishing his speech, the boar demon who has been welding the wolf ivory club stepped forward, originally ten feet away but within a blink of an eye he was in front, the sharp long fangs almost stabbed into the white face. Shao Zi deftly bend, raising her hands to hit his elbow, wanted to grab hold of his hand to remove the weapon and then decide , yet felt hand hurt, only to see the elbow unexpectedly rise, and so she quickly withdrew her palms but saw there are blood holes.

© translations belonging to , 2016. If you read this somewhere else instead of then the translations has been posted WITHOUT permission of translator.

The white long sleeve from Yun Chang shot out, mixed with cold energy that wrapped around his body, wild boar shouted in pain, banging painfully against their ears, and the white sleeve immediately shattered.

Shao Zi lifted her feet and scooted back thirty feet. When her feet touched the ground, a huge peony instantly opened. On the petals white patchwork overfilled in disorder, layers of pink scatter out, like waves strongly surging. The boar demon launched upward, a big club came forward, right into the flower formation, the flower immediately disappeared, and locks around the hands and feet.

The soft petals of no frost from layer to layer trapped the boar demon. The more one struggles the more strong it becomes, to the point of no energy, petals absorbing bit by bit, damaging inside, and finally a.s.similate with the flower to fall to the ground and become a budding peony.

Shao Zi sighed heavily, wiped the sweat on her forehead, and patted the bud, “Boar demon, stay here and cultivate the right way.”

Yun Chang lightly stepped forward, “Where is the soul?”

Shao Zi opened the palm of her hand, a ball of faint light lying there. She stuffed it into the hands of Yun Chang, “My legs do not have strength, you bring this back first to the Daoist priest.”

Yun Chang gratefully put it away, “Thank you lady.”

Shao Zi waves. After waiting for Yun Chang to leave, she rubs her chin to contemplate, would say that Yun Chang is silly in saving someone like the Daoist priest with no relation, yet she is not familiarize with Yun Chang, and thus why did she suddenly have the heart to help her? She lifted her head to look at the dark sky, saw the clouds covering the moon, and immediately accepts, “It seems that I am really a good demon ah.”

From the forest came a chuckle, cold and merciless, but also carries a surge of evil yin energy. Shao Zi shook, “Who?”

The sound was like a bell, but cold as ice, “A small flower demon dares to spread wild behavior on my spirit mountain. If you are willing to replace the boar demon in offering beauties every year, I shall spare you. If not, become a peony ghost then. ”

Shao Zi halted, unexpectedly the demon lord of the mountain has been provoked. Mountain demon is lord of the mountain, the demons living there are required have to listen to him, and each year would bring offerings. She had thought that the boar demon is just pa.s.sing by here, but did not think that he is a subordinate of the mountain demon. All is finished, even if there is hundreds years of cultivation she cannot beat him.

© translations belonging to , 2016. If you read this somewhere else instead of then the translations has been posted WITHOUT permission of translator.

Mountain demon has not shown up, yet hostility gets closer and closer. Shao Zi walks stiffly, escaping in any direction is no good as he can control the whole mountain. If she were to deceive him and flee back to the inn, the demons from the mountain will surround them and the whole town would suffer calamity. While waiting for mountain demon to attack, a burst of breeze blows upward, blowing the black hair in a frenzy , [hair strands] flowing across face, the sleeves of the shirt flying frantically, and one sees a slightly leaning face structure of a tall man.

The man’s face shape is natural and soft , without a hint of hostility, a look that carries a hint of smiling expression, his easygoingness is of accomplishment and distinguish, the corners of his lips reveal an attractive curve, and causes a mess to one’s soul. It seems he only needs to raise his hand a bit, he will be able to cut down this world immediately.

Shao Zi was stunned for a moment, staring intently at this handsome man, did not care for her image and cover her nose, her heart screaming—really handsome… she is about to have a nosebleed! Not only is he handsome, calm and composed like this, not only is so… Wait this is not right, this handsome lad, where did he came from?

The man slightly opened his mouth, with not a murderous intent but a friendly smile, he gently spit out the word, “Scram.”

The final syllable drops, the mountain is absolutely silent, and only the sounds of the wind blowing, rustling sounds echo. In a moment, the energy of the mountain demon evaporated, and the moonlight glistens throughout the forest, painting the land in white. Its light shines upon the handsome face of the silver clothed gentleman, seemingly like that of an immortal. Shao Zi cannot hold it anymore, and her nostrils began to heat up…