Flower Demon’s Inn

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6.1
Chapter 6: Only up to the sixth point in Qi Qiao [1] was awakened

[1] 七窍 Qiqiao; refers to the human body (namely the face) that contains seven apertures consisting of two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and one mouth. t.i.tle is implying up to the sixth aperture are awakened.

The male slightly tilted his head, and looked at the flower demon that was covering her face and shook his face in satisfaction. Then suddenly his face stiffen, at this time is it not an opportunity to ask him the question of his height, wealth, parents?… Ah.. flower demon is not really bright ah…

Shao Zi suddenly hit her head, her face seemed to realize something. The man immediately became please, finally she can live up to his expectations/hopes.

“Right now need to return to Yun Chang or else the ghost will capture her! Thank you gentleman, later will bow in gratefulness!

“…Lady… I…” The words did not finish, already saw the pretty figure flew as fast as wind… The man looked up at the sky, felt his spirit has been hurt, and mumbled, “You have not even ask me where I live, where will [you] bow to give thanks ah…”

Shao Zi quickly returned. The energy was still faint in the road. When she came back to the inn she saw Pa Pa and his brothers lying around. When they saw her they ran and held her thigh, while whining and crying, “The opponent is too strong, big boss, we couldn’t hold it.”

Shao Zi jumped up and rushed toward Black and White Impermanence. She single-handedly cut off the iron chain that locked Yun Chang and dragged her behind.

Black and White Impermanence coldly sounded, “If you hindered us once more, we will report you to the G.o.d of Death.”

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Even if Shao Zi was powerful to whatever extent she cannot fight the underworld. After hesitating for a moment, Yun Chang pulled her hand, and gave the soul back to her, “The priest is stilled trapped in the formation. Request inconveniently for peony lady to restore his soul as before.”

“Wait a bit” Shao Zi surprisingly said, “Don’t you want to personally do it? If you plead, the brother ghosts can accommodate you.” Saw her shaking her head, Shao Zi was puzzled, “You endured so many hardships for him to withstand the soul, painstakingly found the other half of the lost soul. Why not a single word to bid farewell?”

Yun Chang gently nodded, “Like this is good enough.”

Shao Zi furrowed her brows, “Why?”

“If was not for him I cannot wait until the ghosts have come and will be turned into a malicious spirit that cannot reincarnate. Finding his soul, it’s not to save him, but to save myself. I have to thank him.”

Shao Zi does not understand. She thought she was very smart, but these days she simply felt very stupid.

Yun Chang bowed, “Lady’s great kindness, only the next life can repay.”

When finished speaking, has followed the ghosts. A dark quiet fog appeared on the bluestones of the road. The underworld gate was opened. Three silhouettes stepped inside, drifting away until almost invisible.

Feet was lightly poked, Shao Zi looked down. The climbing green vine has turned into a boy. Pa Pa pointed to the corner, “What to do with that Taoist priest?”

Shao Zi lightly stepped forward, carried the soul in hand and lightly pressed his forehead. She saw his facial features began to twitch. It seemed that he was about to awaken. She immediately grabbed the hand of Pa Pa and returned to the inn, peering at him on fence of the second floor. Soon saw him woke up and sat on the floor

while rubbing his head.

“What are you looking at?”

“I…” Shao Zi’s eyes grew big, Pa Pa has slipped away. She looked to the side and saw Scholar squatting on the side. His two hands were still in his sleeves, and was also looking downward, “Why did you get up here for?”

“Cannot sleep, thus went outside to look at the moon.”

Shao Zi’s face stiffen, and she abruptly jumped, “I actually forgot to ask where that mysterious person live, name and age!”


She looked within the distance. She does not know where the person went, has he left? Suddenly heart ached; a person so handsome and powerful like that, yet she did not ask a single word and left.

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In the backyard with the flower beds, Magnolia [usually referred to as xin niang] leaned over and saw Shao Zi squatting in the gloomy corner, and touched her chin, “What happened to Boss, got beaten by the ghosts?”

Plump gourd said, “Did not fight with the ghosts ah.”

Pa Pa laughed haha, “It seems that boss met a super powerful man, but didn’t get to ask and ran back.”

Chrysanthemum with her resplendent body jumped over, “This is the beginning of a first love.”

Everyone twittered throughout the night. Shao Zi woke up and found herself sleeping crookedly (leaning unsteadily from side to side; she’s in her flower form) in the corner. She turned to the human form and felt pain in her back. Took the well water to wash her face, and secretly returned to the room to change clothes, ready to open the inn for business.

When the inn just opened, already saw a person standing outside. Shao Zi was holding in her hand a wooden board and so halted. She looked at the Taoist priest who was no longer lifeless a few days ago, and contained no trace of a trampled look.

The Taoist priest hesitated for a moment and asked, “Young lady, is there morning tea/ breakfast?

Shao Zi nodded, her hands became light. The door has been held by someone else. The Scholar laughed, “Greeting to customer, please come in, stay or relax, our inn has everything.”

Shao Zi’s face expressed like that of a teachable child, and welcome the Taoist priest in. She brought in a few desserts and tea, cannot help but asked, “Customer is just pa.s.sing by or is one of the town folks?”

“Just pa.s.sing by,” The Taoist priest stopped for a bit, and then gently said, “Does not know why, wanted to sit here for a while.”

Shao Zi’s heart has been moved. The soul has returned completely, but cannot remember Yun Chang. Despite meeting hundreds of time, but memory continued to fade. Continuously remembered again, and then repeatedly forgot and remember. In the end it’s as if the two people have never met, but merely pa.s.s each other. Was this a good end?

Taoist priest ate breakfast, and left the town with his peach wooden sword. The tall silhouette gradually disappeared within the bluestone road like last night when Yun Chang left, causing Shao Zi to look onward with exceptional sorrow.