Gate Of God

Chapter 947

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Everything was ready. The fair-skinned man quickly went back to the troop and put on a black robe and a black face cloth.

Most importantly, a big bold "G.o.d" word was sewn on the black face cloth and it looked almost identical to the one on "Meng Tian".

"Brother Lin, nice one!" The alluring man looked at him approvingly.

"Hmph, I shall blend in and see if they can discover me!" The fair-skinned man snorted confidently and dashed towards the forest.

Under the night sky, the moonlight shone on a figure who dashed quickly into the forest. Very quickly, the moonlight was blocked by the densely grown trees and the figure disappeared.

The fair-skinned man was relatively fast and chose a strange path. He had decided to go by the path under the shadows of the trees.

The Monster Kings were very powerful. Before the Gate of G.o.d of the Realm of Monsters and Demons was opened, one Monster King could rule a region.

The fair-skinned man was very confident.

It was not arrogance but rather confidence based on practicality. After all, it was rather ridiculous for a Monster King to be discovered by a group of ordinary human disciples.

How was it possible for him to be discovered?

"Who are you, which group are you from?!" Just as the fair-skinned man was moving surrept.i.tiously with confidence, a voice was heard from his right.

"…" The fair-skinned man turned pale immediately and the white scales underneath his black robe made a buzzing sound.

He, a Monster King who was moving sneakily at night, was discovered?

What on earth?!

The fair-skinned man could not figure out how this happened. He had chosen a secluded path and hid well, how was he discovered?


There were too many "spies" in the forest!

What should he do?

Kill him directly?


If there were too many spies in the forest like what he suspected, he would be exposed immediately once he attacked.

The fair-skinned man was not afraid of escaping after he was exposed, but he had yet to figure out where the humans plotted the traps. In fact, he had not even seen a shadow on his way.

Then, he was discovered!

This was rather strange.

However, if he had returned empty-handed, he would be embarra.s.sed, especially if he was in front of a troop of Demon soldiers. Although they would not talk about him in front of his face, they would definitely joke about him behind his back.

The fair-skinned man did not want to return "empty-handed".

Wait a minute!

The person asked what group he was in!

"I understand now!" The fair-skinned man calmed down quickly as this thought struck him. He turned to the right gradually and saw some figures with black face cloths hidden in the bushes on his right. "Not too many people? I think it's less than 25!"

The fair-skinned man scanned the bushes on his right and lowered his head slightly as he made an accurate a.n.a.lysis.

"What group are all of you from?" The fair-skinned man definitely could not reply and had to fake his way through. As he spoke, he dashed towards the figure in the bushes.

"We are asking you!" The figure in the bushes did not fall for his trick.

"How dare you!" The fair-skinned man raged and quickened his steps. A moment later, he was three feet in front of the bushes. "Do you know which Sect Master I am? Hurry up and tell me what group are all of you from!"

"Sect Master?" The figures in the bushes looked shocked when they heard this and walked out of the bushes. "Sorry, some of us got lost here and offended you. Please forgive us, Sect Master. May we ask which sect are you from?"

"Got lost? Show me the map." The fair-skinned man did not reply them and asked for the map straight away.

"Hurry, hurry and bring the map over." The figures reacted quickly and none of them noticed that something was amiss.

The fair-skinned man sneered silently at this scene.

Indeed, the disciples of the humankind were a mix. The so-called Human Alliance was a rough mix of different sects.

Talking about discipline? Military rules? Rigor?


The fair-skinned man lowered his head as one of the disciples pa.s.sed him the rolled-up map and put one hand behind his back.

20 people!

He had accurately counted the number of people.

Now, the people were completely off their guards. In this situation, he could finish all of them in the duration of three breaths with his capability.

Moreover, the map was already in front of him.

Why should he wait any further?

He could kill all of these 20 people at one go, take the map and complete his mission.

It was too simple.

The fair-skinned man smiled cunningly and claws appeared on the right hand behind his back.


"Just a little closer…"

"Perfect, now's the time!"

The fair-skinned man was calculating the distance the "human disciple" was away from him. At about half a foot's distance, he finally attacked.

With a cold gaze, he raised his head suddenly and sneered.

"Die…" The fair-skinned man planned to kill the "human disciple" in front of him before throwing his body towards five other people in front of him.

Then, make use of the time when they were stunned to kill of all them in the fastest and most violent way.

However, his ambitions were idealistic but the reality was cruel.

He was not even able to complete his sentence before he felt a powerful force strike at his back. Before he knew, his head crashed onto the ground.

It was too fast!

The blow was too violent!

It felt as though a giant hammer had hit his head and he could not even react.

Of course, the fair-skinned man had an accurate sensation.

What struck him was indeed a hammer, a big black hammer with purple radiance like lightning surrounding it.

"Vice Alliance Leader Mo's strike is indeed powerful!" The surrounding people praised Mo Shanshi after they saw him standing behind the fair-skinned man with a black giant hammer in his hand.

"What?! Vice… Vice Alliance Leader? Surname is… Mo? Mo Shanshi?!" The fair-skinned man's head almost exploded because of the hammer. However, a thought flashed past his mind.

As this thought flashed past his mind, he felt heavy strikes falling on him like raindrops. Every strike made the ground tremble violently.

"Vice Alliance Leader? Why am I the Vice Alliance Leader? If Dao Hun had not done something funny if he did not take advantage of how Yan Xiu won the fight on the Heaven Zen Mountain, how would I possibly approve of Dao Hun as the Alliance Leader? Go f*ck himself!"



With the continuous strikes of the giant black hammer, the back of the fair-skinned man was almost broken and he felt that his upper and lower body was broken into two parts.

"Mo Shanshi?! He is really Mo Shanshi!" The fair-skinned man did not recognize anyone but he definitely knew who was Mo Shanshi, the Valley Master of the Fu Xi Valley.

After all, the Monster Race was trapped in the Great Swamp for more than ten years by the five major sects.


He needed to flee!

The fair-skinned man made the decision immediately.

Although he had not figured out why Mo Shanshi appeared in the forest at the West side and "played" as a "disciple" in the bushes, he knew that he definitely could not match up to Mo Shanshi.

Furthermore, he had been sneak attacked.

His head was half smashed and his body had broken into two parts. He would have already died if he had not held on to the Monster Pearl at his chest.

He could only flee!

Without any hesitation, the fair-skinned man began to move. He slammed the floor with one hand and a gigantic crack was made on the vibrating ground.

Meanwhile, his arm broke off and began to dig into the ground at an extremely fast speed.

Boom! Just after two digs, a bright golden sword light flashed past the sky and landed on the ground.

Then, the broken arm flew from the ground.

"Trying to escape? To where?" A figure who was holding a golden long sword stood arrogantly with a look of disdain.

"Another Sage?! I can't leave from here… there!" The real body of the fair-skinned man was hidden in the broken arm. After realizing that he was blocked from the front, he turned around and dashed out of the broken arm, turning into a white monster.

He was a Monster King who looked like a unicorn. However, unlike the unicorns in the legends, he had white scales all over his body. His horn did not have golden swirls but was instead smooth and shiny, radiating a yellow light.

"Wow, do you think it will be nice to ride on this fella?" The six figures began to laugh as they saw the Monster King dash towards his left.

"Lowly humans, want to ride on me? Go and die!" The Monster King was infuriated and a cold gaze flashed across his eyes. At the same time, two of his sharp claws that were covered in scales struck at the people who were laughing the most vigorously on the left and the right.

"Woah? Looking down on us!"

"What a Monster King, still so violent even though he is injured?"

The two "disciples" sneered as the claws of the Monster King approached them and flashed their dark green sword and bright red saber respectively.



The sword light and the saber radiance struck the Monster King at the same time, causing the fair-skinned man to fall to the ground. His white scales were broken and blood gushed out like a fountain from his body.

"Sages? More sages?! How is this possible?" The fair-skinned man lied on the ground and stared at the direction ahead of him in disbelief.

"This dumb Monster King just realized that?"

"I think so."

"I think he never expected 20 sages to attack him at the same time?"

"Stop talking c.r.a.p, kill him and leave!" Mo Shanshi disrupted the "disciples" surrounding the Monster King and raised his black giant hammer. "Revealing your real body? This time, I shall see if you are still hiding behind anything!"

"No!" The fair-skinned man screamed as he watched the giant hammer fall. However, it was too late because the hammer had struck perfectly on his head.


The fair-skinned man collapsed to the ground and spat out a Monster Pearl glowing with golden light.


The Monster Pearl rolled to the feet of Mo Shanshi.

The fair-skinned man stared at the Monster Pearl with his eyes opened. He could not figure what had happened even after he died.

The humans had formed a team with 20 sages? Waiting in the forest for him? Moreover, they pretended to be disciples by hiding in the bushes.

Most importantly, Mo Shanshi partic.i.p.ated in this.

The fair-skinned man would never believe this if it happened five months ago because he was merely a Monster King.

Why did they launch such a large-scale attack?!

"Why? Why?!" The body of the fair-skinned man shook as a large volume of blood flowed out his mouth and nose.

"Is he dead?" A voice was heard.

"Nonsense, after I hit him with my hammer, how could he still be alive?" said Mo Shanshi confidently.

"Now what? Do we continue to wait? After this Monster King died, maybe the other Monster King outside would come in with the Demon soldiers. Then, we can kill another Monster King, what do you all think?" Another excited voice was heard.

"I agree, we are finally here after holding it in for five months on the Ling Xiao Mountain, I don't think there is any danger a.s.sociated with this!"