God Of Slaughter

Chapter 743

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Shi Yan and Zi Yao were moving aimlessly in the mysterious and perilous land. Anyway, their speed was just one-third compared to their normal speed.

The gravity of this place was horrifying. Once warriors stepped on this land, they had to bear a ma.s.sive pressure that hindered them whenever they moved or flew. Above their heads were the thick, ink-like clouds that blocked their view to outer s.p.a.ce. 

There was neither sunlight nor the energy from sun, moon, or stars. This gloomy land only had rotten corpses lying here and there. They couldn't find a single way of energy from living beings.

This place was s.p.a.cious. Even after moving for a long time, they didn't see where it ended. However, Shi Yan and Zi Yao all felt tired. They had to slow down, using their Soul Consciousness to sense begrudgingly.

"How do you feel now?" Shi Yan held her hand tightly, his face serious. "The energy that intruded your body was frightening. It had consciousness, and it could avoid my pursuit. If I hadn't reacted correctly using the Death Intent Domain to surround it, perhaps, you couldn't have resisted it..." 

"The one who attacked me is at the Peak of King G.o.d Realm. He's just one step away from the Original G.o.d Realm. A flow of Soul Consciousness with power could ascend into life… This is the mystery of the heaven and earth a warrior at the Original G.o.d Realm can perceive. That one... I think he's still a little bit weak, so he couldn't cross a further distance or pour more energy into the living being ascended from his Soul Consciousness. Otherwise, even if you helped me, I would have been killed."

Zi Yao's eyes were distressed. She contemplated for a while and then turned to him. "If you hadn't helped me, I would have died already."

 "A wisp of Soul Consciousness could evolve into a living creature? Do the Original G.o.d Realm warriors have that kind of supernatural attainment?" Shi Yan was frightened.

In his eyes, it was unimaginable. A flow of Soul Consciousness could have its own intellect, as if it could become a clone of the user? Such a tremendous and marvelous technique was too spooky.

"Experts at the Original G.o.d Realm have supernatural power Upanishads, and it's not that simple." Zi Yao smiled begrudgingly, her face longing. "I'm always making efforts to reach this realm. Until now, I still think it's too far away for me to ever reach. Experts at this realm are the real characters in the Raging Flame Star Area. They are all the freak elders that have almost become monsters."

"Your wounds..."

"Can't die yet, but it's not easy to recover fully. Don't worry! I have so many medicines and pellets, so I can gradually recover my powers. I just need time," Zi Yao said casually.

Shi Yan nodded, "It's good then. This place is strange, and somehow evil. My Soul Consciousness can't get out, and the others can't detect us either. Even if they can come here, they won't dare to intrude. So, we still have time."

"How about you?" Zi Yao's beautiful eyes brightened. "When I woke up, I saw you were comprehending power Upanishads. How was it? Did you get a big harvest? Is it still far from reaching the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm? I think the Essence Qi in your body is enough..."

The last part of her words wasn't clear.

Before the battle with b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo, she had checked Shi Yan's Essence Qi condition. She knew his situation at that time. However, when she woke up and sensed his body's conditions again, she found that his Essence Qi had tripled!

This was something she had never dared to imagine!

Zi Yao didn't know what had happened to Shi Yan that had tripled his Essence Qi while she was in a coma. 

Shi Yan suddenly smiled.

"What? Did you get something good?" As she was moved, Zi Yao couldn't help but ask.

Shi Yan nodded relaxedly. "It's true. I gained a big harvest. If nothing unexpected happens, I can break through shortly. I think... just a little bit later."

It was not small indeed, as he had made a tremendous harvest this time!

Not only was his Essence Qi ancient tree filled with pure energy, but he also gained a brand new perception of the mysteries of Life and Death.

Among the three powers of Star, s.p.a.ce, and Death and Life, his Death and Life Intent Domain had always been lagging behind the others. Shi Yan didn't know how to continue advancing this power. This time, when he was aiding Zi Yao in healing her wounds, he magically fell into the state of comprehension. Afterward, he had a new knowledge, which could be considered a whole new world to him. 

He vaguely felt that he would be able to enter the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm not long afterward, gaining a greater achievement.

"Congratulations!" Zi Yao told him seriously. "It's hard to predict things, indeed. I can't recover my wounds in a short time, but you have gained big benefits, as your realm and powers are all improved. I should be distressed, but I don't know why I feel it's alright. At least... I can relax for a while, and I don't need to plan or calculate anything, just putting that terrible mess aside."

Shi Yan was surprised. He knew she had to bear a lot of pressure. He sighed inwardly. "You know the one who attacked you at the last moment?"

Zi Yao's smiling face changed. Her eyes became freezing cold, sparkling with a bone-deep resentment. "I have some idea, but I'm not sure. I will investigate it. I hope it wouldn't be like I've thought."

"Who do you suspect?" Shi Yan contemplated while frowning.

Zi Yao gave him a deep look. Pondering for a few seconds, she replied, "You don't need to know, because you can't help me even if you know, and it will only increase your pressure. Moreover... I'm not certain about it yet. We should talk about it later."

"Okay then," nodded Shi Yan.

"The gravity here is ma.s.sive. Your realm can't help you with the terrible gravity here. We can't escape this place." Zi Yao lifted up her head, looking at the sky and muttered, "If my power is recovered, we can wiggle and get rid of the gravity. Anyway, we can't do that right now. Seems we have to stay there for a while."

"You are from the Raging Flame Star Area, so have you ever heard about this strange land inside the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field?"

"The Raging Flame Star Area is much bigger than what you've imagined. The Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field doesn't simply have some hidden areas like this. I'm not familiar with this place. Or else, we wouldn't have been lost," Zi Yao shook her head. "I don't know where we are. There are many mysterious places in the Raging Flame Star Area. Many unsolved riddles, too. There are some places even the Original G.o.d Realm warriors don't dare to trespa.s.s."

Shi Yan shuddered inwardly, secretly putting up his guard.

"Alright, you can loosen my hand. We shall move." Zi Yao suddenly smiled, as bright as a blooming flower. She pulled herself together and shook the negative mood off.

Shi Yan didn't change his visage as he let off her hand. "Okay. We should continue to search."

Seeing him deliberate like nothing had happened, Zi Yao was resentful. She clenched her teeth and let out a light snort.

Shi Yan acted as if he didn't notice her move. He dashed forward with a sigh. "Too bad! So many skeletons here have been corroded with time, without any energy remaining. Otherwise, I could have made some toys with them." 

"You can forge secret treasures, too?" Zi Yao was surprised as she exclaimed behind his back. 

"I know a little bit." Shi Yan didn't turn his head to look at her as he continued to move ahead. "I made the three Bone Thorns I used in the fight with Da Meng. Sigh! Unfortunately, I don't have many good materials. Otherwise, I can try to forge Divine weapons."

Zi Yao was stunned.

Shi Yan didn't care about her. He released his Soul Consciousness and urged his energy to get rid of the ma.s.sive gravity, flying forward quickly.

Beast skeletons pa.s.sed under his body. Those skeletons showed no wounds, making Shi Yan curious as to how they died.

Far, far from him, Shi Yan could see the skeletons of many experts from different races. All of them were grayish-brown, without a single beam of energy left. He couldn't use them to forge any weapons. 

Barren hills appeared in his view, only to be left behind shortly. Shi Yan didn't know how long he had been flying. But on this day, while he felt a little tired, a beam of weak, hidden energy suddenly appeared in his Soul Consciousness.

That flow of energy was feeble, as if something was covering it. If Shi Yan didn't understand the Sun Upanishad, he would never have sensed it.

It was the flaming energy of the Sun!

Shi Yan was cheered up. He didn't care about his exhausted spirit and continued to fly forward at a slower speed.

Arid hills and mountains glided under his body. After a long time, his view was suddenly widened. Lying deep in a ma.s.sive hole drilled into the earth was a giant beast skeleton.

That skeleton looked like a giant bird without flesh. All the bones were scarlet, around ten thousand meters long. It looked more like a collapsed mountain fallen into the center of that deep hole.

A beam of flaming energy of the sun came from this giant bird. However, it was concealed. If Shi Yan didn't have a special power Upanishad, he would never have felt it.

He approached the hole slowly, floating quietly above the giant bird and observing. Shi Yan condensed his Soul Consciousness into a beam and sent it toward the bird's forehead, where he had sensed the energy.

The feeble wisp of flaming sun energy came from there.

"Wait a minute!" At this moment, Zi Yao's frightened call arose behind him.

A purple light flashed. In the next minute, Zi Yao was next to him, watching the giant bird skeleton with fear. "Don't do anything rash."

Shi Yan immediately retrieved his sensing Soul Consciousness. He frowned, looking at her unknowingly. "Do you know what kind of a bird is that?"

"If I'm right, I think I know what it is." Zi Yao's eyes flared, but she didn't say anything in detail, as though she wasn't so sure.


"Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird!"

Shi Yan was scared. "What? What did you just say?"

"It's the Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird!" Zi Yao repeated. "Long time ago, this Sacred Beast came here from nowhere. It suddenly appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area. It caused the solar suns in the area to lose their light. This so-called Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird seemed to be able to absorb the power of the sun to ascend. Since the Solar Stars were ineffective, floras on many life stars shriveled and died. So many spiritual herbs and plants on Herbal Stars died, which enraged experts at that time. They united to hunt that bird down."

 "What was the result?" A vehement storm rolled in Shi Yan's heart, but his voice was still calm.

"Result?" Zi Yao beamed a forced smile "I don't know the result, because the warriors hunting the Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird and the bird itself all disappeared into thin air all of a sudden. But now, I know it..." 

She pointed at the giant bird skeleton under their feet and countless skeletons of beasts and experts of different races far from them. "I think this is the result."

"The Vermilion Bird True Flame's here."

Suddenly, the heaven flames from Shi Yan's soul altar sent him their thoughts. Shortly, Shi Yan could feel the energy fluctuations from the skeleton of the giant bird.