God Rank Hero

Chapter 1

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Year 20XX, global economy weaken, rise of unemployment rate, unrest situation.

China-USA, the two superpowers decided to collaborate together in leading the world to escape from this difficulty. USA also started to cut down its military expenditure to create a series of profitable big decisions. Among these, the USA marine corp’s code name “Decisive Battle Alien” is a holographic reality stimulation super computer practice system and it has been converted from military usage to civilian usage. Uniting with large game companies from EU, j.a.pan, Korea, India, Russia and China, together they developed a game model that the worldwide players can partic.i.p.ate together which is the holographic reality super game ! A super game consists genres of fantasy, adventure, war, entrepreneurship, territory construction, navigation, battle, and leisure.

In the middle of developing process, company from each of the countries already started to do explosive advertising.

In the spring of Year 20XX, worldwide simultaneously released into the market! The youths from the whole world also are obsessed with this!  In China region, Hero Creates Legend’s China agents even use advertis.e.m.e.nt until earth-shattering (T/N:Author use idiom of 铺天盖地 which literally means hiding the sky and covering the earth to describe this)  level to promote the game.

——Do you want to take part in this same battle stage that the world-cla.s.s players in? Do you want to freely soar in the fantasy world? Do you want to be the hero that all people look up to? Do you want to have your own castle and lead your own troops in unconstrained heroic feeling? Do you want to be a high income professional gamer? Then come! allows you to realize your dreams!