God Rank Hero

Chapter 11

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Under the sky filled with starlight, at puddle formed by the ebb, Da Fei’s spear pierces out as if a dragon drips with sweat and slaughters these Sea Anemones that’s with no power to retaliate!

Actually, Plant type monster is not weak at all, it is just that it is unable to move becomes its most fatal weak point that’s all. And the merit of Plant type monsters is truly their strangeness that goes against the Heaven. At the present time, the official site announced that the most cruel Plant type monster is Man-eating Tree. At both border zones of Spirit Kingdom, Fa Roland, and the mankind’s, Griffin Empire, the entire piece of forest also is when the outsiders mistakenly enter and they are still don’t understand what kind of situation they’re in, once the rattan on the ground rolls or the mouth of the tree trunks open, no matter what level soldier you are, with small body build will be directly killed! The ones with big body build maybe able to struggle for a few seconds and even if a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses enters that forest, as usual in a flash will be killed! In addition, Man-eating Tree also has symbiosis parasite which is Woods Monster and also Tree Snake. These make the Man-eating Forest even become an unsolvable Death Zone. In short, troops coordination is the most important.

Of course, Plant type monster kind is extremely less and its surviving environment also is unusually strange. Currently, the Plant type monsters announced by the official site are Man-eating Tree, Poisonous Dandelion, Hallucinatory Poppy, Explosive Sweet Potato and etc. These Plant type monsters also possess ability that goes against the Heaven which able to destroy the entire troop!

But Da Fei is able to find a new type of Plant-type monster at the sea so is it indeed his luck? No, this isn’t luck! This is strength! NPC lets Bro, this trash Spearman to be banished to here is not completely without any reasons! This is rewards that Bro deserves for the discovery! Bro, after all is still an old but still vigorous expert! WAHAHAHA!

Finally, right after 100th of sea anemones burst and died, a gold ray appears unexpectedly!

——System Message: Congratulation! You have leveled up to Level 2! You have obtained 1 Stats Point (T/N:I’ll use Stats to replace Strategy Attributes), 1 Skill Point, HP 2, Command Power 1.

——Beginner Tips: Players can distribute their own Stats Point to these four attributes: ATK, DEF, MP and INT. During before changing Job period, the newbies will only receive 1 Stats Point for every level up so the players must be cautiously distribute the points. At undecided future development period, players can acc.u.mulate the undistributed Stats Point. Stats Point also can be obtained through the Arena Training and learning in the schools.

——Beginner Tips: You have obtained 1 Skill Point. You can purchase skillbooks from Skill Teacher at the schools, barracks and towns to learn new Main Skill, or upgrade the rank of the current Main Skill or even learn new Branch Skill from the currently owned skillbook. Skill Point also can be obtained through the rewards from doing the quests.

——Beginner Tips: Your Command Power increased 1 Point. Currently, you can command 1 Soldier to combat for you. The stronger the Soldier, the Command Power consumed is higher. Command Value that is above the Soldier’s attribute is precisely the required Command Power in order to command the above-mentioned Soldier. Command Power mainly can be obtained through the rewards of the quests and acquisition of the country’s Official n.o.bility t.i.tles.

Da Fei wipes his sweats and sighs.