God Rank Hero

Chapter 12

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Newbies that didn’t change job after leveled up will not have a big increase at all and the crucial point is their Basic Damage is still merely a weak 1-3. That’s will be great if Bro learns attack skill, Bro believes that most players will choose attack skill as the first skill during the early stage of game, since the attack skill is a must for battle hero.The problem is Bro only has a navigation skill book!There is also no skill tutor at this remote and desolate place! If Bro knew that Bro will be stranded at here, then Bro won’t choose navigation skill during the beginning of the game. Furthermore, the navigation skill is useless now, where is the ship? There is no ship at all! The only things is that the command power has increased one point. However, the problem is that there is no place to recruit soldiers.

Ripoff! Really extremely ripoff! System and players together cheat Bro!

Those ordinary players probably choose either spear-man and archer special skill or attack special skill. They probably enjoy receiving mission and rewards from the military instructor and start bringing the rewarded soldiers to go the instance dungeon, right? What the G.o.ddess said is right!! Players should not draw the prize, because when draw  a deceptive innate skill and being sent away to a fraudulent place will surely affect the development. Luckily Bro is an expert, so Bro is able to seek the opportunity to live. If this situation is faced by newbie, the newbie for sure will be holding in urine until dead.

Holding in urine until dead? Hold on! Since Bro has been sent to this uninhabited island , thus Bro is not possible to swim back, Bro presumes. Here should have a ship, right? Could it be that the ship that stranded at the sh.o.r.e actually can still be used?Is player’s mission is to sail?

Da Fei’s heart skipped a beat!That ship is a huge ship!If Bro is able to sail this ship off, then the huge sum of money and the time to earn popularity can be saved! However, let’s don’t talk about the ship. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d surely will not give this ship!Is there any possibility for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d moved by conscience to bring Bro return? Bro supposes that black-heart b.a.s.t.a.r.d will not help him!

Da Fei’s eyebrows knit in a frown!After all, this is a must to fight with Xue Hai Kuang Tao! Even if Bro is unable to defeat him, at least Bro must contribute a bit in threatening him. If not, there will be no qualification to negotiate at all!

Don’t want to say anymore, let’s speed up leveling! Da Fei uses the strategy attribute point which he gained to add onto the attack. A point of attack can help the hero and his troop in increasing the damage rate for 5%. In a word, adding on the attack forever is not going to be wrong! Bro does not believe that he cannot overtake Xue Hai Kuang Tao by killing these monsters which cannot hit back him.

Da Fei continuously fights from a sea anemone puddle to another sea anemone puddle. Unconsciously, the sky is turning brighter. The sound of the waves can be heard from the horizon of the sea. A silver colour appears at the horizon of the sea. The tide is rising!

Da Fei suddenly discovers that himself already gone far away from that island until he is unable to see that ship clearly! f.u.c.k! Don’t tell Bro that will drown in the sea! If Bro didn’t leveled up, die is not a problem but now if Bro dies, Bro’s EXP will drop and Bro will feel very regret!

How? Da Fei looks around and immediately sees a small reef island in the sea which is not far from here. There must be not enough time for him to run back to the main island and he thinks that the small island will not be submerged by the rising tides!

Da Fei straight away dashes into the ocean and swims using all his energy. The compet.i.tion with the ocean wave starts!

Waves are rolling. Da Fei feels clearly that the sea level begins to rise rapidly, but he only swims half way before he notices that he does not have enough energy anymore! s.h.i.t! He quickly takes out a Coconut Fruit and then breaks the fruit and drinks it up. Stamina 100! Oh yeah!

It’s very near already! The sound of the wave is like lightning! Giant wave like the wall! It’s reaching already! Da Fei stakes all already! Da Fei bites his teeth and does the final dash! Although in the game, they speak on data so no matter how he bites his teeth, it is also useless! (T/N: This sentence I got confused with the speak on data thingy. Anyone hopefully can help me with this.)

——BANG!!! Raging waves beat against the sh.o.r.e and the waves overflow the sky!(T/N: Here I understand the front half and not the back half.) In this split second, even though Da Fei ,who is firmly hugging the reef and has his back facing the huge waves, also can the vibration that shakes the will of a person that comes from the rock!

“Finally…” Da Fei relaxes after a long while and slowly climbs up the reef and then suddenly he shakes from head to toe!