God Rank Hero

Chapter 13

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Part 3.

There’s a people on top of the reef! A corpse that decays completely to skeleton!

Da Fei immediately holds up the spear and completely on guard!

After long ages of a deadlock, in the end this pile of dried up bones did not change into a skeleton and stand up. It seems that it is not monster! If it is not a monster, then that’s signifying what? That signifies that there’s a show!

Da Fei is already excited and started to seek and rummage through this pile of rotten dried up bones.

——System Message: You have searched the Casualty’s Skeleton and found an Old-fashioned Travel Bag! Found a Worn-out Sailor Armor!

——Worn-out Sailor Armor: Increase DEF 3 to the individual who equipped it. Durability: 22/100.(Note: Individual DEF only affects Hero’s body and unable to affect the troop)

WAHAHAHA! Finally, there is something to wear! Da Fei is extremely excited that he looks up to the sky and starts laughing for a long time! It is not a must to have a lot of things but it is in this middle of desperate situation he can obtain thing is something that can incomparably stir up people! Currently, Da Fei finally can experience that kind of extremely stirred up emotions just like how in those years, in《Robinson Crusoe》 where Crusoe picked up a small knife on the barren island!

However, later there is still a good show! Da Fei immediately wears on this extremely worn-out armor. Afterwards, he impatiently opens the Travel Bag and a golden ray radiates out from the bag. In this moment, Da Fei stops breathing!

This is a book with golden cover! It is exactly the same with the one on Bro’s body!

——System Message: You have obtained a Detection Skill Skillbook. Use 1 Skill Point to learn Basic Detection Skill!

——System Message: You have obtained a Rank C Strategy Treasure Binoculars!

——System Message: You have obtained a Shabby Chief’s Journal (Quest Material).

HAHA! WAHAHAHA! Just when Bro worrying about there’s no place to learn skills, the skillbook then delivers to me!

Understood! Bro already understood! This new opening Newbie Village even though there is no people but there is skillbook! How system will truly let new players to be sent to a place where there is nothing to be done about learning skills? In other words, the unique point of this unmanned Newbie Village is precisely want the newbies to self explore and discover! And without a doubt, the BOSS confirmed is inside the shipwreck!

一When Da Fei thinks about the shipwreck, an urgent feeling springs up unbidden. He hastily looks over the remaining things.

——Binoculars: Increase Hero’s field of view by 50%. Rank C Strategy Treasure.

Strategy Treasure! HAHA! WAHAHAHA! It is just the first day and Bro already picked up a Strategy Treasure! This kind of Strategy Treasure thing is very unlike the normal weapons and equipment. This is a crucial item that affects the success rate of a battle! Increase field of view by 50% is what kind of concept? It is precisely able to look much further by a half if compared to normal people! I can see him and he can’t see me! This is an essential mysterious tool that can be used to escape from the pirates!

While Da Fei is elated, he lifts up the binoculars and gazes at the direction of the barren island. The shipwreck where it cannot be seen clearly a moment ago now can be seen clearly and that Xue Hai Kuang Tao’s figure is still on the deck and still selflessly battling! d.a.m.n!

After that, he opens to the page of the Chief’s Journal where there is a bookmark placed at.

——To the adventurer who fortunately found me:

I am Hu An·Sebastian, Imperial Chief Petty Officer,the Chief of St. Anthony, an exploration ship. I must let the truth to be recorded down and be told to everyone. The scholar who studies the astrology, Ma Karl, is the tragedy’s main culprit! In Year 156 April 21, the night when we want return to the port, we encountered a rainstorm and left stranded at a barren island. Right at the moment when everyone were extremely exhausted, Ma Karl seized the opportunity and used black magic to murder everyone that were on the ship. He attempts to take all our astonishing discoveries for his own!

Ever since after we discovered Undersea Secret Silver Island in New World, I already keenly aware of Knight Ma Karl being fishy. I question about this to the Captain but there is no one will ever suspect the Archmage with majestic position in the empire, Knight Ma Karl. As a result, I received reprimand from Captain Renoirs. However, from the beginning, I maintain wariness towards Ma Karl and also this makes me to become the survivor that escaped from his ma.s.sacre on that night but I have left stranded alone on the reef also cannot live for any longer! In this journal, I have already recorded down our whole process of this time Mighty Exploration especially our astonishing discovered secret, Undersea Secret Silver Island! To the adventurer who found me, you must offer my journal as a tribute to Our Majesty and to stop Ma Karl’s schemes!

——System Message: You have obtained the New World Secret Silver Island’s Sea Map!

——System Message: You have triggered Epic Rank Quest《The Journey of the Mighty Ship’s Conspirators》!

——Beginner Tips: Epic Rank Quest is able to alter the World Structure’s Quest. Difficulty of its level is extremely high. The Journey of the Mighty Ship is a huge sailing movement organized by every kingdom in the Hero’s Continent from Genesis Year 145 to seek a gateway that leads to the route of the different boundary of the New World which already sacrificed countless number of navigators. Ma Karl is currently the Archmage of the Imperial Chief Court and with t.i.tle of Great Duke and the New World’s Colony’s Great Governor.

——Quest Notification: You can directly use the Journal as a tribute to the Imperial Emperor. You might be able to obtain the Emperor’s generous rewards and be famous in a night or also you might receive misgivings and being ignored by the Emperor and obtain lesser. Also, there might be a possibility of Ma Karl the Great Duke conspire to murder you. At the same time, you can also take the Sea Map for your own or you can also auction the Sea Map for a high price in the black market. Any of your decisions can change the world.

Da Fei alarmingly stunned until his chin drops to the floor! f.u.c.k! Pick up a corpse also can pick up Epic Quest!