God Rank Hero

Chapter 17

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Under the starry sky, besides the ebb puddle, Da Fei slaughters these sea anemones that cannot retaliate with his spear piercing like dragon and his sweat scattering like rain!

Actually, plant mobs are not weak. It is just that not being able to move is too fatal while the advantage of plant mobs is that they are eerie beyond reason. Currently, the most savage plant mobs announced by the official website is the Man-eating Tree. At the borders between elven kingdom Faroland and human’s Griffin Empire, the whole forest is filled with it. When outsiders trespa.s.s, before they know anything, the vines on the ground swirl and the trunk open its mouth, no matter what level, all small build units will be killed instantly! Those with large build may be able to struggle for a few seconds. Even if a large army enters that forest, they will still be killed instantly! Furthermore, Man-eating Tree also possesses symbiotic parasite like Woods Fairy and Tree Snake. This made the Man-eating Tree forest an unsolvable death zone. All in all, units coordination is the most important.

Of course, the types of plant mobs are very little and their living environment are very eerie. Currently, the only plant mobs announced by the official website are Man-eating Tree, Toxic Dandelion, Psychedelic Poppy, Explosive Sweet Potato etc. These plant mobs all have the unbelievable ability to destroy entire legion!

So how lucky is Da Fei to encounter a new type of plant mobs in the sea? No, this is not luck! It is strength! NPC exiling Bro this weak Pikeman to this place is not totally without reason! This is Bro’s well-deserved discovery reward! Bro, after all is still the exponent that is not old yet! Wahahaha!

Finally, when the 100th sea anemone exploded and died, a ray of gold light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Lv 2! You obtained 1 tactical stat point, 1 skill point, HP 2, Command Power 1.

——Beginner Tip: Player can freely allocate tactical stat point to the 4 stats Attack, Defense, Magic, Knowledge. During the newbie period before changing cla.s.s, every increase in 1 level adds a tactical stat point, so player has to allocate cautiously. When there is no way to choose the future development route, the stat points can be saved and not allocated temporarily. Tactical stat point can be obtained through arena training, school training etc.

——Beginner Tip: You obtained 1 skill point. You can buy skill book to learn new skill from skill instructors at schools, barracks and cities or increase current skill level or learn branch skill from already possessed skill book. Skill point can be also obtained from quest rewards.

——Beginner Tip: Your Command Power increases by 1. Now, you can lead 1 unit to fight for you. The stronger the unit is, the more is the Command Power required. The Command Point on the unit’s stats is the required Command Power . Command Power is mainly obtained through quest rewards and obtaining countries’ n.o.bility t.i.tle or official position.

Da Fei wipes his sweat and sighs deeply.

Beginners, that have not cla.s.s changed, do not increase much after leveling up. The main thing is the Damage stat is still the weak 1-3. It will be good if Bro had learned the Offense skill. Bro believes more than half of the players should have learned Offense as their first skill, after all this is the must learned skill of combat heroes. The problem is Bro only has this Navigation skill book! This remote place does not have skill instructor too! If Bro knew Bro would be stranded here, he will not choose Navigation to start the game, no matter what. Also, what use is learning Navigation now, where is the boat? No boat at all! Command Power did increase by 1 instead but the problem is where to recruit units here?

Screwed up! This is too screwed up! System and player s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g with Bro together!

Those players that started their game normally and probably either chose Pikeman, Archer specialty or Offense specialty should be happily accepting quest and rewards from barracks instructors and already starting to bring a few quest rewarded units to challenge instance dungeon, right? The G.o.ddess is right after all in not supporting players to draw lottery. Drawing a screwed up specialty and allocated to a screwed up place really affects development. Luckily, Bro is a pro and can find a way out. If it is a newbie, wouldn’t he be trapped in the deserted island and hold his urine until death?

Holding in urine to death? Wait! Bro can’t possibly swim back after being exiled to this deserted island, can he? There got to be a ship, right? Could it be the ship stranded ash.o.r.e actually can be used? The player’s quest is to sail that ship back?

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat! That ship is a big ship! If that ship can be sailed off, the time to save the large funds and Fame to buy a ship can be saved! Let’s not talk about the ship first. That fellow definitely will not give up the ship! As for the possibility of his conscience being stung and bring Bro back? Probably is black-hearted and will not!

Da Fei’s brows tighten! In the end, it is inevitable to face Blood Sea Mad Waves head-on! Even if Bro cannot defeat him, at least have to pose a threat to him or else will not even have the right to negotiate!

Enough talk, more leveling! Da Fei adds that 1 tactical stat point to Attack, 1 point of Attack can increase Hero and units’ damage by 5%. Anyways, adding Attack is never wrong! Bro do not believe Bro killing these mobs, that cannot retaliate, still cannot catch up with him killing skeletons?

Da Fei continues to battle from 1 sea anemone puddle to another. Unknowingly, sky is almost bright. The sound of waves can be heard from the horizon, a silver white silk can be seen at the sky and the tide is rising!

Da Fei suddenly realizes he is already very very far from the island and cannot even see that ship on the island clearly! Oh what the f.u.c.k! No way! Bro still do not want to drown in the sea! Bro dying before leveling up is still okay but now, dying and losing EXP will cause my heart to ache!

What to do? Da Fei looks around and suddenly sees a small protruding island reef in the sea not far away. Anyways, there is not enough time to run back to the island already. There probably will not be submerged by the rising tide!

Da Fei immediately charges towards the sea and swims with all his might and starts to compete with the waves!

The waves comes rolling. Da Fei can clearly feel the sea level rising very quickly while his Stamina is not enough after swimming just halfway! d.a.m.n! He hurriedly takes out a coconut fruit, breaks it with his head and drinks it up in a gulp. Stamina 100! Oh yeah!

Nearing already! Waves sounding like lightning! Huge waves like wall! Almost there! Bust a gut! Da Fei grits his teeth and makes the last dash! Although nothing will change no matter how much the data in the game grits his teeth!

——Boom!!! Raging waves. .h.i.t the sh.o.r.e and splashes up high! At that instant, Da Fei ,who is holding on tightly to the reef, can feel the immense shock from the rock even if his back is facing the waves!

“Finally…” Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief, slowly climbs up the reef and suddenly shudders!

Someone is on the reef! A dead person that has rotten into a skeleton!

Da Fei immediately raises his pike in full alert!

After deadlocking for a while, this pile of bones did not turned into a skeleton and stands up after all. Seems like it is not a monster! If it is not a monster, what does that mean? It means there is something!

Da Fei is excited and starts searching through this pile of torn and tattered remains.

——System Notification: You searched the bones of the dead and discovered an old travel bag! Discovered a Tattered Marine Armor!

——Tattered Marine Armor: Increase the equipper’s character Defense by 3, Durability 22/100. (Note: Character Defense is only effective on Hero himself and will not affect his troops)

Wahahaha! Finally something to wear! Da Fei faces the sky and laughs out of excitement! It is not about how good the item is but just being able to obtain item in this desperate situation is something that makes people very excited! Now, Da Fei finally can understand how excited Robinson was picking up a small knife after stranded on a deserted island in !

But, the best has yet to come! Da Fei immediately this worn-out leather armor and cannot wait to open the travel bag. A gold-like light shines out  and at that instant, Da Fei’s breath stops!

It is a book with a gold cover! A book that is the same as the one Bro has!

——System Notification: You obtained Scouting skill book. You can use 1 skill point to learn Basic Scouting!

——System Notification: You obtained Rank C Strategic Artifact Binoculars!

——System Notification: You obtained a Worn Navigation Chief’s Journal (Quest Item).

Haha! Wahahaha! Just when worrying for a place to learn skill, a skill book is delivered to the door!

Understood! Bro understands already! Although this beginner’s town has n.o.body in it, there is skill book! How is it possible that the system will really send a newbie player to a place where there is no way to even learn a skill? In other words, the unique part about this uninhabited beginner town is for players to search and discover by themselves! And without a doubt, the sunken ship is the major part of it!

Just thinking about the sunken ship, Da Fei feels a sense of urgency and hurriedly checks the remaining items.

——Binoculars: Increase Hero’s field of view by 50%, Rank C Strategic Artifact.

Strategic Artifact! Haha! Wahahaha! Bro already picked up a Strategic Artifact in just the first day! Things like Strategic Artifact is incomparable to those normal weapons and equipments. This is a crucial item that can affects the outcome of a war! What kind of concept is increasing 50% field of view? That is seeing further than normal people by 1.5! I can see him, he cannot see me! This is the G.o.dly equipment for guarding against pirates while sailing in the future!

While being elated, Da Fei raises the binoculars and looks toward the deserted island. The sunken ship that cannot be seen clearly just now is already very clear in his eyes. That Blood Sea Mad Waves’ figure is still fighting selflessly on the deck! f.u.c.k!

After which he opens the bookmarked page in the Navigation Chief’s Journal.

——To the lucky adventurer who found me:

I am Juan Sebastian, Imperial Navy Sergeant, Navigation Chief of the exploration ship, St. Antonio. I have to record down the truth and publicize it. The on-board scholar, Astrologer Sir Makarl is the culprit of the tragedy! Year 156, April 21, on the night of our return voyage, we encountered a storm and were stranded on a deserted island. When everyone was exhausted, Makarl took the opportunity and used black magic to murder everyone on board and attempted to take the astonishing discovery of our exploration for himself!

Ever since we discovered the Underground Sea’s Mithril Island in New World, I was keen and discovered something is wrong about Sir Makarl. I expressed my suspicions to the captain but no one will suspect the Empire’s high-ranking Arch-mage, Sir Makarl. I was also given a dressing down by Captain Renoir because of it. But I was always wary against Makarl and this made me the sole survivor of the evening he killed everyone but I was trapped on an isolated reef and cannot live any longer! This Navigation Journal of mine records the whole course of our grand adventure this time, especially our shocking secret discovery, Underground Sea Mithril Island! To the adventurer who found me, please be sure to offer the Journal to His Majesty to stop Makarl’s ambitions!

——System Notification: You obtained New World Mithril Island’s nautical chart!

——System Notification: You have trigger the Epic Quest !

——Beginner Tip: Epic Quest is a quest that can change the world’s state of affairs and difficult is very high. Grand Line is a major voyage organised by various kingdoms in Hero Continent in Genesis Year 145 to search for the route to the gate of New World and countless voyagers was sacrificed. Makarl currently is the Empire’s Chief Arch-mage of the Court with the tile of Grand Duke and Grand Governor of New World’s colony.

——Quest Tip: You can offer the diary to the empire’s emperor directly, you may receive generous rewards from the Emperor and get rich overnight or get very little due to the Emperor’s certain concern or may be killed by the high-ranking Grand Duke Makarl’s plotting. At the same time, you can also take the chart for yourself or auction it at a high price in the black market. Any of your decision will change the world.

Da Fei is alarmingly stunned to the point of jaw-dropping! Oh f.u.c.k! Picking up a corpse can even pick up an Epic Quest!