God Rank Hero

Chapter 25

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Da Fei returns to the deserted island after being away for 3 days. Under the night sky, the deck of the shipwreck is silent without any skeletons. Where is he? Charged into the cabin already? Went offline to eat?

Without thinking too much, Da Fei activates Stealth. Now, Da Fei’s character turns blurry and faint completely and blends into the darkness of the night. He then climbs up the rope hanging from the ship and goes onto the ship. The deck is filled with bone dregs. He really did charged into the cabin already!

Da Fei sneaks into the cabin. The aisle is filled with Zombies’ corpses. There is still chance! Go have a look!

What to do after taking a look?

Of course, it is to see the situation and improvise on the spot! Players who played thief before all know that to not be discovered by the one being secretly monitored, this feeling is of so much superiority! As a thief, peeping itself is an immense joy.

Of course, as a thief, the greatest joy got to be the locked rooms on both side of the aisle, right? Thinking about himself being able to pick up a skill book and a quest journal easily in the field, G.o.d knows what these rooms have in them? Which is to say, Bro still has to learn lock-picking!

“Motherf.u.c.ker! Motherf.u.c.ker! Motherf.u.c.ker!” Scolding with resentment can be heard together with intense fighting sounds from in front. Da Fei hurriedly goes up to have a look and immediately has a big shock!

BOSS! This Blood Sea Mad Waves shrouded by black smoke and green gas from all kinds of curses is trying to kill a BOSS while under attacked by a few Zombies! Oh f.u.c.k, he is way too ferocious!

Da Fei cannot stay calm anymore! Bro killing a poor BOSS out in a beach in the field already gotten a lot, the BOSS inside the shipwreck should be even better! Look at what that BOSS is holding in its hands? Could it be a dark magic tome that records all dark magic? How can this kind of thing appear in a beginner’s trial area! Could it be this is the high-end reward for G.o.d rank hero’s trial area? This is a Rank A Strategic Artifact! This kind of magic tome comes with mana and can let a illiterate newbie use spells without using any mana, spell points or magic skill requirement!

To people who specialize in dark magic, the value of this tome is of course not high. However, to people of different specialization, this is akin to instantly having a new complete set of dark-type skills! This is especially important to player who does not know magic! Imagine a newbie gaining full set of dark magic right at the start of the game, wouldn’t leveling and doing quests in the future be as easy as sitting on a rocket? All things aside, as long as this tome is sold online, it is at least hundreds of thousand!

Right now, Blood Sea Mad Waves and BOSS’ HP have not much left already!

Oh f.u.c.k, the BOSS is going to die soon! Oh f.u.c.k! He missed!

Da Fei decides on the spot and charge forward with his pike!

Not much to say, the eternal theme of MMO——PK! Loot steal!! BOSS steal!!!

Bro did these kinds of things back in the days. It is not about bad character or not, Bro will also not say it is because he was not chivalrous in the first place and will not even say it is therapy for web addiction. Playing game is Bro’s job now, when faced with matters that affect his career prospects, Bro will not show any hesitation! Successful people always succeed from climbing atop losers’ shoulders. No one cared about losers’ character. Bro can build up his character[1] after he has gotten rich. As long as this tome is gotten, that G.o.d rank hero will be like dregs. Bro will not fear his revenge, he will die every time he comes!

While at this time, the Blood Sea Mad Waves, not knowing about the incoming back-stab,  is getting a “Miss” with his slash! The crucial slash he has high hopes for missed again! It is the end!

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ face turns pale instantly!

Da Fei’s throbbing heart instantly hangs on his throat!

Not right! Blood Sea Mad Waves discovers he still has one last chance! Because the previous slash also missed and Ghost’s special ability Incorporeal Body will not activate 3 times in a row which means the next slash will definitely hit! Although his HP is also low and cannot survive the next hit, his Attack Speed is still there, the next slash will definitely end up in both parties dying together. If both parties die together, the treasure can still be gotten! This gamble is taken correctly! The conclusion is already drawn, the tome is gotten!

“f.u.c.k this!!!” A terrifying light flashes! Blood Sea Mad Waves waves the last slash with determination to win!

At the same time, the Zombies surrounding him swings its zombie claws too! Da Fei, on the other hand, is only a step away from Blood Sea Mad Waves’ back!

Da Fei is full of remorse——the tide is set! Even if Da Fei kills Blood Sea Mad Waves now, he still cannot stop him from killing the BOSS! As for the BOSS’ loot, it will automatically enters the player’s pocket! Bro is still a step late!!! Bro should have made a mad dash onto the ship directly!

At this moment, the tome flashes a black light, a white light flashes on the Spectre’s body and a bright green “ 10” pops up!

Spectre’s special ability Mana Drain: Spectre can drain enemy’s magic point to recover its HP, can only use once every battle. Although Blood Sea Mad Waves does not have mana, the magic tome does!

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ hysteric laughter suddenly stops! A slash on the Spectre only did -5 damage and then he gets. .h.i.t by the Zombies surrounding him. He turns into white light and vanishes with a shocked face of disbelief!

Waha! Faced with this sudden shocking change, the remorse Da Fei is ecstatic!

Nice! What a nice death! Saves Bro the effort of dropping fame to kill him! Bro’s pike will not stab n.o.bodies. Wahahaha! Not much to say, a BOSS with only a few HP left, Bro is stealing for sure!

Da Fei charges into the room with ecstasy, steps, raises pike, ignores Zombie, aims the BOSS and stabs vigorously!!!

——”-3!” Not dead yet, there is still 3 HP left, another stab! At this time, the magic tome wildly flashes black light! Black smoke in the whole room surges!

——System Notification: You obtained Evil Spirit’s complete information card!

What is going on? Evil Spirit?

Black light dissipates and a b.l.o.o.d.y Evil Spirit holding a magic tome in one hand appears in the room! Da Fei is jaw-dropping shocked!

Oh my f.u.c.k! Are you kidding! Not only is it at full health, it actually leveled up from Spectre to Evil Spirit!

——Evil Spirit: Attack 4, Defense 5, Damage 4-6, HP 20, Attack Speed 10, Movement Speed 15, Command Point 2, special ability: Incorporeal Body, Mana Drain, Self-regeneration.

Evil Spirit, Undead level 3 unit’s elite form!

In the game, every race’s units of each level all has 3 forms. The 3 forms of Undead level 3 unit is Ghost, Spectre, Evil Spirit. Ghost is the normal form with all stats being a bit weak; Spectre is the upgrade form with an extra special ability while Evil Spirit is the elite form with yet another special ability.

Using Haven’s Pikeman as an example, those like Da Fei with 0 Attack 0 Defense with no armor from the start is the normal form. Upgrade form is called Formal Pikeman and has a few more Attack and Defense. The elite form is called Royal Pikeman and has decked with shiny and mighty armor. It is a totally different creature from the normal form of a peasant holding a pikeman!

Elite form units is the foundation strength of the old world’s leading NPC forces. Normal players cannot recruit them directly from main cities or barracks and its difficult to train them in their castles. Only official of a certain ranking can obtain them from NPC. It is also because NPCs have troops of elite form that players have a big disadvantage on units when facing NPC forces in battle. In short, do not provoke NPC forces easily because character dying only loses EXP but units dying will require gold coins to buy back.

Players will gain more Tactical Position every 10 levels they raise or after obtaining certain military position and 1 Tactical Position can only lead 1 unit type. While elite form and upgrade form have big differences with normal form, they all counts as 1 unit type so 1 Tactical Position can be a mixed of units of the 3 forms.

That is why to Undeads, units of 2 different like upgrade form of level 1 unit Skeleton Archer and its normal form Skeleton Soldier can be mixed in 1 Tactical Position and forms a very efficient long and close-range combination tactics. Although long-range units have trouble with accuracy of shooting running enemies, if close-range units were to meet with enemies face-to-face, the enemies will turn into target boards, every shot will be a hit. In short, every players understand the advantage long and close combination. Therefore, Undead is currently the race with the 2nd most players in the world second only to Human race since the beginning is easy.  As for why Human is the most popular is needless to say, easy to get the hang of it and easier to relate to.


Now, facing the full health BOSS that suddenly mutated into Evil Spirit, Da Fei recovers his sense after a brief shock——Run! What to do other than run?

However as a expert with many years of gaming experience, Da Fei knows well not to run back the same way he came directly or else he is bound to be hit by all kinds of curses! Bro is not like that G.o.d rank hero is able to take on the BOSS after getting all kinds of curses!

While the BOSS still has not adjusted to its status, Da Fei immediately takes a turn after exiting the room and enter the depths of the cabin.


Blood Sea Mad Waves revives in the coconut forest of the deserted island and irritably waits for the 10 minutes weaken time to pa.s.s. If he were to know his a.s.s was almost stabbed, he probably will be more irritated. The death just now made him drop back to level 5 and the stat point were taken back by the system. The only news is all the curses he had vanished too or else he will smash the machine immediately!

Blood Sea Mad Waves starts to painfully reflect on this BOSS that can heal once. It is obvious that this BOSS will grow stronger with him. He must find a suitable timing to challenge it.

The one of the reasons he suffered a loss is because of Zombies. Although Zombie’s Attack is low and Attack Speed is slow too, this does not mean he can ignore it. Therefore, Master Offence’s sub-skill Cleave must be learned.

——Cleave: Pa.s.sive skill. When killing the enemy in front, the excess force of the attack can attack the neighboring units of the enemy in front. If after a 5 damage killed an enemy with 1 HP left, the remaining 4 damage will cleave onto the ally units of said enemy. The bigger the unit, the better the effect of Cleave is. Many large-size units comes with the skill Cleave. Learning prerequisite: Must possess Master Offence.

The must-learn skill of Offence to complete it! The advantage of this skill is if his. .h.i.t on the Ghost BOSS missed, then the damage of the attack will hit the Zombie beside the BOSS.

Which is to say, he still has to raise to level 7 to get a skill point.

Wait! Suddenly, Blood Sea Mad Waves realizes a key point. Wouldn’t I already gotten it if my equipments are slightly better? Why do I have to focus on this BOSS and not let go?The shipwreck definitely has weapons and equipments, right? Finding equipment after avoiding it and charging into the cabin should be easy, shouldn’t it? Wait till I get my hands on equipments and come back to kill the BOSS!

“Motherf.u.c.ker! What a waste of all my HP, Attack and Defense!” The suddenly came round Blood Sea Mad Waves gets up hurriedly in anger and cannot wait to get onto it!

T/L note 1: The all the “character” in this paragraph refers to moral qualities and not game character. Just felt like pointing it out since this is a novel about game, building up character sounds like creating a new account.