God Rank Hero

Chapter 26

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Da Fei escapes to the depths of the aisle in a panic, activating Stealth immediately after pulling some distance to get away from the slow Zombie’s purse and finally got a chance to catch a breath.

This shows that the thief cla.s.s is not popular for no reason! It is just a pity that this game is not for loner like thief after all.

The end of the aisle is a stairs leading to the bottom of the ship. Normally, for this type of large sail ship, the stern deck is seafarers’ dorm, the cabin below deck is the cargo hold. While for the sake of easy loading and unloading, the real entrance to the cargo hold is on the deck in the center of the ship.

Bro returning to the shipwreck is to hunt for treasure! Da Fei goes down the stair without hesitation and reaches the cargo hold below. A rotten smell a.s.saults his senses.

——System Notification: Scouting detected a strong enemy in your surroundings, please stay alert!

Da Fei’s heart tightens! Bro naturally knows that is a strong enemy nearby because Bro sees it too!

At the end of the dark cargo hold, a pair of cold, sharp flames is like fireflies in the darkness, bright yet eye-catching, ghastly and scary! Needless to say, a BOSS-level monster! Hm, having a BOSS is normal, it will be abnormal to not have a BOSS.

However, since Bro is already here, I have to ascertain the situation no matter what. The greatest value of Stealth is able to do bad things right under the eyes of BOSS.

This seems to be a cargo hold filled with all kinds of barrels and stores. There seems to be some corpses lying on the ground of the room. Da Fei is sure that these corpses will jump up like Resident Evil if he nears them. Da Fei searches slowly while sticking to the wall and then constantly has new discovery.

——System Notification: You discovered Spare Canvas. (Large Cargo, unable to carry around)

——System Notification: You discovered Ship Repair Materials. (Large Cargo, unable to carry around)

——System Notification: You discovered Spare Cable. (Large Cargo, unable to carry around)

——System Notification: You discovered Spare Woodworking Tools. (Large Cargo, unable to carry around)

What is the significance of the presence of these items? Still need to say? Of course is to repair the ship! Which is to say, this ship is for player to sail away after all.

——System Notification: Warning from Scouting! You are about to enter the view of a strong enemy!

Da Fei has a sudden shock and quickly retreats!

Only the rough figure of the BOSS can be barely seen in the dark. It seems to be a tall and well-built Zombie, just quietly standing there and not moving at all.

Da Fei circles half of the cabin outside the BOSS’ aggro range. Seems like this is all that is to the cabin. Da Fei starts to plan.

To fix the ship requires the use of these resources so it is a must to kill this Zombie  BOSS guarding this warehouse and this Zombie has cold flames coming out of its eyes, how levels will it take to kill it?

Although Bro has solo-ed a 600 HP BOSS before, that was taking advantage of the innate defect of plant monsters. Bro is just a weak Pikeman which cannot even defeat a normal level 3 Evil Spirit if Bro fights for real. Which is to say, there is a need to kill that Evil Spirit upstairs and get that magic tome! At least that Evil Spirit is just a normal unit itself and not a BOSS yet. It is more plausible to kill it.

Yet, getting that magic tome seems to be not easy too. It can heal and can self-regenerate while players like us? Do not even have a health potion! The key is why did that BOSS suddenly leveled up? Is the magic tome providing it with power? Then, will it continue to level up and evolve into a BOSS form? If it is like that, is there no way to fight? Which is to say it is a must to party with Blood Sea Mad Waves?

Oh f.u.c.k! Party his a.s.s! Even if we party, when the BOSS is dying is probably the time he and I start back-stabbing each other! It is not Bro that do not believe in others but even if he do not kill me, Bro will also kill him! Ehm, it is not Bro having bad character, Bro is penniless and has not right to be talking about character, seriously.

Wait? Health potion? Could it be the key to killing Evil Spirit is finding health potion in the cabin? Where is the health potion? Da Fei moves his gaze to those corpses lying on the ground. This is the only place that was not searched before in the room. No matter what, there is a need to try. Who knows, maybe there will be all kinds of skill book or good equipments or something.

At this time, rapid footsteps can be heard from the wooden planks above his head!

Da Fei involuntarily startles? What is it? Blood Sea Mad Waves?

The stairs is lightened up, torch!

Oh my f.u.c.k! Dares to light a torch! You are courting death here! Da Fei gets a shock and immediately shrinks into the wooden barrel and canvas behind. It is not hiding out of fear but scared of being discovered by the BOSS! Stealth is not equivalent to invisibility. It is good in the night but it is a ball ache in the morning!

Thump! Blood Sea Mad Waves raises the torch and jumps down!

Under the shining from the torch, the scenery of the whole cabin is immediately clear at a glance! It is really littered with corpses and stores! And that BOSS is actually a tall and well-built Zombie!

Only until now that Da Fei sees that the position of this BOSS leads to the aisle door of the next warehouse! Which means this is a guardian BOSS! What is behind the door?

The BOSS moved! The corpses on the ground starts crawling up!

And at this time, the Blood Sea Mad Waves that jumps into the cabin sweeps his glare and instantly gets hold of the situation in the cabin. His eyes then suddenly shines and charges to the BOSS in a mad dash!

Could it be he could not defeat the one above so he comes down to fight? He is so strong on his own? Why do I feel like he is courting death?

The corpses all over the ground have yet to stand up and Blood Sea Mad Waves already steps across their heads. Facing the incoming BOSS, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ figure suddenly leans forward and pounces with a big “Miss” over his head and charges over! This action is just like soccer star pouncing and trying to head a goal!

Seeing such an amazing action, Da Fei is stunned from the shock! The game data is fixed but human is alive. Under the restriction of data yet able to unleash the player’s mobility, this is an expert too! This outstanding technique is just second to Bro dodging Sea Anemone King’s tentacles! But just what is he trying to do not fighting the BOSS?

Wait! Da Fei only discovers there is a weapon rack beside the BOSS now! There is a sabre on the weapon rack! If the BOSS did not move, he cannot even see it from his angle! And Blood Sea Mad Waves is obviously here aiming for this weapon rack! Oh f.u.c.k! Equipment! So there is equipment after all! Bro did not go near out of fear so he did not discover it in the dark just now!

——Clatter! Blood Sea Mad Waves pounces to the weapon rack and then turns and runs while laughing wildly!

Oh f.u.c.k! He did it!

——Ah pfft! Blood spits out of Da Fei’s mouth![1] Although Bro cannot use sabre or sword as a Pikeman, having good equipment landing in his hands is the same as giving the magic tome BOSS to others! If Bro already knew there is a sabre here, Bro will charge out and s.n.a.t.c.h the sabre even if it means dying for it! Bro cannot believe that he got the reward first when Bro is the first to get here!

——Bang! -15! A big red word pops out of Blood Sea Mad Waves’ head. Players have chance to dodge attacks when running but turning one’s back is a taboo when facing an enemy!

Da Fei’s eyes shrink out of shock again! 15 damage! On the level of level 5 unit! It will only take 2 slaps to kill me! There is no way to defeat this Zombie at all, isn’t it?

The Blood Sea Mad Waves who received a heavy strike is still laughing and continues running. It is obvious that this sabre gives him a decisive increase, or else he will not be so excited. Da Fei is more angry and regretful the more he thinks about it!

The Zombies in the room finally stand up too. A series of -1 hits onto Blood Sea Mad Waves’ shield. Blood Sea Mad Waves ignores them owing to his high health and defense and runs with his full speed. Just when he is almost at the stairs, Zombie BOSS suddenly jumps——pounce kill!

Blood Sea Mad Waves flashes a white light and dies! This Zombie BOSS is a abnormal type[2] too!

The torch drops and the whole room is back in darkness!

Da Fei only recovers his senses from the shock and regret now! Bro made a wrong move but I cannot abandon my horse and cannon after losing the chariot[3], Bro still has a chance! Then again, that BOSS is so eerie even if he did change into a new weapon, he may not necessarily be able to solo it. What is Bro getting distressed for!

Taking the opportunity before BOSS returns to its original position, Da Fei immediately charges out from the pile of stores he is hiding in and enters the aisle door the BOSS is guarding…


Deserted island’s coconut forest, the revived Blood Sea Mad Waves is laughing out loud while swinging his spoils!

——Marine Sharp Sabre: Character Attack 3, Attack Speed 1, Damage 3, Durability 57/150.

With this sabre, his Damage will change from 4-7 into 7-10. With his all Attack stats and bonus from Offence, it will only take 2 slashes to kill the 17 HP Zombies without a doubt. The most important thing is it raises 1 Attack Speed! This is a really increase in nature! Before this, his 12 Attack Speed, Zombie’s 6 Attack Speed, Zombie will attack at the same time he attacks the 2 time so it is unavoidable to lose health. Now, with the extra 1 Attack Speed, Zombie will not have the chance to retaliate anymore!

Which is to say, he can make it to the magic tome BOSS without losing any health! Then there will be no need to raise his level to 7 and learn Cleave, only need to wait for the weakened time to pa.s.s and can kill the BOSS already!

Haha! Wahahaha! I should have thought of it earlier!

T/L note 1: a.n.a.logy again. Same thing as spitting water just more exaggerated

T/L note 2: The word used here is literally odd movement type 奇行种 which is the same word for the category of t.i.tan in Shingeki no Kyojin.

T/L note 3: Horse, cannon and chariot are pieces in Chinese chess.