God Rank Hero

Chapter 34

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That’s right! It is sea anemone, the cabin in the lowest level is filled with red light flashing meatball tentacles sea anemones! Bro thought sea anemones are the hidden monsters after ebbing, didn’t expect it to show up in the cabin too, is this place a sea anemone farm? Sea anemones are good! Bro likes them the most!

Now that Da Fei has 9 Attack, 5-7 Damage, facing against Sea Anemone with 0 Defense 15 HP will inflict 7-10 damage, basically killing 1 with 2 strikes is no problem.

Which is to say, these are also monsters Blood Sea Mad Waves has to face too, problem is how is a close-range with short weapon like him going to fight sea anemone? Could it be he has to get the magic tome first? That tome seems to be able to summon skeletons and zombies while skeletons and zombies are not afraid of poison.

Since that magic tome is so OP, all the more Bro cannot let him get it. If this trip is unfruitful, Bro will camp at that magic tome BOSS.

While clearing mobs, system suddenly alarms!

——System Notification: Warning from Scouting! There is a strong enemy lurking in your surrounding, please stay alert!

Da Fei shrinks in shock! BOSS!

At this time, there is a red box flashing in front in Da Fei’s mini-map. This situation is exactly the same as when he encountered Sea Anemone King! Hidden-type enemy? Water ghost? Or there is a Sea Anemone King here too?

If it is a ghost BOSS, it is way too difficult for beginners, even Master-level ballista may not be able to take it down. But, no matter what BOSS, there is probably no way anyways! Since he is here already, he has to find out what BOSS it exactly is, no matter what.

Da Fei nervously takes a step forward, the red box in the mini-map is flashing even more intensely! No no, this is not okay! Ambush-type enemy will definitely be swift like lightning if they were to strike. Being able to dodge Sea Anemone King’s attack the last time was thanks to the low accuracy of Catapult Attack, if it is another kind of BOSS this time, it will be dangerous even if he is guarding in advance.

Da Fei then turns around and begins to move forward by retreating while arching his body. After all, Scouting will alert when enemy appears, he will be able to run away immediately without turning around. Turning around is taboo when facing enemies!

Da Fei takes a step forward again!

——System Notification: Warning! Scouting detected a hidden enemy is going to appear!

Run!!! Da Fei imitates Blood Sea Mad Waves’ header pounce too! At that very moment, a similar stench wind a.s.saults from behind his head!

——Miss! Oh yeah!!!

Da Fei rolls and crawls to take a look behind, he is overjoyed! It really is a sea anemone farm! Old buddies, we meet again!

At this time, a big red light meatball is waving a few close to 10 meters long huge tentacles close to the wall of the cabin, Sea Anemone King!

Wahahaha! Like Bro said, even if it is G.o.d rank hero’s trial, system will never design a level players cannot clear. However, isn’t a BOSS appearing twice in the same map a bit too much? Anyways, in front of ballista, this kind of BOSS is a giveaway!

Without delay, Da Fei immediately starts to a.s.semble the ballista. Now, Da Fei’s Intermediate ballista’s total damage is 27-36, 15 Attack, bombing sea anemones with 2 Defense will be 44-59 damage, even if it has 600 HP, it is only a matter of 6 or 7 shots, totally different from the time Da Fei spent the whole night fighting.

Thanks to Bro’s wise decision of protect the ballista, after all, there is no much cover here.

At this time, Da Fei finally realizes this Sea Anemone King BOSS is actually not in the ship but outside the ship. Its position is exactly the hole in the shipwreck, which is to say, if he wants to repair the hole in the ship, this BOSS must definitely be killed. So that is how it is! Bro will play along with you!

Finally, Da Fei finished a.s.sembling the ballista. Smugly loading the ammo and then 2 sounds of boom, pat “47!” “50!” Green liquid splashes! Wahahaha! Nice!

Another shot fires off! The echo from the ballista and Da Fei’s laughter resounds in the cabin!

Da Fei is startled!

Wait! How did that Blood Sea Mad Waves come down with such good timing just now? Must be the sound from Bro firing in the ship alerted him, right? Now that Bro is firing here and there is this shipwreck hole here, the sound is louder, there is no reason he cannot hear it on the deck outside?

Da Fei’s eyebrows twitches! If it were Bro, dying twice will make me really mad and will try to loot a burning house[1] no matter what! Judging by this fellow’s conduct, will he really take it lying down?

Intercept him midway! Da Fei immediately climbs up the stairs, rushes to the warehouse at the first level. The best spot for interception will of course be the pile of Zombies at the resource cabin. Bro killed the Master Gunner BOSS but never bothered with those small Zombies, now they come in handy.

If he does not come? If he does not, then it will be a bit conflicted, this is like the feeling of “waiting for the incoming attack to come”. Therefore, Bro still hopes he comes, better to be safe, Bro will not feel comfortable if Bro is not at ease!


At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves is angrily killing Zombies. However, no matter how resentful, unwilling and unaccepting he is, dying twice more or less made Blood Sea Mad Waves feel weak in his heart.

Unknowingly, the boom sound in the bottom of the ship resounds again! It seems even more ear-piercing in this quiet night!

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ eyebrows twitches, the trash is firing again! For him to use ballista, it must be a BOSS! When is a better timing to strike if not now! Seek revenge, s.n.a.t.c.h ballista and kill BOSS! Even if yours truly cannot s.n.a.t.c.h it, I will destroy it too! This time, he should not be able to level up and recover anymore! As long as I can kill this Red Name once, I will be able to get his equipment out and then block him at the revive point and kill him back to level 0!

Taking actions is better than just thinking about, Blood Sea Mad Waves kills all the Zombies in the way and charges to the bottom deck. As to why kill and not just tank the Zombies’ attacks and break through by force is because he discovered that his strength has no absolute advantage. Especially because the opponent has raised to level 10 and gained 1 Damage system reward so he has to fight will full health.

It goes to show that strength is the only language between the strong. And precisely because he was killing all the way, it gave Da Fei time to lay an ambush.

Blood Sea Mad Waves jumps down to the first lower deck and the Zombies on the ground starts to get up again. Blood Sea Mad Waves just ignores them and charges over.

The moment he just steps into the gun deck, a cunning and vicious pike stab to the ribs flies out from the side of the door!

——System Notification: You are maliciously attacked by player Da Fei, you can retaliate in self-defense!

——System Notification: You received a speed paralysis attack, your movement is stopped!

Blood Sea Mad Waves roars with fiery eyes: “f.u.c.k you!!!”

Da Fei sneers: “Fool!”

Being evil too obviously is not the correct way, these are all what Bro already stopped doing back in the days. In the end, Man, should aim to be good! Although has to aim to be good, Da Fei’s hands are not stopping while the Zombie crowd behind Blood Sea Mad Waves is following right behind!

That’s right! Zombies have great use!

When Blood Sea Mad Waves flies off while scolding, Da Fei immediately escapes and jumping down the stairs to the next level to escape the Zombies’ chase.

Now, the world is finally quiet. This is peace gained by sacrificing another 50 Fame. Finally no one will disturb Bro’s BOSS fight.

Last 2 rounds sounds off and the Sea Anemone King blocking the way explodes with a boom.

——System Notification: You killed Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King! Gained 6000 EXP! You obtained loot Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Heart!

——System Notification: Your <Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins> achievement progress 9/10.

Oh! Another Sea Anemone’s Heart! Bro definitely has to use this well, it will definitely sell for a very high price! The effects are obvious to those who uses it! Why not sell it to this Blood Sea Mad Waves? He know the effect best and the G.o.d rank hero should not be short of money, right? Wahahaha!

Now, there is only 1 BOSS left for the achievement but if there is another BOSS encounter, Bro does not have any trump cards to use anymore and can only go back to the pa.s.senger cabin, defeat the magic tome BOSS and then come back again.

Da Fei packs up the ballista, clears the few road-blocking little anemones and reaches the end of the bottom deck. A big skeleton is submerged in the water.

Final BOSS? Da Fei is on full alert. As expected, the eye sockets of the skeleton suddenly burns with faint blue cold flames! Da Fei nervously retreats immediately.

While at this time, the mini-map starts to show a golden exclamation mark! Da Fei is both surprised and happy! Those who played games all know, this is encountering a quest NPC! This deserted island actually does have NPC after all! Meeting a living person and not a BOSS at the end feels so good! Although he is not a living person!

——”Finally, someone made it here…” Skeleton uses the long sword in his hands to support his body and slowly gets up, a hoa.r.s.e voice resounds the cabin: “I am the captain of St. Antonio, Renoir. We were cursed and being in the curse dimension, our souls are unable to be set free. I was always asleep to preserve what little soul power I had to retain my self until someone comes and Adventurer, you are the one I am have waited for so long. I want to destroy the curse dimension and let the souls of all the seafarers rest in peace. I hope you can a.s.sist me to fight till the end!”

——System Notification: You received trial quest <a.s.sist Captain in Fighting>, will be transported to trial dimension after getting ready. Are preparations done?

Trial quest! Finally receives the graduation quest of beginners! Nothing else to say, Bro does not have so many s.h.i.t, preparations done!

Skeleton captain’s eye sockets instantly burst into blazing cold flames. With a swing of the long sword in his hands, a warped dimensional door appears.

“Let’s go!”

Da Fei immediately follows in, the scene changes. Under a dark grey sky filled with dark clouds, a boundless grayish black sea, while Da Fei and captain appears on a small, small deserted island that looks a lot like Island of Miracle but without shipwreck and coconut trees.

Looking at this world from a black and white movie, Da Fei is surprised: “Where is this?”

“The back of the world, world of the dead. The barrier sealing us is right on this small island!”

——System Notification: You are entering Hero Legion mode now, you became a deputy hero under Renoir.

——Beginner Tip: Hero can command normal soldiers and can command deputy heroes, main hero’s Tactical Attack/Defense and skills will still affect the whole legion but will not stack with deputy heroes’ Tactical Attack/Defense and skills. When deputy hero’s certain Tactical Attack/Defense is higher than main hero, the higher stat will be used and that stat will only be applied on units that deputy hero is leading. For detailed introduction, please refer to information on the official site.

Da Fei’s spirits is lifted, Hero Legion! Dream of the players!

T/L note 1: One of 36 stratagems in Chinese military tactics. Basically attacking someone when they are dealing with other threats.