God Rank Hero

Chapter 4

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You all wait and see! In those years, the time when Bro played game however is another full service entirely for his high esteem Internet addiction therapy expert! During that years, Bro simply played the game also can have this sort of achievement, now if Bro make an all-out effort, then it would be even more exceptional? National dress pattern is too small, only this world cla.s.s game is Bro’s stage! Just for this day,Bro earlier done a lot of homework by collecting data from the public forum and official website! Bro already memorized at heart for all types of nationalities’ troops and construction information! Bro will develop(T/N: The raw is like this so I dunno how to make it a proper sentence)! Bro will also have house and car and also wife! WAHAHAHAHAHA! (T/N: The Bro is referring to himself. If there is brother, I will refer the brother as Ge or just plain brother.)

Right at this moment, the large screen’s advertis.e.m.e.nt suddenly changed.

——“Numerous gamers friend, greetings. Currently, it’s Hero newsflash live broadcasting time again. Today we have invited the Hero Creates Legend’s China spokesperson, a famous professional gamer, Battle Team’sMs.Deng Jia Yi to our live broadcasting show to be our guest. Everyone welcome!”

——”Greetings! I am Deng Jia Yi!” A fresh pleasant face appeared in the large screen.

“WOAHHH!!!! Otaku G.o.ddess!!”一Players from the lined up crowd screamed out loudly!

Da Fei even stares at the apple of the eyes until his eyes also wanna come out! The Otaku G.o.ddess with the equal strength and beauty, Deng Jia Yi, game ID: Bu Fei Yan, who doesn’t know about it! Bro’s Ms Perfect and lover in dream!

MC:“We received an information just right a moment ago. j.a.pan already has a player used random lottery to draw out a Hero with innate skill and specialty of Motor Master’s Infernal nationality Hero. This is j.a.pan region’s Infernal Gate Master’s second Hero with rare innate skill. It is sold to Mitsubishi Battle Team for 8 Million USD. Ms. Deng Jia Yi, can you tell us from professional’s angle, what do you think about this?”

8 Million USD!!! Entire street is in commotion! Da Fei even shaken mentally! This game does not only have business potential but it’s literally like striking the lottery life changing moment! As for what is drawing a raffle that is no need to be question, this kind of confining money game only needs one to be willing to spend money to recharge. During creating account process, there will be only one chance of getting an awesome account in drawing a raffle!

What? Not fair? Since when battle has been fair before? Yellow man cannot run faster than black man and black man cannot swim faster than white man, so blame the G.o.d?

Furthermore, countless of facts prove that the more unfair type of fiercely throwing money game, then the more popular the game is! The more it is capable to give rise to large amount of “services industry” workers! Also, the more it is capable to solve the unemployment problem that disturbs every country! However, the one who does not spend money need not to worry, at later period also still can painstakingly force out a good specialty’s hero.

The introduction of the hero’s innate skill and specialty is showed at the screen:

——Motor Master :For every 3 levels increase of hero, the attack speed and the movement speed of the hero’s troop increase by 1%!

Whole street once again in a huge commotion!

The technical ability of the hero can be obtained through the efforts of players rising up levels but the hero’s specialty and innate skill are natural ability which is the only standard that differentiates the hero’s strong and weak points!

Deng Jia Yi forces a smile and said:“This strategy innate skill indeed makes one feels incredible! In the end of later period moment, the equal Hero’s troop once starts to bring own’s entire Great Fury Technique and Great Speed Up Technique while the speed of wide spreading the Lord of Infernal nationality’s battle troop is fast. This is completely just like “like a tiger that has grown wings”(T/N: Meaning: With redoubled power) ! You can imagine that by owning 2 rare Heroes, j.a.pan region is sure to fully develop the Infernal nationality. Once in the country war period, our China region will face a lot of pressure!”

MC:“Is it possible to call this kind of hero as G.o.d Rank Hero?”

Deng Jia Yi helplessly laugh:“G.o.d Rank Hero is called by the common players during the Closed Beta period. In the game, it only has Common Hero, Epic Hero and Legendary Hero. However, this Motor Master indeed is surpa.s.sing the currently known Legendary Hero’s existence. To be known as G.o.d Rank Hero, it is not an exaggeration. For the time being, I am still thinking about how to counter this kind of Hero in the later period!”

MC smilingly said:“We have a lot of players in the China region. If the entire population draw a raffle, it can be sure that a very powerful hero can be drawn out right?”

Deng Jia Yi smilingly said:“If there is people managed to draw out a so-called G.o.d Rank Hero account, then our club’s boss surely will use few millions yuan to buy this account! However, if drawing raffle regularly, one can randomly get Hero with common innate skill or even monstrous innate skill. As a matter of fact, it is not beneficial to the newbie player’s development.  I do not agree players to draw raffle at all. Nevertheless, by selecting one self’s favorite custom-made Hero is the best way because after all in the later period, players still can rely on their efforts to upgrade their own specialty.”

MC smiled and said:“Until currently, Hero Creates Legends is already running for 3 days. At the present time, a ranking list of rare specialty of Heroes has been published every country. It is as followed. Everyone please see the large screen——”

The ranking list of rare specialty of Heroes:

Death Lord (死亡领主)——Half of the countryside’s departed souls will join the hero’s troops. Owner:Sweden’s Player -Vurtne. Estimation value of Hero is 10 million USD. Infernal Gate Master (地狱门大师)——Hero upgrades by following rank and the effect of Devil Lord occupation’s skill, “Infernal Gate (地狱门)” also upgrades. Owner:j.a.pan’s Mitsubishi Battle Team. Estimation value of Hero is 6 million USD. Unicorn Maiden (独角兽少女)——For every 2 levels that hero raises,the attack, defense and HP of Unicorn Troop increase by 1 point each. Owner:USA’s Supernova Battle Team. Estimation value of Hero is 3 million USD. Siege Technician (攻城技师)——For every 2 levels that hero raises, the attack and defense of Ballista increase by 1 point each. Owner:Russia’s War Angel Battle Team. Estimation value of Hero is 3 million USD. Knight Model (骑士楷模)——Hero upgrades by following rank and the effect of Knight Hero occupation’s skill,”Protect Happiness Ceremony (佑福仪式)” also upgrades. Owner:UK’s Royal Ark Battle Team. Estimation value of Hero is 3 million USD. Vampire Princess (吸血公主)——For every 2 levels that hero raises, the attack and defense of Vampire Troop increase by 1 point each. Owner:France’s Player – Natasa. Estimation value of Hero is 1 million USD. Griffin Breeder (狮鹫饲养)——For every 2 levels that hero raises, the attack and defense of Griffin Troop increase by 1 point each. Owner:China’s Stars Battle Team. Estimation value of Hero is 1 million USD.

Looking at the long list of quoted price, entire street caused a sensation! Da Fei’s heart is thumping very fast! Although knowing the hype of the game is very tremendous, but he never thought it is crazy until this level! This kind of feeling simply just like opening lottery network, as if the worldwide people also won prizes but just not own self!

Whether bro should go draw once or not? Although their way of instigating people to give them money is very clear, but it’s just merely 1000 yuan only? All these years, bro has spent at least 10000 yuan or 8000 yuan in buying lottery ticket right?Also, for expert just like bro, even if fail to draw a prize, drawing a normal account, it does not matter.