God Rank Hero

Chapter 48

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Da Fei expressionlessly sweeps through the posts judging him with a calm heart. After all, the Da Fei back then was a man who cured the whole server.

Isn’t just PK-ing someone back to level 0? How big is that, they think they can kill Bro just by scolding? Hunting throughout the server? What a joke! Just like Bro said, national servers just have such a small view. However, then again, times are different now. Now, Bro is going to be a professional gamer and earn money, it is not going to be easy if there are too many enemies. Although Bro only has 1 enemy for now, Bro this red name is too glaring. Bro does not want to kill but people want to kill Bro. This is kind of troublesome. d.a.m.n Blood Sea Mad Waves, you are pretty good at killing with a borrowed knife![1]

The pressing issue now is to clear the red name. Bro gathered quite a few rare BOSS’ information this time and selling them should gain much Fame. Anyways, these are all Bro used to do back then, it is not so easy to do Bro in.

And then, Da Fei begins to watch the Epic Hero interview again and just when he is sighing,

——System Notification: Scouting warning! 3 unknown ships approaching you, please stay alert!

Unknown ships? Da Fei gets a shock, immediately runs to the deck and raises the telescope to look around. Sure enough, there are 3 ships approaching quickly from straight ahead, left ahead and right ahead!

Galleys! Definitely pirates!

Some wealthy and large pirate ships are no different from ordinary kingdom battleships. As long as flags are not hung, it is difficult to distinguish. However, galleys are definitely pirates. The so-called galleys are ships that have sails on the deck and oars deck in the bottom cabin. The 2 rows of oars stretching out from the bottom of the ship looks just like a big centipede. The advantages of this type of ship need not be mentioned, there is wind power and man power, its speed is super fast like dragon boating! Its advantage is even more obvious when pursuing headwind. Anyways, as long as one is targeted by it, it is impossible to escape and battle is the only way.

As for its disadvantage, it is very obvious too. After all, rowing is done in the bottom deck so the ship’s draft is very shallow, very susceptible to waves and is unsuitable to sail in the ocean with plenty of waves. Therefore it is also easy for merchant ships to dodge it, which is to stay far away from coastal waters. Another weakness is because the ship’s draft is shallow, the hull is not high, it is difficult to forcefully board large ships with high sides and has higher requirement for pirates’ combat techniques.

Now, Da Fei is targeted! He definitely cannot escape. It is also a three-p.r.o.nged attack, fighting is definitely not a choice! What to do!

For a while, Da Fei is at a loss. After great white shark appeared, pirates appeared right after!  System, how to expect Bro to believe you are not acting?

——Bang! Bang! Bang! On the 3 pirate ships, 3 black signal flares charges into sky dragging long black smoke with it. Although he cannot understand what it means, it definitely does not mean anything good.

It is close already, Da Fei can already see the pirate ship’s deck from the telescope and the mast is filled with pirates. That’s right, because galley’s hull is low and is not easy to board large ships so the pirates are standing on the mast. Once engaged, it will be throwing flying claws onto the target’s mast or sides like flying trapeze, either sliding or be like Tarzan, in short, risky technical work.

Da Fei who was stupefied for a while finally recovered his senses.

How did so many pirates not see such a huge back in front of them? Even if you guys do not show Bro respect, at least show great white shark some respect.

There is only killing with a borrowed knife now, simply put pulling mobs to PK. Bro is the pro in this. Not matter successful or not, this is the last resort and the only means now.

Da Fei walks to the mast the cables are tied to. At this time, the cables are already very tense and are going to snap, the mast is also crackling.

Da Fei attempts to pull and shake the cable, the cable is unmoved. And then, Da Fei stands on the tense cable and walk on tightrope. Since a bunch of stuff entered the shark’s stomach, Bro messing around here should be able to enrage it even just a little, right? Once it is enraged, it have to have some reactions, right?

Da Fei tries to jump on the cable again, bang! Water splashing in front, the whole ship suddenly shakes——There is reaction already!

Bro continues to jump!

——Bang! Waves shot to the sky!

Da Fei shrinks in fear! Better not lose control, getting into trouble first before harming others.

Pirates approach nosily and involuntarily turn silent after seeing the seas-turning great white shark! Even the ship speed cannot but suddenly decreases!

Time to see blood already! Da Fei immediately charges to the gun deck below, aiming at the swarm of people on the deck of the pirate ship at the right, he fires 2 shots straight away! Screams sound off!

——System Notification: You killed a Pirate, gained 40 EXP!

——System Notification: You obtained Pirate’s incomplete information.

——System Notification: You attacked the pirate ship, caused -78 damage!

This shot is like the fuse of explosive, the frenzied great white shark immediately turns into a torpedo and charges towards that pirate ship on the right side with incredible speed. Amidst the exclamation on the pirate ship, it knocks at the center, boom!!!

The pirate ship shakes vigorously with a boom. Those pirates standing on the mast pours down like dumplings. And those pirates who stabilized themselves by holding on to the side of the ship are really aggressive and all takes out flying axes to attack.

The great white shark attacked by flying axes is even more violent and hit the bottom of the ship ferociously, the whole ship almost flipped over!

Succeeded! Da Fei is surprised and happy!

——Bang! Bang! Another 2 signal flares fly off, the pirate ship in front close in to the pirate ship on its right to support while the crew on the pirate ship on the left are shouting and continue to approach Soaring, oh f.u.c.k!

How to fight like this! This is definitely not the trial, definitely encountering real pirates, right? Goner! The ship cannot be protected anymore!

Da Fei steels his heart, anyways Bro has already made enough this trip, Bro can fight with you all with no qualms. Da Fei immediately rushes to the deck, prepares to cut the cable tying the great white shark with an axe and let the great white shark kill all it wants!

And at this time, the pirate ship on the left already closes in, 2-masts galley, the ship is only half as long as Soaring. Da Fei can already see those bandanna-wearing pirates standing on the mast holding sabres in their mouths and grappling hooks on their hands.

“Wahahaha!” Seeing that Da Fei appeared, those pirates immediately laugh grimly and throw the grappling hooks, pa tat, the hooks hang on the side of Soaring!

Oh f.u.c.k! No time to cut the cables already!

“f.u.c.k!” Da Fei immediately charges up front and gives the acrobats sliding over a stab, -13!

——System Notification: Enemy inflicted with paralysis toxin effect, movement interrupted…

Ah! That pirate suddenly loosens his grip on the rope and falls into the sea with a plop while screaming. Da Fei’s eyebrows twitch! This action interrupt effect is akin to insta-kill!

Pa tat! Pa tat! Another 2 hooks catch onto Soaring’s side, to desperado like pirates, losing a few comrades does not stop the pace of their attack.

d.a.m.n! Kill one if one comes, kill two if a duo comes! Da Fei immediately rushes to where the other hook is and stabs in mid-air again——Plop! Another paralyzed and falls into the sea.

And at this time, a wave surges into the sky in between the 2 ships——boom!!! That pirate ship shakes vigorously with a boom!

The great white shark is coming! Wherever someone falls into the water, it will appear there immediately! Its a.s.sault speed in the water can go as high as 70km/hr! (Did your car reach this speed? Are your points all deducted?)

Da Fei finally cannot take it and laughs out loud! Compared to tall and large sailing ship, the crazed great white shark will naturally attack the lower galley by instincts. In front of such a blood-thirsty crazed king that can come and go like the wind, what can these 3 small pirate ships possibly do? Especially when this huge shark’s size is comparable to the pirate ships. Da Fei is even more rejoiced that he did not attack the great white shark. Or else, how many attacks can his worn-out ship even take from it?

The pirates understand the situation very quickly and immediately turn around and escape. While this ship on Da Fei’s left side is very unfortunate, the vigorous shaking from just now caused water to enter the oar deck, the ship starts to slant and cannot escape anymore. The pirates immediately run to the other side to hold down the ship in an attempt to maintain balance.

Da Fei naturally will not sit by and watch anymore. He immediately runs to the gun deck and pushes the ballista to the gun port on the left side. And then, aiming at the crowd holding down the ship——No no no, it should be aiming at where it is leaking! Aiya, who should I hit? This question actually made Bro conflicted, wahahaha! Anyways, Bro made it through again, Bro is really a pro, really too OP!

Finally, with Da Fei and shark’s combined efforts, this pirate ship was punctured at the bottom and sunk. 100 over pirates fallen into the water are putting up their last resistance by swinging their sabres in fear but they eventually turn into ghosts in the great white shark’s teeth, the sight is extremely tragic, savage and unbearable to watch…

——System Notification: You sunk a mid-size pirate ship, annihilated a pirate force, gained 80,000 EXP! You obtained achievement <First Victorious Battle>, Command Power 10.

——Beginner Tip: When you annihilate all the troops the enemy have, you will gain additional Command Power achievement reward. Additional reward is linked with enemy’s troops strength and your casualty, maximum of 10 points.

Da Fei’s eyebrows twitch, Bro a lone commander can even win a battle! This EXP is really terrifying!

The sun sets in the west, the whole sea surface is turned red, the great white shark after the great battle is floating sideways on the surface with injuries all over it, blood gushing, the fatigued and injured shark cannot make it.

Aish, what to say? This is the highest level of watching tigers fight in safety. Da Fei sympathetically sighs like fox mourning the death of the hare[2]: “Bro will send you on your way!”

T/L note 1: One of 36 Strategems.

T/L note 2: It refers to the story of a fox and a hare forming an alliance to fight against a hunter, when the hare died, the fox mourned the death of its comrade.