God Rank Hero

Chapter 5

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Part 1.

Da Fei carries a suitcase on his shoulder and return to his dorm. According to the instructions of the manual, Da Fei carefully installs the machine, connects to the spare electricity, connects to holographic helmet. After that, Da Fei takes a bath and smokes a cigarette– Every time before buying lottery ticket, Da Fei will burn incense,cleanse himself and devote himself to prayer. However, this time is Dai Fei’s the beginning of the new occupation, so must value this more.

I have bought lottery ticket for so many years but still never win a lottery at all. The acc.u.mulated moral quality should break through the horizon, right? There goes a Chinese saying that frequent shifts make a tree dead but a person prosperous, the moral quality should be explodes already, right? This time, even though I am not able to draw the 10 millions dollar worth G.o.d Rank Hero, randomly draw out any thousand dollar worth Hero also alright! My request is really not that high, able to save the one thousand capital used to draw prizes, then is alright.

In the game, the first 10 levels are the stage of newbie. A few low level troops develop steadily by Running errands ,doing missions in the main city, and completing simple missions to receive the prizes. In contrast, this is totally different for the random drawing prizes as the birthplace is normally very desolate and nasty. Never mind, I have already done mindset preparation.

12:12:12, it’s auspicious time!


—— System Message: The Great Hero, welcome to the China region’s Hero Creates Legend. Please register your username!

divides into seven independent service region such as North America, European Union, Russia, India, China, j.a.pan and Korea. Every service region also calls Hero Continent except that the maps are different. Every player of each service region is playing almost the same kind of game. Then, seven service regions are connected to a super service region, “New World”! Players from various countries can meet at here. New World also calls Nation War Zone. This is the main point of that causes players that come from various countries to feel greatest joy and excitement!

The official poster is very simple. In the poster, there is a gigantic planet that similar with the Earth surrounding with 7 earths that are smaller. These 7 earths are 7 service regions. The larger earth that in the middle is the “New World”. The main idea of is certainly the 7 “old world” battle with the colonial country, “New World”.

——Username: Da Fei!

——System Message: Username is valid! Successfully registered!Hero continent has three major bright camps such as holy hall, fairy, and dwarf. Hero continent also consists of three major dark camps such as departed spirits, orcs, devils. In addition, there is also a wizard college neutral camp that cannot be chosen regularly in the hero continent. Every newborn hero also can choose their personal strength and a basic hero skill. Hero, please choose your own race camp and hero personal strength!Or choose the random prize drawing!

——Random Lottery!

The special strength that can be chosen by the players themselves are mostly the special strength that are not worth to be sell at all! I just want to give it a try.

——System Message: Hero! Do you confirm that you want to let the G.o.d to decide your fate?

Confirm! My fate depends on the sky and not myself!

——System Message: Hero! Please wait for the Choice of Fate!