God Rank Hero

Chapter 52

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Da Fei stands up from the ground all covered in dirt.

Oh f.u.c.k! What is this about again? Anyways, safe for now, the ship is safe too. Seems like game will always be a game, it will not easily make a move on players’ virtual property. Go and have a look at the shipyard first, seems like Bro’s ship is towed to the shipyard. Once the ship is repaired, Bro will think of a way to escape, naturally, this will definitely not be easy.

Da Fei walks to the shipyard while looking around. The citizens of this small town are hostile red names in Da Fei’s eyes and looking at Da Fei like cats looking at mouse harboring ill intentions. The stares is creeping Da Fei out.

Da Fei reaches the shipyard, dozens of tattooed workers with scars are drinking and playing cards while having nothing to do.

Da Fei then looks the one that looks like the leader and asks: “How much does it cost to repair my ship?”

Everyone laugh loudly: “Your ship? Who do think you are? Go to where you belong!”

Oh f.u.c.k! Da Fei has an ominous premonition.

Da Fei then tries to speak with NPC on the island and in the stores. Everyone is very unfriendly to Da Fei! Not selling things, not giving quests and they have malicious looks too.

The situation he is most worried about appeared. Could it he must job change into Pirate to make them treat him as one of them? If Bro does not join the gang, it will be difficult to do anything and be trapped in this island forever? That is why that Locke is so confident Bro will go back and look for him?

Impossible! This is equivalent to system forcefully make player job change. There must be a way to clear this, Bro will never give in, must be a way to solve this.

Right at this time, Da Fei’s Stamina starts to turn red, starving state. f.u.c.k! Meals problem is also a big problem! Let’s not talk about whether the tavern boss is willing to sell any food to Bro or not first, even if they are willing, Bro is penniless!

A deserted island with no one can be called a dire straits. A small prosperous island with people can also be a dire straits? Bro does not believe it. A pro like Bro, who has made through strong winds and waves, can still die from holding in urine in the toilet?

Start from tavern, there is all sorts of people there.

To pirates, tavern is very important, it even is the only entertainment facility so there is a lot of taverns in the small town. Da Fei enters the first at the side of the road first.

Hustle and bustle comes at his face, dancers, gamblers, drunkards, diners, a very normal tavern. Da Fei entering did not attract any special attention. However, those diners sitting in single table drinking silently attracted Da Fei’s attention because they are yellow names which represent neutrality, normal Heroes waiting to be hired by players. Hero is easily recognizable, there is a faint halo underneath their feet. Haven’s human Heroes are golden yellow halo, Undead Heroes are green steaming smoke halo, Elf Heroes are halo with golden b.u.t.terfly light flying around while pirates are blood red halo, etc.

Hero Continent has a truth: Tavern always has Hero waiting to be hired. Pirate islands are no exception. Even if players went to the opposing faction’s territories, the whole world is filled with enemies with red names, only those Heroes in taverns are still yellow names.

These Heroes will be refreshed by System regularly so if encountered a Hero with excellent Specialty or great talent, player must hire them straight away. Naturally, Heroes with a different race or faction with the player will be harder to hire.

Da Fei approaches the first table, this is a pirate Hero stepping on blood red halo and baring his chest just like showing it off. Of course, the whole building is filled with pirate Heroes.

Da Fei greets: “h.e.l.lo!”

That Hero glances at Da Fei and snorts coldly: “I have no interest in playing with kindergarten kids, buzz off.”

This is disliking Bro for being a newbie who has not job changed, then change another one.

——”Where did you pop out from? Go away.”

This is disliking Bro for lack of fame. Continue changing.

——”I have no money for beggar.”

He can tell Bro is penniless and cannot even have a meal. Next.

——”The rule here seems to be treat a drink first, right?”

Bro does not even have a penny, how to even treat you? Oh f.u.c.k! What exactly is Bro doing? Isn’t Bro here to hire Hero? Bro is someone who has booked an Epic Hero, all you sub-standards are just a waste of Bro’s EXP, Bro are not even interested. The pressing issue now is to solve the food problem.

Da Fei then goes to the counter: “Boss, do you need workers?”

The boss glances coldly: “I do not hire people with dubious background here.”

f.u.c.k! Trying to force people into piracy, do not think about it! Bro will not submit. Bro will go to another tavern then. Da Fei goes through all the taverns on this street and an inexplicable sorrowful feeling is suddenly flooding his heart. This feeling is like the time when he just graduated and looked for a job too much.

Could it be Bro is going to be forced into fishing for prawns and eating it raw at the sea? Looking at the last 2 coconut fruit on him, Da Fei sighs dejectedly. Continue! Not giving up until the last moment.

This time, Da Fei approaches a tavern again. This tavern is not as noisy as other taverns and there is melodious violin sounds coming out of it, oh f.u.c.k, poetic pirates?

The instant Da Fei enters, he is stunned at the spot as if he was electrocuted!

Beauty! On the bar counter, a red long hair beauty wearing black leather bra, black leather short skirt and black leather boots is sitting there! Not a tavern waitress! That light blooming like a blood flower below her voluptuous and vigorous tanned thighs shows that she is a Hero, a s.e.xy, pretty female Pirate Hero!

Oh f.u.c.k! Beauty Hero, female Heroes are already very little, beauty Heroes are even lesser, such a s.e.xy and wild beauty Hero will even make male players go crazy and dry! If encountered a beauty Hero, talents, Specialty, Level, race and Cla.s.s are not important anymore, love does not require any criteria!

As a lone captain, Da Fei urgently needs a vice-captain as known as chief mate. Recruiting an excellent chief mate is very, very necessary.

As for will it be successful? This…this is a big problem. The difficulty of recruiting a female Hero is way higher than male Hero. Because of female’s inborn need for sense of security, they are very picky about all aspects of the employer. And the harder to get, the more beautiful it is so beta players’ craze is way higher than the pursue of divine items. As long as there is a beauty Hero in the tavern, it will be full house.

Bro’s conditions now is very disadvantageous, even normal Hero has a low opinion of Bro, how to make her be interested in Bro? At this very instant, Da Fei suddenly though of Liu Da We, how did he woo my sister? f.u.c.k! Must be my sister is too kind and cannot bear to reject this poor a.s.s!

No! Bro have to be confident, Bro is a man with a big ship! And judging from the music from the bar, this is even a poetic female pirate, then Bro will have to be poetic for once.

Da Fei immediately takes off the marine tattered armor and changes into trim and solemn black captain’s formal uniform. A mature, brave, handsome and extraordinary young captain’s image appears! It is not a high grade item with 90 Formality Value and 60 Masking Value for nothing, The person just looks different in it.

And then, cannot look sallow. How can a man think chasing girls if he cannot even feed himself? Da Fei takes off the captain’s hat, smashes open the precious coconut fruit with his head and gulps it down in one shot, oh yeah! Stamina 100, full already!

And after that, naturally is to take out the Captain’s Sword from the backpack and equips it. When the pirates boarded the ship just now, Da Fei kept the Captain’s Sword in the backpack in case something bad happens.

All that can be prepared is in place, Da Fei enters with his chin up.

It is really different after wearing the formal uniform, the other customers in the tavern, including that beauty at the counter involuntarily turn their gazes to the entrance. The situation is incomparable to just now when he entered other taverns like a dog and n.o.body cared about him

Wahahaha, see that? Only those high cla.s.s captains who had driven large ships have this kind of clothes, ordinary captains of small ships are just freaking fishermen! This is a symbol of status! Never expected this kind of clothes with no combat attributes to have such magical effect?

At this time, Da Fei and female pirate’s eyes met! This s.e.xy blue eye shadow, this fiery hot red lips, this face semi-hidden by long hair, this ridiculously beautiful oval face, this smooth shoulders! Beauty! What a beauty! Very soon, Da Fei involuntarily moves his eyes down to the voluptuous chest that cannot be contained by that leather bra! It is not a female pirate for nothing, probably due to regular sun-tanning, this healthy tanned skin, this s.e.xy belly b.u.t.ton, this faintly exposed abs, this low mini leather skirt and semi-exposed blood rose tattoo in between the abs above the leather skirt….

At this instant, Da Fei made up his mind, if he cannot take this female pirate, Bro will not leave!

In the female pirate’s surprised eyes, Da Fei gracefully walks to the bar counter besides her, smiles: “Can I sit here?”

Female pirate turns her head around and says lazily: “Maybe, you should treat me something to drink first?”

——Boom!!! Da Fei’s heart explodes with a heavy hammer strike! Bro cannot even treat a drink! This is called a single cent drove a hero to death!

Da Fei takes out the last coconut fruit and forced smiles: “Drinking is not good for your beautiful skin and body’s health, coconut juice is all natural.”

Female pirate slants her eyes and stretches out her hand: “Hand it over!”

This works too! Da Fei is ecstatic and hurriedly the coconut fruit over: “Let me help you open it.”

“No need!” Female pirate takes it with both hands, leaves her seat at the same time and then——In Da Fei’s astonishment, makes a goalkeeper kicking ball action, bang, coconut fruit swooshes out of the window and disappears into the horizon…

“Exercise is good for health!” Female pirate claps her hands, sits back to her seat and drinks without caring for others. For a while, Da Fei is stupefied. This is Bro’s last ration! How can you be like this?

Done for, knew it would not be so easy, already failed at the first stage, no chance. However, Bro will not give up so easily unless you ask Bro to scram in my face!

Second move, be poetic! Da Fei then flips out a poetry book from Sailing Master Juan’s legacy bag, aish, Uncle, so sorry about it.

Da Fei places the poetry on the table in front of her and smiles: “This poetry book is for you who is as beautiful as poetry!” Hmhm, this is Bro’s poetic way of chasing girls.

Female pirate flicks the poetry back with a finger and says coldly: “I’m illiterate!”

——Ah pfft! Da Fei spits out his boogers! Why act like a poetic pirate and listen to violin when you are illiterate!

What to do? Could it be he has to use the ultimate move, giving treasure?

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