God Rank Hero

Chapter 53

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Da Fei firms his heart, give! If he cannot even settle a NPC woman in the game, then how to play anymore.

Da Fei takes out the additional telescope: “This is for you!”

Although it is Rank C, it is a strategic artifact nonetheless, it can be sold for around 1000 gold coins! Gifting artifacts is the ultimate move players came up with during beta. For example when encountered those Heroes from hostile factions or race and cannot move the other party no matter what, artifact is the knocking brick. Of course, it is also only a knocking brick.

As expected, the beauty’s eyelids twitch. Tempted?

She receives the telescope and plays with it repeatedly, that expression is just like the first time seeing this kind of thing and also like a child concentrated in messing with their new toy. Da Fei’s heart is also very uneasy, Bro can only give you this, please don’t kick it like the coconut fruit.

Finally, her mouth shows a faint contented smile: “Workmanship is quite not bad.”

Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief. Isn’t that for sure! This is the extra one from the captain’s room, how can the things captain used be of the same grade as things you poor pirates use?

Da Fei says happily: “Only such a high grade stuff can suit the beautiful you.”

Female pirate’s gaze turns cold: “Kid, do you know your situation now?”

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches, oh! Finally down to business. Very good, now the whole island is filled with red names that are unwilling to bother with Bro, able to find a breakthrough means Bro can survive on.

Da Fei then sighs: “Feels, very lonely.”

Female pirate snorts coldly: “Of course, this place doesn’t trust outsiders, you should know what to do.”

Da Fei’s heart turns cold, could it be the requirement for hiring her is to job change into Pirate? Oh f.u.c.k, isn’t it very wasted for Bro to give this telescope? Big loss, big loss! Now that it has come to this, there is no other way already, Bro can only give up.

Naturally, Bro means giving her up! Bro definitely will not let a female NPC affect my future. Man can always find again if women are gone but without a career, everything is finished. Bro is just so realistic.

Da Fei sighs deeply: “I’ll not be a pirate, the field is too small, no future.”

Female pirate smiles coldly: “Then stay here for the rest of your live, not be a pirate, you cannot board a ship, cannot leave the island, you can’t do anything.” After finishing, she ignores Da Fei, and continues drinking by herself.

For a moment, Da Fei is speechless. Bro stranded in this situation, even dying will only revive on this island, could it be really trapped here and cannot leave? Should I hate that Blood Sea Mad Waves? Then again, if he did not get Bro into red name, Bro would have gotten the ship s.n.a.t.c.hed away straight away when encountered the pirate, right? At least the ship is still there, Bro still has a strand of hope.

But where is that hope?

Melodious violin sounds echo in the tavern, a few recruitable Heroes are also quietly sitting on their seats napping. Da Fei suddenly discovers this tavern’s business is really bland, other than those waiting to be hired Heroes, there is not even one gambler or drunkard, it can be considered as no business at all.

This tavern is very unusual. This female Hero is also unusual? If really cannot even pa.s.s this stage of treating her to a drink, she basically will not say so much to me. Just like other Heroes, a “Scram” will be over. And the position she is sitting is also different, she is sitting in front of the bar counter and not sitting on tables like other Heroes. Realizing this, Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches.

There’s content! This poetic female pirate definitely has something, Bro’s door is still not shut tight.

Da Fei then tries to continue talking with her: “Beautiful lady, it’s not gonna work if I b.u.m around on this island. I want to work temporarily here, can you put in a good word for me…” In any case, Bro did gave you a Rank C Artifact, it should more or less be able to increase a little affection.

As expected, female pirate laughs: “Sure, you can wash and serve dishes here. 2 gold coins daily.”

——System Notification: You became Blood Moon Tavern’s waiter, daily wage of 2 gold coins.

Da Fei gets a shock! Could it be this female pirate is the boss? Oh f.u.c.k! Bro has definitely rode onto a coattails in this desperate situation this time! Begging rich woman to provide for!!!

Da Fei hurriedly bows and says: “Thank you very much.”

Female pirate shakes her head and sneers: “Dish washing captain…He…” After finishing, she leaves the tavern with a hair flip and disappears.

Da Fei gets a shock again! Hero left the tavern? If it is a ordinary Hero, this means that her existence time limit is up, System is going to refresh her away. However as the boss, is she an ordinary Hero? Of course not, must be an Epic Hero!

For a while, Da Fei is stunned from the shock! If she is an Epic Hero——Oh f.u.c.k! Don’t make Bro so conflicted! Bro won’t subdue to force, will never be a Pirate!

With the female pirate’s leaving, the violin sounds in the tavern suddenly stopped, that performer playing violin puts down the violin and plays the accordion which is the most popular among pirates. And then, a few skimpily dressed dancers enters from the back door and begins to make preparations on the tavern’s dance floor.

No way? By the looks of it, it is going to turn into an ordinary tavern? Could it be that poetic feel just now was prepared solely for her?

Da Fei recovers his senses and asks the tavern shop-keep in astonishment: “Boss, what is the name of that lady just now?”

The fat shop-keep with a fierce face steels his eyes: “You don’t deserve to know! Don’t think because Katarina is lenient on you, you are one of us already. It’s going to be opening time soon, work hard, if you dare to skive, I’ll throw you into Crocodile Island!”

Katarina! This name…Oh f.u.c.k, it seems that there is really a Spanish female pirate queen called Red Hair Katarina? Could it be her? If her game background is really based on the queen, she probably is Legend grade!

If she is a Legend Hero, players can forget about it. Oh well, at least Bro’s evil thought is gone. Bro is still resolute in not being a pirate.

How is demi-dragon something that can be contained in a pool? Once met with storm, it will turn into dragon![1] This small pool called pirate is not where Bro should be, when storms come and you all are hiding, Bro will Stealth and sneak on board, according to the game’s revival rule, as long as I am out of your Barren Sea’s waters, even if Bro’s ship sinks in the storm, Bro will revive in Light Alliance, Bro do not believe Bro cannot escape!

At this time, there is a few pirates outside the door laughing and entering the tavern: “Boss, 5 bottles of rum! A large set of grilled fish!”

The shop-keep at the bar counter immediately says to Da Fei: “Serve drinks.”

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Understood.”

And then pirates enter one after another, bustling laughter everywhere, the poetic tavern completely turns into an ordinary tavern. This tavern delayed half a day of such good business just for her hobby alone, her status is really not low. Even if cannot get her, maintaining a good relationship is also a must, at least when Bro encounter Barren Pirates while doing trade, they may even let me off on her account.

Anyways, now that Bro has wages, that cup of wine that I owed must pay it back. Before running away, Bro will try to max the affection as much as possible.

Then again, salary of 2 gold coins every day in game time is not considered low in ordinary NPC’s world, 1 gold coin = 10 silver coins = 100 bronze coins, buying some bread, making some dishes and drinking some wine is totally enough to survive. However, if one wants to repair sabers or buy swords or something, it will be slightly tightly, as for recruiting troops or buying horses etc, do not even think about it.

The cannon fodder among the Level 1 units in the game, Skeleton Soldier’s hiring cost is already 16 gold coins each and the cream of the crop among Level 1 units, Pikeman’s hiring cost is already 50 gold coins. This kind of 5 HP, 10 HP existence in the battlefield dies in patches if a fireball smashes down, after a shower of arrows, patches will drop dead, it is really not a game a salary-man can play. As for repairing ship, that is definitely not possible too.

Now that the tavern is filled with customers, orders are more or less taken, Da Fei is slightly free.

As a pro, Da Fei naturally will not idle away, it is not easy to have close contact with pirates, the chance to gather information cannot be lost.

Da Fei then probes while serving drinks to a certain table of pirates: “Who among you all knows about Pirate King’s special skill Stealth Sailing?”

Instantly, all the pirates in the room quieten down, and then stare at Da Fei together.

Da Fei’s a.s.s tightens, could it be Bro asked something that is not supposed to be asked?

Suddenly, all the pirates in the room laugh loudly, just like they have heard the most hilarious joke ever.

——”Even a small kid who is still drinking milk know about Pirate King’s special skill which formidable is renowned among the 7 seven seas, Stealth Sailing, how can we possibly not know?”

Oh! It is renowned among the 7 seas, that famous? Da Fei is involuntarily happy: “Then how to learn this skill exactly?”

Tch! All the pirates really cannot be bothered anymore, and begins drinking and eating meat by themselves already.

It cannot be? Why is there nothing more? That is true too, how can Pirate King’s special skill possibly be known by these n.o.bodies? And with his situation now, even if they knew, they will definitely not say it. What to do? Bro serving dishes here will only have contact with these n.o.bodies. Could it be have to wait for that Katarina to come and then ask her? That is a must. However, the information gathered is naturally the more the better. Bro still has 1 trick.

Da Fei laughs: “However, from what I know, Pirate King’s special skill is nothing too, it was easily broken by voyager Renoir.”

In an instant, all the pirates in the room looks over together again. Hmph, hmph! Prodding is effective, let Bro see who is unconvinced, Bro will debate with you! Truth becomes clearer through debate.

As expected, the table of pirates beside Da Fei says gloomily: “Where did you hear that from?”

Wahaha! Not composed anymore? However, that is expected too, Renoir already died in the return voyage, this thing is also only recorded in the Sailing Master’s journal, among the people who knew about it, only Makarl is left, ordinary people probably will not know too much. How to answer?

And at this time, fat shop-keep shouts: “This is a tavern! Eat! Drink!” And then points to Da Fei: “You! Go help out at the kitchen!”

For a while, all the pirates in the room begins to eat, drink, play drinking games again, just like nothing had happened.

Looking at everyone’s reticent expression, Da Fei is even more astonished. Could it be, this Pirate King’s special skill, others only need to know it is powerful but cannot probe about how to learn it, and even cannot probe about how to break it?

Anyways, the first day being a waiter in the game by just like that with ball-ache.

T/L note 1: I’m translating 蛟龙 into demi-dragon unless someone can suggest something better. In Chinese mythology, 蛟龙 is a stage before dragon. 蛟龙 can cultivate into dragons and the difference between 蛟龙 and real dragons is it can only swim and not fly like real dragons.

Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.