God Rank Hero

Chapter 55

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Da Fei recovers his senses and hurriedly says: “Miss, this is my teacher’s important item, it’s his relic…Please, please return it to me!”

Katarina shakes her head and smiles: “Scroll of such a high-end material is naturally very important, but it will have to wait until you made your decision. However, I need 1 unit of pearl now, can you help me go to the nearby island and gather it within 2 days?”

——System notification: Katarina issues quest <Gather 1 unit of pearl in 2 days> to you, do you accept?

——Quest tip: Beach near Barren Archipelago has pearl oyster, at the same there is also highly dangerous crocodiles and large-size reptiles.

Oh f.u.c.k! This is clearly using Bro’s OP scroll to compel Bro to join the gang! However, now that he is under her control, what can he do? Da Fei can only accept helplessly.

Katarina drinks a sip of wine proudly again: “Oh yes, before departing, you can go to the equipment store on the island to repair your weapons, change your equipment, this pearl is not something that can be gathered by ordinary people, I believe you who can solo kill great white shark will not disappoint me, right?”

Da Fei says emotionless: “My money is not enough…”

Katarina smiles faintly: “Go to Ballack’s store will do, he s.n.a.t.c.hed your great white shark, no matter what you used, he should not have any objection. Leave after you’re done preparing, the small ship is already arranged for you at the dock, don’t disappoint me, or else…”

Da Fei’s heart tightens and can only nods: “Understood.”


Leaving the tavern, Da Fei hatefully pa pa pa this female pirate a hundred times, a hundred times in his heart! Yup, it is slapping face.

What to do? Is the scroll important or Bro’s future important? Bro’s future is unpredictable, but the scroll is right in front of my eyes!

Be a pirate! Get back Wisdom scroll! Seduce this Legend Hero! And then, sell account! Such a high grade account with dual Cla.s.s, dual Specialty, together with a large ship, an Epic Hero, a Legend Hero definitely is worth a few millions, right? Those large teams and large guilds definitely won’t despise this pirate account, right?

Da Fei steels his heart, immediately logs on the website to check the current market prices.

In the end, once he logged onto the forum, 2 large sticky threads instantly blinds Da Fei’s eyes!

——<Warmest congratulations! Blood Sea Studio allies with Slaying Dragon Guild!>

——<Blood Sea Studio places a bounty on trash player Da Fei throughout the server, kill him every time he is seen! Those that discover his whereabouts is awarded 100 dollars>

Oh my f.u.c.k! So this Blood Sea Mad Waves’ background is not simple! He actually can cooperate with that hemorrhoids cream!

——”Our Blood Sea Studio’s slogan is, wanted throughout the server, kill until Level 0; Loot all his equipment, peel off his skin, kill him until he never logs on, only recognize the account and not the user! Reporting is awarded, killing is awarded……”

Oh f.u.c.k, oh f.u.c.k! For a while, Da Fei clicks his tongue repeatedly from seeing.

If they only recognize the account and not the user, can Bro’s account still be sold? Even if it can be sold, others will definitely haggle crazily with this as reason, in the end, account that can be sold for a million cannot even be sold for tens of thousands! Or this Blood Sea Mad Waves will send someone to pretend to be buyer and purchase Bro’s account with a low price, in the end, won’t Bro be helping him for nothing, giving him back what I taken from him with interest?

Tch! You are so d.a.m.n ruthless! It is not like Bro was never wanted before, this does not frighten Bro! Oh well, this also can be considered as firming Bro’s resolution, Bro will not sell this account anymore! Bro really cannot bear with it! What to do if not selling? Really have to do as that female thief wants and be a pirate?

Suddenly, Da Fei’s heart skips a beat.

Wait! Why did she give Bro a quest? IS this considered as trial quest for hiring Hero? But Bro did not fulfill her prerequisite, right? How can it be that she will give Bro the subsequent quest? Does it mean she is sure that Bro will definitely give in and become a pirate? No no no, impossible, she is a NPC, NPC have to abide to programs and logic.

Could it be job change into Pirate is not the prerequisite? Or this quest is not a trial quest?

Forget it, Bro has no choice now, take a step at a time.


Ballack’s store is very easy to find and is also very big, because his store is called <Ballack’s Store>.

Looking at the few words on the store’s signboard, Da Fei’s eyebrows twitch, even that kind of big beard is literate, Katarina is illiterate? Could she be teasing me on purpose?

Da Fei enters the store, all kinds of weapons, equipment, pots, bowls, ladles, basins, books, oil paintings, bonsai, statues, clothes, furniture, fill up the house like a warehouse. What a large grocery store! Needless to say, it must be things he s.n.a.t.c.hed is sold here. However, who is buying?

The few pirates playing cards on the open s.p.a.ce together glance over with a fierce gaze: “What do you want?”

This probably can be considered as store a.s.sistance with the world’s worst service att.i.tude, right? Da Fei hurriedly answers: “Miss Katarina asks me to buy…get, get something.”

“Tch! Take it yourself.” All the pirates scorn, then turns their head and continue playing cards.

Da Fei cannot help but be stunned, just like that? Not gonna care about me? Let me take it myself? Oh f.u.c.k, this Katarina’s words are effective for real. Da Fei then picks up a long sword beside him and looks, his eyebrows cannot help but twitch!

——Sharp Forged Steel Epee: Attack 10, Damage 5, Attack Speed -1, Durability 87/120.

Oh f.u.c.k! This sword 10 Attack! Don’t you bluff Bro! They actually really have good stuff, this this this, this is a free supermarket! This is clearly the best paradise in the world! Wahahaha, Bro will be rich just by taking a few hundred equipment, and then selling them after getting back!

——”Put down those that you don’t need!” A pirate warns coldly without turning his head.

Ehm! So they still do have principles. Da Fei puts down the long sword resentfully and asks smilingly: “Excuse me, is there full set of ballista’s spare parts?”

Pirate says coldly: “No, Ballista is not for sale!”

Oh f.u.c.k! They really treat ballista as treasures, what to do if there is no ballista, Bro depends all on ballista! They actually do not even let ballista be repaired, as expected of poor a.s.s pirates, playing field is small and no future!

Da Fei is unwilling to accept and says: “What about bolts? There should be ammunition, right?”

Pirate says impatiently: “Red chest, at most 100 rounds!”

Works too, at least ammunition is somewhat replenished. After Da Fei packs the bolts, he circles around the warehouse, there is still no weapon Pikeman uses, no one uses pike when going out to the sea as expected. Full set of fine armor like helmets, armor, arm guard, belts, shoes, are chosen, character Defense increases by a whopping total of 30. Juan’s 3 tattered armor can finally retire officially. However, no matter how rubbish the retired equipment is, there is a market for it, rich lord players can purchase it for their soldiers to equip.

30 Defense, Human’s Level 7 unit Angel’s base Defense, if the opponent is a 0 Attack skeleton, according to Attack/Defense calculation formula, 30 Attack/Defense difference will reduce 60% of damage, it really has the feeling of being reborn. Anyways, as long as he does not encounter BOSS, Bro can still accomplish many things.

——”Are you done? Hurry up and go if you’re done!” Pirate shop a.s.sistant begins to chase people already.

Oh f.u.c.k, seemingly unmindful, they are actually looking, Bro cannot even take 1 extra thing.

Da Fei reluctantly leaves the store. Then again, this kind of free equipment supermarket feels really good. However, this also ill.u.s.trates a problem, the things that pirates stolen have no place to sell, even the good stuff can only be treated like garbage. This proves that being a pirate has no future once again.

Suddenly, Da Fei’s heart skips a beat! Is this a chance? If Bro makes a good relation with the pirates, can I help them sell their loot? Can Bro use this as a reason to make them let Bro off?

No matter successful or not, must give it a try. And before that, must complete beauty’s quest to acc.u.mulate good impression, this is a big-shot after all, cannot have any accident.

Da Fei comes to the dock, as expected, there is a small ship with a few pirates sitting on it.

“Go!” The pirates do not bulls.h.i.t, begins to row the ship after raising the sails.

Haha, comes with a few soldiers? Da Fei says happily: “Are you bros here to a.s.sist me?”

Everyone says coldly: “You wish, settle it yourself.”

Oh f.u.c.k, so they are here to monitor Bro, in fear of Bro escaping.

Barren Sea has many islands, after half a day of rowing, the destination is reached, a large island with many trees at the most outer of the archipelago, Crocodile Island. Oh f.u.c.k, there really is a crocodile island, that fat shop-keep is not joking? And then, the small ship landed.

The rowing pirate takes out an hourgla.s.s and says coldly: “Starting from now, you have 2 days, if you cannot complete it, we will leave without you!”

Da Fei gets a shock: “No way, right?”

All the pirates laugh loudly: “Unless you’re willing to join the gang, or else you can fend for yourself on the island!”

The rowing pirate says again: “Wherever there are crocodiles, there are pearl oysters. And the crocodiles here are very strong, there is also many ferocious beasts on the island but to you who can catch big shark, it should definitely not be a problem, right?” And then all the pirates laugh loudly, not minding Da Fei anymore and starts drinking and sleeping.

Da Fei’s heart instantly feels bad. Could it be because Bro solo killed a shark BOSS, she feels that Bro is especially capable, so she issued a super difficult quest to force Bro to give in?

Very soon, Da Fei’s worry becomes reality.

On the shallow beach in the distance, there is really a large group of huge crocodiles drifting around, and these crocodiles are all called Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile! Those mob which names can be seen directly are those that have their information disclosed on the official web.

——Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile: Large-size Leader Reptile Creature, Attack 30, Defense 50, Damage 85-110, HP 900, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 14, EXP 15,000, special ability: Camouflage, Ambush, Rampage, Crippling Bite, Plague Resistance.

Barren Sea is where pirates are rampant, countless deceased are washed by the ocean to the surrounding of Barren Archipelago, thus bred very savage huge crocodiles. Their skins are hard and thick like armor, although they are lazy and do not even move like a log of wood normally, once they activate their a.s.sault, the speed created from their large step is beyond humans’ imagination, no one can escape from them!

Da Fei is so shocked his jaws dropped! It is BOSS, all are BOSS! So many BOSS together at one spot is definitely a quest scene, right? Under normal circ.u.mstances, how can BOSS rank possibly be distributed in groups? Such a high HP and Defense, such a shocking Moving Speed, it is definitely not something Bro’s 8 HP Ballista can handle! Even if Bro’s Ballista is in full health, it cannot take the beating, 1 unit of pearl is 100 portions, which means Bro has to harvest 100 pearls! Does it mean Bro have to kill all the crocodiles here? Is it even possible? Bro cannot even kill 1 crocodile!

Even Ballista cannot deal with it, then won’t Bro, this Pikeman even more unable to settle it? Could it be Bro have to Stealth underwater to steal it? Got to be joking, no matter how OP Stealth is, can it even not stir the water when going into the water? Bro is not even a ghost!

Anyways, these crocodiles definitely cannot be killed by brute force.

However, since it is a gathering quest, killing mob is never the main point. As a pro, Da Fei begins to think deeply all the seemingly impossible gathering quest that has ever happened, for a while, he sinks deep into ball ache……

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