God Rank Hero

Chapter 56

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Normally, doing a gathering quest with BOSS guarding the treasure requires cooperation, which is one person lure the mob, the other gather.

However, the situation now is there is no one to cooperate, those pirates are unfriendly towards Da Fei, there is no way to command them. And ambush-type mobs like crocodiles are not easy to lure, ambush-type mobs are normally very patience, will not easily waste stamina, if there is no certainty, they will normally not make a move, once they are really attracted, then it will be a lightning fast strike, definitely will lose control.

Stealth is definitely not going to work too, once entered water, it will be exposed.

What to do? If Bro drive the big ship over, maybe can try and see whether can fish crocodile just like fishing great white shark, but this kind of situation now, the tools Bro can depend on is almost none!

Fishing? Suddenly, Da Fei’s mind moves!

Yes! Fishing is still possible! Da Fei who figured it over laughs, and immediately makes his way to the forest on the island. The pirate have said it, there is ferocious beasts on the island, there is ferocious beasts naturally means there must be prey too, and Da Fei is going to be a hunter naturally.

Da Fei begins to Stealth after entering the forest, and then uses the telescope to search all over. Not long later, an animal that looks like a goat enters his view, Barren Island Goat! That is it, it has plenty of meat and is just nice to attract the crocodiles away.

Closer, closer, quietly enters, do not make a sound——Pat! The twig below his feet crackles, that goat is instantly alarmed, it runs out of sight in a flash. The f.u.c.k, its speed is really not something a mere human can catch up to.

Continue! And then, Da Fei discovers a few goats again, and without exceptions, all escaped before he can even get close. Da Fei is depressed already.

Pikeman being a hunter is really a joke, even primitives know how to use bow and arrows and flying spear, Bro cannot even be compared to primitives.

Then look for ferocious beasts! Ferocious beasts will not run away! Soon, Da Fei encounters a ferocious beast, Barren Island Big Leopard! Da Fei immediately checks its information.

——Barren Island Big Leopard: Attack 17, Defense 8, HP 75, Damage 11-20, Attack Speed 23, Movement Speed 20, special ability: Lurk, Climb Tree, Rapid Bite, Choke Lock Kill.

Da Fei is instantly silent. The reason why ferocious beast is called ferocious beast, must be because it has a huge advantage that mere human cannot match up to. Looking at its scary Attack Speed of 23, Da Fei is feeling slightly weak already. This Attack Speed is not something a human can attain, it is difficult not to be fast with its claws slashing and mouth biting.

Bro’s 20 Attack, 30 Defense, 71 HP, 8-10 ground Damage together with paralysis toxin special effect, can defeat it or not?

This is a confusing account, need to consider cautiously. While planning, that leopard is suddenly alerted, dashes up the tree, and shrinks into the leaves.

Oh f.u.c.k! You are a ferocious beast, why are you hiding!

Since the other party is showing a weaker side, then do not care about so much, Da Fei hurriedly charges to below the tree, raises his pike and taunts: “Come down!”

Leopard only shows its eyes from the bushes, and remains unmoved. Da Fei kicks at the tree trunk: “Come down!”

Leopard: “Meow!”

Da Fei goes at it for a while, in the end, there is still nothing he can do about it, he can only sighs: “Why are you so OP?”

To humans, there is no damage if there is no business. But to animals, unless it is essential hunting or for protecting its territory, they will not kill for no reason easily. Animals know clearly what it means to get hurt, it means that the top cla.s.s predators that will be unable to hunt for a weakest rabbit, and will starve to death.

Although Da Fei is not injured now, he is the lousiest hunter himself, in this forest on the island where it is survival of the fittest, Da Fei cannot even catch a rabbit. Mere human, is indeed very minute.

However, humans have intelligence, among humans, those that reached Bro’s standard does not seems to be much too!

Thus, Da Fei thrusts all the way, he finally finds a rabbit nest among the bushes, and obtains a fat rabbit.

Wahahaha, the bait is finally gotten!

Of course, a mere rabbit is not enough for the large crocodile, the large crocodile may not even want it. Da Fei’s first target is naturally not the large crocodile but to use rabbit to lure larger prey. That’s right, using to fish small fish, small fish to fish medium fish, medium fish to fish big fish, big fish to fish beauty pirate!

Da Fei goes to the shallow water near the beach which the crocodiles occupy, chooses a position that will not alarm the crocodiles, and then begins to a.s.semble the ballista. After the ballista is a.s.sembled, he then shoots a bolt towards the front of the beach as trial, and then Da Fei places this rabbit at where the bolt lands.

The reason why Da Fei arranged it like this, is naturally to ensure the ballista can land every hits without aiming. After all, if a small-sized animal that can run fast comes, for example a fox runs off with the rabbit in its mouth, will it wait for you to take aim? And ballista has a long range, it is not easy to raise the prey’s vigilance, making it easy to hunt.

After all are fixed up, Da Fei then sits at the ballista’s base and waits quietly.

Time by. Da Fei keeps yawning, suddenly a white shadow flashes over in front of his eyes——Oh f.u.c.k! Da Fei did not see anything clearly, he steps on the trigger by reflex.

The bolt shoots out with a boom, thud! Blood shoots out everywhere and feathers are flying around! Oh my f.u.c.k! It is an osprey! Almost let it steal Bro’s hard-to-get bait! This is really like using cannon to shoot at a fly, it was too dangerous, if it did not raise its speed because it wanted to catch the rabbit, there is a high chance something big like ballista cannot hit it!

Oh well, not to mention the rabbit is saved, there is a big bird more, this is the effect Bro wants.

Now, Da Fei stacks the osprey and rabbit together, and then dares not be careless at all. With the telescope not leaving his hands, stares at the sky and the forest beyond the coast vigilantly.

Not long after, all kinds of foxes and sorts begin to probe out their heads from the bushes. Hehe, come come come, let see whether you are crafty or Bro is craftier.

The results are glorious, by the time the sky is dark, all kinds of foxes, ospreys, seabirds’ blood and flesh stacks into a small pile.

However, the crocodiles in the waters are still not making a move. Da Fei begins to get anxious, crocodiles are really scavengers, right? Is it they did not see it? Did not smell it? Or not up to its’ taste? Could it be Bro have to lure whole island’s large size ferocious beasts over to stack into a large heap of corpses? Or this tactic of Bro is actually wrong from the beginning, they do not buy it in the first place?

Just when he was being anxious, the bushes beside the sh.o.r.e begins to move, something big is coming! Da Fei’s spirit is lifted.

It appears, Barren Island Scavenging Large Lizard!

——Barren Island Scavenging Large Lizard: Attack 13, Defense 15, Damage 11-18, HP 130, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 7, EXP 570, special ability: Rotten Tracking, Life-Taking Plague, Corpse Eating.

Scavenging Large Lizard’s tongue has very strong sense of smell, it can smell the scent of corpse from a few kilometers away. They eats rotten corpses all year round, their teeth and saliva are filled with many kinds of incurable toxin, no matter how strong the animal is, once it is bitten by Large Lizard, maybe 1 day, maybe half a month later, only death awaits them! This is the reason why the Large Lizards without outstanding combat power or speed can run wild on Barren Island.

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches, needless to say, this image and this setting are obviously copying Indonesia’s Komodo Dragon. If it is like this, Bro’s corpse heap can finally take shape. Its HP and Defense cannot take a shot from Bro!

As expected, when the first large lizard enters the ambush circle defenselessly, Da Fei kills it with a shot.

——System notification: You killed Barren Island Scavenging Large Lizard, gained 570 EXP.

Just looking at its stats, this EXP is still pa.s.sable! However, looking at its scary special ability that can kill one or several with its life, this EXP is slightly miserable.

After the first came, a second comes, very quickly, Large Lizards appears from the bushes continuously, in the night, these Large Lizards’s eyes are like light bulbs, the whole sh.o.r.e’s bushes is bright throughout.

Oh my f.u.c.k! Bro didn’t lure all the large lizards on the island over, did he? Come, add on to Bro’s heap of corpses! Haha, wahahahaha!

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