God Rank Hero

Chapter 58

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Facing this crocodile that is bulky and slowly pushing sand forward like a bulldozer, Da Fei’s second shot fires with a boom! “-247!” “-159!!!”

——Bang! It is really like a balloon exploding as expected, a huge lizard that is completely stained with slime props out from the crocodile’s belly!

——System Notification: You killed a Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile, gained 15000 EXP!

——System Notification: You killed a leader-rank creature of a higher level than you alone, completes achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins> Progress: 12/100

——System Notification: You obtained information about Grand Master Scouting sub-skill “a.n.a.lyze Information”.

Haha! Wahahaha! Da Fei’s wild laughter resonates through the beach! Killed a BOSS with 2 shots 4 bolts that cannot be defeated under normal situation! What is this? This is Bro being OP!

Is there a need to think about what to do now? So many crocodile BOSS, such a trap-ish quest map, it is not a trap at all now! You all will help Bro attain the dream of 100 consecutive wins! Under normal situation, this is only player that has ball-ache until a certain degree can achieve, but now, it is right at Bro’s fingertips, just like a feast of you all is also right at the fingertips! Bro is the real man standing at the top of the food chain!

Another 2 crocodiles’ bellies exploded, a golden light descends from the sky! Level 21! Leveled up! A crocodile has 15 thousand EXP, 100 crocodiles will be 1.5 million, how many levels can Bro raise? 24? 25? 26? Wahahaha! Bro has only played 3 days! What level is the highest level player in the world is right now? Ehm, who cares what level he is, with Bro’s realm, I cannot be bothered to compete with others, wahahaha!


Another crocodile is bombed down without resistance. Barren Island’s beach is currently showcasing humans’ ugliest, and most sinful ma.s.sacre. Hunting not for survival, not for self-defense, not even for trade, totally for EXP only! This is game, game is really sinful! As a player, exactly what kind of dark and twisted desire are they going to fulfill in the game?

Da Fei’s heart calms down from the initial craze, and begins to ponder deeply about this kind of sophisticated question—— Why every time he killed a crocodile, the system will notify him about obtaining information about  Grand Master Scouting sub-skill “a.n.a.lyze Information”, but Bro cannot find the information anywhere? Where is the information?

The key question is still the first thing he thought of just now, “a.n.a.lyze Information” is clearly recorded on public skill book, as long as one reaches Grand Master level, it can be learned with skill point, it is not like the skill “Stealth Sailing” which is not recorded on the skill book and requires players to gather information, why does it keep notifying about the information?

To become a real expert, a real professional player, one must learn to think, learn to observe!

Observational ability may be limited to player’s level and have no choice but to lose many important things, for example, that G.o.d rank scroll, but brains is their own, no one can take it away! Bro’s Voyager is gotten this way, so, this Grand Master sub-skill that is the only one in Scouting to have great combat power, Bro will not let it slip by so easily no matter what.

Learning “a.n.a.lyze Information” is actually not difficult, the difficult part is, Scouting reaching Grand Master! If Grand Master is not attained, there is no point in gathering so much information.

Then the problem next is to think about how to reach Grand Master? The only hint the official web gave is it requires players to realize and discover themselves, the method is not sole! This is the watershed between pros and ordinary players.

It was recorded in Juan’s diary, after he saw through Pirate King Red Beard’s G.o.dly skill Stealth Sailing, golden light descended and he leveled up, this is an important message. But this message has a prerequisite, that is at the very least, his Scouting must have reached Master first, right?

And what level is Bro’s Scouting? Advanced! Then enlighten my a.s.s!

Nothing much to say, this kind of obvious enlightenment’s crucial moment is not the time to be stingy with skill points, Bro’s leveling is like sitting on rocket, why be scared of having no skill point? Furthermore, Scouting is originally a skill Bro intended to max.

Da Fei is no longer lost, he takes out the Scouting skill book while reloading——This time, look clear and accurately, it is Scouting, not wrong!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Expert Scouting!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Master Scouting!

Graduated from Scouting university!

——Master Scouting: Increase Hero’s field of view by 100%, Hero obtains night-vision ability. Hero can train special scouting unit, Scout in their castle……

With the skill raising of 2 levels, Da Fei feels the world is wider! This kind of feeling, really refreshing! The advantage of having a refreshing field of view is the mind’s thoughts seems to be refreshing too as well.

Come, now that Bro is Master level already, there is qualification to talk about Grand Master now.

Since the way to comprehend Grand Master is not sole, Juan obviously gained enlightenment by anti-disguise skill, and what skill is Bro using to gain enlightenment? Without a doubt, it must be sub-skill Gather Information! Bro only has this skill taking effect.

Only after learning “Gather Information”, can that weird 3 question marks special ability’s information be obtained, only then can the monster’s weakness be further a.n.a.lyzed and discovered, and only then can damage ignoring Defense be dealt, this is the principle behind the skill “a.n.a.lyze Information”, right?

But now, the effect is in reverse, the monster ate too full and showed its weakness itself, it is impossible to not deal high damage, there is no need for a.n.a.lyze already! Which is to say, the situation now is deriving skill in combat! And not skill affecting combat! Thus, System will continuously notifying a.n.a.lyze Information’s skill information?

What is called deriving? For example, how did Netwon’s Law F=ma come about? The phenomenon is first discovered, then gather statistics, then finalize law, and finally obtaining the law’s formula, this is deriving! The situation now is most or less deriving too.

Boom pat! Another 2 bolts fly out! Although Da Fei’s brain is busy, his hands is not stopping too.

——System Notification: You killed a Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile, gained 15000 EXP!

——System Notification: You further completed Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile’s information!

——System Notification: You obtained information about Grand Master Scouting sub-skill “a.n.a.lyze Information”.

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches, further complete information again! He then hurriedly opens the crocodile’s information for a look, the 3 question marks finally became words!

——Gluttony Feeble: Reptiles normally are unable to choose the size of food, and can only binge eat and devour it raw, this leads to Defense and Speed greatly decreasing.

That’s it! The reason why it is question mark just now is because Bro’s Scouting level is insufficient resulting in difficulty in gathering more detailed information! Now that, it is Master level, it is naturally possible now. Then, if it is Grand Master level, will the information gathered be even more detailed? After all, Master level only specify greatly decrease, but no exact values are given, this kind of vague words obviously is unlike standard special ability’s introduction, so there definitely must have even more detailed information.

The problem is, Bro is not Grand Master, right?

At this very instant, Da Fei’s thinking is clear again! To prove his a.s.sumption, Da Fei immediately loads the bolt, and aims at the next crocodile!

Bang! With the sudden death of this crocodile,

——System Notification: You further completed Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile’s information!

Information again! Da Fei opens the message window to take a look again, there is no new question mark special ability, it is still that line of word as introduction. Then what information is Bro gathering?

Is there a need to ask? It is naturally the System gathering sample data non-stop in the behind the scene! The different degree of stuffed the crocodile is, the degree of decrease in Defense and Speed is naturally different too. When all the sample are gathered, it is naturally the time “Gluttony Feeble” will display detailed data in the introductions, and this should be the effect Grand Master Scouting can obtain!

What is this? It is still deriving skill in combat! What does this mean?

The day the special ability is perfected, is the time to comprehend Grand Master! Haha, wahahaha! Da Fei who suddenly thought it through faces the sky and laughs out loudly! About thinking for so long, in the end isn’t it just putting the skill point into Master Scouting and then killing this kind of specific mob? Ha.s.sle my a.s.s! Continue killing!

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