God Rank Hero

Chapter 60

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Chapter 47

By now, it is already late night in the game, the moons is bright and stars are few on the sky, and the smell of the night breeze fills the nose. Not much crocodiles are remaining on the beach already, and when another crocodile has fallen,

——System Notification: Congratulations! You completed the achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins>, accomplished a brilliant act and demonstrated an individual’s peerless valor, your subordinates are filled with fighting spirit and courage because of you, you obtained reward of HP 20, character base Damage 1, tactical reward: All units’ HP 2, Command Power 10, Morale 1.

At this time, as a Grand Master, Da Fei nods slightly in a graceful manner: “Not bad not bad! What must come will come eventually.”

Although all units’ HP 2 effect is not obvious, and even seems better than nothing to higher level units, once it is stacked with the all units’ HP 2 of Armorer sub-skill “Infinite Vigor”, it is quite terrifying already. It is equivalent to Pikeman and Archer’s HP increasing by 50%, or doubling the HP of the 5 HP Skeleton. It has great increase to low level units. It is practically G.o.d-like leap of low level units! It is really worth for player to solo 100 BOSS. In front of such a G.o.d-like reward, the Morale 1 can only be treated as a freebie.

Aish, this is Bro’s OP life of adversity, even in a dire situation, Bro can still create a paradise!

Ehm, this, can Bro face the sky and laugh loudly? No way no way! Image, image, Bro is a Grand Master now, such a small matter only, have to be composed, haha, wahahahaha!

Now, Da Fei’s stats are as below:

Level: 25.

Specialty: Storm Sailing.

Cla.s.s: Pikeman, Beginner Voyager, Newbie Trainee

Fame: -3120 (Notorious, your current Fame will make you have a hard time getting quest from NPC, and will even lead to hostility from certain NPC, and friendliness from certain NPC at the same)

Attack: 19 (Level 19’s 18 stat points all added to Attack, Captain’s Sword on-land 1. 5 free stat points gained from sub-Cla.s.s Voyager, and 6 stat points from Level 19 raising to Level 25, a total of 11 stat points unallocated yet because it does not affect ballista’s power)

Defense: 31 (Full set of character equipment obtained from pirate’s s shop adds 30 Defense, Captain’s Sword’s on-land 1 tactical Defense)

Magic: 0

Knowledge: 0

Base Damage: 11-13 (On creation 1-3, Sea Anemone enchantment 1, Lonely Warrior achievement 1, Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins achievement 1, Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins achievement 1, every 5 level system has Damage reward at Level 25 5, Captain’s Sword on land 1. Captain’s Sword 1 on-land Damage affects the entire legion)

HP: 105 (On creation 10, every 1 Level 2, Lonely Warrior achievement 10, Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins 15, Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins 20, all units HP 2)

Attack Speed: Normal 11 (Captain’s Sword 1 on land)

Movement Speed: 10

Morale: 3 (Hero’s innate 1, Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins 1, Basic Leadership 1)

Luck: 1 (Basic Luck 1)

Command Power: 48 (Level up 24, First Battle achievement 10, Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins 10, total 44, Basic Leadership adds 10%, a total of 48)

Stamina: 100

Learned skills: Master War Machines (sub-skill Ballista Master); Grand Master Scouting (Sub-skill Gather Information, Stealth, a.n.a.lyze Information), Basic Luck, Basic Leadership, Basic Offence, Basic Armorer, Basic Archery, Basic Logistics.

A total of 19 skill points used, 5 skill points remaining unallocated yet.

Da Fei happily packs the ballista, and walks to that bonfire at the beach

far away with brisk steps. What expression will they have after they knew Bro killed all the crocodiles? Wahahaha, it is really worth looking forward to.

The beach why the ship is moored at, the pirates are surrounding the bonfire, barbecuing fish, drinking and playing finger guessing games throughout the night. Have to say, this kind of days are really free and easy.

Seeing that Da Fei have returned, the pirates are no choice but be startled: “Completed? So fast?”

Da Fei pats the resource bag on him and smiles lightly: “Just that, I killed so many crocodiles, it’s a pity to waste those skins, I’ll give it to you guys to deal with it.”

The pirates all get a shock. That pirate leader suddenly stands up: “The few of you stay here, I’ll go and take a look!” Immediately after, he turns into a gust of wind and disappears into the night. This movement definitely surpa.s.s the range of regular units’ Movement Speed, right? Have to say, there are really many able people hiding among the pirates, and should not be belittled. However, the playing field is still low. Bro will not join you. Bring on whatever nitpicking tricks you all have, Bro is still worried 1 Grand Master is not enjoyable enough, and wants to test the power of a.n.a.lyze Information too, haha, wahahaha!

Amidst the pirates’ whispering, that pirates runs back yelling, he says with a face saying inconceivable: “All killed! All are really killed! The beach is filled with crocodiles’ corpses!”

The pirates is in an uproar, and looks at Da Fei like they are looking at a monster.

This is the expression Bro wants! Da Fei smile lightly: “I’m the man who killed great white shark alone after all, killing a few more crocodiles is nothing at all.”

That leader takes out a signal gun from his arms, and then with a bang at the sky, a bright tracer round whizzes and flies toward the night sky and then explodes with a boom.

Although he has no idea what is this for, it definitely will not be something unfavorable to Bro. Da Fei also does not asks too much, calmly sits beside the bonfire and takes out the food and wines he bought with the money he earned from working and starts to eat and drink. Naturally, as a Grand Master, he must be magnanimous. Da Fei then gives the extra wines to them: “Come, let’s drink together.”

The pirates all nods repeatedly: “Drink! Everyone, continue drinking, haha!”

Only at this time, Da Fei then feels himself more or less gaining the respect of the pirates. The feeling of respect from the enemy, it is really good, haha.

When the sky is slightly bright, 5 or 6 medium-size pirate ships came on the sea, the mobility and reaction of pirates are really quick.

That pirate leader says in a low voice: “It seems boss came personally.”

Da Fei says in surprise: “Captain Locke?”

Pirate snorts coldly: “Kid, Captain Locke can choose you personally, you better know what’s good for you.”

Da Fei shakes his head slightly and not says anything. How can a swallow know of the aims of a swan goose?

It is close already. The pirate ship drops anchor near the beach, and large group of pirates jump off the beach and wade to the sh.o.r.e. Locke, and that Ballack’s tall figure is clear and visible among the crowd. Scouting’s night vision is just really useful.

“Kid, not bad!” Under the night sky, Da Fei’s eyes met with his from far away. Needless to say, this Locke’s Scouting is not below his.

“Still okay, I guess.” After the short 2 lines conversation, Locke and Ballack already charge to the front of the bonfire. The other pirates run to the crocodile beach instead.

Locke laughs: “Kid, I’m really admiring you more and more already. I did not expect a small harvesting quest of Katarina can let you make such a huge commotion out of it. Now, we can develop this Blood Pearl Island, and we will have income from specialty product too. How about it, work with us? You will have shares of Blood Pearl Island too.”

——System Notification: You helped Barren Pirate develop an expensive specialty product, your Fame in Barren Pirates becomes Admiration!

——Beginner Tip: Your Fame increase with a certain faction can let you receive quest of that faction, buy that faction’s unique specialty product, and obtain all kinds of price discount.

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches, Admiration? This Fame can be obtained from hostile factions? Ehm, doesn’t matter now, obtaining Fame can’t be anything bad anyways.

Da Fei does not answer his request, and only asks: “What is your relationship with Katarina?”

Locke laughs: “My daughter, pretty, right! As long as you join us, anything can happen between you and her!”

——Ah pfft! Thank goodness, luckily she is not your mistress, Bro’s heart is more or less slightly relieved. Just a pity…

Da Fei shakes his head and sighs: “I’ll not join you guys. But I’ve a suggestion. I discovered that your goods are not convenient to sell, so I want to help you all sell the stolen goods, so I should ensure my legal ident.i.ty in Hero Continent, what do you say?”

Locke’s face blackens.

Ballack is enraged: “Kid! You’re too full of yourself! Those that you saw are just some of the trash that we don’t want and just throw away casually. Our good things have many ways out.”

Locke laughs instead: “It’s okay, you can come and find me any time you come through.”

Waving his hand after finishing, that pirate that was rowing the boat instantly get it, and immediately pushes Da Fei on the small boat: “Let’s go, time to go back already.”

Along the way, all the pirates only row the ship silently, and n.o.body spoke to Da Fei at all.

Da Fei knows, he has offended NPC quite a bit. He has rejected the other party’s recognition numerous time, and is too obvious in looking down on the other party. If he was the other encountering this, he definitely will kill him. Have to say, as a pirate, his magnanimity is really outstanding. Naturally, this is a game after all, it has no way of forcing players to change cla.s.s.

Anyways, back on sh.o.r.e already, Da Fei returns to the tavern again.

Katarina is still sitting at the bar counter being coquettish yet poetic. Aish, beauty, if you are a woman in the real world, Bro probably would have really be a pirate for you. It is a pity, Bro is just that realistic.

Katarina flips her hair, raises the cup and smiles: “For warrior’s triumph, cheers.”

Hehe, it is really after Fame has increased, look, the beauty is smiling like a flower already. Da Fei then offers all the blood pearls in the resource bag: “I’ve completed Miss’s quest. The extras are my present to Miss.”

Katarina receives the bag and laughs: “Thanks!”

——System Notification: You completed quest <Gather pearl>, gained 50,000 EXP, obtained 500 gold coins, your Relationship points with Katarina increase additionally.

Oh f.u.c.k! 500 gold coins! Bro finally has money!

Katarina gives a long sigh: “You always said pirates’ playing field is too small and is unwilling to join the pirates, then how big exactly is the outside world?”

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches! There is something! No matter there is a chance or not, hurry up and confess, have to be thick-skinned!

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Very very big, especially the New World G.o.ds have created, that is the land of my dreams. I, I naturally want to realize my dreams with my beloved woman more.”

Katarina finishes the wine in the cup in 1 shot and sighs slightly: “There is a storm 3 days later, everyone will be mobilized to guard against the disaster, and there is also nothing for you in the tavern. You’ve worked hard for this trip too, so take a good rest for these few days.” After finishing, she exits with a twisting of waist.

Da Fei gets a shock! Storm! Rest for a few day? Is she giving me a hint? Which is to say, she also knows the storm is my only chance of escaping? Is she point shaving for me? Hey hey, don’t go, Relationship points already increased additionally, isn’t time to return the scroll? You cannot keep it for yourself!