God Rank Hero

Chapter 62

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At this time, Da Fei’s Deputy Hero column is shining brightly. Da Fei cannot wait to check her stats. This feeling is just like how a husband cannot wait to check on his bride on the wedding night.

Katarina: Pirate leader Ballack once s.n.a.t.c.hed a n.o.ble lady to be his wife, and gave birth to his daughter Katarina. Under her mother’s influence, Katarina yearns for the luxurious life like the n.o.ble ladies from young but her father Ballack wanted to groom her to be his successor. Among the mountain of goods that the pirates have looted, she is always able to find the most valuable treasure.

Personality: Pa.s.sionate, loves extravagant.

Loyalty: 100 (Loyalty dropping below 10 will make Deputy Hero leave you.)

Level: 30.

Hero Cla.s.s: Master Pirate. (Increase troops’ damage on sea by 50%, increase ship’s moving speed on sea by 25%, effects are stack-able with Offense and Sailing)

Specialty: n.o.ble’s Temperament (n.o.ble’s temperament can make people look n.o.ble and refined, easier to gain recognition from upper cla.s.s society and respect from the at the bottom)

Cla.s.s Specialty: Treasure Appraisal Master (Upgrade form of Pirate’s Cla.s.s Specialty “Treasure Instinct”, pirates have exceptional instinct towards discovering treasures, while Katarina is even more outstanding in this aspect)

Command Power: 36

Attack: 60 (60 Tactical Attack, weapon 10 character Attack)

Defense: 30 (30 Tactical Defense, armor 30 character Defense)

Magic: 0

Knowledge: 0

HP: 70

Attack Speed: 22 (Weapon 2 Attack Speed)

Movement Speed: 14

Close Range Damage: 17-22

Long Range Damage: 4-8

Character Special Ability: Dual Wield Weapon, Firearms Shooting, Agile Dodge, War Plundering, Threaten. (Active-type special ability’s activation will consume additional Stamina)

Hero Skill: Master Navigation, Master Offense, Intermediate Leadership

Current Equipment: Scarlet Dual Blades, Pirate’s Full Leather Armor Set

——Scarlet Dual Blades: Character Attack 10, Damage 4, Attack Speed 2.

——Dwarven Short Handle Firearm: Character Attack 10, Damage 4-8.

——Pirate’s Full Leather Armor Set: Character Defense 30.

Artifact in possession: Precise Artisan’s Telescope.


After looking at her background introductions, looking at her stats, Da Fei still has an awkward feeling of not knowing whether to cry or laugh amidst being marveled.

She is supposed to be a pirate, right? Why is her Specialty n.o.ble’s Temperament? Why is even her Cla.s.s Specialty this Treasure Appraisal Master? Isn’t this too cultured?

Naturally, in front of true love, Specialty is not important, Level is not important, stats are not important, skills are not important, personality is not important, not even gender is important too, but life is about day-to-day necessities, so long-term reasonable planning is still necessary.

Judging from tactical stats, she has already used this Pirate Cla.s.s’s all Attack to the extreme. 10 levels of beginner stage adds 10 Attack, after Level 10 and changing Cla.s.s to Pirate, every level system will automatically allocate 1 Attack, free stat points continue to add to Attack, raising to Level 30 will be 50 tactical Attack. What does 50 Attack means? Da Fei has worked under Renoir before, so he is really too clear about it.

And what scarier is, Master Pirate Cla.s.s’ stats can still be stacked with additional 50% damage on top of Master Offense, thus doubling damage! Her Damage on sea is definitely on the level of Angel. And her Special Ability is Dual Wield Weapon, what is Dual Wield Weapon? It is holding 2 sabers on each hands, this means her Attack Speed is 2 times as fast as ordinary people, so this really scary 22 Attack Speed is not groundless.

Naturally, the weakness of pursuing high damage and high Attack Speed is also obvious, low HP and Defense! Pirates encountering Mages is definitely a disaster. Naturally, Bro is so OP, getting an Epic Hero just after playing for 3 days. By the time others’ Mage is formed, Bro’s Mage would have been way ahead of them so who is afraid of who? However even so, low Defense is still a big problem, as the main Hero, Bro should plan a bit on stat allocation.

The problem now is her Specialty.

n.o.ble’s Temperament is not a combat Specialty that Bro needs nor is it a management Specialty, but pirate is not scary, a cultured pirate is. Epic Hero’s existence itself has its logic, it just depends on whether the player knows how to use it.

Da Fei asks with a thick-skinned: “Dear——”

Katarina flirtatiously snorts: “Oh stop it~”

Oh stop it~~! This feeling is practically making Bro melt! Is Bro really playing games? Why does women in reality never give Bro this kind of feeling before, is this really true love? Wahahaha!

Da Fei asks with a greedy face: “Baby! How is your n.o.ble’s Temperament Specialty used?”

Katarina flips her hair and sighs: “Humans, 30% depends on temperament, 70% depends on dressing up, and so good clothing is required.”

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Good clothing? I have many. I have 5 or 6 sets!” He then takes out Captain of Marine’s Formal Uniform. This is a high-end good!

Katarina’s eyes brighten up as expected, and then smiles bitterly: “This is a male’s clothing!”

Da Fei: “Ehm…”

Katarina receives the clothes instead and smiles: “But, women’s charm is in that clothing does not have different genders!” After finishing, she immediately takes out the wet white shirt, and a pair of tanned covered in white bikini suddenly shoots out!

At this very instant, Da Fei’s eyeb.a.l.l.s pops out as well! But that is not all! Katarina then takes off her black leather mini-skirt, and that red hot rose tattoo under the white shirt blooms!

At this very instant, Da Fei is hard! Although Da Fei have seen countless hot bikini models, s.e.xy lingerie models on the computer, and naturally also art teachers with famous artistic skills and morals, only the Katarina in front of him causes him to have uncontrollable impulse!

——Pfft! Why so impulsive! Naturally is because the Katarina in front of him is his woman! His and others, the feeling is totally different!

Open beta’s players really did not bluff me, beauty Hero really can exhaust male players’ vigor to death! They can fulfill males’ mental enjoyment which they have difficulty obtaining in the real world! Bro finally understands why female Heroes are so few, because female Heroes uses more game resources than male Heroes. The game publishers’ aim is clear as day! Even if they know that this is a trap, countless male players will still jump into it! This is a sickness, have to be treated!

Game publishers’ scheme is already seen through by Bro. As a professional player, will Bro still jump into your trap and be fooled by you? Hmph, if Bro does not do it, who will?

Amidst the dazzling scene, Katarina has already coiled her hair and changed her clothes. A graceful, heroic young navy officer’s image has appeared before his eyes.

Katarina raises her b.u.t.t, clamps her legs together and imitates an officer’s salute at attention: “How is it?”

Da Fei is really disappointed in his heart. As expected, sun tanning without clothes on and letting Bro apply sunscreen lotion for you is still better. He then claps and praises: “Good! So stylish!”

Katarina’s smile is brighter now: “Have you seen my n.o.ble’s temperament yet?”

Is there? Where is it? Da Fei’s gaze sweeps up and down, and suddenly discovers the Hero halo below Katarina’s feet turned into faint golden color. Oh f.u.c.k! Pirate Hero’s blood red halo turned into Knight/Priest Hero’s golden halo! Changing clothes actually changed the Hero’s faction too!

This is definitely a swindler!

Deputy Hero, has different factions and races. It may not have much of an influence when following players out to war, being able to fight will do. However, it is inevitable to have all sorts of troubles during peace time. For example, after Human players recruited an Undead Deputy Hero, Undead Hero cannot enter the city, and can only be deposited at the barrack outside the city with the troops. (Note: Player’s troops cannot enter the city)

And the use of Deputy Hero is not only following players to war, they can also lead troops to battles on their own, or replace players to complete quests independently, or be a deputy castellan to help players manage their castles. Especially players who have castles, when players are not online, the effect of Deputy Hero castellan is especially important. The abilities of the Deputy Hero decides whether the player can have a good night’s sleep.

And ships are known to have the saying of being a moving territory, ships are equivalent to a moving castle. After Da Fei appoints Katarina as Chief Mate, Katarina can make merchant trips independently when Da Fei is not on board, and even when not online. (Isn’t it like offline gold grinding hack?) However, if Katarina is a Pirate Hero, then that will not be a.s.sured, the kingdom’s navy may let her off on the account that Da Fei is her master, they may also fight once encountered, and may even not let Katarina reach port. Anyways, anything can happen.

Therefore if players want to avoid ball-ache, in principle, they should hire Hero from the same faction. Unless the opposing faction Hero they encountered is especially valuable.

And what is Katarina’s current situation considered as? Dual ident.i.ties! Getting along both sides of the law! If it is like this, her security when running merchant trips by herself will greatly increase. The benefits are probably not only these, as a pirate herself, she can go to pirates’ territory to dispose of stolen goods. This is equivalent to Bro being able to open up the whole pirates’ market!

Da Fei finally where the value of her Specialty is——This is definitely going the upper cla.s.s route, those fighting Specialty’s realm is instantly when compared to hers.

However, although going the upper cla.s.s route is high-end, it still needs lower cla.s.s route as foundation, Bro still have to require Heroes that can fight to fill up the team. To make up for Pirate’s insufficient HP and Defense, and to build a Stealth Sailing team, the next step is to recruit a magic-type Hero, beauty has priority.

Talking about beauty magic Hero, Da Fei suddenly thought of that 15 years old daughter from Sailing Master’s diary. She is placed in the church all these time, right? Will she know some light magic? Will she be a Hero? For a moment, Da Fei is faintly looking forward to it.

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