God Rank Hero

Chapter 65

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In Elf Kingdom Erowlin port, Shocking Cannon is also considered a slightly famous player.

As a Dwarf, coming all way from Dwarf Kingdom to Elf Kingdom, just for using Elf Kingdom as a base for running merchant trips and earning money. Elf Kingdom’s handicrafts are well-known for being in great demand in Light Alliance. A statue with a purchase price of 100 gold coins freighted to Human Kingdom can be sold at a huge profit of 800 to even 1000 gold coins.

But handicrafts are considered high-end goods in Elf Kingdom, only players with high business certificate level can buy it. Furthermore, Elf Kingdom is far away from Human Kingdom on sea route, big ship must be bought for it to work. In actual fact, inter-country trade must be on big ships with large cargo volume, who will drive a small ship transporting that few units of cargo and drift on the ocean for dozens of days while having the risk of capsizing?

Thus, Shocking Cannon made around 20 good friends and grind Fame and Level together at nearby ports, and then everyone is discussing about pooling to buy a large ship. And then, after enough money is earned, Shocking Cannon’s advantage as Dwarf will begin to show, crafting weapons! Dwarfs’ weapons are number 1 in Light Alliance, or can be said as number 1 in the world.

Anyways, Shocking Cannon and his companions’ days are well-planned.

And today, there is a pleasant surprise on their route! Red Names have no rights. Killing Rubbish Red Names can get rid of evil for people, and can also receive the high bounty on the wanted list, why not? Naturally, things like killing Red Names to get their drops have no need to be said out loud.

Blood Sea Studio.

These 2 days, Blood Sea Mad Waves had been very busy. The studio is set up, clearing the place, recruiting people, recruiting trustworthy acquaintances to manage, laying down the studio’s system, creating system like wage and benefits, forming an alliance with Slaying Dragon Guild and etc. There are many things to do. Good things is Blood Sea Mad Waves have many friends, who have wide contacts, so things are going quite smoothly.

Since Blood Sea Mad Waves is a famous navy battle Hero in China Region, his studio’s development is geared towards the ocean. And large ports that produce handicrafts like Erowlin have already showed their value during beta, Blood Sea Mad Waves naturally has the intention of letting his studio members station at this port to develop. Run merchant trips first, then grow their armies.

And now, Blood Sea Mad Waves received player’s report, his enemy has appeared at Erowlin’s offsh.o.r.e!

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ spirits is invigorated, and says with an angry stare: “Tell them, kill! Once the bounty is out, it has to be fulfilled! Money is not a problem! Later, I will log on and personally contact that player!”

Money is naturally not a problem. This is a chance to establish Blood Sea Studio’s reputation and prestige! Using the enemy as a sacrificial at the studio’s first day of forming is the best! As long as he revive on the sh.o.r.e, he will not be able to escape from the ocean of crowd, and that will be killing a rat until level 0!

At this time, Erowlin offsh.o.r.e, Shocking Cannon shouts loudly: “Brothers, big boss has spoken, kill! As long as he is killed, he will reward 100 thousand, everyone will get 5 thousand each!”

Everyone cheers loudly: “Charge!”

20 small sail ships immediately change course, and forming an envelopment of Flying like wolves.

The small ship’s sudden movement naturally alerted Da Fei.

“Oh f.u.c.k! Not going on merchant trips, what are you all trying to do!” As a veteran therapist, Da Fei naturally knows these players are definitely not here to welcome him.

At offsh.o.r.e, the winds and tides are calm, so big ships normally cannot run faster than small ships. Not to mention the ship only has 2 people on it, they definitely cannot escape. Naturally, Da Fei has no intention of running too.

“Bro is going to make an example of them, lest they try something after seeing Bro’s Red Name!” Da Fei’s confidence is naturally his Master Ballista. It is definitely sinking one of their small ships with each shot, and make half of them die before they can close in. And then is Sweetheart. Although Katarina is not a combat Hero, her strength comparable to Angel is still there, isn’t killing these level 10-20 players with 5,60 HP so easy? Make them cannot even board the ship.

And then, Katarina says in surprise: “Captain, we are going to fight?”

Da Fei nods, and says gloomy: “That’s right! Can’t blame me if they want to die themselves.”

Katarina laughs out of surprise: “This is still the first time seeing merchant attacking me first. It’s already good enough if I don’t plunder them first.”

Plunder? Da Fei’s heart’s skips a beat, that’s true too! Bro have to drop Fame again for killing them, not robbing their goods will really let down the Fame he dropped. After all, cleaning the Fame back needs money too.

Da Fei says pleasantly surprised: “Can we plunder?”

Katarina laughs: “With their levels, we can rob them till they are naked!”

Hey, hey, hey, baby can only rob me naked, and not rob others naked. However, if we were to plunder, the other side has 10,20 players together with small ships having at least 1 or 2 NPC sailors. It is still quite many of them. What if a player knows some magic or something, Katarina’s 73 HP is not safe enough too.

Da Fei suddenly remember he still has a Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Heart. Originally, he is preparing to sell it, but it is better to use it in this situation now. Nothing is more important than not letting Baby suffer. With her scary Attack Speed, the effect of using paralysis to interrupt is definitely going to be beyond imagination.

Both sides are coming head on. Da Fei is so scared they will be sunk from the collision he intentionally let the sails down to reduce speed. It is close, Shocking Cannon’s small ship fleet lean onto Flying with a boom, and clamp Flying around.

And then, Shocking Cannon is dumbfounded, and Da Fei also laments that he thought too much. Flying has such a high rail, how are you all going to board the ship? Did you all think you are pirates that can stand on masts and do trapeze tricks? Even if you can do it, with such a small ship of yours, even the highest part of the mast cannot reach the rail. In the end, small ship attacking a large ship, the difficulty is no different from attacking a city.

Sure enough, all the players are astonished: “Brother Cannon, we can’t board it? What to do?”

Shocking Cannon grits his teeth: “Then smash the ship! Sink it!” Looks like plundering the ship is impossible already, then there is only the bounty to be taken.

Da Fei gets a shock! Oh f.u.c.k, why do you think you can reach Bro’s ship? Bro can sink all of you with a steer of the helm!

Da Fei hurriedly throws down 2 ropes: “Hey! Come up if you have the guts!” If only 1 ropes is thrown they might not dare to come, so throw 2 ropes to boost their courage.

Shocking Cannon is overjoyed: “Why not!” And immediately shouts: “Brothers, go, anyways the big boss will give the bounty dead or alive!”

The players immediately climb up the ropes and board the deck. Not being attacked like expected when crossing over the rails made everyone secretly heave a sigh of relief.

So this is a big ship! Everyone steps on the smooth deck and involuntarily begins to cheer excitedly, just like the ship is already theirs. It is just that they did not see Da Fei: “Where is he?”

“Fools, come in if you have the guts!” Da Fei’s voice came out from the cabin’s aisle.

“What the h.e.l.l is he doing?” Everyone cannot help but mumble in their minds.

Shocking Cannon waves his hand: “Go, we have more people! We can kill him even just by exhausting him!”

All the players immediately charge into the cabin. Right when everyone enters the door, Katarina jumps down from the bridge while swings dual sabres and chases into the cabin’s aisle. For a while, the aisle is filled with screams and repeated flashing white lights. Katarina’s Attack is as high as 60, 20 Damage, and with 22 Attack Speed, Pirate’s stats and Offense increase damage by 100% and it is also a sneak attack from behind, it is totally not something these Level 20 players with 4, 50 HP can take.

That’s right, if it is a deck battle, Da Fei is worried it will be troublesome if they formed an encirclement with their numbers, so he lured they into the cabin’s narrow aisle. And then, everyone gets it.

When Da Fei and Katarina meet up after winning, Katarina proudly waves the stack of bills in her hand while sweating: “Captain, look at what this is?”

Da Fei is overjoyed: “Purchase bill! We really did s.n.a.t.c.hed it! Baby, you’ve worked hard!” However, once he thought of his Fame dropping by 4000 for killing 20 Level 1, 20 players, he cannot help but sigh. Hopefully, the value of their goods can make up for Bro’s loss in Fame, if not, Bro will have a problem even entering the port.

As for what is purchase bill? Naturally, it is the proof of merchant players buying goods from the exchange. Goods without purchase bill are dubious goods. Exchanges will not accept it, and navy will detain it when they see it. Trading goods between merchants are actually trading purchase bills. Only after obtaining the purchase bill, can the goods be considered obtained legally. In the other words, if the purchase bill is not dropped by the players, even if Da Fei s.n.a.t.c.hed all their goods, there is no place to sell, and it is s.n.a.t.c.hed for nothing.

(Note: The earliest form of futures is similar to this kind of purchase bill, those interested in futures can ask your P.E teacher.)

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