God Rank Hero

Chapter 70

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Da Fei returns to the exchange again, and the surrounding merchants are all cursing.

Tsk, are you all not done with your upholding of justice? Are you all sure you all are the victims from just now? I say, you all must be hired by that fool to shame Bro, right? Okay, Blood Sea Mad Waves, from today on, Bro will refer to you as Head of Poverty Reduction Office! Wait for it, Bro will even let you be chosen as nation’s top ten excellent youth! Let you be the chairman of Red Cross!

Da Fei begins his first transaction with the exchange’s NPC as if nothing has happened.

——System Notification: You sold 80 units of fruit wine with the unit price of 38 gold coins, obtained 3040 gold coins.

——Beginner Tip: Because your selling price is lower than the purchase bill’s purchase price, you are unable to obtain EXP from this trade.

This also cannot be helped. After all, fruit wine is product from this city, and it is already not bad for them to not buy at half price. If repairing ship does not need the cargo hold to be cleared, Bro naturally is reluctant to sell it at a loss.

——System Notification: You sold 125 units of sweet nuts with the unit price of 65 gold coins, obtained 8125 gold coins. You obtained a profit of 1825 gold coins in this trade, gained 182 EXP.

——System Notification: You sold 40 units of lavender with the unit price of 200 gold coins, obtained 8000 gold coins. You obtained a profit of 1500 gold coins in this trade, gained 150 EXP.

——System Notification: You sold 300 units of dawn wheat with the unit price of 45 gold coins, obtained 13500 gold coins. You obtained a profit of 1700 gold coins in this trade, gained 170 EXP.

After finishing the trade, he obtained a total of 32665 gold coins. This can be called a large sum of money in player’s hand currently.

As expected, man cannot be rich without a windfall. Actually, Bro did not want to take so much money, Bro just wanted to clear the Red Name. Aish, sometimes when G.o.d of Fortune wants to come, there is no way to even block it, wahaha!

Talking about trade, there is no way not to mention trade EXP and city specialty product.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the EXP gained from trading is only 10% of the profits, but this is also the basis for differentiating high level merchant and ordinary bottom tier merchant booster.[1]

Trading is very technique-intensive, as the market price is always changing. There is a few situations where merchant can get more EXP. The most common is urgent need by the city.

For example, the trader mumbles to himself: “Aiya, the city urgently needs sweet nuts!” Then the merchant immediately transports a batch of sweet nuts from nearby harbor over to sell, the EXP instantly increases by 100%. In other words, EXP = profits, and there is also additional Fame reward. Furthermore, if the trader is happy, he might just reward an equipment or even a low rank Artifact. And under the situation where the city has urgent needs, the profits are quite high. It can be said it is a bountiful harvest of gold coins, EXP and Fame.

And then there is disaster. If a certain city has negative status like diseases, famine etc. Merchants transport medicines and food over can get 100% increase. And then there is festivals. During a certain city’s festival, merchants bringing over wine, sweets and fresh flowers to sell, the EXP is also increased by 100%.

But even so, even if a city has these 3 status at the same time giving a 300% bonus, merchants’ EXP and those monster fighting players’ EXP is still nothing in comparison. After all, trading trips take a lot of time, and at the same time, beginner merchants’ small ship has low trade volume too.

Then the real heavyweight is here, transnational trade, especially transporting specialty product across nations!

Transporting Elf Kingdom’s goods to human kingdom is already 8-10 times profits. The reason why it is so profiting is because this goods is not ordinary goods, but Alliance designated and certified “specialty product”! Specialty products increase EXP by 100%.

Taking Da Fei’s situation now as example, using all 30,000 gold coins to buy this city’s specialty product “G.o.ddess Oak Statue”, spending a month of in-game time, which is 3 days’ time in the real world to transport it to Human Kingdom for selling, then it can be sold for a maximum of 300,000 gold coins, then the EXP will be 300,000!

300,000 is too little?

G.o.ddess Oak Statue’s purchase price is 100 gold coins per unit, 30,000 gold coins can only buy 300 units. It is still not enough to fill up the cargo hold, so it is really not impressive at all, so if there is 100,000 gold coins of capital, with a full hold of 1000 units, and transport over? 1,000,000 EXP!

Earning 1,000,000 EXP in 3 days in real world time, who dares to say it is too little? Ehm, players higher than Level 60 will still think it is too little. However, earning 1,000,000 gold coins from 100,000 gold coins in 3 days, that will not be too little, right?

What can 1,000,000 gold coins do? Angel is 5000 gold coins each, it can buy 200! With enough Fame, he can even build a small city in the New World.

Naturally, be it Angel, big ship with more than thousand unit cargo hold, specialty product, or building city, are all things that will only appear in the distant future, and not something players now should consider. Especially specialty products, has extremely high requirements to the amount of Fame the player has in that city, Fame in Alliance, and also Level of sea permit. Even more ball-ache is, specialty product is allocated based on the amount of investment shares player held in that city.

What is investment shares allocation? A city has something called Prosperity Value. Players spending gold coins to invest can raise its Prosperity Value, which can increase that city’s goods and specialty products’ production and quality. When quality is increased to the maximum, it can even develop new specialty product. It naturally can also increase player’s Fame too. For example, a person’s investments occupies 20% of the city’s total investments, the player can only buy 20% of the specialty products produced. Thus, during beta, there is large guilds with strong funding starting a trade war, and furiously investing to monopolize the harbor and pushing out the investment shares of solo players. The degree of cruelty is not lower than capturing others’ territories with force. Those that lost, lose both money and men.

In short, specialty product is not so easily gotten. Ordinary players still has to put their gazes on good quality high-end goods will do. Going long distance across nations and selling it will have 2-5 times profits as well.

At this time, Da Fei has 30,000 gold coins with him. Among the cursing of “Everyone don’t trade with him” from the surrounding merchants, he is secretly sighing gold coins having no place to be used. If according to the initial plan, it is definitely shouting “Buying purchase bills at high price!” now. And there is bound to be large batch of merchant players coming up to trade, and then Bro’s thousand units cargo hold will be filled up. Even if it is not specialty product, it just needs to be transported transnational for selling, it is also a lot of EXP, Fame and gold coins. Then Bro’s money will be like s...o...b..lling!

Aish, incurred the wrath of the already, even if the wrath of the is not incurred, there will definitely be someone who cannot tolerate Bro’s big ship. Life is like waves on the sea, life is like drifting on rivers, the only thing to do now is to go repair the ship, and then prepare to go only long distance quest, what a waste of talent!

Wait! Specialty product? Bro has it!

Da Fei hurriedly opens the inventory in the bag.

——Tuna Roe: Seafood. Can cultivate tuna in fish farm of territory near to the sea. Tuna is a very delicious large-size fish product, very difficult to catch and very popular in the market.

According to official site’s introduction to contributing new product, no matter this thing will be certified by Alliance as specialty product or not, as long as it is contributed to the city, it is equivalent to increasing an industry to the city. Not only will Bro’s Fame immediately skyrocket, he will also occupy at least 10% of that product’s supply quota. This at least 10% is specially reserved for Bro, has no purchase restriction on sea permit Level, and other merchants cannot buy even if they have the money, so it cannot be pushed out by trade war!

Which is to say, by that time, Bro will not even be bothered to go out to sea. Bro can just go to the exchange and buy out all of Bro’s tuna stock, and then just wave the purchase bill: “Selling fish at high price! Come and get it, big bosses!”

Although Bro’s initial plan is to keep it and sell it depending on the market, with this situation now, it cannot be kept anymore. Business opportunity is about being one step ahead, always will be ahead. Not to mention, the current situation is unfavorable, the advantage is currently losing, so he must use a killer move to open up the situation! Naturally, the most important is to vent his feelings! In other words, fronting! If he does not, others will think they have put Bro down, and will aggravate and add insult to injury, can Bro’s ears even be quiet anymore?

Thus, Da Fei makes a swift decision, and found the exchange’s NPC manager: “I want to contribute sea produce.”

That manager takes a look, and is very elated: “Thanks for supporting our city’s development, we’re a seaside city and is just suitable for developing this kind of sea produce! You’ll make a great contribution to our city’s development! This is my recommendation letter, please make your way to the town hall and look for Mayor Othoriman to receive your reward!”

So this is how it is! Meeting the mayor directly, what does this mean? Students, do you all know what rank does it take to meet the mayor directly?

Amidst the merchants’ endless cursing, Da Fei raises his head and laugh loudly while walking out of the door, n.o.body knows what is coming!


——Erowlin Notice: Congratulations! Da Fei contributed new produce to Erowlin, and made great contributions to Erowlin City. Mayor Othoriman confer the t.i.tle “Erowlin City Honorary Citizen” to player Da Fei. Player Da Fei’s Fame in Erowlin City turns into “Esteemed”!

All the players in the city are instantly startled, and then the whole city exploded with anger: “Oh f.u.c.k! Is there still justice!”

T/L note 1: Booster: A person being paid to help others level up.

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