God Rank Hero

Chapter 71

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Erowlin City town hall.

Mayor Othoriman, a tall, elegant middle-age Druid with flowy long beard and luxury clothes cordially shakes hands with Da Fei. A servant brings up fruit wine, and the two laughs loudly and celebrates by toasting.

Othoriman praises: “As a human, Mister Da Fei coming all the way over the ocean to support our Elves’ development, what kind of spirit is this? This is the spirit of internationalism, Mister Da Fei is a n.o.ble man, a pure man, and a man who has separated from vulgar tastes! Mister Da Fei is the role model of our youths in Light Alliance! Let us toast for Mister Da Fei’s contributions!”

Da Fei laughs: “Thanks Lord Mayor for the compliment, cheers!”

Othoriman smiles: “Your product needs at least half a year to cultivate, and it will be your time to realize your ambitions half a year later. You are the first to invest in my city, so we should give you the greatest privilege. Not only will you possess 20% fixed quota of tuna, the purchase price will be given at 20% discount.”

——System Notification: You obtained achievement <Erowlin City’s First Investor>,  obtained 20% fixed quota of product Tuna.

Da Fei smiles: “Thank you, Lord Mayor.” This is the advantage of being the first person! Half a year is also half a month in the real world, and New Year will already be over. However, the reward shouldn’t be just some Fame and privilege, right? And? Bro wants concrete stuff!

Othoriman smiles: “But this half a year is too long, and to merchants, the business opportunity lost is not little. As compensation, whatever request Mister Da Fei has, you can bring up now, if it is within my abilities, I’ll do my best to fulfill it.”

Da Fei’s spirits are lifted! This is the serious business! When a commoner meets with a mayor, if he does not ask some questions, sue some officials, nor collect some debts, wouldn’t he let down his life? Bro’s request must be a request that changes fate and changes adversity, so he must think carefully and clearly!

What does Bro urgently need now?

Mayor, give Bro 100 Emerald Dragons? Oh f.u.c.k! Low-cla.s.s! Ignorant.

Mayor, give Bro a dozen of divine equipment? This is not bad!

Mayor, give Bro a team of beauty Elf Legend Heroes? This is even better!

Mayor, give Bro a territory and castle! This is cooler!

Mayor, give Bro a few hidden sub-Cla.s.s? Oh f.u.c.k! Really think he is a genie in a lamp? Behind NPC is the system, will system be so generous?

Right at this time, the Katarina beside him whispers at his ear: “Ship…”

Ship? Da Fei is startled, yes, this is the most feasible request. Bro does not want units, land, nor divine equipment. As a merchant, wanting a special-type ship should be no problem, right? As a mayor, you should be able to do such a small matter, right?

Da Fei coughs: “Lord Mayor, that ship of mine is a special-type ship, but the age is too old, can Mister Mayor help me get a new one? I can use money to buy…with mortgage, and pay by installments.”

Othoriman laughs, and shakes his head non-stop.

Da Fei’s a.s.s tightens, no way right, special-type ship is really something a mere mayor cannot settle?

Othoriman claps, and a servant enters: “What instructions does Lord has?”

Othoriman takes out a card and says seriously: “Use my name card, and invite Druid Guild’s Great Druid, Elder Masadear. Our city’s distinguished guest has something to discuss with him.”

The servant bows and leaves.

Looking at this situation, Da Fei instantly feels this Great Druid has quite a background. Not only is mayor’s name card is needed to invite, he still has to inform him of the reason first, OP! However, inviting something that OP shows that this matter is feasible, and Da Fei is instantly excited.

Othoriman sighs: “Maybe, this is an opportunity, maybe Mister Da Fei can create a miracle!”

Da Fei says in surprise: “You mean?”

Othoriman laments: “We, Druid Sect believes that all wood has spirit, even dead wood can come back to life again, so even if Mister Da Fei’s ship is rotten wood, there is also the possibility of coming to life again!”

Da Fei says while pleasantly surprised: “So that’s how it is! Thank you, Lord Mayor!” Dead wood coming back to life! Oh f.u.c.k, Bro coming to Elf Kingdom is really the right choice. They are the specialists in wood! According to him, this ship is going rejuvenate again? It maybe can even gain life!

Othoriman shakes his head and sighs: “But it will not be so easy, the details will still need Great Druid Elder to explain to you.”

Looking at his expression, suddenly, Da Fei feels a thick sense of a trap blowing to him.

Da Fei says while stunned: “Is it that troublesome? Why not just give me materials for special-type ships, I can hire shipyard to build it myself…”

Othoriman says lightly: “We are elves, druids, guardians of forest, so we will not fell rare trees. On this matter, please understand.”

Da Fei laughs awkwardly: “I’m being presumptuous, hehe.” Oh f.u.c.k! If he knew earlier, Bro might as well go back to human kingdom to contribute product. Humans fell tree without blinking!

Right at this time, a long laughter can be heard from outside the door: “The distinguished guest Lord Mayor wants me to meet must be extraordinary!”

Mayor rushes to the entrance, and receives him personally: “Elder, welcome!”

A graceful and lean old elf with white hair holding onto a rainbow-colored florescence staff, and wearing a big flowery camouflage robe briskly and leisurely enters: “Is this little friend our city’s distinguished guest?”

Oh f.u.c.k, look at that Hero halo at his feet, and living until such an old age, definitely a hidden Legend Hero.

Da Fei hurriedly goes up and greets: “That’s me.”

Othoriman says: “Mister Da Fei wants to resurrect his special-type ship that is reaching its age limit, and I think this is a chance.”

Great Elder squints his eyes, looks at Da Fei, and nods continuously: “Not bad, becoming a Voyager at such a young age, you have boundless prospects.”

Da Fei laughs: “Elder flatters me.”

Great Elder nods: “Although Voyager is an up-and-coming Cla.s.s, it is indeed the world’s bravest, wisest and most adventurous Cla.s.s, this arduous quest has to be yours!”

Arduous quest? Da Fei instantly feels bad.

Great Elder continues: “To resurrect your ship, the most straightforward and reliable way is to go to Pool of Radiance. It is where the sap of the World Tree’s roots gather underground to form a subterranean sea. It is the sea of life, and also stores the source of nutriments for the World Tree’s growth. But, subterranean sea is too near the center of the ground, so contact with devils of the subterranean abyss is unavoidable. The devils polluted the Pool of Radiance, and caused the Pool of Radiance to lose its vitality. And for self-preservation, the World Tree’s roots opened a protection barrier by itself. It stopped the invasion of stronger devils, and also stopped the reinforcements of our stronger troops at the same time. This stalemate cannot continue for long, so we need a young hero to lead a team into the Pool of Radiance, drive out the devils, and purify the Pool of Radiance. By that time, Pool of Radiance’s vitality will be able to let your ship regain life, and be strengthened greatly too!”

——System Notification: Erowlin City’s Druid Guild Great Elder issues Epic Quest <Purify Pool of Radiance>, do you accept?

——Quest Tip: Pool of Radiance is located at the underground where the Hero Continent’s Elf Kingdom’s World Tree’s roots are. Its pollution issue has troubled the Elf Kingdom. The protection barrier of the World Tree can only allow Hero of Level 30 and below to enter. Elf Kingdom is searching everywhere for outstanding Heroes that fulfill the condition to enter the barrier of Pool of Radiance to purify the Pool of Radiance.

——Quest Tip: For this quest, player and player’s Deputy Hero cannot be higher than Level 30.

——Ah pfft! Da Fei spits out a mouthful of blood! Getting an Epic quest for repairing ship! Bro knew there is no free lunch in the world, are you all really teaming up to trap Bro?

“Little friend, how about it?” Great Elder looks at Da Fei calmly, and makes Da Fei feel a sense of ball-ache. Coach, I only wanted ship materials!

Mayor says again: “Actually, this quest is very arduous and the risks are great, It is also excusable even if you don’t accept it.”

This is an Epic quest that Mayor issued! As a commoner, how many chances can one get in his lifetime to meet with the Mayor? This is a quest chance that can repair ship which Bro used precious product to exchange. Any players encountering this kind of situation will absolutely not reject it, not to mention a Grand Master like Bro.

Da Fei naturally has nothing much to say: “I accept!”

——System Notification: You accepted Epic quest <Purify Pool of Radiance>!

Great Elder and Mayor clap and praise: “Not a young and accomplished hero for nothing!”

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