God Rank Hero

Chapter 72

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Da Fei asks: “How do I go to the subterranean sea? Drive a ship there?”

Great Elder smiles: “That’s right, we will activate a large-scale spell to transport your entire ship to the subterranean sea. This matter requires preparations, and it doesn’t concern me alone. I’ve to report it to the Kingdom’s capital immediately. About 10 days later, the Kingdom will dispatch a mage corp over, and that is the time when the teleportation will begin.”

Mayor also says excitedly: “That’s right, so in this 10 days, whatever Mister Da Fei needs to prepare, go prepare it immediately. Repairing ship, supplies, troops etc, feel free to leave it to us. For this expedition, our city will definitely spare no efforts to support the chosen Hero! Once you successfully complete the quest, not only will you be our Erowlin’s hero, you will also be the entire Elf Kingdom’s hero!”

Oh my f.u.c.k! The quest has not started and System is already giving out units and supplies? Is System that generous? If Bro is to fail, will the ship and character be wiped clean?

Da Fei says in surprise: “I still need 10, no 15 ballistae, and skilled gunners, will Mayor give me all these?”

Mayor laughs loudly: “Of course, we will also even prepare the magic sail that is needed sail in the windless subterranean for you, so the problem now is not how many we can deploy for you, but how many can you take. I suggest you hire 2 more Deputy Heroes to accompany you, or else with your Command Power now, you will not be able to take that much units.”

Great Elder says joyfully: “The time is pressing. I have to make my way to the capital immediately. Mister Mayor and little friend, be prepared soon.”

Mayor hurriedly says: “Elder, take care! I’ll go prepare now! Then, Mister Da Fei, excuse me! Oh right, you can ask me if you have anything you don’t understand during this period!”

Da Fei nods continuously: “Sure, sure.”

Oh my f.u.c.k! This Epic quest is really grand enough, epic enough, definitely like an expedition! Unlike Juan that dead uncle writing a will is considered Epic? Recruiting Deputy Hero, is it? Bro’s Level 25, 3 Tactical Position already recruited a Katarina, and can still recruit another 2 more, but Bro and Katarina’s Command Power is really ball-aching low.

Especially as an Epic Hero too, Katarina’s mere 36 Command Power is poles apart when compared to that Ksana Youth’s number 1 Epic Hero’s 1000 Command Power. No choice, her Deputy Hero starts as an official! Know what is an official? But also because she is an official, she is controlled by the kingdom’s orders, and cannot run around at whim, or else she can just bring 1000 Archers out and that will really be sweeping through everywhere and things will be unimaginable.

It is just that he has no way of knowing what Juan’s 15 years old Serbia is. Right, go take a look back at human kingdom, and Cla.s.s change to Knight along the way. Knight is a Cla.s.s with every skill level “Decreases 5% of entire army’s damage, increases Hero’s Command Power by 5%”, so humans’ notable feature is resistance to attacks and has many units.

Da Fei leaves the town hall, and is being onlook by a crowd of players once he exited the door.

“Isn’t he Esteemed in this city already? Why is he still a Yellow Name?”

“Esteemed in this city is not equivalent to Esteemed in the Alliance.”

“Is there any justice, he must have stolen something good to get to a fake Esteemed!”

Ha! A fool really got it correct. That’s right, Bro’s Esteemed is a fake Esteemed, but it is still better than you commoners! You all are unhappy, right? This is an illness, have to be treated! Wahahaha!

The so-called fake Esteemed is fake Fame. Fame is also divided into real and fake.

For example, we subordinates need to respect our leaders, thus we all respect our leaders very much. Every time we meet our leaders, we will need to greet them. But students, you all touch your conscience, how many of you really respect that fellow? If that fellow ended the lesson, how many will still respect him?

So this is fake respect, or in other words respect to the official position. Just now, Mayor conferred a honorary citizen t.i.tle to Da Fei to turn into Esteemed. That is fake Esteemed. Think about it, how is it possible for a person who the whole city does not know to gain real respect from others?

The so-called real Esteemed is going around the entire city, accepting quests, helping others in need without thanks. The Fame acc.u.mulated then is real Fame.

The realness of Fame affects the type of hidden quests players can receive. With the same process, similar amount of Fame, same NPC, some players can receive quest, but other players just cannot. Thus, this game is very difficult to have a fixed quest walk-through, but no matter what type of Fame, it must be high to be able to receive high-end quests, for example, the Epic quest Da Fei received now.

Then again, Da Fei obtained an “Admiration” Fame at Barren Pirates. This Fame is real Fame without a doubt. That is admiration from the bottom of their hearts. Even if the pirates are still in an unfriendly stand with Da Fei. Gain the admiration of enemies is the hardest thing to do.

Da Fei brings Katarina to in front of city’s teleportation formation. The teleportation formation can only teleport Heroes and Deputy Heroes. The units under them all cannot be teleported. The teleportation fees is the Hero’s Level multiply by 10.

——System Notification: Your teleportation this time has 2 Heroes, will spend 550 gold coins, do you confirm you want to teleport?

550 gold coins, that is 1000 to and fro. This is really not something the newbie players now can play with.

The scene changes, and Da Fei appears at St. Paul Port. This is the place the St. Antonio set out as recorded in the diary.

Da Fei flips the diary again. Getting to that page, from the recordings in the diary, that girl was sent to foster at monastery, and seems to have the habit of looking at the sea and wait for her father to return. However, that is the 10-years old her. Now that St. Antonio’s wreck is made known to the public, will she continue to look at the sea after knowing that?

Forget it, take a look at the dock first.

St. Paul Port is the largest port of Lionheart Empire. Bustling, people walking around like weaving, its prosperity is something Erowlin City totally cannot compare. This is also normal, as Elf Kingdom’s population cannot be compared to human. It is totally on a different scale.

Needless to say, this famous Yellow Name Da Fei bringing a beauty Hero suddenly appearing attracting the onlooking of large crowd of players. Among them, there is no shortage of newbie players.

“Big bro, give me some money, I’m a newbie!”

“Bro is a newbie too! Go away!”

Very obviously, this city’s players are still relatively more normal. They at most onlook or beg only, and not pretentious like Erowlin City. Bro trashing that tens of people causing their funds to stop has relief the purchasing pressure of G.o.d knows how many common merchants. They cannot wait to thank Bro in their hearts.

Thus, along the way, he was followed by players all the way. Da Fei reaches the pier, and from this end to that end, that end to this end, he does not seem anyone looking like nun or priest.

Da Fei then asks a drunk old sailor at the pier: “Excuse me, is there a 15-years old nun called Serbia here?”

Old man laughs loudly: “Nuns are not prost.i.tutes, why will they come here!”

Forget it, things like inquiring is still more reliable at taverns. For No. 1 port of humans like St. Paul, the amount of taverns is definitely not lesser than pirate islands.

Da Fei enters the nearest tavern. Inside it, players are surging around. Needless to say, this is the legendary “Headhunters”. Headhunters naturally do not behead others, but are those that look for high potential Hero talent in taverns, and then sell the intel away. After all, players have no way to know the stats of those Heroes drinking wine and waiting to be hired in the taverns in the beginning. Only after both parties drink together and Relationship points have increased, they will then let players see their stats. This is a very troublesome issue, so there is naturally professional players doing this trade.

A Yellow Name bringing a beauty Deputy Hero like Da Fei instantly attracted the exclamation of the headhunter players once he entered the tavern. And then, the players seeing that the one coming in is actually the legendary Da Fei, it even caused an uproar.

Aish, men’s so-called sense of achievement, is really nothing more than showing off fame, and beauty.

Da Fei straight away sit at the bar, orders the most expensive wine for sweetheart, and then asks: “Boss, excuse me, have you seen a 15-years old nun called Serbia? She used to come here to watch the sea frequently 5 years ago.”

The boss laughs: “Mister, don’t you know that nun’s regulations are the strictest? They cannot even step out, let alone coming to such a messy place like this frequently.”

Da Fei says in astonishment: “Boss has not seen her?”

The boss shakes his head: “Looking for nuns naturally is at the suburbs’ Holy Mother Monastery, but it is not somewhere ordinary people, especially men can go.”

No way right? There is actually this kind of restriction? If this Serbia really is a Hero, then isn’t this restriction obviously a conundrum created by System.

Right at this time, a few headhunter players are coming over while grinning: “You must be the legendary Brother Fei, we have found a few Heroes that are not bad here, are you interested in seeing?”

Oh f.u.c.k! No matter how not bad the Hero is, can it be compared to beautiful nun Hero shut in a monastery that ordinary people cannot meet with? However, still cannot confirm whether she is a Hero or not, she might just be an ordinary NPC? Never mind, let’s just see what the so-called not bad Hero is.

Da Fei asks: “Is the Command Power high or not?”

One of the players immediately says: “Boss, just come and take a look.”

Okay, this is the rule of headhunters. Trade secret, tsk.

Da Fei follows him to a certain table, and his eyes happens to meet with the eyes of this G.o.d knows what kind of burly Hero with a face of knife scars and stubble. Oh my G.o.d! Can Bro even use this kind of person?

Katarina involuntarily exclaim: “Wow!”

——Bah! Did you see your father? Da Fei turns his head and leaves without a word.

That headhunter says in surprise: “Boss?”

Who knew that Hero swoops over and clings onto Da Fei’s thigh: “New-rich! Let’s be friends!”

Da Fei’s gooseb.u.mps exploded, and kicks fiercely: “Get off!”

The crowd is in an uproar! A Hero actually cannot wait to join a player like this. This is the first time seeing this kind of thing! This is the legendary Brother Fei?

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