God Rank Hero

Chapter 9

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Changes start from now on : Hero Creates Legend -> Hero Genesis

This a stone barren island with only 100 meters circ.u.mstances. Except the few coconut trees and a large sailboat that has been stranded to the sh.o.r.e for don’t know how many years, there is nothing at all! There is n.o.body in this novice village! The difficulty of the early stage of this game can be rated as a desperate situation!

Could it be that Bro’s special ability is a G.o.d Skill, so he received a same treatment for the early stage of the game with this navy admiral? Before playing this game, Da Fei has already done the research. The better the special ability that being selected randomly, the larger the difficulty for the early stage of the game. Without doubt, no matter how large the difficulty, how fraudulent the examiner is, there is at least one fact, that is the examiner absolutely will do a.s.signation according to the specialty. That is impossible the navy admiral will be a.s.signed to the desert mountain area. Da Fei believes that due to this point, the Xue Hai Kuang Tao dare to provoke and infuriate the examiner, then being a.s.signed to this danger spot! However, more dangerous the spot is, it normally means that there is larger profits can be gained!

FML! Uninhabited island, mysterious treasure sunken ship, unimaginable harvest, wholly and totally should have prepared for the main character only! Conclusion? Unexpectedly, there is one more people! Oh my G.o.d! You send this G.o.d Rank Hero to disgust me or send me to disgust him?

This moment, Da Fei and Xue Hai Kuang Tao take their gaze back from that stranded sailboat. Both of them look at each other in dismay!

When feeling the gaze containing bad intention from Xue Hai Kuang Tao, there is a bad feeling in Da Fei’s heart. This kind of place is not big enough for the two of us, right? He will not punch and PK me, right? Level 3 soldier! To the certain extent of no solution, 1 vs 3 is something that cannot be talked over!

Da Fei immediately adapted to the circ.u.mstances and gently laughed and said: ” Brother, h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo, you and I can meet at this uninhabited island is meant that we brought together by fate. So, we should take care of each other in the future.”

Xue Hai Kuang Tao coldly said: “I have seen you before. Just now, you and I are in the Newbie’s Hall.”

Da Fei startled by his word. This fellow has a highly retentive memory! He can remember all the people in the lounge? Da Fei can only laughed gently and said:“Bro, you have a good sight. We all also come from the same Newbie’s Hall which means we’re brought together by fate.”

Xue Hai Kuang Tao’s hand grasped the sword hilt and coldly said: “You already know my innate specialty which means I must also know your innate specialty and also skills. I said clearly that my skill is Basic a.s.sault Technique!”

(Note: Basic a.s.sault Technique——increase the destruction rate of hand-to-hand combat by 10%)

Sigh, Although the request made Da Fei feeling unpleasant, but in this desperate straits, cooperation is way more better than fight! The most important thing is that Bro unable to defeat him!

Da Fei hurriedly laughed and said:”Rubbish specialty. It does not worth to be mentioned.” Then, Da Fei shows his innate specialty and skill.

Xue Hai Kuang Tao coldly said: “I don’t carry people!”

Da Fei suddenly stunned:” Erm, hey brother, I do not say that I need you to carry me. Since in this place there is just we two players only, so this is very common for us to take care of each other and work together right?”

Xue Hai Kuang Tao “qiang”(sound effect) takes out his iron sword pointing at Da Fei’s throat and laughed loudly and said: “Take care of each other? Work together? How can you this rubbish soldier qualify? If it was not for your rubbish innate specialty not worthy for me drop my Popularity and PK, I would have directly chop you. Meet once then chop once and let you to be in a weak situation for lifetime and no chance of changing it!”

FML so straightforward! When worrying about something, then there will be something appears!

Da Fei’s expression changed suddenly and said in a startled fashion :”Brother, both of us are just playing game and we just meet for the first time. There is no any deep hatred between us. Do you need to go this far? Besides that, Brother, you will have a great future as a G.o.d Rank Hero, there is no need to damage a good relationship because of this small matter.”

Xue Hai Kuang Tao laughed wildly:” This is my own choice to play game in my own way, if can’t accept please go away! To me, all the players are the most troublesome and they cannot be trusted at all !I states clearly that my account is a G.o.d Rank Hero, thus if I feel bored and don’t want to play this game, I can still sell this account to other people and can still earn few millions. Then, immediately there will be other people to take over my account! You know? ”

FML! This is another person who thinks that game can be played in his own way. This kind of person just like how Bro was in those years. This is unbelievable!

In Chang Jiang river,the waves behind drive the waves before? (This idiom means new generation excels the old generation)Da Fei has no alternative and can only sigh:” Of course.. Of course.. You are f.u.c.king awesome.”

Xue Hai Kuang Tao coldly said:“ This ship is my territory. You get away from here!”

The waves before died on the beach? (“the waves before” is referred to the idiom mentioned and “waves before” here represents Da Fei) Da Fei lifted up both hands helplessly and moved back. Then he sighed: ” OK..OK..OK..! I will go away..”

Xue Hai Kuang Tao coldly said:”You are very perceptive!” After finished saying, he turned around proudly and walked towards the sunken ship.

There are 10 thousand of green mud horses running in Da Fei’s heart. This is retribution! Now Bro can only bear with it and accept this situation. Bro now has a career and a target, thus he cannot be silly like how he was in those years.

What to do now? There is nothing in the island. The sunken ship has been taken by this guy. Bro can only go to sea to explore. In those years, Bro was a adversity rascal. There will be a way out if Bro finds carefully.

This small island although is not big, but the area that near the sh.o.r.e is not small. In the waist deep dark blue ocean, there are various kind of yellow name that represents neutral such as starfish, crab, fishes and sh.e.l.l.  However, these animals’ actual data cannot be checked. At Hero continent, every newbie can straight away check the attribute of the monsters through the official information of the game. However, these animals in this island are existences that full of mystery.

Da Fei killed a certain amount of starfish, sea cuc.u.mber and small fishes all the way but there is totally no experience for this. Da Fei gains a lot of sea food by killing them. This is better than nothing as sea food still can be eaten. Every newbie player is given one week’s water and food supply and the equipment used to light up fire for cooking and camping. The time in the game and the time in real life is 1:10 which means a day in the game is equal to 2.4 hours in the reality. When out of water and food supply, the hunger will decrease the stamina, the decrease of stamina will lead to a weak situation. Without doubt, all players are heroes and destiny’s children, so they will not starve to death. If a player leads troops to go into a battle, the player must bring sufficient foodstuffs to prevent there is any army deserter or the disband of troops from occurring.

However, keep killing these small fishes and small shrimps that without any experience is not a matter that should be done. That lobster’s claw looks very frightening and that turtle’s sh.e.l.l looks like it is not an animal to be trifled with. That red name is… sea-snake! FML, it’s so big. Hurry leave it alone!

Finally,Da Fei sees a half-human large fish leisurely wondering around. That fish looks like it is not that fierce. May be this fish can send me some experience? That’s it!

A little bit of small attack first, then follow by the spear attack like a dragon!