The Employed Empress

Chapter 160

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Jiang Liu turned vigilant and hide behind Wei Yi Yi.

"This is an accusation, your highness. It was the Empress that made me say it," Wei Lian reasoned as if he is innocent.

He might not be smiling, but there is amus.e.m.e.nt in his eyes as he stares at Jiang Liu whose head is in full view despite trying his best to hide behind Wei Yi Yi.

This prince needs to upgrade his 'hiding' skills.

"So it's my fault now," Wei Yi Yi said as she shakes her head.

"Rather, it is your responsibility now."

Responsibility? How come she does not know what does that means?

Wei Yi Yi acted like she hears nothing and whistles.

When they returned to the villa, she then learned that 'turning into a commotion' is an understatement.

There is a riot in place...

But she just left for a few hours!!!

Wei Yi Yi glare at her 'good' brother who sends her an 'up to date news'. So much for being a journalist!

Wait, he is a writer now...

Just as she dare not exit thru the gates, Wei Yi Yi has less courage to enter thru the main gate. Seeing the guards and servants running frantically to search the area, let's forget the courage, she's ready to bail out and never look back!

"What happens when an empress ask for a divorce (resign)?" Wei Yi Yi whispers to Wei Lian. In turn, Wei Lian stares at her like she grew another head.

This sister of his, who acted as if she chugged down a whole bottle love potion and got bewitched, is asking him how to separate with the emperor?

"I didn't know Boss was this paranoid. I thought he was mad last time because woman generally cannot go out randomly," Wei Yi Yi said and hide behind him. "What do we do?"

Seeing her being afraid of the Emperor's reaction, Wei Lian thought he reads too much of her words. Wei Yi Yi is as affected as he remembers her when it comes to Jiang Yu.

Wei Yi Yi preps herself up to be reprimanded. Her luck seems to run out and she finally got caught. Dyem, her Boss will now know she's cheating her time table!

The scenario she's brewing on her head pop out into oblivion when Wei Lian started dragging her back.

"What? What? Wait! My heart is not prepared yet!"

Her complaints went to deaf ears.

Even Jiang Liu and the rest followed timidly. They needed prayers for themselves and can no longer spare one for the Empress.

Just like how Wei Yi Yi easily went pa.s.s secluded areas and sneak out without b.u.mping into someone, Wei Lian leads them without being discovered.

In this place that went chaotic, he's like a fish into the water as he dodged the frantic guards.

Even though this pair of siblings that resembles nothing with each other, slowly, in Jiang Liu's eyes, he's starting to understand which part makes them blood-related.

Just as he wanted to clap and praise Wei Lian for his 'talents', he realized that this guy had actually lead them to where the emperor is!

You are not the rescue after all! A fox! Wei Lian is a cunning fox!

Jiang Yu is walking frantically while directing quick but precise orders to Xiao Lin Xi. A large amount of guards and servants gathered at this very area; ready to answer to any command by the emperor.

All consorts are presents as well. Xie Yu stood in a corner while Su Mei Fan was trying to catch up to the emperor with a worried expression on her face. Even the two consort who's supposed to be 'resting' went out to add to the commotion.

Wei Yi Yi, "..."

Who run away after stealing the company funds?!

Jiang Liu and Wei Yi Yi reacted a beat late. The moment they realize, Wei Lian had already taken them close enough for the alerted people to instantly notice the group.

They had just taken a step back when eyes turn to their direction and Su Mei Fan shouted, "Empress!"

Wei Yi Yi jolted and subconsciously hide behind Wei Lian. Regardless which he becomes or who he is now, it's deeply integrated into Wei Yi Yi whole being to turn to her 'brothers' when sht happens.

If this is a game, then this is the moment when silly her entered an area infested with red dotted monsters.

And what does one do when she triggered the monsters and entered battle mode? You run away of course!

She says this but Jiang Yu is already marching angrily towards them.

Boss had turned into the game Boss instead and it's too late already to even flee!

Wei Yi Yi shifted to scolding Wei Lian in her head but stopped abruptly when she felt him move.

Even the so-called intelligent, Wei Lian, would never expect the Emperor to scold the Empress in a public place. However, as the emperor approach them with a dark expression, he dare not guess if the pair's relationship had already turned sour to the point they won't give face to each other.

Wei Lian vigilantly covered his sister and stood like a tower to hide her behind.


Just as he opened his mouth, who would think that the emperor would ignore everything else and directly s.n.a.t.c.h the empress?

Wei Yi Yi's wrist was grabbed unexpectedly and a rough force had her stumbling to the side before hitting a broad and solid chest.

Her eyes went wide and as she instinctively stepped back, an arm went around her waist to pull her back into an embrace.

Everyone who unexpectedly witnessed the empress and emperor giving a public show of affection, "..."