Harem of the Dora Prince

Chapter 8

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Harem Dora Prince chapter 7: Dora Prince´s confession

A week pa.s.sed since Meri and I went out. I am heading to the cla.s.sroom now with my troubles. From then on, Meri acted like her usual self, as if she had forgotten about that day. I'm looking forward to the cla.s.s and trying to be cheerful......

"I know I'm not going to be able to do it all." Craft

I think I have to do something, but I am stagnating without a good chance. A week has pa.s.sed in this way, and the remaining period is a little──bad.

“......I won’t find a breakthrough solution today." Craft  

While worrying about it, the cla.s.sroom of the bride training study comes into my view. Alright, this is a critical moment.While I felt the heartbeat of my chest rumbling with tension, I have yet to open the door to the cla.s.sroom.

“Good morning. Today's attendance......? Where is Musashi?" Craft

“Haaaa!! Give me your life!" Musashi 

Musashi, who held a katana in both hands, had attacked me when I entered and I looked up at the direction of the voice hung early. Whether she is overstretching her victory or not, her face is strangely infatuated.

“Hey Musashi, there are traps set up, so be careful." Craft

“Naa! Rea......lly? Where is the trap?" Musashi 

Puzzled by my words, Musashi land on the floor while still swinging her sword. There are no traps of course although Musashi started looking around at her surroundings.

“Baka, don't lie. Yes, one" Musashi

*Chomp*, when I hit her head with the attendance book, today's match against Musashi is over. After all, it is troublesome to win a challenge that happens every day from the first battle.

“Ku, Kukuu! Naahaahaahaahaaa! It was regrettable Musashi! Good luck next time!" Craft
“Kuuu......Someday I will definitely draw my sword!" Musashi

“Hoping and waiting. Okay, everyone? Today is the knitting lesson I talked about yesterday." Craft 

After placing the attendance book that I never opened on top of the teacher’s desk, I take out my small Gunigan cane. Then Meri who had been laughing until the last minute got up from her seat as if she remembered something.

“Ah, Craft-sensei. I tried to practice this. Please accept it." Meri
“Oh, I am impressed that you prepare for it. Great Meri." Craft 

Meri, who came up to the desk, took out a pink package. It contains gloves that are knitted with colorful wool, and it looks very warm.

“Well done, isn't it? It's been carefully knitted and it took time, right?” Craft
“It's as simple as this. I used wool with magical power of fire, so it stays warm." Meri 

When we are in front of everyone, we need to be aware of each other. When I`m alone, I cannot speak well about the spectacle at that time.

“This glove has the same red color as my hair......I will treasure it." Craft

“Muu, don't get a head start! Craft, I also made one to kill time!" Venu

When I was watching the gloves, Venu also stood up and got closer to me.

“It is a waste to throw it away, so I will give it to you. Be honored!” Venu
“Heee, Venu made one too? This is......a m.u.f.fler?"  

The inside of the paper bag handed to me as if thrown away is an incomprehensible m.u.f.fler that only looks like a towel at first glance. In some places, the yarn is frayed, and the knitting is also biased considerably.

“I made it a bit longer, and if you like it you can wind it up with me......" Venu

“Craft-dono! I have made a handful of rice b.a.l.l.s!" Musashi 

Pushing Venu aside that sidle me with her upper eyebrows, Musashi put out rice b.a.l.l.s in front of me. Hou, it's not unusual for Musashi to make it out of shape.

"Wait for a little! Now it's my appeal time!" Venu
“Venusera-dono, a game world is always heartless! I have learned from it!" Musashi


I'm sorry to have a nice smile, but why didn't she just knitted?

“Well......Musashi, you might as well have prepared for the lesson. And Venu, thank you for the m.u.f.fler." Craft
“Are-are, Nii-san is very popular” Efrika
“Nii-sama, I helped with Musashi-san´s rice b.a.l.l.s!" Leona

“‘Munching......gokuu’ Oh, is that so? No wonder I thought it has a beautiful shape." Craft

The seasoning is also very good. Compared to the time we had the cooking lesson, one can say that it is a remarkable evolution. No,'s a wonderful improvement.

“Musashi, Leona, thanks for this delicious meal. Well then, I will start the lesson today!" Craft  

It is nice to be trembling with excitement, but I can not be distracted the whole time. In order not to waste the remaining selection period, I declare the start of the cla.s.s...…

“Please wait with that lesson!" Zenan

At the moment when the cla.s.s was about to begin, an unexpected person visited. The outsider, who opens the door of the cla.s.sroom mightily looks at me with her usual expressionless face. Footsteps are heard and she approaches here. Yes, the true ident.i.ty of the intruder is──

“What's wrong, Zenan? Bother to come to Bremfai."  

Brown eyes and dark green hair, it is the maid chief of Dora castle Zenan.

“Hey Leona, who is that person? She is really expressionless." Venu
“That person is Zenan. She is a perfect maid that can do anything!" Leona
“Yes, yes. Yes, this is Zenan a perfect placid maid." Craft 

Leona begins to introduce Zenan to the candidates who are puzzled by the sudden appearance of this  outsider. ‘Thanks, Leona’. I decided to pose it with the maid's own weight now.

“Cr, Craft-dono! This person, she looks like a depressed person, there is no gap anywhere!" Musashi
“No, there are gaps. Not pretty, but plain. It's not p.r.o.nounced!" Zenan
“Zenan, the air in the cla.s.sroom has become like this with your appearance. Take responsibility.” Craft

In the future, if it is during cla.s.s, I’ll kick her out if it is trivial. Zenan nods with her flat chest and lifeless face.

“Take responsibility huh...... so you’re the type of person that acts ‘as if you were his girlfriend after being’ f.u.c.ked by Craft-sama." Zenan
“That just looks like a boyfriend right! And that's not what I'm talking about! Explain it. Explain!" Craft
“Don't raise your arms, Craft-sama. Because Zenan is happy, I will get to the main subject." Zenan

What is she really doing here? She is not going to make a comic dialogue with me, or is she? As I watch the progress, Zenan steps out in front of the candidates.

“Well, all the bride candidates have gathered. Every day you learned about unfamiliar housework and gradually seem to be fitted as the partner of Craft-sama......" Zenan

Zenan bows. Hey, what are you planning to say?

“ As to whether Craft-sama has such a worthwhile or not, it’s time to choose a bride. Therefore──" Zenan 

Raising her head and taking a glance to everyone......Zenan proclaims loudly.

“Presumptuous, I, this Zenan is going to test you." Zenan

“A test? Moreover you?” Craft 

To Zenan's remarks that I didn't expect, I instinctively raised a perplexed voice.

“Test? Why a test?" Everyone
“Hey Zenan! Why are you going to do a test so suddenly?” Craft
“Please feel at ease Craft-sama. Craft-sama will grade their performance." Zenan

“Ah, no problem what I would like to say! I am asking you for a reason!" Craft

Besides, I am not the only one confused. Actually, everyone else looked upset.

“I'm not convinced! Why should we be tested by you?"
“That's not it, this chicken guy......originally, Craft-sama cannot choose a bride from everyone......because he is a coward and I´m not a very carefree person." Zenan

I wanted to retort back, but it was true that we consulted before......right?

“That's why Zenan is doing the test, so that Sensei can choose a bride?” Meri

“Briefly, you’re correct tanned big breasted trash woman. I already heard the requirements for Craft-sama´s bride, so it was easy to think about the apt.i.tude test." Zenan 

It is such circ.u.mstances after all. I told her to help me prepare for the stage.

“Ugh, trash woman......that's a terrible thing to say." Meri
“Don't worry, Meri. Zenan is like a disease." Efrika 

Perhaps Efrika, but Venu also starts to act like her. She´s clapping under the desk,, I guess there is no malice.

“Hoe? Test......? I did not hear anything about it, Zenan!" Leona
“Yes. Of course, the contents of the test are going to be consulted by Leona too." Zenan
“Really? Then I will leave it to Zenan!" Leona 

Satisfied with the understanding that she is not out of the mosquito net, Leona is in agreement to raise various hands.

“I am against the test. There is no need for a test!"

“What! What kind of test is it!” Musashi

“Yes, it is a simple proficiency test. Even a samurai whose head is like a young lady can receive it" Zenan

“Aahaahaa! Please don’t compliment me Zenan! It is really embarra.s.sing!" Musashi

I can a.s.sure you that Zenan's plan is not a problem......but the approach is worrisome.

“Anyway I won’t accept it! Craft has to firmly decide!" Venu
“No, you say? I've been turned down by you once."
“Ugh, in that comment......" Venu
“This is no longer a decision. If you are not convinced, you may decline. If you want to return to your country as a loser, please do. It's so disgusting.” Zenan 

Did Zenan see Venu's depression as an opportunity to fuel the other candidates? The candidates, who have been provoked didn't raise their voices. This is already......a rule.

“......There seems to be no complaint. Please come to the castle tomorrow at this time. We're already ready, so you can start the exam as soon as you get together." Zenan

Zenan, who achieved her purpose and completely won skipped satisfactorily, and left the cla.s.sroom. This flat-chested maid turned everything into a mess......

“Zenan, without consulting me you decided......I trusted you." Craft  

I got real power in a competent subordinate, I murmured a little unfaithfully.

With a silent and heavy atmosphere, Musashi got up and said to the other candidates.

“Sooner or later, one must decide. Whatever the case, I will win this exam and I will be selected by you!” Musashi 

Virtually-victory declaration. Musashi has a lot of confidence and smiles at me.

“I have the same idea. Whatever the circ.u.mstances it is inevitable but I will remain victorious at the end!” Kaitos
“Are the two of you think like that? Is everyone else feeling the same way? You might be in a fight with the people you've come to know here.” Zenan

“Of course. We became friends in this short time, but that is not just a conclusion. Whoever will win, not one of us will complain." Kaitos 

Kaitos resolution is, the resolution is determined by everyone.

“I don't even care. If it is not a fight, I can play with everyone." Meri

“Meri, you too? And when it comes, one will remain……” Craft 

Such an interesting event......if she is willing to join.

“Of course, I agree. No matter what, my victory cannot be shaken." Meri
“After all you are on the other side. Then I won’t say anything anymore." Craft 

It is best to do so if all bride candidates can settle in the way they wish.

“By the way Nii-san, we have to prepare for is it okay to cancel today's cla.s.s?" Efrika
“Yes. Everyone can do what he want, I don't care. Let's meet at Dora Castle tomorrow" Craft
“Huhuu, I'm looking forward to it. Everyone, no hard feelings tomorrow?" Efrika 

After saying that, Efrika stood up from her seat and went straight to the door. When she pa.s.sed in front of me, she matched my eyes only for a moment, before whispering in a small that no one hears it.

“Today is my last chance to solve the ill feelings. Nii-san, do your best" Efrika

With that said, the door opened and Efrika went out of the cla.s.sroom. Oh, she left alone. All of the candidates will keep in mind that there was no regret over the past days. I will be able to meet them tomorrow. That's the last job I can do as their teacher.

“I won't lose! I will defeat you Craft-dono, you surely can vow that!" Musashi

“Ooohhoohoohoo!! You´re hundred years too early to win against me!" Venu 

When I put my gaze back into the cla.s.sroom, everyone seemed to be soaking in unison. Venu and Musashi are like calm wind and Leona doesn't raise her face for some reason.

“Then Craft-dono! Enjoy yourself tomorrow!" Musashi
“Is that good? If Craft doesn't choose me tomorrow, I will choose you! Please don't misunderstand it!" Venu
“What are you saying, Venusera-dono! Craft-dono chooses me!" Musashi
“Ooohoohoohoo! Musashi-san, sleep talking is what you say!" Venu 

The two who have finished preparations came to me at the same time, shout out as they compete. Musashi and Venu were going out of the cla.s.sroom while I looked at their backs leaving, before Leona comes near me.

“Nii-sama, that......I'm sorry. I have nothing done so far......" Leona
“Leona? You don't have to worry about that......" Craft
“No. I, my brother's marriage partner......I had to figure out who would be my true sister, but every day was too much fun......therefore I forgot my mission" Leona

Although she seems to be depressed desperately, Leona´s expression is somewhat sunny.

“Everyone was really nice, I......I had been confined in the castle for a long time and I was so happy to be kind to people other than my brother day after day" Leona
“It is fine. If you felt that way, it would be a happy thing for them, too" Craft
“Yes. That's why I beg you, Nii-sama" Leona

So far, she hasn't been a judge to select my bride......because Leona has been with us all the time. Leona opens her trembling lips so as to spit out the feelings that piled up in the meantime.

“Please do not lie to your feelings. I will cheer for the answer that my brother chose! Because I'm the sister of Craft-niisama!" Leona 

After she believed that its okay......Leona left the cla.s.sroom at the end and went out to chase after Venu. It's hard to be a good big brother. In order to meet the expectations of the world's best younger sister, I also have to make an effort to become the best big brother in the world. Maybe it's a th.o.r.n.y road, but…...I'm concerned. I'm just going to do it my way.

“Huhuhu, Leona have a good knowledge of becoming a wonderful bride, right Craft" Kaitos
“That's it. You came all the way to say such a thing?" Craft 

Kaitos who came next after Leona also had something to say to me.

“......Craft. I will be supporting you as well as Efrika" Kaitos
“Same as Efrika......ah, did you hear that?” Craft 

It seems she was listening to the words Efrika said before leaving, therefore Kaitos clapped on my shoulder to encourage me. Even though I have to decide tomorrow, I still have time.

“I don't have a problem with my favorite Craft. Let's hope for good results" Kaitos

With a resolute att.i.tude, Kaitos went after Leona with a smile. My contracted mythical beast......No, Kaitos belongs to the family. She is different from Leona who is my real sister and my cousin Efrika, because she has the role of being my best friend who had feelings for me......I never thought that I would come to see Kaitos as a woman.

“I respond to your thoughts, will be my answer" Craft  

Efrika, Musashi, Venu, Kaitos......there is no hesitation in these four people. Tomorrow they will surely show up in front of me as each of the best bride candidates.

“......When it comes, only you will remain ostracized. You don't want that, do you?" Craft

“Ugghh! Isn't this the place to miss?" Meri 

Looking back, the last one──Meri moves her body. She was late because everyone was ahead of her, I guess she lost the opportunity to go out.

“Idiot, who'll miss? Well, this past week, you avoided me" Craft
“I mean......I've been imitating that......" Meri 

It reminded me of that day and Meri flushes her head while sitting on a chair.

“You behave like that, for making a child?" Craft
“Uwaaa!! Aaaa!! Stop it, Sensei!" Meri 

It seems to have become a completely black history and Meri hides her face with both hands and faints in agony. As I approached the seat of Meri, I sat down at the desk and confronted her.

“You get swept by a temporary tension, so you will attack with such a brute force" Craft
“ words to return" Meri

“However, that dress was wonderful. I'd like you to wear and show it again if possible" Craft

The national costume of Bunna which she is wearing now is also good at exposure degree......she won't get bored with the same clothes every day. Well, it is not an obligation to dress the same everyday.

“Even if you said that......isn't that impossible?" Meri
“Why? Did you give it back to that Bunna student?" Craft

“That's not the reason! Because tomorrow is the end of the bride training study......" Meri

“Sure, the bride training study is over, but you might be chosen tomorrow, right?” Craft 

Although Meri doesn't understand the result until the end, she still shakes her head vertically, while looking down. Apparently she completely lost her will to fight, her heart seems to have broken.

“......Have you given up already? Then there's nothing to say to you" Craft  

Unlike the other four people seriously trying to stand on the stage, Meri abandoned the fight.

“However, what is this the end let me just say this" Craft

It is not my responsibility  to be aware of Meri who was concerned about that time. Therefore I don't want give up the game until the end. Fight to the barely fight.

“You told me that day that you could come to like me" Craft
“......Uh. I said......that" Meri
“Dunno. It is troublesome for me to ask you, such a thing is your own way" Craft 

Ruthlessly, I cut off the trouble that Meri has. In this way, Meri obviously faces me with a sad face...…

“......! I, I'm sorry......I also think that Sensei is right......" Meri  

What is she misunderstanding? My speech has not ended yet. Meri. What I really want to say is──

“But, if you like me......I'm very happy" Craft
“Eh......?” Meri
“I don't need permission or qualification of the people to think of someone" Craft 

Friendship and affection......some people in this world think they are annoying. I also don't like the kindness from the knight captain a bit. It's really scary. But I won't tell him to stop it. Everyone should have been forgiven for hiding feelings within their own hearts. Even if it is a thing that I painted backwards──

“Whether there is a purpose of political marriage or if you fall in love with me I can do that. For a woman who likes me......I will lend her some power" Craft
“Craft-sensei......” Meri

“Anyway I am planning to solve Musashi and Venu's troubles. In addition, your troubles......I will solve the problems of the Bunna people and show the magnificence of the prince of Dibair to the whole world" Craft 

Well, when I declared it, Meri raised her face. Looking into my eyes.

“Sensei......I was so happy to spend time with Sensei. All the other candidates were good guys, so I immediately started to like everyone" Meri

The expression of Meri talking while imagining the spectacle at that time is bright and lively.

“And when I realized, I was so anxious about Sensei......when I started to be conscious of whether I felt something or not, I had to shoulder the mission of political marriage” Meri  

And, she might have been tormented by feelings of guilt for the other candidates. A sense of mission as a representative of her honest feelings, guilty to everyone, and Bunna. Caught to them......Meri must have continued that conflict for a long time.

“But you know what? Even if I come to like Sensei......uuh, I like you!” Meri

“It might be natural. You're my most important bride candidate” Craft

But there's no hesitation in Meri's eyes anymore. Same as the other four......she has radiant eyes.

“Dibair´s prince was a good teacher! I love you Sensei!" Meri
“I'm relieved to hear that. Now I can face you properly, tomorrow” Craft 

When I got off the desk and rise up, I stroke Meri's head standing at the same seat as her. It was my first experience to stroke a taller person than me, but Meri looked very pleasant. Ooooo, she looks like a different person from yesterday.

“Nhuu......naanaa Sensei. Does me?” Meri

“Ouuhu, my chest.....c'mon, are you planning to cheat, though the exam is tomorrow?" Craft 

Meri who is getting pampered tightly attached her chest to my body whether her head was stroked.

“Well I'll tell you if you want to know. I´m yours......" Meri
“......On the second thought, noo! Say it after you'll win tomorrow!" Craft 

I put my forefinger a little on her opened mouth and Meri brings her lips close to that finger. Sighs overlapping, the distance between us becomes zero......A kiss on my finger.

“Hey, Meri! Now that's......!" Craft

“Nhehee! I'm going to show you that I will definitely be selected as Sensei´s wife tomorrow!” Meri

Hiding her vermillion red face, Meri ran away without sparing time to stop. She looks very happy from bouncing up her footsteps with excitement, this is what...…

“Yes, it's nice to get married......uuh, everyone is really awesome " Craft

The result of choosing one bride from among the gathered candidates is nothing but the result of truncating the remaining four people. In other words, I have to decide four dropouts.

“Is there really such a cruel choice in this world? No, I´m......serious" Craft  

But it also means that the best choice is possible if I flip the back. Originally, even if I had a normal choice......what a funny thing.

“Kaitos, Venu, Musashi, Meri......and Efrika” Craft  

I won't hesitate anymore. I know that I have to make a decision. It may not be accepted by anyone. It may be denied by everyone. Still good. I'm sure that they want it. The calm before the's so quiet in the morning. The weather is good and the temperature is comfortable. It was just the beginning of the final day.

“......Even if I cry or laugh, today is the end?"  

One night has pa.s.sed since the proposal of Zenan, the exam which decides my bride is finally about to begin. It was the entrance hall in Dora Castle where we gathered. A lot of gorgeous decorations and works of art pierce my eyes and I dislike it......I think that it is perfect for making the atmosphere from these days.

“How about you, are not you nervous? You can go to the toilet earlier than usual" Craft  

The five bride candidates who stand in front of my eyes are staring at me with a bright face. I was shy and smacky, but on the contrary I got embarra.s.sed.

“Oh my, it seems like you can not make a joke, Craft-dono" Musashi

“It is Zenan who can not understand a joke. Let's start right away" Craft 

When I urge, Zenan shakes her head vertically and then turns towards the bride candidates. And──

“Well then, I'd like to start the exam at last. So please introduce yourselves in order from the right" Zenan

I don't think that's necessary, but the candidates came forward and started to do their duty.

“Isamura´s representative, Sasaki Musashi! In order to take revenge for the former hara.s.sment......I came!" Musashi

“Baretoria´s representative, Venusera Lloyd Baretoria! Craft is mine!" Venu

“Bunna´s representative, Meri Jilburan! Let's do our very best without regret!" Meri

“Kurinos´s representative, Kaitos. I will win this at any cost" Kaitos

“Dibair´s representative, Efrika Surimi Dibair. I will be entertaining this test" Efrika 

Voices with spirit and enthusiasm blow through the entrance hall. Ah, your feelings──I received it firmly.

“Finally Your Majesty. Craft-sama's wife is chosen......your long-awaited wish has been fulfilled this time" Magwards

“Uooohh!! Craffftttt......I'm glad, I´m glad to have youuuu!!" King Zefirio 

When I closed my eyes and immersed in the afterglow, an unpleasant and hoa.r.s.e cry from behind me sounded. There is an annoying gallery where people are very impressed.

“ a little sultry. Or rather disturbing......" Leona

“Why, Leona! Have you finally become rebellious?" King Zefirio 

Even Leona who is an angel seems to be sick of reading our father's air. I mean, I think that an angel will deal with that degree of correspondence.

“d.a.m.n noisy old man, stay out of it. This is my problem, alright" Craft

“It's my job to help you, Craft-nii sama! Don't disturb father!" Leona

“It is as Leona says. It is Craft-sama who decides the result of the bride exam from now. I admit that Craft-sama will choose someone. Is that alright bald and bearded old man?" Zenan 

As Zenan asks to restrain Father and Magwardo peering from the shade of the door. How to question now......Zenan, are you aware of my intentions?

“Of course not. However, you do not it right?" Zenan
“I do not even have to say it, of course. Come here, I won't abandon our thoughts" Craft 

I kick the half-opened door and forcibly shut out my father. So that he won't get in the way. I and the bride candidates......the beginning of the last battle.

“Let's start the exam immediately. Then, every bride candidate, here" Zenan
“Ooohhoohoohoo!! I'm ready for every test!” Venu
“What do we do after all? Cooking? Or laundry?" Meri 

We don't know the content of the exam yet. As Meri says, it is related to housework, or...…

“Let me explain the rules of the exam. From now on, you will challenge your exams in any order you like. When all five people have finished, the bride will be chosen at the end. That's it" Zenan
“It's not a direct confrontation......unfortunately a little" 

Moreover, it becomes an individual judgment if it is not a simultaneous judgment. What the h.e.l.l is she doing?

“Hmm. Zenan, what's the essential test content?" Kaitos

A question from Kaitos. Zenan was waiting for it and nodded, before she told the bride candidates the contents of the exam.

“The theme is confession!" Zenan

“Con, Confession! Hey, what do you mean, Zenan!" Craft  

She is still in the middle of explaining, but I can not keep up with it and block the words of Zenan. Venu seemed to be the same and she was saying loudly with a confused face.

“That's right! It is such a frustrating to confess here!" Venu
“What a exam!! What is confession! I didnt even think about it!" Musashi
“Sensei! I love you! Uooo! Do you mind if I do this?" Meri
“A false start is no good Meri-san! I cannot overlook it as a judge!" Zenan 

There seems to be more room than I thought. Meri, please don't sway the trident because it is dangerous.

“Calm down, everyone, elder brother too. Zenan still hasn't explained to the end, right?" Efrika
“That's right. Zenan, hurry up and continue" Craft
“Yes. Let's get back to the story" Zenan 

With a few people still in turmoil, Zenan resumed her explanation.

“Confession is the subject I mentioned earlier, but this is not what you have do" Zenan
“Do we not? What does that mean?"
“That's right. This confession will be done──" Zenan 

Then, her words stopped and Zenan points at me and makes everyone's eyes turn toward me. Hmm? What is it that makes them look at me at this timing?

“by Craft-sama over there” Zenan
“......Hmm? Sorry, I couldn't hear you well, can you say it again" Craft
“The lazy lady-killer Craft will do the confession” Zenan
“What, was it a mistake I  heard? I confess......Haaaaa? Mee!!" Craft

Confession? I? Why? To whom? Why? For me who does not catch up with the head, Zenan responds again.

“Yes. And as you look at the responses and reactions, you choose your bride" Zenan
“I, I don't know what you mean! You're against me, aren't you? Naa!" Craft 

Zenan is telling me to confess to all five of us. Such a shameful examination, I decided to hate it. That's what I was trying to do, but…...

“Ah, it looks interesting. I agree with you" Meri
“I agree with you, too! Oh, may I record it with this latest video camera?" Efrika
“I will also save this with a filming stone. Hehehe, I'm glad I brought it" Kaitos
“I would rather have a fencing match rather than that......but this is fine" Musashi
“I can do anything. My confession is the same as when Craft confesses" Venu 

Surprisingly it is like a full-scale attack from everyone. Wow, I'm surprised.

“Why! What is the meaning of what I've been doing in cla.s.s in the last three weeks! Domestic culture, housework and combat! I've been teaching severely, and it's all for nothing!" Craft

“Pukukuu, Craft-sama, you´re a hundred years to early to try to plague this Zenan" Zenan

When I'm scrambling to put a tsukkomi on the candidates, I whisper at Zenan. This guy, I'm not aware of that.

“In the morning, I knew when I saw your face. The answer has already been found, Craft-sama” Zenan
“Zenan, then what is this test......?" Craft
“Yes. Actually, this exam itself has no meaning anymore. However, it is not fun even though it is easy to settle. I set it apart, please entertain me" Zenan 

It seems so since some time can I win over Zenan? No matter how, I it will be treated as a child. It looks as if I'm being danced on the palm of her hand.

“As I say, the answer was decided last night. But......I just want to confirm one thing with you" Zenan  

But there's so much I can understand. The desire that Zenan had kept secret in her chest for a long time. I'm sure that──

“Good one Zenan? I'm with you......" Craft

“......Please do not get misunderstood. Zenan is the ultimate cutest and most dangerous maid. No matter what I am doing, I don't intend to move from under Craft-sama" Zenan 

Shaking her head, Zenan again whispers to me only. Zenan is a frivolous person, but only the muscle never bends. No more persuasion would be possible. And I grew up watching Zenan's back.

“More than a bride, as a maid......?" Zenan  

If Zenan says that she chooses the road, she will not force me, therefore I will just draw that feeling.

“I don't say anything anymore. Keep being the maid under me for the rest of my life, Zenan” Craft
“Yes. Fortune of war, Craft-sama” Zenan 

I can not see the expression of Zenan behind me, but I know it. It is said that a woman's clumsy smile blooms like flowers and have penetrated her expressionless face.

“And so…...I apologize for having kept you waiting for a long intro” Zenan

I won't look back. Not to waste Zenan's will......and that I do not regret it.

“From now on, I'll confess to everyone. I can decide the order here, right?” Craft

Confession is ridiculously embarra.s.sing, therefore I do not want to do it if possible. But when I think that the punishment that have been said that the bride training study was not good, I should silently accept it. They did it properly.

“Yes, no problem. Pick your order, Nii-san" Efrika
“Thank you Efrika. Let's start with Musashi. Please bring a sword and come before me” Craft
“Nuu? A sword......? I understand” Musashi 

There seems to be no objection in order and Musashi comes forward easily. If you think about three weeks, we had a match like every day......

“Musashi, this cla.s.s would be the last. What do you say we're going to do around here?” Craft  

Using only cowardly hands, there is an indebtedness that I never got along with a fair match. Before confessing, first of all we have to fight fair.

“The proposal for battle is hope or a fulfillment for me......but is it good? If Craft loses to me here, you can not confess to everyone else later" Musashi
“Then once you win the match, will you be happy?” Craft 

I pull out Danthes from my back and dressed in the purple magic power I prepared for the battle.

“Rather, don't worry about that until you win. Hey, Musashi" Craft
“Hm, there's a point......then it's reasonable to accept the match!" Musashi
“Then, let's go! Today I will be striving to win seriously, so quickly draw your sword from the sheath!" Craft  

A firework runs on the red iron blade, and the surrounding air stretches tightly. On the contrary, Musashi slowly reaches for her two swords, slowly pulling......

“No, after all I wait a while. Better to check with everyone──" Musashi  

Instead of pulling out, she crosses her two arms to make the shape of a cross and refuse to fight. As much as I was concentrating, I have no choice but to move. I returned Danthes to the sheath and chased after Musashi who is trying to return to the candidates.

“Hey, like I said, it's a real match......!!" Craft  

At the moment my hand touches the shoulder of Musashi, the figure of Musashi disappears from sight. No, no! She hasn't disappeared......!

“Finally. This match, I won” Musashi

The swords clash far exceeds the speed of sound. I could not give in even when turning back. But as soon as I heard a dull sound I knew I lost.

“......Yes, you win. Good grief, you are more suited to be an actor than a samurai, right?" Craft  

A dull pain is running on my head and abdomen. I thought that we both will attack with our sheathes but I received a surprise attack.

“You showed me. The real Musashi” Craft
“I finally landed a blow on Craft-dono......uuu, I´m very happy......" Musashi 

Musashi collapses with the emotion so much that the lacrimal gland breaks down. I also forget the tone of voice and I'm pleased with my breath......absolutely.

“I don’t told you to cry in front of me! Come on, don't look down!" Craft
“Hiikuu, don't force me......zubibibibiii” Musashi  

I threw away my sword and embraced Musashi who wipes her face sticky with tears and running nose with her palm, before I hold my handkerchief I took out to her nose. Gou, you can not do it.

“Aaaa, don't clean your dripping nose with your hand. Such......with such a tattered hand" Craft 

Musashi 's hands are covered with legume and can not be said to be feminine. But I know. These hand are more precious than the most beautiful hands.

“Hey, Musashi. You abandoned your family and even your name to meet your father's expectations. And after a b.l.o.o.d.y blots effort, you achieved your goal of winning…...well, you've tried this far” Craft
“Craft-dono......?” Musashi
“You do not have the strength of me. You ended up not being able to throw away the patrimony and you were still teased by a disgusting maid. Although you're acting isn't so" Craft
“Such a thing! The reason I was able to win was because of your guidance Craft-dono......" Musashi
“That is your effort. You bent yourself as a princess and became a samurai, bending yourself as fair and got unfair. I was drawn to that strength" Craft 

I thought to change myself trying to break down the current situation......but Musashi dream came true. It is impossible for me to say that I did not fall in love with this kind of thing.

“Musashi. No matter what you are, I don't care what's going to happen. Will you continue to compete with me, increase each other skills and spend your life together with me happily?" Craft  

A stretched hand. Musashi took my hand without hesitation and drew it to her own chest. A hard feeling can be felt through her armor. Musashi laughs letting me touch her armor that covers her body.

“My dream as a samurai is to become the strongest swordsman of the continent and show my sword skills" Musashi 

The samurai grasping my hand stretched her other hand out to the string that tied her hair together. And the moment the tie is solved──her beautiful black hair is fluttering in the air.

“But squirming as a princess......I want to be Craft-dono´s bride and show the best of myself" Musashi  

Musashi´s naturally long silky hair flutters before her face. Musashi´s right hand played with it and this cute gesture pierced my heart directly.

“Shouldn't you take responsibility firmly for picking up girls? Craft-dono......" Musashi
“Yes. Both the front and the back of you are valued highly. But before that, I'd like to ask you for your name as a princess” Craft
“Huhuu, that's a secret. You definitely want to call my true name......" Musashi 

Pushing my chest tightly, the princess walks a half step to escape from me. And......

“Next is Craft-dono, to win me!” Musashi 

Samurai Musashi laughed while tied up her hair in the middle of her words. ......It seems that two or three have been taken away rather than one.

“You can't show off. I don't know how many times I tried to be alone with you" Venu 

It was Venu with an eager face that appeared to replace Musashi who had fallen behind. Seeing the exchange of Musashi with me, it seems she has gone out to the front without being able to endure.

“What are you jealous, Venu? Well then, it will be your turn next" Craft

“I, I´m not jealous! I just hate to wait......" Venu

“Is it true? Let me tell you honestly, why do honest people like me?" Craft 

Venu who doesn't have any idea in this period is toyed around by my teasing. I thought this would be a little straightforward…...but it seems to have been more effective than I thought.

“Ah yes yes! That's right, I´m jealous!? 'Cause I, I like you! My chest hurts everyday, and when I think of you, that pain turns into a very happy feeling! What is it that this is not love!" Venu  

Venu blows out, just like a machine gun that she loves me. It's amazing that she ended up with a bite and without even a breath......that? Somehow the theme has changed, or not?

“Okay. Sorry, I will also confess to you in reverse" Craft
“Why, why, why, whatever......I do not care" Venu 

Venu who confessed in this place to me sits down in with a blue faded face while breathing strongly. It seems that her legs have run out and she exhausted her strength.

“Kukuu, I confessed to you once, and maybe it was fun even in reverse patterns this time" Craft
“Hey, you got a camera ready? Please give me a hot confession" Venu


She clings to my feet as if crawling, before Venu pulls on my cloak.

“I don't. Well, then once again......" Craft 

She gave me such a wonderful confession. I can't even trample on that feeling. I lift Venu up in the posture of a Princess carry like we did in the garden before.

“Venu, at that time it was half momentum......but now I can say it seriously. I love you. I want you to be by my side as a bride" Craft
“Wh, why…….? To me, it's environmentally friendly......" Venu
“There are lots of things. At the time of cook showdown, even when I chose once...... you first thought of the other candidates. Such a thing, you can not do it unless you´re very good friends" Craft
“Beside that! Just because I wanted to be completely victorious, there is no deep meaning…..." Venu 

In my arms Venu tries to fake herself as a mogul, but I knew everything.

“Not only that. Even if you are hated by the people......even if you suffer from national bad habits, you have never said that Baretoria is bad. I like that kindness from you" Craft  

Even if she is not loved by anyone and desperate in loneliness, Venu did not dislike the country that her grandmother loved. She is a frank guy who is too honest──

“I will also like Baretoria. I also love your dear country......and, someday you will surely recognize your existence to the people. So Venu, would you marry me?" Craft
“......Mo, Mou, I don’t have another choice!” Venu 

As the shivering has reached its limit, Venu jumps from my arms and rushes off to the ground as if it can go wrong. At that time the hood covering her head revealed her golden gray hair, but she didn't care.

“Ooohoohoo!! I do not have any reason to refuse, as you have become charmed by me!" Venu  

Venu won't suffer again, because there was mystery and conviction. If it really does, I have to do something to Venu. If it comes to me──

“Thank you......Venu. Also, I want you to receive this without saying anything" Craft
“Is this Burgles? me?" Venu 

A shining blue gun barrel, engraved with basilica marks. My longtime partner has now been entrusted to Venu.

“You should be able to handle it without trouble, because you have the same thunder attribute as me. Senses say things until they get used to, can not be said that they can be used with force......" Craft
“I don't think it's an engagement ring, it's an engagement gun......s.h.i.t, if you say so, then it is so" Venu 

A reason for why I gave Burgles to Venu who hates magic guns......there is no deep meaning. I just wanted to admit it. Just as Venu loves Baretoria because of her grandmother, she will love my precious Burgles. Well, to put it simply… it stupid?

“Yes. I'm sure you did. Even if it is a magic gun that I hate, it's a gift from my favorite Craft" Venu  

Venu also realized the inner circ.u.mstances and looked at Burgles joyfully, before she returns to the other candidates. Burgles, please firmly protect Venu.

“Now, three people are left......” Craft  

Back to the topic. I'm worried about who I´m going to nominate next......

“It's good! It's a sweet feeling for a moment! Zuriiyoo!" Meri 

Sprinting,Meri embraces me while rubbing her bouncing chest against my chest. It seems that I have become a prisoner of her hug completely. It's absolutely outrageous.

“Hey, I guess I said that I will decide the turn. Also, my heart is pleasant so stay away from me" Craft

“Ehehehee, the cause is to see that kind of confession! My heart is throbbing and it is painful! Please make it easy for me, Sensei!" Meri 

It seems that my chest tends to blast due to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. I made it even easier to explode, I should not think about such an upset now.

“Huu......I don't know if I should meet that expectation, but I wish it would be Meri in turn" Craft
“Ooshaa! Show me a cool place!!" Meri

“Hold on. In my memories with Meri, the most memorable thing is the last shopping......I told the story yesterday, and it's already solved, right?" Craft

“Uee......uee?” Meri 

Meri seems to be expecting it, but it is necessary to avoid the rehash of yesterday.

“Otherwise, when you ate the meal in the dining room on the first day? Or......" Craft

“There was more! In the cleaning cla.s.s, you were chased by Kaitos and hid in the cleaning tool box with me! I was so nervous that my chest exploded!” Meri

Oh, that's certainly true. I forgot about the last incident.

“......At that time I only remember  the feeling of your soft chest pushing against me and your scent because you were too close to me. I was sweaty, because the stimulation was too strong for me......I'm sorry" Craft

“So that's, ecchi......I'm not good at it......" Meri 

Instead of doing excessive skinship, there seems to be a resistance to ecchi stuff by Meri. Meri´s huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s are caught between my arms......and Meri looks up at me with luscious eyes.

“Well, this three weeks. There was not much far that I and you had a big distance" Craft
“Yes, that's right. Even I......thought so" Meri 

Dropping her shoulders, Meri becomes frustrated.

“But Meri. Instead, you were stuffing the distance with me one step at a time. At any time you enriched the cla.s.s and supported me──no, everyone?" Craft
“Huh? I support everybody......?" Meri
“When I was anxious, even when everyone was still not friendly......I was saved by your brightness. Because of that, I put a lot of burden on you” Craft
“......Uh, Uhh!” Meri 

I also had a bite to myself. Merry was shedding tears as it is pleasant.

“You can be proud. Everyone in this place admits that you are the essential part of this cla.s.s. If there are those who do not approve, I will let them admit it. Even so, you don’t need to worry" Craft  

I embraced Meri and we both looked backwards──all lined up there nodded to my words and showed a happy smile.

“Naa? I told you, right?” Craft
“Everyone......higuu, but I......I like that, I felt like dropping out......" Meri
“Come on, MerI. You said it yesterday, right? If you fall in love with me, that's fine" Craft 

I can not use the handkerchief with Musashi 's snot, so I gently wipe Meri's tears with my fingertips.

“And what I've come to like about you is eating politely and the brightness of the sun shining on everyone. And the circ.u.mstances that Bunna has doesnt matter” Craft
“Craft-sensei......I, can I really be with Sensei?" Meri
“I need your brightness. Please, Meri, marry me......from now on, enlighten me. Then you can eat a lot of delicious meals! Sometimes insects......I will go on dates with you" Craft 

Meri had already stopped crying. I wipe the tears and hold my fist with laughter.

“......What is it? I have a sweet confession in response to your expectations” Craft “Really? If you like me please let me know the answer. " Meri
“Eh? Even if you don't say that, I know!" Craft 

Of course I know. But, I'd like to hear it directly, anyway.

“Eeheheheeee!! I love you, Craft-sensei! I also want to laugh besides you!" Meri

Bright shining like the sun......and smiling like a blooming flower. It's such a happy sight, I'll regret it forever if I miss it.

“Yesss! I told you! I told you! Uhiii! Uoo!" Meri
“Hey, calm down. Because we will soon finish, wait quietly over there" Craft
“Yes! Well, I'm looking forward to the rest!!" Meri

“The big chested Meri came back. The judging is over" Zenan

I watched Meri leaving so as to be dragged by Zenan and I finally breathed out. No matter how much they are recovering with the cute reactions of ours, my spirit is already terrible.

“Haa, I’m not one who say such words......” Meri

“It was a very moving confession. However, it is not so important when shown three consecutive times” Kaitos 

After Meri's baton touch, it seems that Kaitos has come forward.

“Why do you decide the order without permission?” Craft

“Hmm. I wonder why Efrika was going to be the last one? I understand" Kaitos 

Looking at my smiling face, Kaitos next to me laughs with his nose. Indeed, did you care about becoming Kitez?

“......You're really wise. Occasionally dominating the ball is not bad" Kaitos  

Even without saying anything, my heart is naturally transmitted to Kaitos. That's the bond between me and her. That's why I don't need a special word for Kaitos. It's not necessary.

“I don't know what to say to you, Kaitos. Shut up and marry me" Craft

“There is no need to say. Even if I'm hated by Craft, I will be with you forever" Kaitos

“Yes yes. I'm not gonna let you go" Craft 

A promise from ten years ago. That's a wedge of a contract that connects Kaitos to me.

“I'll be by your side until I die. So you're not alone anymore......for lifetime” Craft

“Fufu......I got it. I will continue to walk with Craft for the rest of my life” Kaitos 

For Kaitos, this promise must have been my confession. Then all I have to do is admit it. And I always defended that promise.

“It's finally the last hurdle. Craft, you take care of it" Kaitos  

Kaitos taps my back only once before returning, smiling and saying this.

“Do not say anything exaggerating that it is a hurdle. That's the final enjoyment" Craft

The confession of four bride candidates ends, and only one person remains. A woman who I thought was the most difficult, even my natural enemy─Efrika.

“Yoo, Efrika. You have become the last performer for today" Craft
“Oh, that is a great honor. Favorite food is saved until the end......right Nii-san” Efrika 

She has the same red hair and face as me as if we are twins. We were born separately. we are already not equal anymore──

“Like Kaitos, I think that there are not many things to say to you, but..... thats a request from Zenan. I'll try to be honest here" Craft
“You say that it is going to rain though you have not pulled Danthes. Are you planning to call thunder clouds too?" Efrika

Efrika raises a light mouth with a look of affordance, but I am conscious that her hands are wet with sweat, she is soaring with waiting.

“Come on, don't joke around. It looks like this and I am nervous. My legs tremble, my spine is cold......good grief, I'm get crazy when I am dealing with you" Craft
“Don't blame me. Even if I'm in front of my older brother, my blood circulating in my body runs wild as if it is boiling......therefore, I wonder what you´re talking about!!" Efrika 

Efrika not turns line of her sight from me while I talk. Besides, turning aside her expectations......I knew, it was my defeat.

“I......I like your appearance and I think that your body is good. But such things are secondary." Craft  

Efrika who loves me so gloomy......was just troublesome at the beginning. Her personality was decent with this, but that was......a big mistake.

“What I truly love is that you went around and entertained me" Craft
“Craft, Nii-san......” Efrika

“Even if you are not a beautiful woman or you have a poor chest like Zenan or Venu......" Craft 

In the middle of talking, *Bang Bang* dull pain resonate on my head.

“What? Unexpectedly a magic gun isnt bad. Burgils, good boy" Venu

“Zenan'll even name a wooden sword. This is cool, isn't it?" Zenan 

I'm glad that Venu have used Virgil quickly. But what about me who was shot first? Hey, hey. And Zenan, your naming sense is not good. Never throw a wooden sword.

“Iii......ah, what I want to say are exterior things" Craft
“Wow, why are you messing with my turn? All right, keep going on"

Efrika was dissatisfied, but she is full of fact that she inside suppressed her laughter. It is not only me who likes such a stupidity. Surely Efrika is the same as me──

“I might have built a wall somewhere in my heart. Unlike me, you´re called the saint of Dibair, adored by the're just the opposite of me” Craft

Even if she likes me the lazy prince, she will not be happy. With such a dull idea, I was about to overlook something important.

“But you reminded me. It's boring to know the results clearly, because it's unpredictable, therefore it's funny" Craft  

I know that Efrika had the same idea. Yes, that is why this girl is scary to me──

“So, just like you're expecting me to......I also want to get a woman who can be understand like Efrika. It's too safe to look at, but it's a combination that seems boring" Craft
“Craft-niisan, I......” Efrika 

The Princess and the Samurai. Obstinate and obedient. Thoughts and mission. Kindness and love. As the candidates gathered here had trouble with their sides, I also found the answer......

“Efrika, you didn't forget that you made a bet on the courtyard of the castle that day, didn't you?" Craft  

About two months ago, when I came back to the castle──I made a promise with Efrika.

“Yes. Proving that I am the only one who deserves to be brother's bride and whether I will be chosen by you. It was such a bet” Efrika

“That's right, then look at the back. These are all your rivals" Craft

Musashi, Venu, Meri and Kaitos. The best bride I admitted on the line of sight is keeping a close eye on them.

“Whoever you see, this game is my victory. You can accept that, do not you?" Craft

“......I will accept it. Those girls are good for my brother" Efrika 

Biting her eyes, Efrika looked down. Well, she didn't listen to me, did she?

“Those I competed with are well understood. So, I regret that I will not be selected......" Efrika

“Efrika, I'm sorry to say that, but that's only in terms of the surface” Craft

“What? Surface of elder brother......?" Efrika

“Rejoice Efrika. This feeling is swirling in me now” Craft 

Efrika who became the best healer on the continent only to please me, loved me at any time. She can not possibly fall in love with a guy other than me, which she will never admit it. In that case, there will be only one man who can marry her.

“There is only me who is suitable for Efrika in this world. That's why I want to choose you" Craft  

It can be said that it is thoughtful. It is despised to be pride. I, Craft Serima Dibair is the only partner for Efrika.

“L...i...e…? However! Something like that! Nii-san, I?" Efrika
“Is the bet a draw? No, whatever the process or the result is...... I fell in love with you” Craft
“Auu......Craft-niisan” Efrika

“Please marry me, Efrika. My world will not start if you do not exist" Craft 

A hug with Efrika has been rejecting thousands of times in the me. The sweet fragrance wrapped by Efrika and a well-balanced feel of her chest that also combines size and softness, all disturbs my heart. But not a bad feeling.

“......I finally arrived. No matter how much I looked up, I thought I would not inhabit that world" Efrika

“It's a tough win. Good grief, vindictive woman......" Craft 

The beautiful face of Efrika which came really close, suddenly piled her lips with mine. I accept it without denying it.

“Uhuhuu, this is our first kiss exchange" Efrika 

The taste of this unexpected kiss......was not bad.

“Because I kissed you, I did not say I love you. I will never say just to you" Craft
“Huhuu, that's the front story, right? What about the back?” Efrika 

Grinning, Efrika pulls my arm. That's ridiculous, isn't it?

“Come on. I can not find words to express. You know, I don't have a big vocabulary" Craft  

My right hand is raised and a signal is sent to Zenan after I poked Efrika´s forehead with the tip of my index finger. Now my confession is over. Remaining...... is only the final decision.

“Yes. This is the end of everyone's testing!" Zenan  

Zenan, who was watching the course, confirmed the signal and told the end of the exam. There are still those who do not know the back though it is a place where everything is solved by this.

“Wait, wait! Craft-dono, does this kiss now mean that you choose Efrika?" Musashi
“That's right! Here is the video of the evidence! Besides, kiss me too!" Venu
“Let me expect only that much until now it is not it! Sensei!" Meri 

Musashi who misunderstood that she wasn't elected begins to make noise.

“Guys, please calm down! It's not decided yet......" Leona  

Sandwiched between me and the candidates, Leona seems to be only wandering around. Well, how can I explain how to solve this misunderstanding......I'm worried about that......

“You are too short minded. In such a thing, I do it as a bride of Craft" Kaitos


Kaitos gave me an exquisite help, whether he saw me in trouble. As Kaitos is in the same position as Musashi, his words will be quickly heard.

“Hee? What does that mean, Kaitos-san?" Meri
“Craft makes excuses and I do not like to lose, but......I definitely do not get excited" Kaitos

“Please explain to me more clearly, Kaitos-dono" Musashi
“Fufu, you will know if you wait for the result with silence. I believe in Craft" Kaitos
“Do you believe in elder brother? That's……" Leona 

Although there is a difference in the time I spent, Kaitos knows me the best.

“Well said, Kaitos. As you say, I" Craft
“Hoohoohoohoo, thank you for letting me see something good " Magwardo
“Ooooo, my dear son Craft! I was hiding and looking at you in this corner! So who would you choose among them? Is it Efrika?" King Zefirio


My father and Magwart come into the entrance hall to interrupt my explanation. This d.a.m.n beardy and's a good place now, but you're in the way!

“Tell me as quickly as possible! Now, who are you going to choose?" King Zefirio
“Hey, s.h.i.tty dad! You didn't listen to me, did you? I have already chosen" Craft
“Hiyoo? Craft, you what......" King Zefirio


My father tilts his head with his hands on his beard. Apparently it does not seem that he have noticed the trap that Zenan set up.

“Craft-sama, you don't need to be shy. I'm taking the commitment" Zenan  

Zenan was a competent perfect maid until the very end. Thanks to her, I......I can make the best choices.

“My choice is......” Craft

The answer that I gave is indicated by a swinging fingertip.

“It's the best bride ever" Craft  

It will be the beginning of a new wave of fun, a lot of fun──