History’s Number 1 Founder

Chapter 1145

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Published at 8th of July 2019 02:45:08 AM Chapter 1139: 1139

When the Cosmic Marble Buddha descended, he recited a Buddhist chant in a low voice and extended all 48000 of his arms . In each of his palms, he carried a shining ball of light like a star .

As the light from the star engulfed him, it turned into a world and floated above the Heavenly Stupa . In that world, countless Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, and Gatés recited scriptures together . The Ten Defenders of Buddhism floated there . There were also the many Buddhist treasures such as staffs and prayer beads, all of which shone with light .

There was also a Saha Forest, temples, and countless stupas all over . It resembled Nirvana .

This was the most powerful Buddhist attack, the Nirvana World Palm!

Since the last War of the Two Worlds, this attack never appeared ever again .

Lin Feng last saw many powerful Buddhist cultivators use this attack in their fight against the dragons . He too could feel its mystical power .

However, looking at the Cosmic Marble Buddha using this attack was an entirely different sensation . It was as if the Buddha really held Nirvana in his palms .

Liang Pan used his Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai and attacked with Yan Nanlai . Yet, he was unable to approach it .

He appeared only inches away . Yet, the closer he got, the further it seemed to be .

Lin Feng watched the battle from the side . “He possessed such powers from the start . He is undoubtedly Emperor Ru . However, if he wants to spread his teachings to the mortals, it will take him more time . ”

“After all, no one knows what happened to Emperor Ru after he entered the Death Sea . This time, he had no choice but to re-descend upon the world . It isn't the ideal scenario for him . ”

“Otherwise, if he does possess the power of Emperor Ru, he can easily take care of Liang Pan and Yan Nanlai with his Nirvana World Palm . He did not need to be on the defensive . ”

Lin Feng soon saw through the attack and he understood the extent of its powers . “After all, for him to possess such powers straight after his coming, it is admirable indeed . The Emperor of the Dead was much weaker than him when he was reborn . ”

Blocking off the Imperial Palace and Yan Nanlai, the Cosmic Marble Buddha's gaze fell upon Lin Feng . His expression was without sorry or joy, but Lin Feng could tell that he had complex emotions .

It was hard to describe .

Lin Feng saw this scene and his heart jolted . “Right, he cannot see my past and future . ”

“If he is unable to transcend the Grand Celestial World, then he is unable to see my past and future . This has nothing to do with his powers, but it's because of the Greater World instead . ”

Lin Feng felt as if he had caught onto something . Yet, he felt like he was looking at flowers through a fog . “It appears… that my existence is the greatest mystery to Emperor Ru?”

Above the Heavenly Stupa, Yan Nanlai and Liang Pan were blocked by the Nirvana World Palm . Their faces were expressionless .

The seal on Yan Nanlai's left hand started to shine as the mystical Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light flashed brightly . It could not be described, understood and even felt .

As the mystical light came into contact with the Nirvana World Palm, it was like a blizzard . The world quickly disappeared and a path appeared for Yan Nanlai .

Liang Pan quickly performed spell gestures as the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai once again used the Extreme Emperor Heaven-Splitting Mantra . As it cut through the blur of gases, another tear appeared in the Nirvana World Palm . The gigantic Imperial Palace turned into a ray of light and descended down onto the Heavenly Stupa .

Through many years of cultivation and care, the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai regained its peak powers . Earlier, it absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy in the sea of purple light to replenish itself . Right now, flashing its like, its powers were immense and infinite .

The Cosmic Marble Buddha looked away from Lin Feng . Suddenly, he stood up from his lotus sitting position .

He pulled one of his 48000 arms back .

In terms of number, it seemed insignificant . However, the moment the Cosmic Marble Buddha did that, his entire aura changed . Everyone looked at the arm he retracted .

Next, the Cosmic Marble Buddha punched out toward the Imperial Palace with that arm .

That punch brimmed with a supreme, hegemonic power that shook the heaven the earth!

This was the most wide-spread Buddhist attack, the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print of the Vairocana Sutra!

Among all physical attacks in the Divine Lands, this was the most powerful .

While it was just a simple punch, the Cosmic Marble Buddha emitted an aura that seemed to state that across the heaven and earth, he was the most powerful being of all times!

That punch directly shattered the Dual Polarity Chaos Cave Divine Light from the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai!

While the Cosmic Marble Buddha only punched out in one direction, the ma.s.sive shockwave from that punch sent tremors in all four directions, making the black hole unstable .

Right now he punched out, the Cosmic Marble Buddha followed up with another punch .

There were ten prints of the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Prints . Respectively, they were the Empirical Print, Cakkavala Print, Infinite Print, Formless Print, Bodhi Print, Maha Print, Akhanistha Print, Intelligent-Fist Print, the DhyanMudra Print and the VajrFreedom Print .

After attacking the Imperial Palace with the heaven-covering Cakkavala Print which seemed to derive its powers from the Greater World, the Cosmic Marble Buddha followed up with another Infinite Print .

In the Imperial Palace, Liang Pan's face was expressionless as he performed spells after spells . Rays of purplish-gold light shone and a majestic figure stood on top of the Imperial Palace . He pointed out with his finger and a blurry, green gas appeared . It was the Chaos Cave Saint-Slaying Thunderbolt .

The Chaos Cave Saint-Slaying Thunderbolt did not directly attack the Cosmic Buddha . Instead, it swirled around in the void and turned into a huge, green plate . Then, it crashed against the Infinite Print .

Green thunder light continued to explode and the green plate caught onto the Infinite Print . However, it was then shattered by the Cosmic Marble Buddha .

“I have not seen Emperor Tai's Chaos Cave Saint-Slaying Thunderbolt for many years . ” The Cosmic Marble Buddha recited another Buddhist incantation . Without stopping, he punched out once more at the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai .

This time, the Cosmic Marble Buddha retrieved another one of his arms . His two hands formed the Vajra Fist . His left index finger pointed upward and his right pinkie curled itself around the first segment of his left index finger . Then, his left index finger touched his right thumb lightly .

This was the Intelligent-Fist Print of the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Prints . Its knowledge was unique and it represented the core tenets of Buddhism .

His left hand represented the five possible forms for creations and his right hand represented the Five Tathagatas . The Five Tathagatas shielded all creations . This was the Intelligent-Fist Print .

Liang Pan was expressionless . He extended his right hand and drew a talisman . His left hand performed a spell gesture .

On his body, purple clouds started to appear . Unlike Lin Feng's purple clouds, Liang Pan's ones were darker . A faint gold could be in these purple clouds, signifying the descent of a supreme sovereign .

This was the Royal Purple Gas, pa.s.sed down from Emperor Tai .

Liang Pan used all his strength and the Royal Purple Gas surrounded the Imperial Palace, covering it completely and protecting it .

The gold light in the purple gas formed a huge imprint . It appeared to be made from a few strokes and yet, it was not simple . Instead, from it, one could sense a supreme yet simplistic principle .

As the light flashed, it represented the word 'Tai' .

This was the most powerful attack of Emperor Tai, the Emperor Tai's Spell Imprint .

The most powerful moves of the first and second Emperors of Man of the Antiquity Age clashed at this instant .

As the Intelligent-Fist Print clashed against Emperor Tai's Spell Imprint, the Cosmic Marble Buddha did not abate . He closed his palms together and his gesture changed once more . His right palm faced upward above his left palm . His two thumbs were connected .

This was the DhyanMudra Print of the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print!

The fingers of his right palm represented the Five Greats of the Buddhism and the fingers of his left palm represented the Five Greats of the mortal world . Stacking his palms together, it meant that there was no second way to Buddhism . This gesture was known as the DhyanMudra Print .

Liang Pan's expression was heavy . “Even though it absorbed a lot of spiritual energy, it needed time to cultivate it before it could return to its peak . Then, I can use my other methods to further improve it . However, right now…”

He arched his eyebrows and said, “After the DhyanMudra Print, he will use the VajrFreedom Print…”

As he thought about that, Liang Pan did not continue attacking with his Extreme Emperor Heaven-Splitting Mantra . Instead, he took up a defensive posture . Purple and gold light flashed around the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai . The vast palace was like a person who just put on clothes . With such vast protective powers, it appeared eternal and immortal .

As the Cosmic Marble Buddha battled against the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai, his remaining arms grabbed the Heavenly Stupa . Each of his hands slapped against the Heavenly Stupa, making it shine even brighter and blocking Yan Nanlai .

Yan Nanlai's eyes narrowed . “Looking at it, it is no weaker than the Saros Steel Tree . It appears to be even more powerful and it can even be crafted into a Destiny level magic treasure like Mount Meru! Has the Buddha even prepared the magic treasures that he will need to bring about another Age of Saddharma?” (Translator's Note: The Age of Saddharma is the opposite of the Age of Vipralopa . It refers to a period of time when Buddhism brings about a Golden Age . )

Looking at the Cosmic Marble Buddha prevailing against both his enemies, Lin Feng did nothing . Instead, he looked at the Cosmic Marble Buddha as many thoughts soared through his mind . Then, he arranged the many clues and connected the dots .

“Destiny and the will of heavens will not affect the Buddha's foundation . Instead, it can help him improve further and even break free from their control . ”

“However, this must take place within the Grand Celestial World . The only one that doesn't belong in this world is me . My existence prevents Emperor Ru from seeing the past and future and hence, he cannot transcend beyond this Greater World . ”

“So that's the case, I am the greatest sin in the eyes of Emperor Ru . No wonder the Cosmic Marble Buddha appeared, and not the Medicine Buddha,” thought Lin Feng as an odd expression crossed my face . “The current Shakyamuni Buddha, Emperor Ru himself, who is probably still in the Death Sea, and this future Cosmic Marble Buddha are all stopped by me . ”

“The Great Void Sect, the demons, the Great Zhou Empire and all those who destroyed Buddhism many years ago can be explained through karmic links . He naturally had to settle his scores with them . However, the strings of Destiny that tie him to me are in the future . ”