The God Virus

Chapter 156

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"If it's not rude of me, can I ask why you're talking to senior apprentice-sister Astes?" She inquired, to which, instead of Virus, Astes herself replied, "He's my new junior apprentice-brother from the Alchemy paG.o.da, is there anything wrong with two disciples from the same paG.o.da talking to each other?"

"No, no... I didn't mean it like that..." Tinsel responded in a hurry while shaking her two hands in front of her almost naked chest.

After that, while gazing at Tinsel, suddenly a penetrating light appeared on Astes' face as she questioned, "Now tell me, what business do you have with my Junior brother Vee?"

Tinsel's eyes jumped open when she heard Astes' words, but soon, regaining her serene face, she opened her mouth once again while looking at Virus' direction, "Since you're already a superior disciple... you must know senior brother Hartas, right?"

Listening to her question, Virus replied in confusion, "I have no idea who you're talking about... nor do I have a reason to know this guy." {A/N: (Virus: Why would I even wanna know someone called heart a.s.s, hmph.)}

"I see, please let me introduce him then. So... Hartas is the second strongest person among the superior disciples." A little anger seemed to surface on Tinsel's face when she heard Virus' response. However, it instantly disappeared as she began to introduce Hartas with shining eyes of admiration.

But, unlike Tinsel's expectations, Virus responded with, "So what? What does that have to do with me?"

"Uh... please hear me out. So, actually... senior brother Hartas has an offer for you..." Tinsel proclaimed.

An amused expression showed itself on Virus' face when he heard her words, so he responded with a chuckle, "Interesting... you can continue."

Listening to him say 'You can continue', Tinsel's eyes began to shine as she a.s.sumed that Virus has been moved, and as a result, he was now looking forward to the offer, so she began talking with a smile on her face, "You're a very smart person... I like that! It's simple actually... senior brother Hartas said that as long as you're willing to gift him your ring... he will support you with all his power from today onwards!"

"Hmm... is that all?" A doubtful expression appeared on Virus' face as he said while touching his chin.

Seeing his reaction, Tinsel thought, 'This greedy b.a.s.t.a.r.d... he's telling me the offer is not enough and that he wants more! Sigh, okay it's your lucky day... I'll increase the offer.'

"He will also cover whatever expenses you may have in the future! Moreover, he will buy you whatever you desire! Is that enough?" Tinsel added.

Hearing the offer, a broad smile sat on Virus' face as he voiced, "Of course that's enough!"

"Junior brother! You can't..." Listening to Virus actually agree, Astes' heart almost jumped out of her chest as she tried stopping him.

However, just as she began talking, Virus raised his hand, signaling her to stop talking as he also gazed deeply into Astes' eyes like he was saying, 'Trust me.'

"Really? Hehe, that's a great choice! I'm sure senior brother will be very satisfied with this..." With a happy smile, Tinsel uttered.

"But, before I gift the ring... since he said he will buy me whatever I desire, first, I want him to buy me something I really covet... if he fulfills this request of mine, then the ring is his." Virus stated.

"Anything! Just name what you want!" She said with glittering eyes.

"Okay, it's very simple actually, tell him to buy me something that will entertain me for an eternity... if he accomplishes that, trust me... I'll give him much more than just a worthless ring..." In all seriousness, Virus declared.

However, listening to what he asked for, the three were instantly stunned silly.

'Is there even such a thing that would be able to entertain master forever?' Afterward, unconsciously, this thought pa.s.sed through the golden beauty's head who was the person that knew Virus the best.

According to what Bella witnessed until now by being beside Virus almost all the time was that his master wasn't entertained and interested in many things others would kill for.

Nonetheless, even when there was something that entertained her master on very rare occasions, she knew his sense of entertainment and interest only remained for a short while before disappearing entirely.

And more importantly, the terrifying thing was that even those things which only entertained her master for a limited period of time were almost always something that would at least affect an entire country at the minimum.

'Something that would be able to entertain master forever...' Just continuing to think about this notion sent shivers down the golden beauty's spine as she couldn't even begin to imagine how boundless and great this thing has to be to grant his master eternal entertainment.

Truthfully, the golden beauty was horrified to continue further with her thoughts, so she decided to just stop thinking about it completely as she focused on the situation which was occurring in front of her at this moment.

In the meantime, Astes was pondering to herself as she was totally lost, 'Just what's going on inside that head of his?'

"Something that would entertain you forever?" Tinsel mumbled, but soon, she came to herself as she grumbled, "Are you kidding me right now? What is it that you really want? Just say it..."

"I'm rarely as serious as I am right now..." Virus a.s.serted.

"...So you're after something that will entertain you until the day you die... hmm, even though it's a bit hard, I believe senior brother will be able to think of something... okay, that's it for today then... see you soon." After mouthing this with a smirk on her face as if she had won, she respectfully bid her farewell to Astes too before turning around and leaving.

After she left, Astes ranted, "Junior brother! Why did you agree to gift your ring! Are you on your right mind right now?"

"Haha, didn't you hear my condition? I only agreed to gift him my ring if he fulfills my condition." Reminded Virus while chuckling.

"You mean buying you something that will entertain you forever? Even though I know that'll be extremely hard... what if they really do succeed in finding something like that? What will you do then?" Greatly distressed and restless for her junior brother inside, she inquired.

"In that case, I will gladly offer him the stupid ring..." Virus phrased as if he was stating the obvious.

"You..." Astes was speechless hearing Virus' response as she was even a little angry by him at this point.

However, before she could even reprimand him, Virus continued calmly, "Not only that... I will offer that person things he can't even begin to imagine... and I'll also be greatly indebted to that person."

"In fact, this offer stands for everyone... I'll greatly reward whoever that can grant me eternal entertainment." He concluded.

"I'm simply speechless by you junior apprentice-brother... I mean why do you even want something that would entertain you?" Looking into his eyes, Astes whimpered.

To this, Virus simply stated, "You wouldn't understand."

However, when she saw the look inside his eyes while he was stating this simple sentence, Astes was greatly bewildered as she was shaken to her very core, because at this moment, inside Virus' eyes, she spotted an emotion which was completely unknown to her.