I Obtained a Stepmother. I Obtained a Little Brother. It Appears That Little Brother Is Not Father's Child, but a Scum King's Child, However, Don't Mind It Please ( ´_ゝ`)

Chapter 12

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Here is the Chapter that I decided to post early in case I don’t have time tomorrow~


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( ´_ゝ`) – Chapter 3 ~~

Liana the daughter of a low-ranked baron.

Even though her father was a low ranked baron, he was smart enough to work in the library of the royal palace. On the other hand, her mother had once been called the Rose of high society.

Liana, who had wavy blonde hair, white porcelain skin, beautiful sea-blue eyes, a healthy body, a kind atmosphere, a witty manner of speaking, and a shy att.i.tude, was raised strictly but tenderly by her parents. She was very popular despite her low status. She had grown up to be a wonderful lady.

In this country, a lady's marriageable age was around 16 to 20 years old, but her mother had collapsed due to a sudden illness shortly after Liana's debut and establishment as the Rose of high society.

Liana had a brother, Leon, who was 12 years younger.

She spent her days taking care of her brother and mother instead of trying to find a partner.

Her mother, whom she had taken care of with such devotion, eventually pa.s.sed away when Liana turned 24.

Liana was still beautiful even at 24 years old and looked the same as she did when she was a teen.

There were many proposals to ask for her hand in marriage, but her 12-year-old brother wished to enter the royal academy at that time. The baron had already spent a considerable amount of money on their mother's medical fees, so he couldn't afford to send Liana's brother to the royal academy anymore.

One of Liana's options was to become the second wife of a wealthy aristocrat. However, after consulting her father who would not agree to sell her off, it was decided that Liana would work as a maid in the royal palace.

This was the beginning of her misfortune.

Liana caught the eyes of the King shortly after she started working.

The King was well past his 40s and had two other wives besides the Queen. However, the only children he had were with the Queen.

With the Queen, he had two princes and princesses, and it had been decided that the first prince Ricardo would succeed the throne.

The Queen was from a high ranked family and was very skilled.

On the other hand, the King wasn't dumb, but he wasn't considered smart either. He wasn't indecisive, but he also wasn't considered to be someone who could make decisions. The King, who was a picture of indecisiveness, relied on the Queen in both public and private matters.

He also had many skilled subordinates so the government was neither bad nor good.

The usually indecisive king's sudden decisiveness was amazing when it came to Liana.

He fell in love at first sight with Liana and made her his personal maid with a momentum that should have been displayed in political affairs. When she resisted, he threatened her using her brother and attacked her.

But the wise and intuitive Queen noticed his folly. By the time she made the king dogeza and apologize, Liana was already pregnant.

The Queen was a person with justice and did not blame Liana; she even offered Liana the position of second wife. However Liana did not want to be tied to the person who had forcibly attacked her. She told the Queen that she did not have the confidence to love the child she bore.

However this country's religion did not allow abortions or the birth of a child from an unmarried mother.

The Queen was troubled and finally came to a decision. She asked her old acquaintance,  Will Theodore– the earl of a remote region–  if he would accept a second marriage with Liana.

The earl had lost his beloved wife but did not remarry and instead chose to raise his eldest daughter Ellen alone.

Will was still young and tired of his relatives urging him to remarry.

And although Will a very skilled, he was born with a frail body and would usually be bedridden for half of the year.

Will had no desire to remarry, but after hearing Liana's story from the Queen, he decided to have a second marriage to help her out.

He even explained the situation to his oldest daughter Ellen.

Usually an adult’s circ.u.mstances are kept hidden, but Will explained the situation to Ellen without hiding anything.

Will was an honest man who was neither good nor bad.

Ellen was still young, but like her father, she was smart and quickly understood the presented circ.u.mstances.

In addition to that, Ellen had already been wanting a mother and siblings so after hearing about the remarriage, she was delighted.

「Heck, from what I'm hearing that kuso Jiji (king) (TL: Kuso Jiji means um…s.h.i.tty old man) still hasn't given up on Liana-sama right? (°▽°)?」

From her father’s story, she had already come to the conclusion that the King = perverted kuso Jiji.

Will also had no objection to that opinion and did not deny his beloved daughter's words.

「If you say so then that must be so. The Queen is looking after Liana so I believe it's alright for now. Alright. Let's have her come over as a bride for emergency refuge.」

Both Will and Ellen have an irresponsible personality.
The Queen also agreed with the opinion that the king had yet to give up on Liana and again consulted with Liana. They came to the decision that to protect Liana from the stubborn King, they will formally marry Liana to Will.

TL’s Review on this Chapter: I was wondering where the comedy went [Cuz of the Comedy Tag]…until I saw Ellen’s remarks on the King…lol.

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