I Obtained a Stepmother. I Obtained a Little Brother. It Appears That Little Brother Is Not Father's Child, but a Scum King's Child, However, Don't Mind It Please ( ´_ゝ`)

Chapter 8

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I obtained a stepmother. I obtained a little brother. It appears that little brother is not father's child, but a sc.u.m king's child, however, don't mind it please ( ´_ゝ`) – Ch. 9

AoZora: Since yesterday’s chapter was so short, so as promised, I shall release another chapter. Fufun~
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When Liana heard that her younger brother was going abroad to study in the neighbouring country, she felt a bit lonely but relieved.

If he entered the Royal Academy, he had to live in the dorms and Liana could only see him on her day off since she worked as the palace maid.

Her younger brother was smart and reliable for a child his age so he should be able to take care of himself even if he was studying abroad.

The Queen had also told them that he could work in the Kingdom after he finished his studies.

Those who graduated from the Royal Academy usually worked in the Royal Palace.

However, due to her younger brother's hatred for the King, working under him would be painful. So, Liana was grateful for the Queen's consideration.

Liana's father was working in the King's library, but in the end, it was painful to work for the King, so the Queen decided that he would be transferred.

「And so, after speaking with your father about his transfer, he plans to work as a teacher for the commoners' new school in Theodore Territory that was built by the Royal Palace.」

The Queen reported to Liana in the room that was prepared for her in the Queen's Palace.

The Queen had harshly scolded the King and told him to never appear in front of Liana again but it still seemed like the King had not given up on Liana.

In order to protect Liana, the Queen made her live in a closed room and forbade the King from trespa.s.sing the Queen's Palace.

Liana was grateful to the Queen.

She honestly did not think that the Queen would be this courteous.

She trusted the Queen but Liana, who had never left the Capital, had neither heard the name 'Theodore Territory' nor did she know where it was.

Seeing Liana's uneasy face, the Queen brought out a map and explained to her where was the Theodore Territory located.

The Theodore Territory took four days to reach by carriage from the Capital and its borders was right next to the neighbouring kingdom. It was also said that the climate there was gentle.

She explained to Liana that the ancestors of Earl Theodore were her collateral family and the Earl was also a good friend of hers.

Earl Theodore wanted the commoners' children in his territory to receive education and had discussed with the Queen to build a school in his territory where the children could go to school for free.

It was still a new school but the Queen said that if it went well, she would build more in other territories.

After Liana's father heard about this story, he was extremely motivated.

Liana trusted the Queen and if her father accepted this, then there would be no problem.

Ao's Note:
When they say "Theodore Earl" they actually mean "Theodore Earl of the Bordering Territory"