I'm Not a Villainess!! Just Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn't Mean I'm a Bad Person!

Chapter 3

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The country where I Was born

My name is Claudia Letsya.

I was born in this country as the eldest daughter of a noted duke family.

I, Sakura who used to be from the common in my last life, was born again as the daughter of a n.o.ble family with the highest position and governmental power. Reincarnation is indeed something worth to give a try.

The name of the country where I was born is Reshiya.

A country that coexists with spirits.

Every human here receives the abilities of spirits and thus becomes able to use the magic attributed to the element of his ability.

As for the elements, they are inherited through generations. So a person can only receive the elements they're parents already have.

There are some rare cases where a person receives a different element from their parents or gets a cheat ability like getting 2 elements instead of one.

There are also some spirits who bestow their divine protection to a few humans they are interested in.

But that happens very rarely as spirits tend to change their minds quickly.

What is even more seldom in this word is the spirit kings.

The spirit kings rarely show up in front of people and they bestow their divine protection only in case of a miracle.

And the person who caused this miracle was no one but my father, Alaudy.

Alaudy is receiving the divine protection of the wind spirit king.

This kind of protection can only be given to humans who made a contract with the spirit king.

To make a divine protection contract, you need to simply call the name of the spirit.

Leaving that aside, I think you have already guessed what happened to me.

Yes, I made a contract with a spirit king before I was born.

And it wasn't just your normal type of spirit kings, but the dark spirit king who is considered rarer than every other spirit.

There is also the light spirit king who is seen the same way as the dark king.

These two spirits possess a far greater power than the other kings and they never show up in front of humans, which makes the people who acquire their divine protection extremely precious.

However, unlike the light spirit king who brings about light, the dark spirit king is feared by the world.

After all, fearing the dark is a creature's instinct.

Because of that, those who obtain the divine protection of the dark spirit king are considered as a symbol of fear while those who obtain their protection from the light spirit king are worshiped like a saint.

Well, being worshiped isn't necessarily a good thing anyway.

A person who receives the divine protection of a spirit gets to have its traits.

So for a person like me who was born with black hair and eyes and a brown skin, it becomes clear that I'm receiving my divine protection from the dark spirit king with a single glance

That's why the expression of my family, the servants and the midwife stiffened from fear when they saw me.

My mother and a few maids had even fainted from the shock.

It's only natural to fear the spirit king of darkness who possesses great power and could be able to destroy an entire country depending on the situation.

The dark spirit king is treated like a true villain, huh.