Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife

Chapter 499

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East of sunrise, one head, two heads, three heads, and four heads were hanging on the windowsill at the same time.

Shen Xiao Xiao muttered: "Is there something wrong with daddy recently?"

Shen Mu Xiao's eyes were fixated on the group of people lying on the field, "Daddy seems to be very angry."

Shen Mu Lin looked at his mother who was walking over from afar and pointed at her. "Mom seems to be ignoring dad."

Shen Mu Jing chewed on the plum candy in his mouth, maybe it was too sour, his teeth was already aching from the pain, he smacked his lips and said, "You guys are begging me, but if you beg me, I will tell your father what you're thinking?"

Three pairs of eyes landed on Shen Si Fen.

really liked the feeling of being the center of attention. He smirked, and laughed brilliantly, "Begging for me, I will accept your gazes that are like the stars cupping the moon."

Shen Mu Xiao pointed to the torn wrapper in his hand, "Where did you take this from?"

Shen Si Fen took another plum candy, "Mommy's cupboard."

Shen Xiao Xiao spread out his hands, looking as if he was prepared to ask for a piece of candy, "Big sister also wants to eat it."

Shen Si Fen was the shortest among the children. He stepped on the small stool beside him, forcefully raising himself to half a head taller than them. His proud hands rested on his waist, and he had a domineering aura, as if he was looking down upon the world.

Shen Mu Xiao pulled his sister's hand, shook his head, and said, "Don't eat, father is angry. If he knows that this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is stealing mother's snacks, then it might not be as simple as a beating."

Shen Xiao Xiao seemed to understand what he meant and nodded, "Should I go and complain?"

"Do you both think I'm deaf?" Shen Si Fen immediately sat down on the table, and imitated his usual bl.u.s.tery father who crossed his legs high, he said, "I even heard it."

Shen Xiao Xiao pointed at his own Xiao Xi, "You will be beaten."

Shen Si Fen picked up a plum and put it swaggering into his mouth, "I've finished eating all of it, Daddy won't know."

"I'll tell Dad." Shen Xiao Xiao prepared to run out of the room.

Shen Si Fen rushed to the gate ahead of everyone else and stared at his own sister with s.h.i. ning eyes. His dark pupils seemed to have turned even more grey, as if he was a bottomless abyss that sucked in the other party's entire figure.

Shen Xiao Xiao felt a burst of dizziness and a voice kept bewitching her in her ears. In the end, she shakily sat back down on the bed.

Shen Mu Xiao looked at his younger sister who was behaving strangely, and frowned. "Fourth Bro, you're bullying Xiaoxiao again? Be careful she wakes up and throws you into the air with her fist. "

Shen Si Fen licked his fingers, showing a fearless smug look.

BOOM! The closed door was pushed open.

The Plum Blossom in Shen Si Fen's mouth had no time to spit out before it was sucked straight into his throat. He opened his eyes wide, his hands covering his throat as he struggled to breathe.

Shen San Fen ran forward quickly and landed a punch on his brother's back.

"Cough, cough, cough." Shen Si Fen spat out the plum in his mouth and continuously coughed dryly.

Shen Xiao Xiao shook his head, his consciousness slowly waking up.

Shen Si Fen held onto his throat and turned around. He had originally planned to use his valiant and imposing aura to denounce and criticize those fellows who dared to scare him, but after seeing the tall and mighty body of the other party, he silently lowered his head, not even daring to make a sound.

Shen Cheng Feng's gaze fell on the package that was tightly held in the child's hand.

Shen Si Fen felt his father's forceful gaze and silently threw the package on the ground. Then, he used his little feet to push the bag towards his big brother.

Shen Cheng Feng said, "Do you think I'm blind?"

Xiao Xi innocently blinked her bright big eyes, "I only ate one, just one."

"Next time you say something like that, remember to eat all the icing." Shen Cheng Feng called the child over.

Shen Si Fen felt that his legs were too heavy to move.

Shen Cheng Feng smiled amiably. "Come over here, your father won't beat you up and won't let you off."

Shen Si Fen was still motionless. He could clearly hear what his father was thinking in his heart: wait for this stinking brat to come over. I will definitely kill him.

Shen Cheng Feng took the initiative to take a step forward, "Are you saying you have the guts to steal snacks, and aren't daring enough to meet father?"

Shen Si Fen pouted and said carefully, "Father, let me tell you something, you won't hit me, okay?"

Shen Cheng Feng did not reply.

Shen Si Fen continued, "It has something to do with mother."

Shen Cheng Feng pursed her lips and laughed, "When did father want to hit you?" He reached out his hand and gently stroked the little guy's round head.

Shen Si Fen tiptoed and whispered in his ear, "There is a letter in the drawer of the desk in mother's room."

Shen Cheng Feng was suspicious, "What letter?"

"Letter to you."

With a whoosh, Shen Cheng Feng stood up and ran out of the room without looking back.

Looking at his father who had been sent away, Shen Si Fen couldn't help but give a big thumbs up to his cleverness.

However, he somehow felt a strong killing intent condense behind him. He cautiously turned around and felt a chill in his heart when he saw his own sister's large eyes.

The corner of Shen Xiao Xiao's mouth raised slightly, "Can we play games with little brother?"

Shen Si Fen turned and ran.

Shen Xiao Xiao picked him up and threw him out of the window like he was throwing a bowling ball.

The raging wind blew next to Shen Si Fen's ears, and his carefully combed hair was already blown into a mess.

Shen San Fen stood at the window and waved his right hand.

Shen Si Fen's rapidly falling body heavily smashed onto a layer of light circle. The intense impact caused the entire light circle to fiercely tremble.

Shen Xiao Xiao had long run into the courtyard. Looking at her brother who was floating a meter on the ground, she extended her hand and held onto her brother's arm.

Shen Si Fen was still a little dazed, he did not even manage to regain his senses, and his body was once again thrown extremely high into the air.

"I won't let you two off." The mournful sound echoed in the yard.

The soldiers who were training nearby looked at each other in dismay upon hearing this magnificent sound.

The soldier rubbed his aged eyes and said, "I think I just saw a child flying."

Soldier B put down the kettle. He didn't see anything. He only heard a sad and unwilling voice. There was a lot of helplessness mixed in with a lot of unwillingness.

The soldier clicked his tongue and said, "Kids play games. Anyone who loses likes to say a few words to show off. All of you are being suspicious."

Soldier Ding fell on the ground exhausted. He raised his head towards the blue sky and white clouds as he panted, "I'm about to die. Don't worry about the children. Worry about whether we will suddenly die in the camp or not."

Soldier A was a bit suspicious. He stood up, tiptoed and looked around, "I was indeed not mistaken just now."

Before his voice had even faded, Shen Si Fen's tiny body was once again thrown into the air. This time, he was thrown even higher, and this time, it was even more obvious.

His four eyes stared blankly in the direction where the child had fallen.

Soldier A: "I should be right."

Soldier B: "I shouldn't have misheard too, right?"

Soldier C: "The kids from the city know how to play."

Soldier Ding crawled away silently on the ground.

Xiao Jing finished her training and walked under the shade of the trees. She casually wiped her hair with a towel.

Suddenly, a pair of hands reached out from behind a large tree. Without any hesitation, they grabbed her waist and forcefully lifted her body, which hadn't yet reacted, behind the tree.

Xiao Jing was flabbergasted, "What are you trying to do?"

Shen Cheng Feng covered her hands, his gaze tender, "I saw it."

Xiao Jing did not understand, "What did you see?"

Shen Cheng Feng reached into his own pocket and pulled out the letter he folded.

Seeing that, Xiao Jing was prepared to s.n.a.t.c.h it back, "How did you find out?"

"No matter how I found out, I did." Shen Cheng Feng lifted her lower jaw.

Xiao Jing looked at his serious eyes and laughed bitterly, "You saw it?"

Shen Cheng Feng declined to comment, "I read it, very seriously, very seriously, so I read it three times, word by word."

Xiao Jing lightly bit her red lips, "I —"

Shen Cheng Feng covered her mouth, "Don't say anything. Listen to me, I know what you are thinking and why you are thinking this way. We are husband and wife."

Xiao Jing said softly, "I thought you'd be angry."

Shen Cheng Feng shook his head, "Why should I be angry?"

Xiao Jing looked into his eyes, and his own figure gradually grew larger. The words that were originally coming out of her mouth were swallowed back down her throat, making it hard to speak.

"I know you have a lot of things you want to say to me, but when your feelings get strong and you want to control yourself, that's why you thought of writing these words down. My Xiao Jing, you're really smart."

Xiao Jing frowned, she seemed to have understood, their officer had misunderstood him.

Shen Cheng Feng's eyes stared fixedly at her eyes without blinking, as though flowers had bloomed all over the mountain in the early spring, and she was so beautiful that it was hard for one to control themselves.

Xiao Jing covered his mouth and laughed, "I wrote this letter, but I am prepared to give it to —"

Shen Cheng Feng approached him, and almost touched his forehead to hers, his voice was very low, purposely speaking in a very low voice, "Don't say anymore, let me quietly look at you again, as you said in your letter. Sometimes, there's no need to say anything, I understand you, we all understand."

Xiao Jing held his hand, with a serious face, "Hubby, listen to me, I wrote this letter, not for you."

"I know you didn't write it for me —" Shen Cheng Feng's expression froze, and quickly pushed the woman in his embrace away, looking at her from top to bottom, "What did you mean by that?"

Xiao Jing reached out her small hand and lightly drew circles on his chest area. "The day of Lin Qi's death is in two days. I want to go and see him."

Shen Cheng Feng crushed the letter in his hand into a ball as he tried very hard to control the raging flames that were inexplicably burning in his heart.

My wife wrote an emotional love letter, but it was for someone else.

As a man, shouldn't he tear this letter into pieces in front of her, letting her know that he was very angry, very angry, very angry?

Xiao Jing watched as his face gradually turned from red to pale, then to ashen completely. It was obvious how much firepower their officer had to bear.

Shen Cheng Feng took a deep breath, held onto the letter in her hand and placed it in her hand. Then, without saying a word, he turned around and left.

Xiao Jing chased after him for a few steps, and said while running, "Hubby, are you angry? Are you really angry? "

Shen Cheng Feng shook his head, he shook his head very seriously, and his tone was normal, not angry at all, "Why would I be angry? "I am a great general capable of submission. How could I haggle over such a small matter with a hero who has been dead for a few years?"

"You really aren't angry?" Xiao Jing took a big step forward and blocked his path.

Shen Cheng Feng slapped her head, gently pulling her to the side a little.

Xiao Jing looked at his awkward back, and could not help but say: "Are you going back to the dorm?"

"Yes, something." Shen Cheng Feng said straightforwardly.

Xiao Jing followed him again, "What's the matter?"

"It's better if you don't follow me. I'm afraid you'll feel bad when you see it later." Shen Cheng Feng stopped and looked at the little girl beside him with a serious expression.

Xiao Jing paused. From his words and his gaze, she saw that the children should be in the dorm right now.

Shen Cheng Feng stepped onto the stairs like a meteor.

Xiao Jing held his hands behind his back, and walked around the flower bed twice.

Shen Si Fen laid down on the carpet, feeling sore all over, "How can you all bully your family's cutest, most naive, and most understanding brother?"

Shen San Fen heard footsteps coming from outside and took the initiative to open the door, "Father."

"Let's go out and play." Shen Cheng Feng waved his hands towards the three siblings.

Shen Si Fen suddenly raised his head. After seeing the person who came, he slowly moved his small body along the corner of the wall, attempting to slip out of the house without revealing anything.

"Take off your pants." Shen Cheng Feng took off his jacket, and then opened his sleeves.

Shen Si Fen blinked his eyes. Looking at his father's posture, he really wanted to beat himself to death.

Shen Cheng Feng saw that he was still lying on the ground with his sleeves rolled up, "It's fine if you don't want to take it off."

Shen Si Fen swallowed his saliva, "Father, I just stole a bag of plums."

"Hmm, one plum and one stick, you can count how many have you eaten."

"One pill? One pill?" Shen Si Fen couldn't wait and raised his fingers.

Shen Cheng Feng said, "Since you don't remember, then I will do my best."


Shen Cheng Feng took out the vine, "Are you lying on the ground or pouting?"

"..." To be even able to choose one's own actions, father is indeed considerate.

Shen Cheng Feng pointed to the stool at the side, "Come over."

Shen Si Fen bit his lower lip in grievance.

Shen Cheng Feng stared at the child without blinking, "Don't try to control me."

Shen Si Fen's bright eyes looked at his father.

Shen Cheng Feng knew that the child was controlling him, and he had thought of resisting and refusing's control, but as time pa.s.sed, the child's abilities seemed to become more and more unrestricted by him.

Shen Si Fen raised his hand and clapped.

Shen Cheng Feng's body fell, straight down onto the carpet, his eyes weakly staring at the ceiling, completely unconscious.

Shen Si Fen crawled up from the ground and grabbed a few bags of biscuits on the table.

"Creak." Shen San Fen squeezed his little head through the crack in the door. It seemed that he had already expected his brother to do this.

Shen Si Fen turned his head around and covered his heart that was beating really fast.

"You dare to control your father?" Shen San Fen squatted in front of Shen Cheng Feng and gently poked his body, as expected, he did not move an inch.

Shen Si Fen pouted, feeling wronged. "Daddy will hit me."

"Originally, I only gave you a proper beating. But now, it's not just a simple beating anymore."

Shen Si Fen desperately stuffed the biscuits in his pocket, "I want to go home."

"The campsite is 300 kilometers away from the Shen family, it isn't too far. With your stamina, you should be able to return within 10 to 15 days."

Shen Si Fen poked his head, "Bro."

Shen San Fen picked his father up from the ground and turned him around to face his younger brother.

Shen Si Fen was startled, although he knew that his father was unconscious, but when he saw those eyes, he was still scared stiff.

Shen San Fen snapped his fingers, and the lights lit up, "I will cooperate with you and erase father's memories."

Shen Si Fen's face lit up, "Big Brother — —"

"But you have to agree to a request."

Shen Si Fen shrunk his neck, "Big brother, I heard the voice in your heart."

"Then be obedient, don't steal mother's snacks again."

Shen Si Fen proudly turned his head, "I want to eat it."

Shen San Fen laid Shen Cheng Feng on the floor and then stood up, "There are still a few bags of biscuits in the cupboard. The journey is too far, I can't guarantee that you'll starve to death just by walking around."

"Brother, I promise you, I promise you!" Shen Si Fen pointed, "I'll just agree to it."

Shen San Fen squatted on the ground, with his palm pressed against his father's forehead. The light electric current felt somewhat scorching.

Shen Si Fen sat in front of her father and stared unblinkingly into his eyes. "Forget today.

In front of the window, two figures stood against the wind.

Shen Si Fen muttered, "If father remembers it again in the future, he will cut us both into pieces."

Shen San Fen glanced at him, "When you were doing such a despicable thing, did you think of the consequences of getting beaten up?"

Shen Si Fen scratched the back of his head, "I don't think so."

Shen San Fen rubbed his stomach, "I'm hungry, let's go eat."

"Big brother, aren't you afraid that dad will hit you?"

"He can't beat me." Shen San Fen waved his hand and all the lights in the room went out.

Shen Si Fen wrinkled his nose, "Do you dare to go against daddy?"

Shen San Fen stopped, both of his hands were in his pockets casually, he shook his head and said, "No."


"The Hundred Streams of filial piety takes precedence."

Shen Si Fen's mouth twitched, and said, "Why do you sound like you're lying to a child?"

"Aren't you just a child?" Shen San Fen rubbed his head, "Big brother will give you the chicken leg to eat."

Shen Si Fen frowned, "Why do I feel like you're a weasel paying respects to a chicken with ill intentions?"

"Or you give me the chicken leg?"

Shen Si Fen ran a few meters ahead, "No way, no way, it's all mine, all mine."

The sun was s.h.i. ning brightly, and the years were as they had always been.

Xiao Jing walked in front of the dorm room and gently opened the closed door. officer? Shen Cheng Feng? "

No one replied.

She pushed open the door and entered the room. She saw the back of the figure lying on the bed with his back facing the door. From the figure's back, she knew that the figure was definitely sulking.

Xiao Jing did her best to slow her steps as she slowly walked to the bedside. She stretched out her hand and gently poked their officer's back.

The person on the bed did not respond.

Xiao Jing simply sat beside him and muttered, "I know you must be angry."

After saying this, she deliberately stretched out her neck to see the other party's reaction.

Shen Cheng Feng still had his back facing her without moving, looking at his arrogant appearance, it was obvious that he was very angry.

Xiao Jing let out a long sigh, "How about I write it again for you?"

Shen Cheng Feng maintained his stiff posture from start to finish.

Xiao Jing could not wait any longer, and directly pulled him over.

Shen Cheng Feng felt a little dizzy. He opened his eyes in a daze, and his gaze slowly fell upon her face. When he saw her appearance clearly, he smiled gently, "Why is Xiao Jing here?"

Xiao Jing uncontrollably frowned, she subconsciously felt that there was something wrong with officer.

Shen Cheng Feng sat up, and covered his head, "Why am I in the dorm?"

Xiao Jing stood up in astonishment, and looked at the officer who spoke in disbelief, as if she had lost her memory, and waved her hand in front of his eyes.

Shen Cheng Feng held her hand, "What's wrong?"

Xiao Jing immediately shook his head, "No, nothing."

Shen Cheng Feng looked around the room, "Why do I feel like I've slept for a very long time? Could it be that I was too tired from training last night?"

Xiao Jing felt as if he was stuck in his throat. This feeling of familiarity caused him to actually dare to make such an infuriating joke towards his father.

Too much, too unfilial.

Shen Cheng Feng laughed, "What happened to Xiao Jing?"

"Hubby, do you still remember last night?" Xiao Jing asked tentatively.

Shen Cheng Feng pulled her into his embrace, "It's fine, let's go to the back of the mountain in two days."

Xiao Jing nodded, "I thought that when you woke up, you had all forgotten."

Shen Cheng Feng tapped her nose, "How can I bear to forget?"

"Knock, knock, knock." The door creaked.

"What is it?" Xiao Jing stood up.

The soldier on the other side of the door replied, "Sir, General Lin Chen Yu has arrived. He's in your office right now."

Xiao Jing subconsciously looked towards their officer, "What is Lin Chen Yu doing running over here at this time?"

"He should be here for the Special Operation Force's joint training." Shen Cheng Feng put on his military uniform.

Xiao Jing followed closely behind, "But isn't he on vacation?"

"Who knows what he's planning." Shen Cheng Feng walked downstairs.

Sunlight shone down onto the ground like a raging fire, and the moisture in the air was evaporated bit by bit as it dispersed. The entire ground was covered by a visible wave of heat. The entire camp was indescribably hot.

On the field, all the soldiers had entered their lunch break. At this moment, it was the hottest time of the day.

However, her small body was not afraid of squatting down in the center of the field as if it was heated by the sun. No matter how hot the sun was, she still remained motionless as she squatted on the ground.

Shen Si Fen gnawed on his chicken leg and walked towards the direction of the dining hall where there was a shade of green. After walking just two steps, he saw a guy who looked like a fool bathing in the sun at the center of the sports field.

Judging by the height of this little fellow, he should only be around three to four years old.

Shen Si Fen sat on a rock and stared playfully at the little girl under the sun.

After around half an hour, even if Shen Si Fen did not bask in the sunlight, he was still drenched in sweat. He could not wait any longer, so he used a large leaf to shade himself from the sunlight and ran to the center of the field.

The little girl raised her head, glanced at Shen Si Fen, and continued to stare at the ants on the ground, who were moving the food.

Shen Si Fen crouched down and asked again, "Where did you come from? Are you really not afraid of the sun? "

The little girl poked at the ants in the queue and did not reply.

Shen Si Fen couldn't help but use the leaf on his head to push away all the ants. "I'm talking to you."

The little girl had probably seen enough, so she stood up and ran to the side.

Shen Si Fen chased after her and blocked her path. Looking at the small skirt she was wearing, he continued to ask, "You have not answered my question yet. What's your name?"

The little girl stared fixedly at the stranger before her, neither angry nor anxious, as if she was competing in endurance with him.

Shen Si Fen also rolled his two large eyes. He tried his best to listen to what the little girl was saying in her heart, but he couldn't hear anything. His gaze fell on her even more deeply, and his eyes flashed under the sunlight, "Tell me, what's your name?"

The little girl looked to the side and did not reply.

Seeing that she was not concentrating, Shen Si Fen could not help but reach out his hands to hold her head, and continued to look at her with his eyes, "Tell me, what is your name?"

The little girl pulled his hand away uncomfortably, took a few steps back, and ran away again.

Shen Si Fen blinked her eyes. She didn't seem to be controlled by him?

The little girl panted as she ran to the parking lot. There was no one around her.

"Little Qing, why did you come here?" Qin Lie was still leaning on the wall as he looked at the child who was separated by a wall. He waved his hand.

The little girl reached out to hug him.

Qin still jumped down from the wall and helped wipe off the dirt on the little guy's face. "You went to watch the ants move again?"

"A brother." The little girl pointed in the direction she had come from.

Qin still smiled, "Your Uncle Shen's family's child is also here. Do you want to go and play with them?"

The little girl shook her head, "What a stupid brother."

Qin still fondled her head, "Of course, our Little Qing is the smartest one."

"Still, little Qing, my darlings." Lin Chen Yu ran over like lightning as he stepped on the Wind Fire Wheel.

Qin still raised a hand to stop him. "Stop."

Lin Chen Yu braked and stood straight.

Qin still nodded. "Steady."

Lin Chen Yu walked over.

"Finished?" Qin still asked.

"That darned Shen Cheng Feng, how could I have been blind in the past to have such a romantic story with him?" Lin Chen Yu could not help but sigh.

"It's very hot. Let's go." Qin still held the child's hand as they walked towards the parking area.

Lin Chen Yu took the initiative to open the car door, "Wife, slow down."

Xiao Jing stood at the side of the field, looked at the three leaving figures, covered his mouth and laughed: "Actually, the things in the forest just now are not impossible."

"With that bit of ability of his, it would be better for him not to come and make a fool out of himself. In the end, I'm afraid he'll really turn into a joke if he really turns out to be ugly all the time." Shen Cheng Feng covered her head with the sun, "It's sunning here, let's go back."

Xiao Jing was about to turn around and return to his dorm when he saw walking over while holding a book.

Shen San Fen noticed that someone was watching him, and raised his head. When he saw that it was his mother, the resistance in his eyes disappeared, and he closed the book and ran over, "Mom."

Xiao Jing smiled, "What are you looking at?"

"The martial arts theory that brother lent to me." Shen San Fen looked at the few unfamiliar figures not far away.

Xiao Jing followed his line of sight, and looked over, "That's your Uncle Lin, as well as his wife and daughter."

Shen San Fen's eyes landed on the little girl who was climbing onto the carriage. She was wearing a white dress with a few small bows at the bottom, and there were one or two broken diamonds at the center. When the sunlight s.h.i. ned upon them, the diamonds would s.h.i. mmer slightly, showing their light.

Xiao Jing held onto the child's hand, "Let's go."

Shen San Fen nodded, and followed closely behind her, "Mother."

"Hmm, what's wrong?"

"Your face is so red from the sun." Shen San Fen grinned.

Xiao Jing frowned, "That's why I said I don't like summer."

Shen San Fen raised his head and looked at the even more dazzling sun in the sky.

Xiao Jing stopped and lowered his eyes to look at the child, "Three points is already so powerful?"

Shen San Fen shook his head, "No."

Xiao Jing crouched down and spoke in a serious tone, "You must remember one thing, our abilities are used to deal with enemies, not to show off. In front of ordinary people, we must live like ordinary people, understand?"

"Got it." Shen San Fen imitated his mother and raised his hand, bowing with his chest puffed up, "Yes, sir."

Xiao Jing caressed his little face, "I do not wish for you two to be forced by the military like father, nor do I wish for you two to sign a contract with no longer having personal freedom. What I hope for is for my children to grow up and live a free life."

Shen San Fen hugged his mother, "I will properly protect big brother and big sister and little brother."

Xiao Jing smiled and held his face, "So obedient. Our Mu Lin is so obedient."

"Ding … …" Shen Cheng Feng could not bear to disturb the two of them in such a blissful state, but he did not expect the bell to suddenly ring.

Xiao Jing looked over.

Shen Cheng Feng opened his phone and pressed answer, "I am Shen Cheng Feng, what is it?"

"A special accident occurred in the neighboring. We need you to immediately send someone to check it out." Shen Cheng Huang's voice came out from the receiver.

Shen Cheng Feng frowned, "What do you mean by a special accident?"

Shen Cheng Huang couldn't explain it in a few words, he could only give a general explanation, then said, "I heard that something has mutated and is attacking a large area of the residents."

Shen Cheng Feng hung up the phone, unable to imagine what kind of mutation it could be.

Xiao Jing noticed his frown, and became even more vigilant, "What's wrong?"

"Big Bro gave me a special task. Let me investigate what happened in the neighboring counties."

Xiao Jing vaguely understood what he was talking about, "Is the neighboring town next to our Iron Eagle Unit?"

Shen Cheng Feng nodded, "I will send people to investigate."

Xiao Jing looked at the figure that was leaving, but didn't pay too much attention. He held the child's hand and prepared to walk back to the dorm.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz." A sound that sounded like a fly floated beside Xiao Jing's ears, and she subconsciously reached out her hand to wave it.

"What is it?" Xiao Jing stared at the worm hibernating on her arm in disbelief. Before she could even react, her arm had already been bitten, and what she initially felt was not pain, but numbness, as if her arm had lost all feeling.

Shen San Fen raised his head when he heard this voice. There were still a few flying insects flapping their wings in the sky.

"They bite." Xiao Jing hid the child behind her. Her left arm still had not recovered from the shock as she looked at the worm that was at least the size of her thumb, protecting the child as she retreated.

"Weng weng weng weng, weng weng weng, weng weng weng." The flying insects were even more concentrated as they flew over.

Shen San Fen's eyes were blazing as he stared at his mother's swollen arm. He grabbed her hand and forcefully pulled her behind him.

Xiao Jing lost his balance and staggered a step back. Before he could even stabilize himself, the bugs that were originally flopping around in front of him all fell to the ground, one by one.

Shen San Fen turned around and looked at his mother who had fallen on the ground. He carefully pulled her arm away and drew a small circle on her skin with his finger.

's arm was struck by an electric current, thick blood was squeezed out from the wound, and he gradually regained consciousness.

"What is it?" The ruckus came from the direction of the dormitory.

Xiao Jing raised his head and looked up into the sky. Originally, the sun was s.h.i. ning brightly, but it was covered up by the dark clouds unknowingly.

The bugs that covered the sky appeared densely in the sky above the camp, and the noise was like the sound of a broken engine, causing one's heart to go numb.

Xiao Jing gasped for breath, "Locust?"

Shen Xiao Xiao laid at the window as he opened his eyes wide, "Big brother, what a big bug."

Shen Mu Xiao originally did not think much of it, but he was immediately dumbstruck. After regaining his senses, he practically ran to the window with his hands and legs, and tightly closed the window.

Coincidentally, there was a bug that flew in through the window, its sharp fangs exuding a chilly air. It was trying really hard to squeeze in through the window.

Shen Xiao Xiao was so scared that he retreated a step, "Brother, what is that thing?"

Shen Mu Xiao picked up a small knife and stabbed down.

The insect struggled a few times before stopping its hustle and bustle.

Shen Xiao Xiao's face turned pale white, "Big Brother, we're flying in. We're flying in."

Shen Mu Xiao looked at the buzzing noise behind him, and anxiously hid his sister behind him, holding onto his blade with both of his hands, he continued to cut.

"Mom." Shen Xiao Xiao's terrified voice came from the direction of the dorm.

Xiao Jing subconsciously stood up, "Not good, they've all flown over. They've all flown over."

Shen Si Fen was originally hiding on top of a tree to eat potatoes, but after eating one, he realised that something was scratching his head, and impatiently pulled something off his head.

The bug proudly flapped its wings, trying its best to struggle out of the big guy's grasp, but it couldn't do anything about its weak body. It held its breath and let out an excited cry, calling tens of thousands of its comrades.

Shen Si Fen initially did not care much about these big bugs, but when one insect after another entered his line of sight, he lost control of his balance and directly fell off the tree.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz." The bugs came into his line of sight.

Shen Si Fen swallowed his saliva, and quietly pa.s.sed the roasted potato in his hand over, "Everyone can have a share, eat."

The bugs swarmed over him, and in the blink of an eye, all that was left of the potato in his hand was just a layer of skin.

The corner of Shen Si Fen's mouth twitched as if he had suffered a stroke, "After you eat my food, you'll be mine, you're not allowed to follow me anymore."

The bugs kept following him.

Shen Si Fen took a deep breath as he tried to subdue this group of disobedient people with his own will.

The group of bugs started to bite each other as if they were fighting, but after a while, a large number of them were killed.

"Mom." Shen Xiao Xiao's tearful voice came from somewhere not far away.

Shen Si Fen heard her crying and raised her head, "Big sister?"

Xiao Jing no longer cared about these bugs that could threaten her at any time, and picked up the child, preparing to run back to the dorm.

Shen San Fen actually managed to struggle free from her embrace, and immediately took off his clothes and pants, which allowed him to control his surplus strength. He only left his underpants, and when he raised his hand, a fierce wind suddenly appeared, causing black clouds to billow.

Xiao Jing looked at the powerful electric current surrounding the child, and did not dare to get too close.

The bugs seemed to have noticed the danger and flapped their wings to change their target.

"Clang!" Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The flying insects that covered half of the sky were enveloped by a light. With a bang, all of them exploded. The corpses of the bugs were like a heavy downpour as they covered the ground.

"Xiao Jing." Shen Cheng Feng saw that the bugs gathered around his wife had attacked fiercely, and were rus.h.i. ng over. With a grab of his hands, the bugs in his palms were instantly corroded to nothingness.

Xiao Jing heard the familiar voice, and turned his head, "Hubby, what are these things?"

"Looks like there's no need to investigate. These bugs have mutated." Shen Cheng Feng protected her as she retreated step by step, "They should have flown here from the neighboring counties."

The locusts themselves were a type of social animal, so wherever they pa.s.sed, not even a blade of gra.s.s would grow. Furthermore, the mutated locusts now had a strong attacking ability, and after being bitten, their bodies would temporarily feel numb and unable to move.

Shen Cheng Feng originally thought that this group of guys would continue to attack, but he didn't expect that they would fly away while making a ruckus.

The row of willow trees not far away had also become dilapidated. One after another, they looked like they could wither at any time.

Shen San Fen dressed neatly.

Shen Cheng Feng seemed to understand why these guys ran.

"Don't bite me. Bite yourselves. Bite yourselves." Shen Si Fen ran all the way while sprinting towards them.

Behind him were a few bugs that refused to give up. It seemed like they did not want to bite him.

Shen Si Fen turned around and focused, "Scram."

The bugs struggled and flapped their wings, finally flying far away.

Shen Si Fen laid on the ground in exhaustion. His clothes were already in tatters and there were a few red and swollen bite marks on his arms. It seemed that he had been bitten quite miserably.

The entire camp was filled with the wails of grief.

looked at the soldiers who were more or less bitten. medic was currently treating their wounds, but due to the temporary emergency situation, the medical treatment in the infirmary was limited.

Pei Yi briefly counted the number of injuries and said, "Basically, none were spared."

"Did you inform the military that we need equipment to enter the neighboring counties?" Shen Cheng Feng asked.

"I've already notified them. The military has given them a reply. They'll probably drop the first batch of equipment by tomorrow morning."

"I don't know where these bugs have flown to. Tell the military to take note of them. We have to clean them up as soon as possible. Otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable." Shen Cheng Feng walked out of the infirmary.

A car stopped in front of the infirmary.

Shen Cheng Feng looked at the person who had arrived, and his eyebrows unconsciously knitted together.

Feng Cheng smiled. It seemed that there was some other goal.

Shen Cheng Feng stepped forward and saluted, "Sir."

Feng Cheng walked on the stairs, "I heard that Iron Eagle Unit was attacked by locusts an hour ago?"

"I don't know what kind of insect it is right now, but its attack power is very high." Shen Cheng Feng replied truthfully.

Feng Cheng stopped walking, "All these years, I have always felt that there is a problem with the Shen family, not just a simple problem."

Shen Cheng Feng planned to ignore this question, "Is there something important that Sir has come from afar to discuss with me?"

Feng Cheng turned around, and his eyes met hers, "What do I want to say, are you not clear about it?"

Shen Cheng Feng spoke with a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, "Sir, please enlighten me."

The smile on Feng Cheng's face became even wider, "I thought that with your intelligence, I wouldn't need to say anything, seems like I have no choice but to say it out loud."

Shen Cheng Feng remained silent.

Feng Cheng said, "Before, I had always thought that it was perhaps my imagination, after all, the words of the Ghost G.o.d were too mysterious, and it was difficult for me to believe, and then, after coming here personally, I did believe it for a period of time, but the more time pa.s.sed, the more strange I felt, until what happened just now, I finally confirmed my guess."

Shen Cheng Feng squinted his eyes. There was an informant in Iron Eagle Unit.

Feng Cheng laughed out loud, "Don't think that anyone in the Iron Eagle Unit would leak the news. With such a huge lineup, it would be difficult to cover one's ears."

"Sir, what could you have misunderstood?"

"Child, I watched you grow up. Since you were young, your body has been unique and I am very clear of what Mr. Qi and the other two forced you to do. Don't worry, I definitely won't force your child."

Shen Cheng Feng continued to keep silent.

Feng Cheng sighed, "Actually, I was just thinking about why I came here."

"Sir seems to have a favor for me."

Feng Cheng nodded, "This is my fault."

Shen Cheng Feng seemed to understand a little, "Is the mutated locust worm because of you?"

"Recently, the military is secretly researching an experiment. As long as we succeed, we can ensure that our military strength will greatly increase, but during the process of the experiment, a bug appeared, a fatal bug appeared. The experimental subject ran away and it was only a little mouse, we did not expect that the little white mouse that was running away would have such a terrifying consequence, it should be because of the biological chain."

"So you came to me?"

"Help me, whether it's to help me or to help the country."

Shen Cheng Feng turned around, "Sir, this kind of thing is impossible to accomplish by yourself. Since you are able to create this thing, you should have a way to take it down."

"Are you going to stand back and watch?"

"My task is to evacuate the neighboring counties."

Seeing that he had refused, Feng Cheng took big steps to stop him, "This matter is no longer related to me alone. If the mutated bugs continue to mutate, have you thought about the consequences?"

"Consequences? If I agree with you, have you ever thought about the consequences of my child? "

Feng Cheng was at a loss for words. He hesitated for a moment before promising, "I will seal the news."

"The military said the same thing when they came to find me. But they left me with a military order. If there is any difference then we will destroy it immediately."

Feng Cheng was speechless.

Shen Cheng Feng continued, "I am a soldier, so my life is only right for me to serve the people, but my children are not soldiers. They can't give up their freedom and serve the people just because they were born in a soldier's family."

"Cheng Feng —"

"Sir, please go back."

Feng Cheng wanted to say something but hesitated. He could only watch as the other party left his line of sight.

Xiao Jing heard the conversation between the two, she stood around the corner and looked at officer with her bright eyes.

Shen Cheng Feng stopped and asked, "Did you all hear that?"

"Yes, I heard."

Shen Cheng Feng took her hand, "Ignore it."

Xiao Jing grabbed onto his hand, her ten fingers intertwined, "Just as you said, we are soldiers, there are too many things we can't do. Although I am working hard to give my children a normal life, I am destined to be no ordinary people, so why force them to live peacefully?"

Shen Cheng Feng lowered his eyes and looked at the ground, the shadows of the trees rustling, "Perhaps you are right."

Under the bright sunlight, a small figure quietly approached the car parked by the side of the road.

Feng Cheng smoked a cigarette, and before he could even exhale the smoke in his mouth, the car door gently shook, causing him to choke on his cigarette as he looked at the little fellow in shock.

Shen San Fen put down the book in his hand, and said: "Grandpa Feng."

Feng Cheng was extremely happy, "Three points?"

"Grandpa Feng, I can promise you this, but you have to promise me one thing." Shen San Fen went straight to the point.

Feng Cheng immediately threw his cigarette out the window, "Tell me."

"I want to be free."

Feng Cheng did not understand, "What do you mean?"

"Whether I join the army or not, the military will not force me or my family to do anything. I have people that I need to protect immediately."

Feng Cheng nodded without thinking, "Alright, I agree."

"I won't sign any orders."


"The military can't ask my brother or sister or brother to do anything either."

"Okay, do you have any other requests?"

Shen San Fen jumped out of the car, "No, I'm going back to change. I still need to hurry back tonight, mom said that she's going to eat barbecue today, I'll be responsible for the barbecue."

Feng Cheng looked at the child's back as he walked further and further away, and frowned. Many years later, he could still remember this afternoon, the overbearing look in the child's eyes, as if threatening him. If he dared to go against his promise, then it must be … The heavens are furious and the people resent it!

In the dorm, Xiao Jing found a clean set of clothes and laid them flat on the table.

Shen San Fen pushed open the door to his dorm, and immediately saw his mother who was smiling at him.

Xiao Jing waved at him, "Come here."

Shen San Fen did not move an inch, he liked to quietly observe his mother and liked to see her innocent smile. What he wanted to do, what he wanted to do, was only to protect this woman's carefree smile.

"How did you become an idiot?" Shen Cheng Feng rubbed the child's head and then held his hand as they walked to the bedside.

Xiao Jing crouched down and took off his dirty clothes, "Don't try to show off, understand?"

Shen San Fen tiptoed and hugged her.

Xiao Jing patted his back, "Wear some clothes."

Shen San Fen spread open his arms, allowing his mother to place the clothes on his neck.

Xiao Jing cupped his face and gently kissed his forehead. "Go, my little hero."

Shen San Fen straightened his body and saluted.

Shen Cheng Feng stood at the window, looking down at the car that was about to leave the camp from a high vantage point, "That old fox Feng Cheng will definitely not easily promise us not to expose our child."

"The military has always been restraining each other. The reason why Feng Cheng has conducted secret experiments is definitely to prevent future troubles."

"After this incident, he definitely wouldn't give up on his experiment."

"So, we should also try to get the children to grow up." Xiao Jing leaned on his shoulder.

"Xiao Jing is right, it's time."

Not far away, the sky was blue and crystal clear.

Day after day, even the thinnest young bird would spread its wings and soar through the blue sky.

However, Shen Si Fen did not think that way.

He lay on the ground and looked at the pair of s.h.i. ny military boots in front of him with resentment. He had a thought in his mind: I want to clear his father's memory and make him forget about the mistake he made when training them.

Shen Cheng Feng squatted on the ground and picked the little guy up, "Don't think that I don't know what you're thinking, and don't think that I didn't remember the matter where you two brothers erased my memories."

Shen Si Fen stopped struggling and bent his fingers obediently.

Shen Cheng Feng placed him on the ground and whistled, "Continue your training."

Xiao Jing used a fan to help her husband block the sunlight, "Is it hot?"

Shen Cheng Feng smiled, "It's not hot."

Xiao Jing handed the water bottle over, "Are you thirsty?"

Shen Cheng Feng laughed again, "I'm a little thirsty."

Xiao Jing quickly opened the cap, "Have a drink."

Shen Cheng Feng drank a small mouthful from her hand, "You take a sip too."

Shen Si Fen laid on the ground with nothing to live for, the sun was scorching him down until a layer of his skin almost fell off, but what about now? His biological parents were actually showing off their love in front of him? They drank a mouthful after gulping down each other's sweet and heartless.

Xiao Jing lightly hooked his finger, "Are you going up the rear mountains tonight?"

Shen Cheng Feng nodded without a trace, "En."

Shen Si Fen perked up his ears. Why were they going to the back of the mountain?

Xiao Jing asked again, "Do you want something?"

Shen Cheng Feng leaned close to her ear and whispered, "I will."

Xiao Jing flushed red, "Alright."

Shen Si Fen muttered, "This is too much, they secretly went to the back mountain to eat late at night."

Shen Cheng Feng took the fan in her hand, and gently waved it, "Is it hot?"

"It's not hot." Xiao Jing replied.

Shen Cheng Feng took the kettle, "Are you thirsty?"

Xiao Jing nodded, "I'm a little thirsty."

Shen Cheng Feng opened the cap for her, "I'll feed you."

As in old times, if you are here, I will be safe …

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