Light Spirit Epic

Chapter 6

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Chapter 5: Awakening on the First Battle 3

"Huh?" Arthur looked up, Behind the billowing smoke and behind the huge Viking fleet was a particular ma.s.sive, luxurious battleship. The ship's length was about 300 feet long, and its bottom was lined up with a myriad of photon reflectors, allowing it to float easily mid air. Its main cannon had a radius of over a 100 feet, a single sh.e.l.l from this behemoth can easily tore a huge gaping hole in the castle!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bullet after bullet flew past by. The whole fleet was consciously protecting that specific aircraft from Arthur's cavalry ship. With such tight defense, the Viking Chief must be within that mothership!

"Navigator, ll o'clock, charge full speed!"

The youth stabbed his Light Sabre outwards, destroying sh.e.l.l after sh.e.l.l while weaving closer and closer towards the mothership. Unfortunately, the bullets and were just too dense like a forest, however the cavalry ship was already close enough!

Arthur leapt upwards, swung his body mid-air, darted through the hail of and bullets, and safely landed on the mothership's deck.

The next second, his cavalry ship crashed into the deck creating a ma.s.sive hole and causing a flood of fire explosions that covered the deck.

The dozen surviving Viking Giants left on the blazing deck were already waiting for the youth. Utterly savage and fierce looking, huge weapons glimmered in their hands, anxious to hack the youth's body into thousand pieces.

Each of the Viking Giants were several times higher than Arthur. Just one hand can instantly crush his bones, but the youth did not even bat his eyes.

Calmly, Arthur made a provocative gesture at them, "Come here."

Being provoked like dogs, the giants dashed forward all together in fury.

"Eh, no energy anymore?" The light on Arthur's Light Sabre suddenly extinguished and vanished. The leader of the Viking Giants became even more pumped up, raising his photon axe, he sent it flying towards the youth's neck.


But before his axe even reach the youth, his head was first pierced by Arthur's Light Sabre, "No energy? Hahaha!!! d.a.m.n, you are all stupid fools!!!"

The youth sneered, he grabbed the axe in the giant's hand and threw it out, sinking deep into the chest of another enemy.

"Hahahahaha….. Fools!!!"

Two other giants attacked in both the right and left direction, both sent their spear dashing. The youth bent his body sideways, and at the same time sent his sword slashing horizontally. The waist of the left giant was split in half. Then his blade slashed vertically, neatly dividing the right giant's body into two symmetrical halves.

Another Viking flew at him with a huge hammer. Arthur calmly picked up the b.l.o.o.d.y spears, threw it up in the air, and kicked both of them mid air which sent them whizzing like a bullet which drilled two huge holes in the Viking before he even got close.

The Viking's body flew backwards and hit another Viking, and both fell from the airship altogether.

While the other Vikings were distracted trying to dodge from the flying giants, the youth pierced a throat, sliced a lower abdomen open, chopped off an arm, smashed a knee, and pierced the heads of numerous giants.

The Viking Giant who had been struck at the knees did not even have the time to cry when blood gushed out in streams from its throat.

Within a minute, nine Viking Giants lay dead. Each and everyone of them were completely annihilated. Due to the blazing heat of the Light Sabre, smoke was flowing upwards from their burnt bodies, covering the surrounding area with the scent of burning bodies.

Arthur picked up a Light Sabre on the ground and replaced the near exhausted one in his hands; then he exhaled.

"That was awesome." He patted his hands and said in a rough manner.

Arthur continued, "So, are you the Viking Chief?"

Right in front of him was a Viking. The word 'huge' can not simply describe this person. It was a giant nearly similar to a mountain.

Barenaked upper torso, the Viking Chieftain was only wearing a skirt; he was fuming with pent rage and anger. His muscles and veins all bulged. His skin was grossly engraved with numerous blue runes, making him look like a savage; wild and terrifying.

The giant was holding a huge anchor covered with countless photon reflectors. Only such giant monster has the capability to even equip such a horrifying weapon, and in the hands of this monster, such terrifying weapon becomes utterly powerful. Even a standard battleship can be easily sliced in half by this ma.s.sive photon anchor.

Compared with the chieftain and the giant photon anchor, Arthur was just like a gra.s.s staring against a hill; an insect against a boulder – weak and pitifully small.

However, the dragon he had faced was much bigger than this chieftain. Both were not tactically comparable, still it gave the youth a hint of psychological comfort.

"Tiny thing, you really have the knack to cause so much damage to my fleet." The Viking Chieftain spoke in a contemptuous tone of praise. His tremendous voice was like the cracking of the ground and the roar of a giant beast. His voice alone can cause death to a normal person.

"However, your luck is over. This giant anchor needs to taste blood and your little body will do the trick. You can't hide! Even if you wouldn't directly get hit, you will be blasted by the wind pressure and the same will mangle and mutilate your body into b.l.o.o.d.y shreds!!!"

"I'll let you choose. Would you kill yourself? Or do you want to be pounded into a pile of flesh and blood scattered around the deck; waiting to be eaten by the rats. Nonetheless, even if you cut your own throat, I will still shatter your body till nothing’s left"

"Tough choices……. How about I choose the third one. I cut your body in half and still be alive." Clenching a Light Sabre, Arthur said nonchalantly.

"Haha………hahahahahahaha!!!" The giant laughed as if he had heard a ridiculous joke, "You really are a bizarre, muddle headed kid! Are you really not afraid to die?"

"Fear is one of the feelings that I do not have. Rest a.s.sured, even if I rip your heart out and crush the still beating thing between my b.l.o.o.d.y fingers, I will not hesitate."

The giant smiled even crazier, "People say that I'm a monster, are you a monster too? A trial of strength between monster against monster really makes a person's blood boil!!!!"

The Vikings Chieftain lifted the anchor, "It's time for the carnage to begin!"

"——- and with it comes the end of your life." Arthur silently retorted.


The giant raised the anchor…..


A loud noise rattled the deck and filled it with smoke.

The deck was covered in blood, obviously someone was badly mutilated..


The Light Sabre punched through a huge hole in the giant's leg. The youth had struck his opponent, immediately hiding in the smoke.

"Oh? How did you dodge my blow?" The giant asked.

"Simple, it's because I wasn't standing there in the first place." The youth's voice replied.

When the smoke finally dispersed, six youths were standing in the deck.

"Magic Projection?" The giant disdainfully yelled, "Aren’t you a sharp and clever one!"

All of them were optical projections made from magic. This was a low tiered concealment magic method typically used by low level mages in a battlefield.

"Hahahaha, how can a chieftain get blinded by this s.h.i.t. I would not even call this magic." Arthur's voices came out from the various projections, the voice was also a part of the projection magic. "However, it does enough to help me stay alive. After all, you are such a huge monster. Just a move of your fingers can strangle me."

"This trick is useless!!!" The giant once again raised his weapon. "I'll just have to smash everyone of them!!!"

The photonic anchor crashed into the floor, divided the deck into two and setting off a ma.s.sive shockwave that instantly eradicated the six youth.


Sawdust and iron flew in all directions, the attack split the whole ship into two. Suddenly, the boat began to tilt and slowly descend from the sky!

"I actually destroyed a mothership just because of a d.a.m.n brat." The giant disdainful muttered. Just as he laid down his hands preparing to abandon ship ——–

The tip of a Light Sabre pierced his abdomen.

"What………?!!!!" The Viking Chieftain stared with his eyes wide open at the Light Sabre that had pierced into his abdomen. Green light from the Light Sabre illuminated the abdomen ot the Viking Chieftain from inside out, constantly emitting the foul smell of burnt flesh.

"A tall person like you, obviously the blade of a Light Sabre is not long enough to penetrate your heart instantly…….still…" The youth's voice sounded behind the giant.

"You obviously have………." The giant puzzled to understand.

"Who told you……who told you that my real body was one of them? All this time, I was behind you looking for an opening…. Looking for an opportunity." The youth pushed the sword even deeper, than he slowly dragged it upwards…..

"You…….truly….deserved to be a knight." The Viking Chieftain praised incoherantly.

"When did I ever said that I am a Knight?" The youth objectively mentioned, "I'm merely a pa.s.sing swordsman."


"Speak more words so you'll run out of breath faster!!!" The youth's Light Sabre continued to rip upwards, completely opening the giant's chest and shattering the giant's heart.

"Ha…….ha!!" The giant did not fall forward, instead it forced himself to fall backwards.

"What!!!" Arthur was too late to dodge when the mountain of a huge giant fell above him.

"You won't get away with this!!!" The giant furiously laughed, "Since each of us are monsters, then we need to be buried here together!!!"

The ship began to fall in an alarming rate, a sea of fire raged everywhere. It will not be long before the ship will crash into the ground below and everything will be turned into a heaping pile of ashes and retten corpses after a huge explosion.

"d.a.m.n…….d.a.m.n this!!!" The youth struggled to escape, but he knew that his thin body can not escape from beneath the body of this hundreds of tons monster.

"Would I just die in here? My mission, my utmost desire……" The youth unwillingly closed his eyes. "Father….."

At this time, a voice suddenly asked, "You….why are you not a spirit?"

Arthur blinked and he saw a handsome young man draped in a black robe. Silver haired with silver pupils, he had a typical melon face, with tall nose, and flat eyebrows. Everything were the qualities of a scholar.

The young man was handsome, but totally incompatible with his outdated apparel as well as his illusory sense of presence. It was hard to believe that he was a person at all.

"Are you …..a ghost?" Arthur asked the silver haired young man.

"Ghost? Why do you compare me with such a low level thing?" The silver haired young man had a look of doubt, "You can count on me as a Higher Existence per say. Probably."

"So does this mean I am really dead? Have I become a ghost?" Arthur was puzzled and looked about to move his body. But he was still being crushed by the giant’s body unable to move. This was unscientific, could not ghost pa.s.s through physical objects?

"Contrary, you are not going to die. At least, your body can not die before it is incinerated by the Great Fire." The mysterious young man said.

(This was nonsense.)

"——- am I still alive?" Arthur took a deep breath, smoke from the fire was making him suffocate, "Urgh….urgh…save me out!!!"

"So….I asked you, why don't you just transform into your spiritual body. After transforming into your spiritual form, can't you just escape? Wait, no no, don't tell me you do not know how to transform into a spirit? Could it be you’re still on a normal person's body and haven't awakened yet?"

"Awakened?" Arthur asked blankly.

"That's just too sad. " The face of the silver haired young man changed, "The gemstone is unexpectedly simple. I may have been the same like you once, just an ordinary….human. When was that? Hmmm…those were things too long ago, I just can not remember anymore."

"If you have the time to mutter nonsense, can you help me out from here first?" The youth said, "It's increasingly more uncomfortable in here…."

"Oh, no effort at all, as easy as lifting a hand." The youth raised his hand; the scene around Arthur instantly changed.

"Is……..this my room? " Arthur looked around. I am afraid Lancelot is still probably outside helping. Else, he will be scared to death by this scene.

"I thought you will feel more comfortable when you have returned here." The mysterious young man said.

"Indeed. " The youth said, "I am very grateful to you…."


But before his voice ended, flaming red covered the window. The Viking mothership had crashed into the ground and a huge explosion occurred.

Arthur covered his eyes as the explosion rattled throughout the surroundings, "If we had escaped just a little bit later, I would have become a roasted duck by now."

"No…… I think that explosion would have avoided you right away, even the fire will automatically pa.s.s your side and would not dare hurt you" The mysterious young man said.

"Don't be kidding. I do not even have the capability to cast a measly protection magic spell." Arthur waved his hand in disapproval

"Forget it, you won't understand even if I explain it now either" The young man mysteriously raised the staff his hands, "Farewell Arthur, Next time, we would talk about it."

"Wait……You are……?"

"Merlin. You can call me Merlin." The staff in the hands of the youth began to emit a pale light, "For the time being, be a magi."

A white light flashed and the youth disappeared.

"Instant Teleportation Magic! He didn’t even prepare anything….." Arthur naturally said to himself, "This is on the level of a Great Magi Scholar. But what was he talking about when he said 'for the time being, be a magi'?"

The fighting outside the windows had come into an end. With the Viking Chieftain dead, the will of the enemies began to crumble, people began to flee. The knight also ceased to give chase.

"Why are they not chasing after them? If they do not kill them now, they will stir up trouble again soon……" Arthur said to himself.

"That's impossible, Because it violates the Knight Creed." A voice behind him sounded.

"….so the knights, are really stupid…..stupid creatures." Arthur had not finished when his body slumped into the ground.

He noticed how tired he was. In a day, not only he fought a dragon, he also killed countless Vikings.

A tall figure approached the youth, but Arthur was so tired that he can not bat his eyes open.

"Father….?" In his dreams, Arthur made a nonsense remark..

Hope you enjoy guys…..