Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love

Chapter 507

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Song Qingchun stood where she was, watching as her station manager walked back through the revolving door. As she turned around, her gaze could not help but wander toward Su Zhinian, who was still on the phone.

There is the reason our mothers told us to keep our eyes forward when we walk. Song Qingchun was too distracted to realize someone was coming up behind her. She accidentally stepped on someone's feet and soon a shrill yelp shot into her ears.

Song Qingchun was spooked and immediately retreated for a few steps. However, she was too rushed in her movement that she knocked into the trashcan that was at the front of City Clubhouse.

When Song Qingchun faltered and almost crashed to the floor, she probably imagined it, but she swore she could detect hints of nervousness at the bottom of Su Zhinian's eyes. In fact, she thought she saw the man was planning to rush out to get her.

Thankfully, the valet beside the door was agile enough to reach for her arm. "Miss, careful."

Song Qingchun instantly pulled her gaze back from the gla.s.s window. "Miss, are you alright?"

Song Qingchun shook her head and smiled apologetically at the valet, adding, "Thank you."

The valet responded with a smile and released his grip on her arm when she straightened up.

When Song Qingchun turned back to talk to the person she knocked into earlier, the corner of her eyes swept the lobby of City Clubhouse. Su Zhinian, who was still on the phone, had turned his body around so that his cold back was facing her. She could not spot any sign of the worry and concern that she thought she had seen earlier. Was I hallucinating?

Song Qingchun frowned slightly before averting her gaze to address the person she accidentally stepped on early. It was a young and pretty girl. She was fashionable and looked except for the ugly grimace on her face.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry," Song Qingchun apologized profusely.

The girl ignored her completely as she pulled out a napkin from her purse, bent over, and wiped Song Qingchun's footprint from her shoes. Then she straightened up and glanced condescendingly at Song Qingchun, grumbling to no one in particular, "There are crazies everywhere these days. Don't you know how to use your eyes when walking? Disgusting floozy…"

Then she glared fiendishly at Song Qingchun before raising her chin and turning away as she walked toward City Clubhouse.

Even though it seemed like the girl was talking to herself, her actions made it very obvious that she was mocking Song Qingchun. Even though the fault lay with Song Qingchun, being mocked for something she had apologized for still rubbed her the wrong way. Furthermore, the valet next to her had heard everything.

Song Qingchun smiled awkwardly before turning to walk down the steps.

She only took two steps when a shrill scream came from the lobby. She turned subconsciously around and saw the girl who had scolded her earlier had fallen to the floor.

Song Qingchun was shocked and was about to pull her eyes back when she saw Su Zhinian, who was standing in front of the girl, continue the phone conversation with one hand and pull out the luscious roses from a vase next to him with his other arm before slamming them on the girl's face.