Martial Hero Rebirth

Chapter 29

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*note: you may notice that Basic Fist Strikes is not there, the raw didn't have it so i didn't add it either.

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Chapter 012 - Battle of the Summit

The fourth day, Lin Yi had arrived early at the independent courtyards.

The thought of defeating the remaining forty seats of the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples would yield forty thousand combat experience points, coupled with the remaining 14,200 experience points after upgrading Huashan Swordplay and he would have enough points to upgrade Huashan's Arts of Lightness to advanced stage..

Just the thought of it made Lin Yi's entire body was full of vigor!

After three days of precipitates, the venue had been filled with people in the morning as well. Lin Yi was challenging the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. This had caused a huge sensation, one where no one wanted to miss such a good show.

There were even some lower courtyard's old disciples who got wind of it and came to build relationship with him.

After all, new disciples who could pull the wind[1] like Lin Yi was rarely seen even in the entire lower courtyard.

No one would challenge twenty people a day!

Only Lin Yi could do something as eye-catching as this!

"Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

His issue of challenge reverberated in the entire courtyards. The remaining forty seats who hadn't been challenged by Lin Yi, hearing Lin Yi's voice, their expressions instantly darkened.

These past few days were nightmare for them. They never endured something as hard as this.

The reputation of the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples had crumbled!

It had been reduced to the point of becoming the joke of others.

"I accept your challenge!"

The fortieth ranker, with ugly expression and wry smile walked out of his own courtyard. Towards this battle, he had long lost his confidence. The only thing he could do was to struggle to his best.

He attacked with Huashan Swordplay of almost at intermediate stage, but it was blocked easily by Lin Yi. The bitter expression of the fortieth ranker instantly got thicker!

So it was true indeed!

He didn't have the capabilities to defeat him. Their gap was simply too much. He completely didn't have the slightest chance of winning. All his moves were foreseen completely.

"Sure enough, there is still no one who can probe out his real strength!"

"Too unfathomable, his strength is too terrifying. How unimaginable!"

"Even Huashan Swordplay of almost at intermediate stage isn't able to force him to use his real strength, this is too unbelievable!"

"Actually Lin Yi isn't concealing his strength on purpose. It is just that no one is able to force him to use his real strength. It's just like us who can defeat the others with few casual moves. Would we use more profound moves? Obviously not!"

"Truth to be told, I only want to know how deep is Lin Yi's strength is! With regards to keep him outside of the range of top ten, there's no hope left!"

Inside the courtyard of tenth seat, each of top ten ranker conversed with the others. There were no more resentment in their face. After few days of observing, they had clearly known that they weren't Lin Yi's opponents.

Instead, they were curious as to what is Lin Yi's real strength.

They were even more curious, between Lin Yi and the genius Han Bai, who was stronger?

Who was the most talented existence in this batch?

Among the ranks of top one hundred strongest new disciples, only Han Bai was the only one left who was vexed and had an ugly expression.

No one had greater pressurer than him!

The first seat meant honor, at the same time it also meant pressure!

When facing the rapid rise of a strong opponent who could pose a threat to one's position, it would cause tremendous pressure that could make someone feel suffocated.

The topic discussed among the onlookers had gradually changed from 'how far could Lin Yi bring his challenge?' to 'Lin Yi and Hai Bai, who was stronger?'

Some felt Han Bai was stronger, the others felt Lin Yi was stronger.

Each sides had their own reasoning. No one was unable to convince the other side.

In regards to the upcoming battle between the peaks of new disciples, everyone was filled with the enthusiasm to watch.

The fortieth ranker was defeated!

The thirty-ninth ranker was defeated!

The thirty-eighth ranker was defeated!

The twenty-sixth ranker was defeated!

The twenty-fifth ranker was defeated!

The twenty-fourth ranker was defeated!

The twenty-first ranker was defeated!

The twenty seats who went up onto the stage had been defeated consecutively by Lin Yi!

Lin Yi had obtained another twenty thousand combat experience points!

Looking at the remaining twenty seats that he hadn't challenged yet, Lin Yi was a bit sad.

What a good place to grind experience!

After tomorrow, he couldn't 'grind' here anymore!

Since he hadn't found another place to 'grind' experience, Lin Yi felt even more reluctant.

It was akin to when one had seen delicious foods, due to its rarity, one would be unwilling to eat it instead.

This was the Lin Yi's feelings right now.

Nevertheless, no matter how rare the opportunity to 'grind' experience here was, Lin Yi would still continue his challenges.

The experience that was still not obtained by him, he would only be at ease after he had ingested them. To stir the entire Huashan, he would have to keep moving forward.

After an entangled night, the fifth day had arrived.

Today would be the day where Lin Yi would battle with twenty foremost seats in the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. It was also the battle of the peaks between him and Han Bai.

This was a real battle between dragon and tiger!

To lower courtyard's new disciples, this was the grandest event!

As a result, almost all of ten thousand new disciples of lower courtyard had come.

It was a sight of seas of people indeed. There were almost no empty s.p.a.ce left in the independent courtyards.

Many old disciples had also come to watch the battle.

Lin Yi's silhouette had just appeared at the distance and the crowds immediately vacated a way for him to pa.s.s.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi!" "Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

Wherever Lin Yi went, there would be a burst of cheers.

Now it had really caused a huge sensation!

Lin Yi thought in his mind, feeling a bit proud.

What he didn't know was that had he attracted the attention of Huashan's higher-ups?

With regards to this, Lin Yi didn't put too much hope.

He was clear that even if one were to flip over the entire lower courtyard, to those first-rate experts or even top experts of Huashan's higher-ups, it was nothing more than child's play.

The only way to attract their attention was to let them know that an exceptional genius had emerged in their family.

That was the only way!

To attract more of their attention, then one would need to have close relationship with them.

However, if Lin Yi had close relationship with them, would he still be stuck at lower courtyard?

Calming down his mood, Lin Yi still decided to proceed on his plans orderly.

Since challenging the entire ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples wasn't enough to attract their attentions, then he would challenge the entire ranks of one hundred strongest disciples in the entire lower courtyard!

If the ranks of one hundred strongest lower courtyard's disciples weren't enough, he would challenge the entire upper courtyard!

If challenging the entire upper courtyard was still not enough....

Lin Yi could only use his final move ---- whack their motherf* core disciples!

"Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

"I accept your challenge!"

The battle commenced. Everyone was looking forward to seeing who would be the last one to be challenged.

The twentieth ranker was defeated!

The nineteenth ranker was defeated!

The eighteenth ranker was defeated!

The tenth ranker was defeated!

The ninth ranker was defeated!

The eighth ranker was defeated!

The fourth ranker was defeated!

The third ranker was defeated!

The second ranker was defeated!

Lin Yi didn't disappoint the crowds, he had challenged the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples clear-cut all the way to the second seat. Now there was only one opponent left - Hai Bai!

"How splendid indeed! Finally he had challenged all his way to Han Bai!"

"I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!"

"Mighty Senior Brother Lin Yi, continue to display your might. Beat down Han Bai, beat down the ranks of one hundred strongest new disicples!"

"A real man indeed. He said he would challenge the entire ranks of one hundred strongest new disicples and he really did it! Now there's only Han Bai left. Senior Brother Lin Yi, defeat him and fulfil your promise!"

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are the best, you are the most talented genius!"

"Fight! Fight!"

"I can't wait any longer!"

"This is too exciting! I can feel the blood in my entire body is boiling!"

All the new disicples in all directions were frantically shouting, almost of them were cheering for Lin Yi! This made Han Bai who heard all of this darkened his expression and his bad mood had reached an extreme point!

Somehow he didn't realize, just how bad was his personality?

How come there wasn't anyone who applauded or cheered for him?

"Brother Han Bai, good luck...."

Finally, there was one person who cheered for Han Bai. Han Bai who heard this was moved to tears, when he suddenly heard the continuation of that sentence: "good luck at being defeated by Senior Brother Lin Yi!"


Han Bai spewed a mouthful of blood which almost took his life. He stared coldly at that person. Then he stared with his red-blooded eyes at Lin Yi who stepped into his courtyard.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, defeat him. I believe that you are the strongest!" Jiang Xiaoyu was cheering frantically. His seemingly crazed expression made people think he could go insane at anytime, which made people worried.

"Good luck Senior Brother Lin Yi, there's only one left now! I hope you can defeat Han Bai and be the number one!"

The owner of the last courtyard for the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, at the same time, the first one to battle with Lin Yi, Yu Hai, was now looking at Lin Yi and cheered for him silently in his heart. These few days, Yu Hai had decisively renegaded from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples and joined the side which supported Lin Yi.

Seeing how Lin Yi had managed to defeat opponents stronger than Yu Bai himself, he felt his blood boiling and was unable to calm down.

"Senior Brother Han Bai, we are unable to probe out his real strength either, sorry!" Nine out of the ten strongest new disciples, stood by Han Bai's side and said in a low voice. Though they apologized verbally, they hadn't shown any apologetic expression on their face.

At this moment, they couldn't wait to see Han Bai to be defeated at Lin Yi's hands!

Other than the fact that Lin Yi was stronger than them, they wanted to drag Han Bai down as well.

Of course, Lin Yi's old rules to give out guidance for each person he defeated made many people who lost to him had a great impression and respect towards Lin Yi.

After all, the compet.i.tion in lower courtyard was fierce!

Giving out guidance to one's martial arts was something almost no one would do.

Only Lin Yi was the exception.

Though a lot of people thought he was foolish, but after Lin Yi showed that his strength was far much stronger than them, every one of them held respect for him.

Regardless of strength, just based on one's character, Lin Yi was far much better than Han Bai!

"Lin Yi!"

"Han Bai!"

The battle between the peaks of new disciples had started!

One was an expert with unfathomable depths!

The other one was a famous genius youth in lower courtyard!

The showdown between the two of them attracted everyone's attention. Everyone opened their eyes wide, not wanting to miss any scenes.

"I have been observing you these past few days. I have to admit that you are very powerful, much better than these mediocre people!" Han Bai said while pointing at the other one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers, ignoring the fury on their faces, wryly smiled, "However, today you will be defeated at my hands, because I, Han Bai, is the real genius in the lower courtyard! Give me one year and I can become number one in the entire lower courtyard!"

Hearing these words, Lin Yi only smiled, turned out to be a proud youth, giggled, "Sorry but I only need three months!"

"Three months? Impossible!" Han Bai shook his head, as he thought Lin Yi was joking.

"Nothing is impossible as long as you dare to do it!"

Lin Yi suddenly felt it was meaningless as this wasn't his style at all. Dealing a blow to a proud youth wasn't his forte either!